Wife’s Sister Eases Loneliness

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Andy quickly looked away as Kath turned her head away from talking to her daughter, Becky, to glance back at the TV. He had been looking at her tits as always, yes they were well tucked away under a red roll-neck sweater, but nothing could disguise how magnificent they were.

He had known Kath since she was just a kid, when he had started dating her older sister. He had watched her grow up, when she was old enough to know what was what, she had flirted with him, sometimes outrageously and once, when he had been invited to the family holiday to Spain, she had “accidentally” dropped her bikini top in front of him. Ally, her sister, who was soon to be his wife, wasn’t best pleased at the time, but the sight of Kath’s 38inch DD breasts had remained engrained in his mind always.

Kath herself had finally found a husband and had kids and settled down in domesticity and had moved away from their home town for a while and so the flirting had stopped. However Andy could never keep his eyes off her tits. Over the years he had stolen looks at every opportunity and had been rewarded with scenes of erect nipples, deep cleavage and mounds of flesh spilling over the top of a bathing suit. He felt like he knew every millimetre of Kath’s tits but he had never once caressed them and believed that he probably never would.

Kath turned back to Becky as she made another comment about the inane act on the TV talent show and Andy turned back to his studies. Kath’s sweater was just thin enough to make out the lines of her bra and Andy imagined running his tongue over every part of it, tracing each seam until he eventually came to her marvellous nipples.

Kath turned quickly to him, “What do you think of these then?”

Kath had aged gracefully, she was now in her early forties, but still looked 10 years younger he thought. She had shoulder length black hair, deep blue eyes and full lips. Her only distracting feature was a slightly crooked nose which had been broken badly when she was fifteen. Andy had known her then and she was a bit of a tom-boy in those days and one day she had dropped the last ten feet out of a tree. However she had snagged her foot and fell too close to the trunk of the tree, banging her face against it. The result was a permanent feature, one she hated but Andy thought made her more attractive.

“What these,” Andy said with a wave of a hand, “Should have gone out week one, it’s just all the girlies like Becky voting for them.”

Kath smiled back, gleeful that he had sided with her against her daughter. She turned back to Becky and Andy turned back to his studies.

The nice thing was that these Saturday evenings had turned into something of a regular feature in his life now and every week he now longed for Saturday to come, just to spend a few hours with her. Since his wife had died, Andy had seen little of his wife’s family. They hadn’t shut him out, there were just too many reminders of her. His mother in law was just an older version of his wife and her sister just a younger one. They did all of course differ slightly, the main difference in his mind was the fact that whereas his wife had been blessed with a 34C bust, his mother in law and his sister in law both got extra helpings.

Kath though had tried really hard with him and when a new series of a talent show that she knew he and her sister used to watch, returned on Saturday evenings, she invited him round to watch it with her. She too lived alone, her husband, Clive, had moved in with another woman about three years previous and her two daughters had both left home. Becky, who was just nineteen was at University, but she did often come home at weekends and so it was generally the three of them sitting and watching TV.

Andy though did more woman watching than caring about who won a million pound recording contract. Just being in Kath’s presence was enough and he left every Saturday night with enough wanking material to keep him going until the early hours of Sunday morning.

At the Ad break, Becky got up to make coffee and Kath turned her attention back to him.

“I don’t know, she’s nineteen and would rather be at home watching TV than out with her Uni friends, strange don’t you think?”

“Perhaps she is skint,” Andy replied.

“Well she has enough money to get back here on the train, if I were her I’d use that to go out and have a good time.”

“She’s obviously a home-bird,” Andy said, “You don’t mind her coming home do you?”

Kath smiled and shrugged her shoulders, “It would be nice just to have a weekend on my own.”

“You have the rest of the week on your own,” Andy said half laughing, “It’s a bit greedy wanting all of it.”

Kath nodded her head and smiled, “Yes but Saturday’s are different.”

Her eyes bore into Andy as if she was suggesting they were different because of him.

Half hoping Andy said “Why?”

Kath heaved a big sigh, her breasts rising as she did so, “They just are, anyway between you and me, I think she comes home on Saturdays now because she knows you Beşiktaş Escort are going to be here. She has always adored her Uncle Andrew and is worried that no-one is looking after you properly. She’s out there making coffee now, not because she wants one, but because she thinks I should have made you one in the last Ad break.”

