Yes I Am Bad

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When Dad was alive he took real good care of Mom. For as long as I can remember Mom has been a sleep walker. Dad had a thin line tied between his leg and Mom’s ankle and when ever she started sleep walking he would guide her back to bed. She did not always sleep walk but when ever she felt stressed she would. Like the time her brother Walter was injured in a car accident. Mom woke up three times that night and Dad had to get her back into bed.

The first time I noticed it was about a week after the funeral. I had not been able to sleep myself and was in the kitchen when Mom came in all wide eyed and totally unaware of where she was. I watched her move around the kitchen for a moment or two and knew she was sleep walking. I gentle took her by the arm and guided her back up stairs and into her bed. She did not resist or try to pull away. The moment her head hit the pillow she was back asleep and I left her there.

I was going to leave town and take a job over at Mountainview but when Dad died so quickly I decided to stay home for a while. Now I don’t know what to do. I did call the next day for a doctor appointment hoping I could learn more about sleep walking and what to do if it happens again.

A few days later Mom and I talked at breakfast about her coming to live with me in Mountainview as part of the job offered to me there was a fully furnished apartment. It had two bedrooms and I thought that would work out fine. I was wrong.

That night Mom woke me as she opened my bedroom door, came in walked around and left. I followed her down to the basement where she turned on the washing machine without loading it.

Then she went back up to her bedroom. I watched hoping she would not hurt her self and if it looked like she might I would guide her back to bed.

Standing in the center of the room she pulled her night gown off over her head and stood there naked. I had never seen my mother naked before and I was surprised at just how lovely she was. I am twenty two and Mom had just turned forth one. Mom likes to exercise and workout on her tread mill.

She is five foot six, very trim with real muscles on her legs and arms. Her stomach is flat and her fine tight little ass it as firm as any I have ever seen. Her bush does not match her blonde head. I was still observing just how lovely she truly was when she sat on the bed.

I thought she was going back to sleep but instead she lifted her legs spreading them wide. She placed a hand between her legs and started to rub her clitoris. My Mom was masturbating and that some how turned me on.

Watching my Mom rub her clitoris and with the other hand she squeezed and pulled hard on her nipples all the while rolling her head from side to side. I got up close to the bed and pulled my cock out and started to masturbate along with her.

Mom moaned and lifted her ass up off the bed. Thrashing around I thought she would wake herself up. I was going to move back but instead I shot a load of thick milky sperm out across her face and breasts. I could not stop as spurt after spurt shot out coating her body with the milky stuff.

She stopped moaning and blinked. I moved back toward the door. I was at the open door when Mom sat up and looked straight at me. I was so ashamed and embarrassed I quickly turned dashing out the door and back to my room.

I lay awake for a long time waiting for her to come into my room but she never did. I fell asleep and woke when I heard her call up from the kitchen that breakfast was ready.

Mom was all smiles as she is most days. Nothing was said about last night so I figured she must have been sleep walking after all. Of course I did wonder how she felt when she found dried cum all over her body.

My old car needed some minor repair so I decided to do that this morning. I put my car up on jacks and pulled the wheels. I got out my tools and when I started I found I was missing a special wrench I needed. So I went back to the garage where Dad kept his tools and found his big tool chest locked.

I went in the house to ask Mom if she knew where the key was kept and found her sitting on her bed with several Polaroid pictures spread out in front of her. She was sobbing and holding a tissue to her nose.

I leaned in the open door and said “are you alright?”

“Mom looked up at me and said “Yes, I am just looking at some old photos of Dad and I on vacations back a few years.”

I took a step into the room and said “Can I see?”

Mom scooped them up and straightening up said “No: these are private pictures.”

I noticed one photo slipped off he end of the bed and fluttered to the floor. I stopped in my tracks and hunched my shoulders more of less saying “well okay.”

I did say out loud “Do you know where the key is too Dad’s tool box. I need a wrench.”

Mom got up and going to Dad’s chest of drawers she opened the top drawer and handed me a key.

I took if with out further words. Mom turned back to close the drawer and I quickly bent down picking up the Polaroid and went out the door.

