Zach Mrs. Reed – Direct Deposit

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WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including reluctance, oral, incest, breeding and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. This is another story of Zach’s special powers.

Zach Mrs. Reed – direct deposit

Zach helps the young wife fill her womb

From previous stories you might know that a bicycle accident left me in a coma from a brain concussion. When I awoke I discovered I had a mind control ability that worked only with woman. It allows me to touch females and leave them with a sense of euphoria or target specific thought centers to enhance feelings and desires. If we go there I can center my power on specific sexual centers of their bodies for their pleasure. This story is just one of those occasions.

I was visiting my mom during another break at med school. I had run into the supermarket to get batteries and I was on my way out. I saw a woman I knew lived just around the corner from my Mom’s house and she was struggling with her bags and projecting tons of frustration. I walked up to her and touched her arm. I was immediately flooded with sadness and frustration and deep desire.

She turned and gasped then smiled, “Hello Zach. I was wondering who touched me. You frightened me just a bit. I almost peed my panties,” she said laughing. “How are you and how are your Mom and sister and their babies?”

Mrs. Reed said ‘babies’ with a bitterness that she didn’t know she projected. What she didn’t know was those babies were mine. Both my Mom and my sister willingly let me breed them. (Zach Ch. 05: He Breeds Mom & Sister).

“I’m fine Mrs. Reed and so are my Mom and my sister, and my newest sister and niece are doing just great, growing strong on that enriching breastmilk,” I said.

I still had a hold of her arm and when I said, ‘breastmilk’ the emptiness in her bubbled to the surface and she bit her bottom lip. I now had a clue to her needs, desires and emptiness. Emptiness of her womb was very intense.

“You seem very stressed and overwhelmed Mrs. Reed. Can I help you to your car and put your bags in the back? It seems the least I can do with you being so emotional today.”

She looked at me wide eyed and just shook her head ‘Yes’. I pushed her cart to her car and she popped the back and I put all the bags inside. Her moron of a husband had one of those high-rise trucks that helps him compensate for something he is lacking. I helped her up and ‘had to’ run my hand across her ass. I heard a very soft moan escape Mrs. Reed. When she sat her skirt slid up her leg and she was showing me a lot of firm thigh. She saw where I was looking and blushed deep red but surprisingly did not pull down the skirt.

In med school I am taking specific classes because I plan to have a ‘Woman’s Issues’ practice. I’m not gonna be a Gynecologist but more a specialization in Internal Medicine for weight and nutrition. I am taking a minor in Psychology to help me assess the often mental issues manifesting on woman’s self image. With my abilities to read woman I should be very successful.

“Mrs. Reed I’m studying ‘Woman’s Issues’ at med school and I think there is something going on with you today that’s got you all upset. Why don’t I follow you home and over coffee you can tell me about it,” I said as I put my hand on her bare thigh and let my mind control flood her body.

I gave her a sense of relief and warmed her private parts and left a touch of hunger. I had put my leg on the running board and the outline of my long fat cock was stretched down my shorts on my thigh.

She did not realize it but she put her hand on my hard cock and moved her hand about testing its length and thickness. I used my ability and drew her pussy juices down and it moistened the gusset of her panties. Her breathing got heavy and her large breasts rose and fell under her blouse and her nipples pushed out. I always go commando so in a fog she reached under the hem of my shorts and took my cockhead into her palm. Mrs. Reed rubbed my leaking cockhead then pulled her hand out and my pre-cum had painted her palm. She brought it to her face and smelled my pheromones rich drops then licked my cum onto her tongue.

I put my leg down and closed her truck door and the sound broke the spell. “OK, Mrs., Reed I’ll follow you over on my Harley and help you with your bags again. You can put coffee on then I’ll help you put your stuff away,” I said in a sing-song hypnotic sort of way.

I started my Harley and revved the engine and Mrs. Reed finally started the truck and drove to her house. I pulled into her driveway and went to her truck door and opened it for her. When she turned towards me I got a good look at wet pink panties. When I pulled her by her waist to lift her out her full breasts ran down my chest. She ended in my strong arms and she stood there for a minute pushing her breasts against me. She moaned and pushed her mons across Silivri Escort my long cock. She laughed to break her hold and she went and opened the house door.

