Worst Roommate Ch. 04

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** I’m still getting used to writing stories of this length and erotic nature. Feel free to pass on your comments and suggestions. Either in the story or the forum. Thanks and enjoy! **


Recap from Part 3: Mike ended up going to Elise’s place to help her move some things with her roommate. Turns out her roommate wasn’t around and the only thing she wanted was for him to fuck her before finishing on her.


Although the last romp with Elise concluded on a story cliffhanger, we ended up going separate ways after she rubbed my cum into her body. I was ready to go again, but Elise said her roommate would be home soon enough and it was probably best if she showered and I left before that happened. She walked me to the front door naked and after a quick make out session, she sent me off.

On Thursday and Friday we traded a fair number of innuendo-filled texts. I praised her ability to get me to do bad things. Elise seemed to be reveling in her sexual expansion. Apparently this sneaking around and fucking was ‘setting her on fire.’ She kept suggesting how we could meet next: another late-night visit, have me go to her place to ‘move’ things again, pretend to have a reason to stay back from the bar when people left, and a few other possibilities. Then she’d text me things she wanted to try next: her head hanging off the bed while I fuck her mouth, more positions since we only did missionary, me fingering her ass, and she wanted to finally give road head.

Needless to say, I pretty much had to stay sitting most of the work day since reading her messages had my blood pumping down below. I got home both days and almost immediately jacked off with her texts in front of me and a video playing on my computer (why not have both?).

On Saturday, Elise and I had our chance to meet again. Sean was driving back to visit his family for the day and night – it was his dad’s 60th birthday and they were having a small party for him. His family is about 2 hours Northeast of where we are living. He grew up there (slightly smaller town) and moved to the city after graduation. Sean must have told Elise shortly before he told me because I immediately got a message from her saying, “Want to meet up today?” Yes I did.

Our plan ended up as the following: I would swing by and pick her up after Sean left. We’d go hangout at the mall for a bit to waste time until her roommate left to teach her weekend yoga classes. Then we could go back to Elise’s place and have free reign for a couple hours. In the evening we’d both separate and hang out with our friends. She hinted at meeting up after drinks, but I think we both knew that’d be tough – our roommates would both be around.

After lunch, Sean left for home and I left to pick up Elise. Our other roommate, Jake, wasn’t around so I didn’t even have to make an excuse when leaving. I’m not sure what Elise told her roommate, Sara, but she was waiting for me at the end of her driveway and hopped right in. As I pulled away from her place, she leaned over and kissed my cheek before whispering, “I’m already wet.”

“What? Really?” I looked over in surprise and saw a huge grin on her face before she nodded eagerly.

Elise reacher over and grabbed my right hand and put it on her stomach. She was wearing a dark grey tank top under a navy blue zip-up hoodie which lead down to black leggings (or maybe yoga pants? I’m not sure what the difference is most times). Regardless, Elise easily slid my hand under her waistband.

I returned my gaze back to the road and tried to remain vigilant as my fingers tucked themselves further into her pants. I felt smooth skin all the way until I met the raised lips of her pussy. She then spread her legs wider and just held my arm as I began to slide further down. My hand a was a little inhibited, but my middle finger had enough room to slide between her lips and continue inching downward. Sure enough, my finger was coated in her wetness by the time I was at the bottom. I raised my finger up slightly and pushed it inside her. Other than her muscles clamping down as I delved in, her pussy accepted me incredibly easily.

Elise breathed in sharply before letting her breath out with a tremble. Her body seemed to melt down into the seat as her hips raised up. My finger slipped in further and she let out a little giggle.

She moved her hands from my arm to under her thighs. “If you get me off before we get to the mall, I’ll give you a blowjob in the parking lot.”

Without hesitation, I began moving my middle finger in and out of her. I made sure to try and not stay close to another car which was fairly easy since we were still on side roads. Anyone could easily look into my shorter sedan and my windows aren’t tinted. Do I tell Elise? No, I’ll just assume this is adding to her arousal – the fact that we’re doing this in a car with people all around.