I İstanbul Escort was all the way down to the kitchen before I looked at he picture. I was a picture of Mom on her knees naked between Dad. He was in back and from the angle of the picture I could only assume he had his cock in her pussy from the rear. This in it’s self would not have been a big deal but there was another guy in front of Mom with a very sizable cock in her mouth. I stopped in my tracts and looked at the picture for a long time. My Mom and Dad were swingers. “Well I’ll be a fucking monkey’s uncle.”

I bet the other ten of fifteen pictures Mom had laid out were all the same. Then I wondered if they were all of the same vacation or were there more and different vacations as she called them. I knew that Mom and Dad had gone on several vacations by themselves after I was old enough to stay by myself.

Boy this was something to fine out your parents are swingers. Especially after just seeing your Mom naked for the first time the night before. It gave me food for thought. Then I got an idea. It was not an up standing and highly moral idea but more like a dirty filthy lustful idea.

I opened Dads’ tool chest and got the wrench that I needed. I was squatting down by the front wheel thinking and not doing much work. I was looking at the brakes but the vision I was seeing was of my Mom with a strangers cock in her mouth.

God this was almost too much to take. But the strangest thing was I was not surprised by this turn of events. I was not out raged or indignant. I felt no different about my mother and my love for her. She was after all my Mom and that of course would never change. But what I did feel was a deep dark desire to fuck my own Mom.

I wanted to fuck her long deep and hard. I wanted to look into her eyes as I cum in her. I laughed out load. This was just too fucking crazy.

I finished the job and was putting the tool away in my Dads’ tool box when I looked in a few of the other drawers to see what all he had I could use.

In the back of the very bottom drawer was a tiny strong box. It also had a lock on it. It was about the size of a change or money box. I took a screwdriver and twisting the lock it popped open easily. Inside I found hundreds of pictures, some Polaroid’s both color and black and white. Many black and white’s that were developed film a few in color and two small rolls of eight millimeter film.

The movie film was very old. No one I knew used eight millimeter film any more. But I did remember an old projector down in the basement gathering dust. I might just have to get it out and take a look at these old movies. I could only guess what was on them.

I took this money box and put it in my car trunk. But kept a hand full of pictures so I could look at them later in my room.

After lunch Mom said she was going to the store and on the way home she was stopping by the church to give away some of Dad’s old clothing. There was a poor box in the basement of the church that people dropped old stuff in and was later distributed to the poor and some even sent over seas to missionaries.

I told Mom I as going to the parts store and would be home for dinner. Mom drove off in Dad’s new car. A Buick he had bought just four months before he died of a sudden heart attack.

She had turned the corner and I was up the stairs to check her room for the other pictures and what ever else might be hidden there. I found a shoe box of pictures these were more recent than the older ones in Dad’s tool box.

Some of these pictures were dated and the locations were written on the back were they taken.

I had looked at maybe three when I found one with Dad and two ladies neither of which was Mom. I did not know for sure but I suspected that Mom may have taken the picture. I did recognize one of the ladies in the picture with Dad. It was the pretty blonde Mrs. Stark that ran the East side diner on River Road. Mrs. Stark was an active member of the church and had visited our home many times.

Mrs. Stark is a pretty blonde lady of about sixty, plump with very big tits. Her tits hung down like great melons above her fat belly. She had a wide generous smile. I would see her with many cocks in her mouth as she seemed to enjoy sucking cock. She was in several of the pictures. I took it that Mrs. Stark was a regular with Mom and Dad. In one picture Dad had his cock up her ass as she had her head between Mom’s legs. In another’s she and Mom were doing a sixty-nine with some guy not Dad; behind Mrs. Stark with his cock up her plump ass. I guess Mrs. Stark really loved to be fucked in the ass too.

I had a thought; why not stop by the diner for lunch.

I put every thing back the way it was and went to the parts store. It occurred to me that the next time Mom did her sleep walking thing I just might take some picture of my own. Or maybe even see if Mom, dear Mom would like to have sex. Darn my cock was hard.

I turned the corner Kadıköy Escort on to River Road and saw Moms’ car pulling out of the Diner parking lot.

It looked like maybe Mrs. Stark was in the front seat. From this distance I was not sure but I was going to fine out.