I carried her bags in several trips onto her kitchen counter. The final trip I closed the back and came inside. The smell of coffee brewing already filled the kitchen. I watched Mrs. Reed put things away as she reached up stretching her breasts and bending over her ass moving under the skirt. She saw me watching her and she blushed deep red again. Finally she was done and poured two cups of coffee and put a small cup of milk on the table.

Knowing it would have the effect I wanted I said laughing, “I have to be careful taking jars of milk out of Mom’s fridge. Most of the time it’s pumped breastmilk.”

She took in a soft breath and her eyes filled with sadness. “Why don’t you tell me what’s going on in your mind hiding behind such a pretty face Mrs. Reed.”

She smiled and touched my hand and said, “You think my face is pretty? Call me Donna, doctor,” she said laughing. I didn’t put it together until just then that ever since she got married she was Mrs. Donna Reed!

Let me take a step outside this story and describe Mrs. Donna Reed. She is in her middle thirties and has an eight year old daughter. She has been married just over eight years. She has kept her shape very well. As I said she has nice full breasts, a pulled in waist and hips that flair out to join a firm full ass. She has waist long black hair, sky blue eyes and full lips that she painted with red lipstick. She projected breeding stock and I was a bit surprised she only had the one child.

“Well Donna tell me what’s going on. You can be a case study for me for my classes. Don’t consider me to be my Mom’s son, but as a soon to be doctor specializing in female issues. Don’t be embarrassed about the issue and I’ll see if I can help you with what you need,” I said touching her bare knee under the table. I let my control enter her again bringing her needs to the surface. She slowly put her hand on mine.

“My husband and I have been trying for another child all these years. He refuses to get tested saying it must be my issue. I have two twinges a day apart when it’s my time to ovulate but all these months and all these years and my period comes and I cry. I ache so much I’m just about ready to give up,” she said sobbing.

I saw several pictures of her daughter over the years throughout the kitchen. She was active in sports and her dad was in most of the pictures. I looked at Donna, I looked at her daughter and I looked at her husband. I knew what the issue was.

“Your husband shoots blanks Donna. He is either sterile or has low sperm count. You two will have to enrich and harvest his sperm or use a sperm donor.”

“But he gave me my daughter!” she said defensively.

“No Donna, that’s not true and you know it. I’m looking at the facial features across the three of you and your husband is not the father of your daughter. My guess is you saw you ex boyfriend one last time before the wedding and had ‘goodbye sex’, unprotected. He is your daughter’s father.”

She screamed, then dropped her head into her hands on the table and sobbed for several minutes. When she looked up she managed to get out, “But I want another baby. My mother wants more grandchildren. What am I gonna do Zach? I’m ovulating this Saturday and again on Sunday. Why let my husband cum in me if he is sterile? Oh Zach why did you tell me all this? I’m lost,” she said crying into her hands again.

I stood and started running my hands through her hair and down her back filling her body with desire and a hunger to be bred. “You can use artificial insemination with a discrete donor,” I spoke low running my hand under her blouse and across her breast on the one side. I could feel her hard nipple and she pushed into my hand.

“My husband will never allow that! His ego is too fragile. I’m lost!” she said sobbing again her breast still in my hand. She had not objected to my being fresh nor tried to remove my hand. I gripped her full globe then ran my fingers against her hard nipple. She took in a long breath of desire.

“Donna I’m a sperm donor. I’d be willing to help you if you can keep it a secret.”

“My insurance won’t cover that and my husband will find out. Besides having a tube of sperm pushed into my pussy is not what I had in mind,” she said looking into my eyes with her now defined need.

I took her hand and put it on my naked long fat cock that I had taken out of my shorts. Her hand held it as she looked at it then looked at me then looked at the long fat cock in her hand. She ran my pre-cum across her palm and pumped my cockhead until more dripped out.

“I’m talking about a direct deposit Donna. I’m talking about slipping this cock into your wet hungry pussy and filling it with my hot thick potent sperm. I’m very discreet Donna. I will share this with Şirinevler Escort you because you are desperate to have a child. There are six women in this town that are raising my children without the husband knowing. All they had to do was take advantage of my offer at a time they were ovulating. They had sex with their husband that same night and the fools are so happy they are none the wiser.”

