Whip It Out Ch. 03

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This is a quick stand alone that occurred in Jan 1984. I felt it was pertinent as it was the first time I touched mom’s pussy. I suggest reading the first two letters. They give background and descriptions. I believe if you put the time in you’ll fall in love with mom and Amber like I have.


Amber’s parents can’t afford her a car for college so I usually pick her up and take her back to school on the weekends.

I don’t mind doing this cause I usually get road head both ways. Once in a while we might get in a quickie in her dorm room.

During the Christmas break Amber and I were together almost everyday. Making up for lost time. She’s getting better with age.

Mom and I have been closer than ever it seems. However we haven’t sought each other out or the time just hasn’t been right. That’s ok for the both of us.

After the Christmas break I was getting ready to take Amber back and mom asked to go as she had a bunch of Christmas items to return to the mall.

Only thing I could think was there goes any parting gifts from Amber.

After getting Amber back to her room, mom and I headed to the Mall and got something to eat at the food carousel.

Mom’s wearing her usual dress jeans with a nice Christmas sweater. The sweater contours to her body accentuating her breasts.

As we eat and casually chat, I start openly taking in her appearance. My eyes roaming her breasts and throat. I’m deliberately not hiding my lust for her.

Mom notices what I am doing and glances at me and then away. I see her start to blush and she shakes her head.

Teasing her I asked, “Want to go find a dressing room?”

She about chokes on her tea “You little shit!” She says laughing.

“I figured you got plenty of attention with Amber the past couple of weeks.” Mom says while stirring her tea.

Looking at her as sincerely as I can muster saying “Amber wants to wait until she’s married.”

Mom rolls her eyes and leans back in her chair. “Please,” comes out of her.

I tried convincing her the rest of our shopping but she wasn’t buying it.

Once we got on Interstate 55 it was about 9:00 P.M. and not much traffic as we head down the road at Jimmy Carter’s 55 MPH.

The trucks’ nice and warm. Looking over at mom motioning, “scoot over here, you can help me drive.” .

“Your dangerous” mom replies.

However she scoots over to the center. It’s more practical for conversation anyway due to the road noise from my truck tires.

Letting my hand Avrupa Yakası Escort fall on her jeans covered thigh, a burst of adrenaline hits me.

Roaming up and down her leg, I sense mom glancing at me trying to determine my intention. She places her hand over mine and we ride like that holding hands inches from her pussy.

Both knowing I’m going to go for it soon.

“Are you planning on going to EOM with Amber next year?” Mom asks.

“Yeah I would like to. My grades are going to be good enough.” Saying as my hand slides to her inner thigh and feeling her right leg part a little.

“What do you want to do?”

“Well, this would be nice” I replied as I ran my pinky on the seam of her pussy.

“I was talking about when you graduated. What do you want to be.”

“Oh¸sorry, this would still be nice though.”

“I kinda think some kind of “ag consultant job. I don’t want to farm my whole life but would still like to do something around it.”

Cupping her pussy with firmness I can feel her heat through her jeans.

Her legs fell open without any prodding.

“Well, the farms’ a good living and it will always be here if you change your mind.”

“Yeah I know maybe after I’ve done something else and lived away for a while I’ll want to move back.”

I can’t stand it anymore and want more than denim. Going to her waistband I knowing I’m not going to be successful due to the tight fit.

Trying to worm my hand down her pants, mom helps a little by scooting down in the seat to give a straight line, saying “you better not wreck.”

“Your actually doing me a favor by helping me stay awake.”

“Your so full of shit.” She says laughing.

I can feel the heat coming off her pussy as I move over it. I can tell she’s been wet a long time. Probably since the mall.

“Take your pants off. I can’t move.”

“I can just see the newspaper headlines now. Mom found naked with son after wreck on I-55.” she says undoing her belt buckle and sliding her jeans off.

“I’m serious you keep your eyes on the road.”

“Okay already, I’m an expert driver.” I replied putting my arm around her right shoulder. She turned her back to me slightly, leaning against me. My hand finds it’s natural resting place between her legs.

My fingers come into contact with her clit first. I rubbed it with my finger feeling her juice and heat finally getting to escape.

She was enjoying this initial release as well, Bahçelievler Escort spreading her legs and snuggling her head in to my chest getting comfortable.

Her pussy’s not shy as I move down. It is severely wet. No need to search for it as it finds my fingers first.