I kept things to a relatively simple in-and-out while I focused on getting us onto the highway. As soon as I go on the on-ramp, I began Bolu Escort to curl my finger more on each pull out. This caused her to moan a bit with the new feeling. Every so often, I’d pull my finger out and rub her clit in circles. Each time this caused her knees to jerk upwards and her thighs would tremble.

After a couple more times rubbing her clit with one finger, I repositioned my hand and inserted my ring finger along with my middle. “Ugh, mmm. I think you’ll win this bet,” she said with a glance and smile in my direction.

Despite my arm being at an awkward angle, I continued to curl my fingers in and out of her before working in a clit rub. One of her hands had traveled up her body and was rubbing her breasts under her shirt. She didn’t seem to be wearing a bra because at one point I glanced over and her left nipple seemed to be trying to poke through her tank top.

Between songs on the radio, I could hear my fingers shlicking in and out of her. The smell of her was already heavy in the car since my windows were down to block the cold. Her moans were punctuated with heavy breaths in and out. We weren’t too far from the mall when she began getting close.

I had just plunged my fingers back in after rubbing her clit when she said, “Oh god, just keep going. There. There.” I kept the same exact movement going again and again. Then I felt her hand slide under my palm and rapid movement as she started rubbing her clit.

“Oh jesus. So close,” she moaned out as she pushed her hips further up against our hands.

I had just turned on my signal to get off the highway when her thighs thighs clamped on my hand and she began twisting a bit in her seat. My body was being tugged with her clamped legs and my head was turning frantically to check for cars on either side. Focused on the road and just holding steady behind the wheel, I had stopped pumping my fingers.

She trembled, shook, exhaled deeply and kept my hand trapped until I got to the stoplight outside of the onramp. When I was finally stopped at the light, I looked over at Elise. The back of her hair was pushed up a bit from when she had slouched down in the seat. Her left hand was holding onto the seat while her right hand was still trapped under mine between her legs. As I continued to look over, she slowly loosened her thighs and I pulled my fingers out.

I heard a honk behind me and looked up to notice the light had turned green. “Whoops.”

Elise laughed as I quickly pulled into the intersection and turned left onto the road outside of the mall. My hand was still just hanging in the air when I felt her grip my wrist and pull my hand toward her. Her lips wrapped around my fingers and she pushed them all the way into her mouth before slowly pulling them out. Elise’s tongue seemed to be trying to wipe all of her juices off as her lips finished the job. Seconds later, my hand was free again and I placed it on my jeans letting them soak up her saliva a bit.

Then she asked, “Do you have any napkins? I’m a mess.”

“I have a to-go tissue pack inside the glove box.”

As she reached forward to get the tissues, I decided to finally adjust my fully hard dick which had been compressed at an awkward angle the whole time I’d been fingering Elise.

“Don’t bother adjusting, just take it out. I’ve got some work to do,” Elise seemed to have noticed my movement.

While I flipped my signal and turned right into the mall parking lot, I used my wet right hand to begin undoing my belt. Halfway through my attempt to undo the belt and still look for a parking spot, I felt Elise take over for me. While she began to undo my pants and pull down the zipper, I focused on finding a spot out of the way from everyone else. I eventually chose one against an outer wall of bushes that were tall enough to block the road. There were three spaces between me and the car to my left. No one was parked to my right.

As soon as I finished parking, we both unclicked our seatbelts at the same time. “Put your chair back so I’m not headbutting the wheel.” Elise was all business. I used the seat buttons to move the chair backwards from the wheel and then leaned the backrest a good distance backward. After a quick glance around my car, I focused on what Elise was doing.

My pants were completely undone and open. I helped her lower my pants and boxers a bit (I didn’t want them fully off, just in case), then grabbed the door with my left hand and placed my right hand on her back. Elise was already on her knees and leaning over the center console. Her right hand wrapped around my shaft while her tongue danced around my head. Swirling, then flicking along the underside, then swirling again. Soon enough she engulfed my head with her lips then repeated her tongue movements.

Elise’s left hand was rubbing my lower stomach, but was traveling around my stomach. At one point I jumped a little as she twisted my left nipple. My surprised caused my dick to slide far into her mouth causing a ‘glug’ sound Bolu Escort Bayan before she removed me from her mouth.