“You said you’re ovulating Saturday? Have your husband take your daughter to her soccer game. It’s an away game, right? That will give us several hours for me to make several deposits and pop your egg. It’s your decision Donna. You can have my potent sperm in your womb getting you pregnant this weekend.” I said all that while running my cock through her fingers wetting them with my dripping pre-cum. She pulsed her hand on my cockhead and more pre-cum released.

“I can’t do that Zach,” she whispered. I pulled my cock out of her hand and zipped it away. My pre-cum had painted her fingers and palm. I brought her hand to her face and placed her palm against her lips. “It’s there if you’ll be brave.”

I turned and walked away. “Call my Mom Saturday morning if you change your mind. I’m not going back to school until Monday morning,” I said over my shoulder as I walked out of Mrs. Donna Reed’s house.

I spent the next days helping out my Mom and Sister Samantha, Sam, and their hunger for my cock. They took turns minding the babies while I filled their pussy or ass with my hot thick cum. They loved and lusted after my cock and it pleased me to pleasure them. I use my mind power to really enhance their pleasure driving them to several orgasms each coupling. I only get home for a few days each semester and have to prioritize my time with the two women I loved the most.

Saturday morning I came down stairs naked after spending the night in Mom’s bed. She didn’t get much sleep but got eight inches of pleasure. There she was cooking my breakfast with a contented ‘just fucked’ smile on her face naked as when I filled her pussy with my morning cum. When I sat she slid onto my lap and kissed me deeply. “I love you beyond all else Zachery!” she said with a slight sob in her voice. She used my formal first name so I know her feelings were spilling over.

“I know Mom and I love you just as much,” I tried to say.

“No you don’t and you can’t! I gave birth to you out of this pussy. Now I take your man-cock deep into my pussy over and over. Then I gave birth to our daughter out of that pussy. I did that all with a love that cannot be measured. I loved your father beyond all else. So you cannot love me ‘just as much’ and never will!” she said sobbing.

I hugged my mother and she cried into my shoulder. Her milk wet breasts pushed against my chest as she sobbed. I got a smack on the back of my head. “What the fuck you making Mom cry for?” my sister said and smacked my head again. “By the way I got some extra milk this morning. You want it?” she asked.

Mom got up to finish breakfast and my sister straddled onto my lap then moved up and put my cockhead against her pussy lips then slid her wet sheath down my long fat shaft and settled her ass on my thighs. She sighed contently as my cock filled her pussy.

She let out another deep sigh then brought her nipple to my lips and I latched on. As I sucked the milk from her breast she rubbed her clit with her fingers. She moved just an inch or two up and down my cock my fat cockhead rubbing her cervix. I moved to her other nipple and sucked hard pulling the milk out of her mommy tit. She loves the intensity of my sucking and biting her nipples. She says it goes right to her clit.

She started breathing heavily as her fingers moved rapidly across and around her swollen almond. I felt her tighten on my cock as she pushed her cervix across my cockhead. The roof of her pussy tightened on my crown rubbing my cockknot. As she groaned and wet my balls cumming on my cock I bit her nipple and fired my cum against the doorway to her womb. She collapsed on me and she started sobbing. I got a smack on the back of my head. “Why are you making your sister cry so early this morning?” my Mom said laughing.

“Is there any chance you women can stop smacking my head and using me for your pleasure so I can get some breakfast?” I laughed. Sam kept my mostly hard cock up her pussy as she leaned back and fed me my breakfast. Mom swooped by and fed me toast or wiped my chin and kissed me when she could squeeze in past my sister Samantha.

Sam asked me what my plans were today as she squeezed her pussy along my cock. “Not that!” I said laughing. “Oh poo!” Sam said all broken hearted. Just then we heard one of my daughters start to cry. Sam jumped off my cock as her milk let down and sprayed my chest. “My turn with the babies,” Sam said as she walked across the kitchen as a big blob of my cum fell from her pussy. Mom threw her a dish towel and told her to plug Şişli Escort that up.

As Sam walked upstairs with a dish towel between her legs Mom sat back on my lap. She ran her hand up my cock and off my crown and licked my cum off her fingers. “You made me your cock slut Zachery. I don’t know how you did it. I thought I’d never need another man after your father died. But you are the man of this house and you pleasure me and your sister and we could not be any happier. Then you gave us your daughters and made us even more happier. And now you’re gonna go fuck that young Mrs. Reed, aren’t you?” Mom said kinda accusatory.