Andy smiled back and turned to look as Becky came through the door, holding two steaming mugs of coffee. She placed one down on the table that sat beside the armchair that he sat in giving him a big smile as she did so.

Becky had always been his favourite niece, even though her sister Jenny had been born two years before her. Once Becky had become a toddler and old enough to distinguish between people, it had always been Andy that she wanted to read her stories or help her play, often over and above her parents. Over those nineteen years he had watched her grow into womanhood, but she had just always been his niece, but now as she slowly walked back to her place beside her mother on the sofa, he realised what a foxy hot woman she was.

That look, that smile, there was just something about that passing second that said much more than here is a cup of coffee uncle.

“Where’s mine?”

Kath’s voice brought him back to the moment.

“On the side in the kitchen, I’ve only got two hands,” Becky said defiantly.

Kath got up with a huff and looked at Andy and said quietly “We know who is favourite here don’t we?”

That Saturday night was as routine as the previous six or seven. Andy stayed until about 10.30pm and then left Kath and Becky to go back to his own home and after one more hot drink, he went straight to bed. As always his mind swam with pictures of Kath and he slowly rubbed his throbbing cock, thinking about her, wishing it was her, but then the picture seemed to distort and young Becky came into view. She was just as Kath had been twenty or so years earlier, curvy, beautiful and with lovely large tits.

“Oh Becky,” Andy muttered as his hand stroked the full length of his cock. He had never once fantasised about his niece, but wow, what a fantastic woman she had become.

“I’d love to spunk all over your tits Becky babe,” he moaned.

As his wank continued, another thought whirled around his head,

“Oh yes Becky wank me off in front of your Mum.”

The thought of mother and daughter together, that was just too much and Andy felt a tightness in his balls as his spunk spurted from him, covering his stomach with hot cream.

The following Saturday evening Andy arrived at Kath’s house as usual and she answered the door and let him in. Andy immediately noticed that she looked different, she had more make up on than she usually did and she was dressed much different from her normal Saturday evening attire. She was wearing a skirt for one, something she rarely did, and quite a short one at that. She was also wearing a white blouse which not only revealed a large expanse of cleavage, but was also thin enough that her white lacy bra was clearly evident.

Andy was pleasantly surprised as he followed her into the lounge. The TV was already on and Kath flumped down onto the sofa, her breasts bouncing slightly as she did so. Andy took his seat in his normal armchair and looked around,

“No Becky this evening?”

Kath’s smile was broad;

“No, she has some tests on Monday and had to stay back and study.”

Andy felt disappointed, Becky had been the central character of every wank this week. He had even found some photos of her and had put them up on his PC desktop at the same time as some wonderful horny photos of teenage girls he had downloaded from the internet.

“It’s just us then,” Kath said, “I haven’t got to fight my teenage daughter for your attention.”

Kath crossed her legs and her skirt rode up her leg.

As Andy looked at Kath’s leg encased in black denier he could see the tell tale nodules of a suspender belt standing out against the black cotton of her skirt.

“Fucking hell,” he thought, “She is definitely dressed to impress.”

The TV show came on and as usual between each act, Kath asked for his opinion on them, but that meant for a whole 5 minutes she was glued to the TV. That gave him plenty of time to listen to the act but also to look lustfully at his sister in law. The bra she was wearing had lace cups and Andy could make out the flowery pattern easy under her blouse. As she was turned slightly away from him, he couldn’t actually make out her nipples, but he knew that just this view was enough for Kath to depose her daughter in his fantasy tonight.

The next act started to belt out an old Fleetwood Mac classic and Andy took his chance again to look at Kath, alternating between her legs and her tits. Kath turned to him suddenly, her words half out,

“These are just awful…………..”

Andy felt his cheeks redden, he hadn’t been looking at the TV at all and his eyes were definitely not on her face as she turned Beylikdüzü Escort towards him.

He tried to behave nonchalant, “What, yeah complete rubbish.”

She was staring at him now, a wry smile on her face.

“Have I caught you looking at my tits again?”