Laughing, she asked, “What was that?”

“Sorry, I didn’t expect the nipple twist. I’m not sure anyone has ever done that to me before.”

“Is that alright?” She continued stroking me up and down with her right hand while we talked.

“Sure, just caught me off guard. Sorry about that – I didn’t mean to jab down your throat.”

“I was just surprised as well. But I think you meant to give me a hint – I understand,” she said with a punctuated wink.

Leaning forward, she took me back into her mouth and slowly lowered down until her lips met the base of my cock – centimeters from my trimmed hair. Her throat began constricting on my dick before she pulled back, swirling her tongue around my head, then repeated the process. Soon enough when she got my whole dick in her mouth, I could feel her tongue snake out a little and lick the bottom of my shaft and along my balls. This girl was something else. I slipped my hand down her back to her ass and began to lazily run my hand along her curves.

Taking a moment to look around, I didn’t notice anyone on either side of my car and sighed with relief. Until I looked at the rear-view mirror above Elise’s bobbing head. A tall skinny blonde girl was standing straight up with a shocked expression on her face and both hands holding her purse strap which was wrapped around her right shoulder. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how much she could see since I’d never looked into the back of my car at the driver seat (or didn’t remember the view). But judging by her face, she at least saw a bobbing female head and my hand rubbing that girl’s ass. I should have stopped Elise, or at least said something. Before I could, though, I saw the girl look into the rear-view mirror and make eye contact with me. A smile spread on her face as she watched me watching her. I’m guessing she thought my wide-eyed, deer-in-the-headlight expression was comical.

The blonde girl shook her head and started laughing before looking around her. Then her left hand slowly pulled away from the purse strap and slid across her the top of her chest and just below her neck. Her fingers trailed down until they were lightly resting on her left breast. The next moment, she licked her lips and squeezed her breast.

Three things added up to me cumming on the spot. First, I was already worked up from a drive which included fingering a girl next to me while navigating to the mall. Second, that same girl was taking me into her throat while licking my balls. And third, I watched a random girl watching me get head and then squeeze her own breast.

I quickly breathed out, “I’m cumming,” but I was already starting to shoot while saying it. Elise choked momentarily since I was deep in her mouth when I began shooting, but recovered quickly by pulling up until just the head was in her mouth. My eyes shut, my head leaned back, and I just let the world swirl and tip around me. Spurt after spurt was caught in Elise’s mouth, but I did feel a small trickle of cum slowly sliding down my shaft and catching on my balls. My left hand (door) and right hand (ass) were the only things keeping me grounded. Well, sitting in a stationary chair also helped.

As I came back to Earth, Elise gave a last clean-up swirl before taking me out of her mouth. “The late warning was kind of hot. Next time, say nothing and I’ll see if I can predict it.” She said this while her right hand casually swiped the stray cum from the bottom of my dick and rubbed it into my stomach. I didn’t really mind and figured it was better than marking up my jeans with jizz.

“I will remember that. Also, we had an audience at the end.” After I said that we both looked toward the back of the car – me through the rear-view mirror and Elise through the back window.

“What? Are you serious? Who saw?” Elise was surprised but didn’t seem too worried about it.

“It was some blonde girl. Seemed like she enjoyed it. She smiled and squeezed her boob.”

Elise looked at me with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. “Was that why you came so suddenly?”

I smiled back, “Well, it helped. But you were the main reason.”

“That’s so hot. And thank you. The licking while in my throat thing is tough, but it gets good results huh?”

After a quick laugh, we both cleaned up a bit and made our way into the mall. We’d already wasted a good half an hour driving, fingering and blowing, but we were here and she wanted to look at clothes. Sara was most likely on the way out of the door, but we had plenty of time to get back to their house if we wanted to.


Once inside the ball, I bee-lined it for Auntie Anne’s pretzels (can’t say no to them). We walked around for a bit sharing the original butter/salt pretzel while looking at the stores. The mall seemed surprisingly not-crowded for a weekend, but we might have caught it between lunch and dinner shopping.