“Gees Mom what’s with your language? Well I guess I’m kinda gonna do that, Mom. She is in need of my banking services and I promised her a direct deposit. Why do you ask?” I said kissing her.

“She called and said be over about noon.” I went to move and Mom yelled, “Zachery don’t you dare dump your Mother on the kitchen floor in your race for some new pussy. Your mother wants another go with that beautiful long fat cock before you take off.”

What I have always loved about my cock is that it stays its full eight inches and just gets hard when duty calls. Ever since my coma my balls have been able to recharge quickly and still deliver pulse after pulse of my hot thick white cum. Looks like my Mother wanted to cum on my cock and take another dose.

I picked her up and carried her to the den sofa. Mom leaves small towels around knowing someone will have a dripping pussy or ass after sex with me. I set Mom on a towel then spread her thighs and knelt down. Her mature pussy sat between her thighs dripping her juices and some residual morning wood cum. I took her fat pussy lips into my mouth and sucked the blood into them. I then took her button of pleasure between my lips and sucked and licked.

I never told my mom or sister about my mind control abilities after the coma they just thought I was the best lover they ever had. My mind control heightened Mom’s pleasure nerves throughout her groin and she was soon moaning and thrusting against my face. Being in her forties Mom still loved to fuck and hungered for my cock to make her cum. My fingers at the entrance to her vagina felt it pulse as she crashed through a strong orgasm.

I moved up and placed my fat cockhead against her dripping pussy lips. I reached up and pulled on her nipples and her milk leaked out. I latched on and sucked. “Don’t take too much Zach, I’m on breastfeeding duty this afternoon while Sammy rests,” my Mom whispered. I switched to the other firm nipple and sucked just a little milk then bit the nip softly. “Zachery!” my Mother moaned.

I was slapping my cockhead on her clit and asked Mom where she wanted my cum. “Oh Zachery, it’s so shameful but I love your long fat cock in my ass. You turned your Mother into your ass slut and I love it so much going in and out. When my son’s cock goes deep in my ass I almost cum right then. Give me pleasure in my ass my wonderful son, lover and master. Use your ass slut to fill me with your hot thick cum. I don’t want that slut Mrs. Reed getting all of it!”

I picked up my Mother’s hot thick pussy juices along my cock getting the crown coated. I placed my fat cockhead against her dark star and her portal opened easily. I connected my mind to her body and used my ability to soften the resistance and her anal ring parted. My cockhead breached her doorway and she pulsed her ring and sucked me in.

“Oh Zachery, I love it when you first go in. It’s nasty and sinful but I love it so,” she moaned as she pushed up her hips and drove her ass onto my cockshaft. I pushed and my heavy ball sack slapped against her ass as I went balls deep in her hot back cavern. I pulled her nerve pulses to the walls of her ass and took her through another orgasm. Pussy juices pulsed out of her mature lips and sprayed my chest. Her heat bathed my heavy balls adding to my pleasure.

“Oh god Zachery, oh fucking damn I’m cumming again. My pussy is exploding! My ass is trembling! Cum quickly Zachery, cum quickly. Fill my ass with your hot cum. Destroy your mother with that fat cock. Oh damn I’m cumming again!” Mom screamed as I let my cum release into her ass as I rubbed her clit quickly. I didn’t thrust or bang into her I just let my cock pulse with each cum release as her ass gripped me over and over.

Both Mom and Sam keep their rectum clean multiple times when I’m home. When I pulled out Mom’s anal ring was a big ‘O’ and my cum dripped out onto my fingers. When it was done I brought them to Mom’ lips and let my thick white cum drip onto her tongue. She smiled and looked at me with loving eyes then swallowed my gift. She opened her mouth and took my fingers in and licked and sucked them clean.

“Mom I hate to say this but you are one nasty Mom,” “And you are one nasty motherfucker son, one nasty motherfucker,” Mom laughed then pulled me in for a deep kiss. Mom, Sam and I often swap my cum in our deep kisses so this was ‘normal’.

“Take me upstairs we both need a shower. And your cock needs to be nice and clean for that slut Mrs. Donna Reed!” Mom growled.

“Mom be nice. Donna is desperate to have another child and her husband shoots blanks. My service will be an important part of my ‘Woman’s Issue’ practice. I need to get experience!” I said laughing.

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