Andy was speechless, deciding the best course of action was to feign surprise and act dumb. He gave Kath his best puzzled look.

“Well you weren’t watching TV brother in law dear and drawing a line between where you were looking and this sofa, would definitely fall on my chest.”

Kath turned to face Andy completely,

“No need to play the innocent or be embarrassed, I don’t know how many times over the years I have seen you staring at my tits, too many for me to count that’s for sure.”

“Look Kath, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, it’s just that, well tonight you are dressed rather provocatively and any man in his right mind wouldn’t be able to help themselves.”

Kath’s smile stretched across her face and she crossed and uncrossed her legs just enough for her skirt to ride up even more just to the top of her black stockings.

“Just because a woman dresses nicely, doesn’t give a man the excuse to leer.”

She was teasing him now, just as she had all those years ago when she was a teenager and Andy felt his cock twitch as it grew to full erection.

She parted her legs slightly and Andy could clearly see the black satin that encased her groin.

He licked his dry lips as his gaze moved up to her chest again. Her bosom was heaving slightly as her breathing became heavier and he could easily make out the dark rings of her nipples as they started to strain against the lace bra and her blouse.

“Do you want me?” she asked, her voice husky and dripping lust.

“I’ve always wanted you,” Andy said rising to his feet.

“So that means that you’ll do anything for me,” she said now looking up at him as he loomed over her.



“Anything and everything.”

Andy couldn’t keep his hands off her now and he dropped beside her on the sofa, reaching for those forbidden orbs of flesh. He took her left breast in his left hand and squeezed it. He had never felt a tit more delectable and more heavy. Her nipple pressed against the palm of his hand as he dug his fingers into her soft flesh, but then Kath pulled away.

“That’s enough for now baby, if you want more, you have got to stick to your promise.”

Andy grinned and reached for her again, but Kath playfully slapped him away.

Her voice became harsher,

“You can have that when I’m ready, but if you want me, then you play by my rules. Your sister in law is in charge here and I want my man to do my bidding, okay?”

Andy sat back and nodded, his sister in law had the same outlook on sex as his wife had when she was alive. His wife had often made him play the submissive husband and he had loved it and it was obvious Kath had the same warped mind.

She smiled sensing his understanding,

“Good, now first things first. I just love watching men play with their cocks. Now if you give me a good show, maybe, just maybe I’ll take my bra off, but only if I am completely satisfied, understand?”

Andy nodded again, longing now to please this wonderful horny woman.

“Do you want to go to the bedroom then?” Andy asked.

“Certainly not, I want you to strip off here and now and give me a good show, you filthy pervert.”

Andy looked across at the open curtains, with the light on in the lounge, he knew that any neighbours who lived in the houses at the back of Kath’s house would be able to see him if they happen to look out of their bedroom window.

Kath followed his gaze,

“No I’m not shutting the curtains, the only people who can see into this room are Jack & Shelia at Number 7 and Ellen at Number 9, none of them have kids in their houses and so if they happen to look, tough luck.”

Andy removed his clothes, the last item being his boxer shorts.

Kath gave a slight gasp as his cock came into full view. Andy knew that he wasn’t big in that department, with a modest 6 inches, but he always had copious amounts of pre-cum oozing from him. That always left him with a wet shiny bell end and a continual dribble of liquid seeping from him.

Kath licked her red lips as he slowly used his thumb and forefinger to spread the liquid up and down the shaft of his cock.

Kath’s eyes went glassy as Andy continued his slow hand movements. As his thumb passed over the end of his cock again a large globule of pre-cum seeped from him, the drop hung by a shiny thread for a second before falling onto the carpet.

“Nice,” Kath said, “But don’t mess my carpet up, use your juice baby, rub it into your balls, put it in your mouth, but don’t waste it on the floor or my titties will be out of bounds.”

Andy squeezed his testicles with his left hand and slowly drew a circle with the thumb of his right hand around his knob, collecting Beyoğlu Escort the clear liquid that continued to trickle from the eye of his cock. He lifted his thumb to his mouth and sucked it like a baby. Kath groaned slightly and her legs opened that bit wider.

“Show me your arse”

He turned and bent forward wiggling it for her.

“Rub it with your wet fingers.”