I followed at a safe distance and was surprised when they parked behind the church. Mom opened the trunk and together Mrs. Stark and Mom each carried a bundle of old clothing in the back door of the church basement. I parked around the corner on Maple Street and cut through the alley back to the church. With stealth as my partner I followed then into the church.

I hid behind a door of the children’s nursery so I could watch the two quarries doing there thing. They were talking in low voices and I could only hear a few mumbles. They dumped the bundles in the large box. Together they went on down the long hall to the Pastor’s office. I was about to step out and move closer when Pastor Wilkinson and another man came down the stairs. I saw they were carrying a bottle that looked like booze. I suspected it was not church wine. What the fuck was going on?

After a few minutes I moved closer and carefully peeked in the crack of the door. Mom was seated on the leather sofa and Mrs. Stark was in a straight back chair in front of the pastor’s desk. I could not see the stranger right away.

The Pastor was saying how very nice it was for Mom and Stella. I guess this was Mrs. Stark’s first name.

That these two women were so willing to help with the money raising project for the Missionaries fund. He went on to say how much he regretted Dads’ untimely passing.

The man I did not know moved into view and said “Everything was set up and if the ladies were ready they could start filming.” What the fuck was going on?

The Pastor said “We have raised nearly fifty thousand dollars from the sale of (there love films over seas) and ever dollar has gone to help the missionary work.”

The foursome moved out of sight into a side room. I followed and got an eye full as Mom and Stella started undressing. The other guy was already naked with a hard-on. The pastor quickly followed. A moment later all four climbed up on a king size bed facing the camera mounted on a tripod across the room.

All four knelt with heads bowed facing the camera. What a sight that was. Mom and Stella with her hands in pray between two guys with hard-on’s.

It was not long before each woman was kneeling over the guys sucking their cocks. I watched Mom and she was every eager to do her best. I have had a few blow jobs in my time and Mom was one hell of a good cocksucker. Stella was not bad either.

It progressed though each guy fucking each lady. Then each guy would do both women at the same time. Mom first she took the Pastor in her mouth and the other guy fucked her doggie. Stella was an active participants feeling Mom’s tits and the guy’s asses all the while they double fucked Mom.

When it was Stella’s turn she sat on the other guy’s cock and leaned well forward so the Pastor could get up behind her and work his cock up her ass.

I had never seen a woman take two cocks at the same time. I think this was called a sandwich. Stella moaned and yelled how much she loved it. Mom was there finger fucking herself and playing with the Pastor’s ass hole.

This was just too fucking much and I had seen enough so I left and drove home. I had not been laid for a while as the last girl I was fucking was off to college and I had not cultivated a new relationship yet.

But I was about to get real close to my Mom and very soon. Like tonight. I masturbated shooting cum all over my sheet.

Just before I fall asleep I remembered the Pastors’ daughter Marilyn. She is younger than me and I had never paid much attention to her as she is skinny, not to good looking with red hair, freckles and no tits to speak of. But maybe this was the time to take another look. Hell, I have fucked ugly girls before. But maybe this girl is an ugly duckling just waiting to change into a gorgeous woman.

I had dropped my underwear on the floor when I came in. When I woke I saw my cut off jeans were hanging over the chair by my desk and my underwear were gone.

I sleep mostly on my back and today was no different. I could only guess that Mom had come in picked up after me and took my skivvies. Of course she would have to had noticed my cock and maybe that it was hard during my dreaming. I thought about this and thought it was about time we talked.

Mom was in the basement do washing when I came down. I has slipped on my cut offs with out putting on any underwear. Mom was not in the same dress she had on earlier. Now she was dressed in a pair of her thin cotton exercise short. I was sure she was naked under them. The material was so soft and thin they hung close to her well rounded thighs and fine tight ass. She was bent over as I came off the last step. I stood there looking at the ass I was sure had been Kartal Escort fucked a few hours ago. I got a hard-on and I wanted to fuck my dear Mother right there and right now.

I just stood there looking and thinking how much I wanted to fuck this woman when she looked up and turned around. We looked at one another for a long moment.