Mom’s hips immediately flex sucking in my middle two fingers with ease. Using them on her I realize more is needed from me. Adding my pointer finger to the mix.

Mom’s left leg rises up to the dash landing on my stereo. I almost told her to be careful as that’s my new cassette player from christmas but decided not to.

Fingering mom’s pussy, I cant’ help but draw comparisons to Ambers’ I can cup Ambers’ pussy completely in my palm. It always seems so delicate and small, yet resilient.

Amber is continually struggling and writhing for more. Her body seems to beg for help in getting more up her cunt for satisfaction.

Mom’s however was open and wet. I felt a challenge to do battle with it; that my hand had found a worthy adversary.

I’ve worked a good hole into her that accommodates my fingers and stays open as I leave to work her clit.

I love diving back into it without reserve. I can tell she likes that first thrust as well.

She has started timing her flexes to that thrust. relaxing a little as I work her wet hole over then come out again and start anew with her clit.

This is my mom’s pussy I realize as she is breathing heavy into my chest. She’s been rode hard and put up wet for 20+ years, and had two kids. Yet she’s as wet and needy as Amber.

If Amber’s as fucking hot and horny as mom is 20 years from now I am going to be a happy man.

I left her hole and moved up under her sweater and bra massaging her right breast not being gentle, pulling and kneading it. Knowing what she needs.

I am torn between her charms. Loving the feel of her breast and how she responds to my milking.

However she gave me control of her pussy and I felt responsible for it’s satisfaction so I moved back to it wanting to complete the job.

Keeping my eyes on the road I can sense her body shift getting more comfortable for my attack.

My fingers slide into her again pulling her juices out and over her clit. I start applying more fingtertip pressure to her never keeping the same rhythm. Rubbing in circles then pulling it between my fingers.

Mom finally surrenders and I hear short quick breaths. She begins purposeful Bahçeşehir Escort hip thrusts that seem to be punching my hand demanding my fingers up her.

I can’t keep up with her movement anymore and leave two in and cup her mound coming into contact with her clit with the palm of my hand and hold her tight as she rides me.

I can’t help but compare Amber’s orgasms to moms’. Amber’s thrusts were more rapid yet she weighed less and I could feel my dominance.

Moms’ are slower yet more powerful. She is bigger boned and more muscular than Amber.

Amber seems to always be searching for her satisfaction. Only getting there with my help.

Mom’s pussy is demanding. Knowing what it wants and can take. Her pussy works with a knowledge that it is bottomless and screams for everything I can give her. Any shortcoming I feel is mine.

Mom cums, grunting and breathing heavy into my chest. She finally closes her legs running me out.

Sliding down with her head in my lap mom catches her breath.

I run my hand back up to her breasts as she rests. Amber and I have done this so many times! Right in this same truck.

I know exactly what’s going to happen next.

Mom turns on her side saying; “I’m going rest a minute. Wake me when we get on the gravel.”


“Oh relax, you’ll live. I’m going to take a nap.”

She went to sleep on my lap for an hour. No shit.

I caressed her right breast, side and ass all the way home which was no comfort for my hard-on.

We finally hit our gravel road. I didn’t slow down much at all leaving the pavement, wanting to wake her up.

It worked.

She raised up, “where we at?”

“Almost home” I said watching her wipe some drool off her face.

Mom started putting her pants on and straightening her bra and sweater. Then proceeded to comb her hair a little.

“There. I feel good as new.” She says smiling at me.

“I’m glad someone does.”

“Oh your such a big baby. Whip it out”

I slammed on the brakes and that’s what I did.

Mom smiled and lowered her head.

Mom’s mouth was warm and wet and knew it’s job.

She took me all the way the best she could in this position and pulled off to the head working on me fast.

Down and up, down and up down and up. Then she concentrated on the head and jacked me.

It didn’t take long as I had been anticipating it for a couple of hours with a raging hard-on the whole time.

I started shooting in her mouth and she welcomed it. Knowing where to send my stuff.

Sucking me dry she raised up.

As I buttoned my pants I commented, “you’re a pretty good date.”

Mom looked at me, “I’ll never be your date. I’ll always just be your mom. Don’t get confused.”

“Jeez, I was just kidding.”

“All right, let’s go home.” Mom reaches over and holds my hand.

It felt good, going home with mom.

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