When the Call Comes In

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Drunk Jenna needs a big dick in her. Her cousin provides.

[This is a loose sequel to When the Music Stops, carrying on the story of first cousins Marco and Jenna, and their mutual friend-with-benefits Kezia. A fairly light-hearted incest romance with some group sex and a little bit of kink. You can read it on its own without having read the previous story; the backstory is briefly outlined in this story for new readers.

Be aware, in addition to cousin incest this story features drunk sex, threesomes, lesbian/bisexual sex, some pissing scenes and drug use references. Don’t read if those themes trouble you.

Tags: Cousin Incest, Big Cock, Piss, Lesbian/Bisexual, Threesome

All characters involved in sexual situations are aged over 18.]


Marco is on the verge of dozing off when the call comes in. It’s a chilly, rainy Saturday night, he’s tired and aching from a hard afternoon gym session, and now he’s lazing about in his bedroom, letting some asinine superhero TV series wash over him without really watching it. His original plan for the evening — a downtown bar crawl with a couple of his work buddies — has been cancelled, as one of the guys managed to get his car towed. In all honesty, Marco’s not too upset. He’s had a pretty exhausting week at work, the weather is miserable, and his social batteries could use a recharge.

He is reaching for the TV remote, about to turn off the show and start settling down for an unusually early night, when his phone buzzes with a message. He picks it up off the bed, opens the notification and sees that it’s from Kezia.

[Heyyy you]

[Hey Ki. What’s going on?], Marco messages.

[Not much], Kezia replies. And then, a few seconds later, she sends a photo across.

Marco’s eyes widen and his cock twitches involuntarily as he sees what Kezia has sent. It’s a high-angle shot, taken from over her head as she pouts up mischievously at the camera. Her long platinum-blonde hair is glossy and shining. She is topless, her big snow-white tits with their dark nipples and vivid tan lines dominating the view. Marco scrolls lower down, and sees that Kezia is kneeling on a messy bed next to a similarly bare-breasted Jenna, who has that adorable drowsy smile that indicates she is drunk as a lord.

[Looks like you’re having fun], Marco sends.

[Yeahhhh but we could be having more fun], Kezia responds, with a winking emoji.

An eager grin is forming on Marco’s face of its own accord. [Do you guys want me to come over?]

Kezia’s next message is a voice note. Marco holds the phone next to his ear to play the audio.

“Marco, cuz, it’s me,” slurs a husky female voice. It takes Marco a second to realise it’s Jenna. “I’m so fucking horny. Me and Ki have been fooling around all night but it’s not enough. We need your big fat dick in us.”

Kezia cuts in, giggling. She sounds barely more sober than Jenna. “I want you to fucking ruin my pussy, Marco. Beat it up like you hate me. I wanna be sore for a week.”

“Make us both sore,” Jenna agrees. “Please. Come over to my place and fuck us. Don’t bother with condoms, you know you can cum in us any time you like.”

“Oh, fuck yes, cum in me! Make me a mommy!” Kezia enthuses, before collapsing into peals of tipsy laughter.

“Just hurry up, I’m going crazy here,” Jenna pleads, while Kezia cackles in the background. “I need you inside me. Text when you’re nearby, okay? Love you, love you.”

“Love you!” Kezia pipes up. The voice note ends.

Marco sits in silence for a moment, his cock gradually hardening, raising a prominent tent in his boxers. He’s grinning to himself like a total imbecile. A new reserve of energy is wiping away his tiredness. The logical part of his mind is already plotting the route to Jenna’s apartment, trying to factor in traffic at this time of night. The horny part of his mind — which is to say, most of it — is remembering how superbly tight Jenna’s pussy is, and how cutely Kezia squirms when she orgasms.

Suddenly unbothered by his aching muscles, he gets up off the bed and starts hunting around his messy bedroom for his shoes.


It’s been a month and a half since it all began. The festival is a blur in Marco’s memory, a foggy slideshow of pounding music, flickering lasers, dancing bodies and far, far too many drinks. He had a three-day hangover afterwards, the kind that made him feel twenty years older, and he knows he deserved every second of it. His bank account took a pretty heavy hit, too, between the last-minute tickets and the price-gouged beers.

But it was all worth it, a thousand times over. Because on the second night of the festival, he finally bedded the girl he loved.

The look of astonishment on Jenna’s beautiful face as she took his cock inside her for the first time is burned gloriously into Marco’s mind. Every time he closes his eyes, he sees her perfect little tits bouncing, her slender body sprawled out beneath him as he made rough drunken love Çanakkale Escort to her. After years of stolen kisses and furtive fondling, a lifetime of wanting each other from afar, fucking her was the best feeling in the world.