After 15 minutes Escort Bolu of wandering around, we came across a smaller boutique clothing store in the lower level. Elise ran in there faster than I ran to get a pretzel. Knowing nothing about girls clothing (or even men’s fashion for that matter), I slowly followed her around the shop while eating my pretzel and looking at all the clothes. Soon enough, Elise called to me that she was trying something on.

The store was pretty small – definitely longer than it was wide. But it was quite packed with clothes along the walls and on racks in the center. The only other person I noticed in the shop was a shorter brunette behind the counter. She looked up when we came in, but then focused back on the book she was reading. The girl pointed toward the back of the store after Elise walked up to her, so I started making my way back there.

While Elise was rustling around in there I was glancing at the various pictures and paintings on the walls. There were a lot of nature paintings, pictures of plants and gardens, and summer settings. Seemed like a hippy-ish store overall. Definitely more loose spring dresses as opposed to tighter night-club worthy stuff.

Elise called from behind the door, “Let me know what you think Mike.”

I turned around to face the back of the store and waited. Elise then came out in a flower-covered yellow and red dress. The top was tight and clung to her body while the bottom was loose around her legs. “Wow, you look beautiful.”

She smiled and batted her eyes at me while twisting her body shyly. “Aww, so nice of you. What do you think of the colors?”

“Um. Very… spring-y? I like the flowers and the loose skirt.” I clearly had no sense of style.

She laughed and said, “Wow, so profound. How about I twirl?”

Elise quickly spun in a circle at the same time the back door opened open. I watched her dress spin up into the air revealing her uncovered legs… and curved ass. When she stopped her twirl in front of me the dress fell before I could see her exposed pussy. My eyes lit up and I looked up to her face.

“I really like this dress,” I said with a big smile on my face.

“The spin did it huh?”

From behind Elise we heard a female voice say, “I think the girl wearing it helps as well.”

Elise spun around and giggled, “Why thank you. I bet you say that to all of your customers.”

Leaning to the side, I breathed in with surprise. Rear-view mirror, surprised face, boob-grab girl was standing in front of the back door fixing her name tag. We met eyes and her eyelids closed slightly while staring me down. Her lips curled up in a sly grin as she said, “Only the special ones.” She was wearing a white shirt with a blue skirt and what appeared to be black leggings underneath. Black leggings are everywhere (thankfully).

“Aww, you’re too nice.” Elise turned to look over her shoulder at me and raised her eyebrow at the look on my face. She turned back to the girl and from behind I heard her say, “Oh.”

The girl, still with that smile, looked to Elise and said, “I have just the dress for you. I’ll bring it to the room for you.” The girl (name tag said Becca) walked forward before steering Elise back into the dressing room.

After the door closed behind Elise, Becca walked based me and just smiled. Nothing was said between us. Becca obviously recognized us from the parking lot. Her look said everything. But it also said something else.

A couple seconds later, with me just standing there dumbly, Becca walked past me and opened the door. She glanced at me and winked before entering the dressing room and closing the door behind her.

Well… this is interesting, I thought.

I could barely hear anything in there – even the rustling of clothes. Instead of standing with my ear against the door, I decided to pace around and re-examine all of the paintings I already looked at. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long before something happened.

“Hey, Mike. Could… could you come in here and give us your opinion?” I slowly turned and stared at the door. What was waiting behind there for me?

Walking forward I turned the handle and opened the door slowly before sticking my head in.

Elise was standing there with the same dress on, but the straps were off of her shoulders leaving them bare. Her cheeks, well, her face overall was a bit red and she looked almost… nervous? Becca was sitting on the bench with one leg over the other giving me the same sly look.

I stood there a bit too long looking at the girls, because Elise reached forward and pulled me into the changing room. As I closed the door, Elise backed up a step and said, “We have a proposition for us.”

Looking back and forth between the girls, I replied, “Ok. What’s up?”

Before Elise could respond, Becca said, “I want to see more. More of what happened in the front seat of your car.”

My mouth made a noise as my lips parted and my jaw dropped open. Elise giggled and glanced at Becca before looking me in the eye. “I’d ask what you think, but your pants say everything.”

I didn’t need to look down to know my dick was pressing against the inside of my jeans – it was almost painful by now. “Well, I think it’s up to you.”

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