Mom said. “Did you know there are video cameras in the church for security and there is a signal that sets them off when any one come in.”

I was fucked and I knew it so I said “Well there was a lot to see there today. I saw you making a fuck movie.”

Mom smiled and said “Now Adam you must understand that your Father and I decided to help the church fund a long time ago. We have helped so many and we also enjoyed the participation as well. There is no sense me telling you other wise. So just because your Father is gone I see no reason to not to continue helping the church raise money.”

I retorted “I could see you were very much into the fun part any way. How could you just fuck like that with the pastor and that guy? I thought there should be some kind of moral code there some where? And Mrs. Stark she seemed to really be into the fucking and enjoying part as well. I think that maybe you and Dad were into swinging all along.”

Mom straighten up smiled and came closer. “Yes Adam; we have been swinging for about twelve years. This openness in our marriage was what made us willing partners it the fund raising. Your Dad was interested in swinging for many years. But I would not let him get me into it until you were older. The first time for me was when we took that vacation to south Florida. When we left you with Aunt Ester. Remember? We went to a Nudist camp and your Dad got me to join him and a friend. I was shay at first but your Dad know me all too well and I soon was enjoying the sex and open marriage as much as he was.”

I listened as Mom talked to me as if I were a stranger rather than her son. But I am a full grown adult and as such knew all about sex and swinging. I had never been in a threesome but it sounded very exciting to me. I was looking at my Mother as a sexy woman and not my mother. So when she took a breath I jumped in before she could go on.

I said “Mom I think you’re so fucking sexy. I would like to join the fund raising and have you as my partner. Mom; I want to fuck you.

I want to watch you suck my cock and I want us to feel free to be lovers when ever we want. What do you say to that?”

“Are you sure this is what you want? Wouldn’t you prefer a younger girl? I don’t what this until you understand just how much love there is and not just lust. Your Father always loved me even thought all the other women. And I always loved him no matter what else was going on around us. Do you understand this. There can not be any jealousy.” She said. I saw sadness in her eyes and also I saw she was excited.

I took my mother into my arms and kissed her as if she were a young beautiful sexy girl I wanted to have relations with. I caressed her breasts and pulled her firm ass up tight on my throbbing hard-on. I was so excited and aroused. My cock wiggle up between her legs. Mom reached down to guide the head where is would do the most good.

I pulled down my shorts and pulled Mom’s down too. We wiggled out of the shorts and came back together. My cock plowed along a very wet crack. Mom had a very wet hot pussy just waiting to be fucked.

I lifted one of her legs, jerked and the next thing I knew I was in her red hot pussy. Mom moaned, sighed and kind of jerked her ass into me so my cock would go in deeper. I felt the wetness and heat of her tight pussy and I could not stop my self. I started to cum.

Mom screamed “No. not in me. I have not put in my diaphragm.”

She was jerking and pushing me away but I was too far gone and held on tighter. I come fully and completely. Then just when I was about to finish Mom screamed again.

“Oh, god; Oh god.” She shook and her pussy squeezed my cock bring me back from the brink of extinction. My cock grew hard again quickly and I came again.

I was coming for the second time as Mom was still shivering her climax to full eruption. She shook and screamed together right up till our legs gave out to drop us on to the pile of dirty cloths on the floor.

We were all tangled up and it took some time before Mom managed to get up. She said something about needing to get up stairs. I followed shortly and when I arrived at her bathroom she was taking a douche.

I watched her as the liquid flood freely from her pussy as she squatted in the shower washing away my sperm.

Watching her douche made me hot all over again. My cock got hard and I moved up to the shower door. She was squatting and my cock was head high. Mom looked up into my eyes and leaned forward. I placed a hand on the back of her head pulling her mouth closer to my cock head.

I said “holy fuck I want to watch my suck my cock.”

Mom opened her mouth without a word I watched as my cock disappeared down the throat. Holding her head I fucked her mouth slowly at first. But as my cock came to life again I fucked her mouth faster. Ramming in deeper. I did not mean to make her gag. But I did. She jerked her head back. She slipped in the shower hitting her head on the tile. She looked all strange as she slid down the douche tube still in her pussy.

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