And it got better still, because they were caught in the act by none other than Kezia, Jenna’s best friend and occasional lover. She didn’t freak out when she found them naked together. There was no judgement, barely even any surprise. Instead, fuelled by pure lust and a hefty dose of MDMA, she stripped off and enthusiastically joined in. Before long, she was orgasming on Marco’s thrusting cock while her face was buried in Jenna’s pussy, and when they were finally spent, all three of them fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Since that night, Marco and Jenna have been as insatiable as horny teenagers. He’s already lost count of how many times he’s fucked her. When she comes over to stay, or when he goes to her place, they generally just fall into bed and screw until they pass out from exhaustion. He’s filled her with so much of his cum her birth control must be working overtime. He has a secret, wicked fantasy that one day her pills will fail and he’ll knock her up. He thinks she’d look absolutely gorgeous pregnant.

They are now, unofficially, exclusive; Marco has deleted all his dating apps, and hasn’t so much as glanced at another girl in weeks. The one exception is Kezia, who has happily taken to her role as their mutual fucktoy. She’s an extremely busy girl, with plenty of guys and girls on the go at any one time, so Marco and Jenna only see her every now and then. But when they do, they have an awful lot of fun with her.

Marco feels like his lifelong run of bad luck has finally ended. Before the festival, his sex life was one fucked-up relationship after another — years wasted with manipulative bitches, narcissistic divas and outright violent psychos, broken up by a lot of totally meaningless hookups. At twenty-four years of age, he nurses what feels like a century’s worth of scars, both physical and emotional. Now, for the first time, he has a girl he truly loves, a girl with a kind heart as well as a pretty face. And, in Kezia, a gorgeous friend to share her with.

There is one slight complication, of course. Jenna is his first cousin, and what they have together is, well, incest. She won’t be bringing him home to her parents any time soon.

Marco’s okay with that. He can’t stand his aunt and uncle.


He knocks back a couple of energy drinks to sharpen himself up for the drive; not that he needs much sharpening up now. Pussy is an excellent motivator. He’s dressed and out of the house barely five minutes after hearing Jenna’s voice note.

The rain is getting heavier, slowing the crosstown traffic to a crawl. Marco drums his fingers impatiently on the steering wheel as he waits at a red light behind a sluggish SUV with a lot of obscene bumper stickers. All he can think about is the obscene things he wants to do to the girls. He’s mindful that, drunk as they are, they might not be awake much longer.

He turns off the main road and shortcuts through a series of narrow sidestreets, his wheels kicking up waves from the deepening puddles of rainwater. At last, Jenna’s apartment block appears out of the overcast night, tall and warmly-lit. It’s a truly welcome sight. Buzzing with anticipation, Marco steps on the accelerator.

In his haste, he parks sloppily just down the road — he hopes nobody will notice this late at night — and hurries to the entrance. An older couple are leaving the building just as he arrives, and they are kind enough to let him into the foyer without having to ring for Jenna. He thanks them politely, hoping they’ll assume he’s another resident of the block, and not a horny young delinquent come to ravish their neighbour.

He takes the elevator upstairs, trying to keep a lid on his surging excitement. His cock is a big, impatient, semi-hard presence against his thigh. He can’t wait to get it good and wet.

Jenna’s apartment is on the fourth floor. The elevator is maddeningly slow, and by the time the doors finally creak open and admit him into the carpeted corridor, he is about ready to explode with anticipation. He strides with rapid purpose to Jenna’s front door and presses the buzzer. Still grinning eagerly to himself, he waits for an answer. And waits.

And waits.

Finally, just as Marco is beginning to fear the girls have passed out in bed, he hears a soft scurrying of feet on the other side of the door, and the click and rattle of the key turning and the chain disengaging. The door swings open, revealing the brightly-lit warmth of Jenna’s apartment, in all its fussy, obsessively-neat minimalism.

Kezia stands in the open doorway, swaying slightly back and forth on her bare feet. Her cute elfin face beams with an intoxicated smile. Her platinum-blonde hair is like a cloak of spun silver over her bare shoulders. Aside Çanakkale Escort Bayan from a pair of loose blue boyshorts, she is completely naked. Her breasts are high and full on her chest, comically huge on her miniature frame. Her dark red nipples are invitingly erect. There’s a smudge of what looks like lipstick on her neck; evidence of Jenna’s kisses.

“Oh, you made it!” Kezia says brightly. “Jen was getting worried.”

“I wasn’t about to let you guys down,” Marco says, grinning down at his pretty little fuck-buddy. Topless Kezia is always a deeply life-affirming sight.

“Come in, come in, come in,” she beckons him, stepping back into the apartment. As soon as the door is shut behind them, he slides an arm around her waist and pulls her into a fond greeting kiss.

Her hands clutch his back as she sloppily sucks at his face. Her hot little tongue curls and wiggles eagerly in his mouth. Her breath is laden with gin and vodka, sharp tonic and lemon, a smoky hint of marijuana. And on her sweet lips, he tastes something else; a rich, musky tang, deliciously familiar.

“You’ve been going down on Jen, huh?” he asks her through the kiss.

