Working Title Guilt Ch. 02

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Brandi Love

I don’t know about you but I get very horny after my first orgasm. With the right guy I can get three or four out with increasing intensity before my interest starts to wane. So when I saw Karen and Matt standing in the bedroom doorway naked, I was just working up to my peak.

Karen was holding Matt’s now very swollen cock in her left hand and my vibe in her right. I couldn’t help but notice how it glistened in the light and wondered if that was lube or if she had already been working it in her pussy watching me 69 with Helen. The thought almost sent me over the edge again as Helen’s tongue found its mark on my swollen clit. Many’s the time I’ve sucked on that vibe wishing it was a real cock, savoring the taste of what I had assumed was all me. What if I had been enjoying Karen’s juices after all?

“Karen, bring that lovely cock over here and give your mom something special to watch as I eat her out.” said Helen who was now fully positioned back in our perfect 69 position thrusting her petite ass toward my son and daughter.

Oh my God, I remember thinking, I am about to get an up close and personal view of my son’s cock disappearing into Helen’s perfect pink pussy. How I wished it was to be mine but even in my Etiler Escort heightened state of arousal I knew that would never happen.

I wanted to see. Karen led Matt over towards Helen’s pussy like a dog on a leash and I marveled at how her fingers only just made their way around the circumference. His circumcised cock was just inches from my face as she placed it at Helen’s pussy entrance.

Matt wasted no time at all in feeding that monster inside her and despite all the attention I had been giving her with my tongue, she let out a little gasp as he drove his manhood home with his balls just brushing against the hair on my forehead.

Karen meanwhile was standing there watching, playing with my vibe.

I hadn’t watched Karen masturbate before and was transfixed.

Did Matt fuck his sister I wondered? Surely not. But then I started to cum again and all such thoughts disappeared.

Matt sensed what was happening and increased his tempo thrusting into Helen until I saw the telltale signs she was abut to cum.

Matt was close too and then it happened, Helen came with a little squirt which dripped across my chin. Matt slowed down and I felt rather Fatih Escort than saw his back arch as the first wave of his orgasm grew.

The large vein on the underside of his cock throbbed once, twice, thrice and I knew he was filling his gorgeous girlfriend’s little pussy with cum. It was then that something totally unexpected happened. Before he finished cumming he pulled out and said “And this mom is for you” as he pushed his wet spurting cock into my mouth.

There was little cum left to be honest but what there was I savored as I felt his cock throb three more times in my mouth. It had been so long since I had had a man and even longer since I had tasted one. I was in a state of bliss.

I heard Karen cumming then laughing. She must have seen everything and pushed herself over the edge.

Matt was a spent force and went to the shower to clean up. Helen rolled off me and I saw Matt’s cum flowing from her ravished pussy but the moment had passed. I would fantasize later about how it would have been to eat her out. I was sure she would not have objected.

Karen flopped down on the bed with a broad grin across her face.

“So mom aren’t you pleased Halkalı Escort Helen offered to stay behind to do the dishes?” she said.

I felt embarrassed but laughed anyway. “I guess so.” I replied.

“Well mom? Did you have fun?”

“Oh my, yes I loved it. Thank you sweetie” I said rather red faced. “I had no idea that you were plotting this. I mean I didn’t even suspect.”

“Mom, your bedroom wall isn’t as soundproof as you might think. Do you have any idea how many times I have got off with you from my room? How many times I have wanted to walk in and help you out?”

“Oh my! Karen, really? And what about Matt? are you having sex with your brother?”

“Yeww, Mom don’t be gross!” Karen said.

“That’d be super hot Mrs B ” said Helen ” I really want to see that but no matter what I suggest I haven’t been able to persuade her yet. On the other hand Matt will fuck anything” she laughed.

“But I saw you holding his cock and feeing into Helen’s pussy!” I said.

“Oh come on mom. Jerking off your brother or giving head is hardly having sex is it? I mean its not as if he is reaming my ass!”

At that comment I felt my own ass pucker up. “Well that’s pretty close as it gets in my book” I said.

“So mom are you saying that you don’t want to do this again?” Karen said accusingly and getting a little short tempered.

I realized that this was the point of no return. I could prevent this ever happening again with a single word or open Pandora’s box.

I closed my eyes for a moment, then decided to open the box.

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