Andy used his right hand and starting from the top of his cheeks ran his wet fingers down the crack of his arse. He stopped at his anus and rubbed it with his wet forefinger.

“That’s good you dirty sod, finger fuck yourself.”

Andy’s wet finger easily penetrated and he slipped about half an inch into his rectum.

Kath watched as her brother in law fingered his own arse, her right hand slipped inside her black panties and she caressed her own swollen clit.

“Oh fuck baby that is good,” she gasped.

Andy had done this before for his wife and although he was never sure about the sensation it gave him, the response he got was what made it feel so horny. He could tell that Kath was frigging herself off, without seeing it. Her little gasps and the soft slurp of a finger being run through a wet pussy were unmistakable signs.

“Turn round,” Kath demanded.

Andy turned back and sure enough, Kath’s skirt was now up to her thighs and her right hand was buried beneath the black satin panties she was wearing. He watched as the material moved, as she plunged the fingers of her right hand into her own cunt.

She stopped what she was doing and lifted her bum slightly and tugged down her panties. Kath’s labia were puffy and flowery, and slightly parted, giving Andy a good look at the soft pink wet flesh of the inside of her vagina. Her pubic hair was as jet black as the hair on head and well trimmed into a nice soft triangle.

“Take these,” she said handing him the black panties.

Andy took them and directly lifted them to his face smelling her, feeling her wetness against his lips.

“You can lick them later, now I want you to shoot your load in them,” she said.

Andy wrapped his cock in the satin material, loving the feel of them against the hardness of his cock. Kath’s hand returned to her cunt, opening it for him as he continued his wank.

After a few strokes Andy felt a tightness in his balls and he quickly wrapped the knickers around the end of his cock. His spunk started to seep through the material as rope after rope of cum shot from him.

As the orgasm receded, he stood before Kath shaking, her panties were drenched.

“Bad boy,” she said seductively. She stood up and held out her hand, “Let me see,” she said.

Andy handed her the knickers. She held them and looked down at his deflating cock.

“No-one told you to stop playing with yourself.”

Andy reached down and again started to rub his cock which was wet and sticky and hanging semi limp.

Kath leaned forward and kissed him softly on the cheek and whispered “Keep playing with it darling, it will get hard again soon.”

Kath then lifted her cum soaked panties to his mouth.

“Now you can lick them clean.”

She pressed the satin material against his lips and Andy opened wide licking his own cum from his sister in law’s panties.

“Is that good, you filthy cunt?” she asked “Do you like the taste of your own cum?”

Again this wasn’t a first for Andy, he had licked his own cum from his wife’s cunt and arse many a time and rather than the taste for him being the ultimate pleasure, it was the reaction of the woman that made it all worthwhile. Kath was shaking with pleasure as he did her bidding and he just wanted to please her more and more.

“Love it,” he said as he took a large blob from the gusset of her panties onto his tongue and flicked it back into his mouth.

Kath licked his face in ecstasy as he swallowed the cum down.

“You’re a dirty boy,” she said.

“I can be very, very dirty, your wish is my command Kath darling.”

Andy’s cock had started to twitch back to life and he moved so he could rub it against the bare top of her stocking clad leg.

“This wank will last a lot longer now I’ve shot my first load,” Andy said.

“Mmmmm, hope so, I like watching.”

Kath moved back to the sofa and sat down and Andy continued to rub his swollen member in front of her.

She encouraged him as he did so and then decided to give him the prize she knew he longed for.

Andy continued to jerk of slowly and as he did so, Kath unbuttoned her blouse and discarded it. Andy gulped as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Kath slid the straps from her shoulders, but held the cups in place and as Andy’s motion got faster and his breathing more intense, she dropped the bra completely.

Kath’s tits dropped & separated as they were released completely. They both hung down as huge and magnificent as Andy remembered. Her nipples were large and dark and standing out an inch or more from her soft orbs.

“Oh Kath, your tits are awesome.”

This was no quick peek, this was reality and the sight of Kath’s naked tits after all these years was enough for Andy to ejaculate much sooner than he had expected.

He felt the spasm start in his prostrate and into his balls and it spurted from him like a fountain. The creamy cum shot out and fell in thick globules on Kath’s stomach and skirt and legs.

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