Kezia nods rapidly, quite nonchalant. “I made out with her pussy for, like, an hour. Bitch squirted right in my mouth. I’d just started eating it again when you buzzed.”

“She is one lucky girl.”

Kezia’s small, mischievous hand darts down to Marco’s crotch, finds the sizeable bulge of his growing hard-on, and grabs it quite roughly midway along the shaft. He flinches. She giggles. “Looks like she just got luckier.”

Marco grins proudly. “I hope she doesn’t have any big plans tomorrow. She won’t be walking anywhere for a while.”

Kezia rubs her small, warm body provocatively up against him, her breasts squishing enjoyably on his lower chest. “I told her she can have you first, but you better save me some of that big snake, too,” she purrs. “Nobody fills me up the way you can. The last guy I banged had a pencil dick, I could barely feel it. The whole time he was fucking me, I was thinking about you. The way you go so deep…”

“Don’t worry, Ki. You’re getting fucked properly tonight,” Marco promises her. He gives her sumptuous tits a fond squeeze. They’re such a lovely soft handful, and she quivers excitedly at his touch. He’s looking very forward to giving her some real attention.

But first, he needs to take care of the love of his life. “Is Jen in the bedroom?” he asks.

“Yeah. Fair warning, she’s super drunk,” Kezia laughs. “She’s been hitting the bong, too. You better hurry up and fuck her before she passes out.”

“Even if she does, we can still have some fun. She likes getting sleepfucked,” Marco says. He’s learned Jenna has quite a few kinks, and being woken up by a hard cock sliding inside her is one of them. It’s always a lot of fun seeing the surprise and delight in her drowsy eyes when she realises what he’s doing to her.

Kezia flashes a drunken, pleasingly slutty smile. “So do I.”

“Well, you can’t both pass out on me.” Marco smacks Kezia’s ass, grabbing one juicy cheek through her boyshorts, and kisses her silvery hair. “Okay, take me to Jen.”

Kezia practically skips with eagerness as she leads him through the apartment towards the main bedroom. Jenna’s place is neat and well-kept as always, the carpets fastidiously vacuumed with not a speck of dust in sight. The furniture is modern, clean-lined and elegantly simple, in that way that Marco knows is eye-wateringly expensive. Jenna’s father, Marco’s filthy-rich and humourless uncle Robert, is always very generous to his little girl. If only he knew what kind of naughtiness she gets up to in her fancy designer sheets.

The big, dimly-lit bedroom is as tidy as the rest of the apartment — with the exception of the bed. The crumpled duvet and randomly strewn pillows speak of the girls’ drunken frolicking together, as does the bedside table crowded with half-empty bottles. There’s a faint but pervasive marijuana scent in the air. A tall blue-glass bong sits on the desk next to Jenna’s laptop, along with an open grinder and several nuggets of weed in an opened foil wrap. No sign of harder drugs, at least as far as Marco can see. He knows Jenna is trying to cut down on her MDMA use.

“Jenna, sweetie, look who’s here,” Kezia sings out. She turns up the dimmer switch to brighten the room.

Jenna is lying on the bed, her shoulders propped up on a pillow, the scrunched duvet covering her legs with her small bare feet poking out. Everything else is uncovered, and unlike Kezia she isn’t even wearing underwear.

Marco regards his naked cousin with an overwhelming rush of desire. Jenna’s lovely youthful face is sleepy-eyed from the drink and weed, her shoulder-length dark hair enticingly messy and tangled from hours of fooling around with Kezia. Her slim body is deliciously petite, her hipbones and ribs showing elegantly beneath her skin, without being too prominent. Escort Çanakkale Her bare breasts are small, but so pretty and finely-formed, with perky upswept nipples almost as pale as her smooth milk-white skin. Between her slender thighs, her pussy offers up its delicately curled pink lips, her mound shaven smooth except for a little decorative strip of dark hair just above her clit.

Jenna’s small mouth, slightly open as she dozes, widens into a smile of absolute joy when she focuses her bleary eyes on Marco.

He smiles back. “Hey, Jen.”

“You came,” she breathes. She sounds happy enough to cry.

“What, did you think I was gonna stay home after those messages?” Marco laughs. He pats Kezia’s tight round ass again, to reassure her that she’s still very much on his radar tonight, then heads straight for the bed. He kicks off his shoes, shucks off his rain-spattered jacket, and goes in to kiss the girl he loves.

Jenna sits up, her hazel eyes squinting in the light, holding out her skinny arms to embrace him. He wraps her small torso in his arms, enfolding her with a deep, protective love. His mouth finds hers. Her wine-scented breath fills his mouth and her warm, gentle tongue slides in after it. Her fingers rove through his hair. Even drunk and stoned, she’s a good kisser. There’s so much eagerness in her lips, such desire in every twist of her tongue.

“I missed you so much,” Jenna whispers as she kisses him.

“It’s only been four days, baby,” he reminds her.

“Still too long. My pussy gets lonely without you. She feels so empty.”

“I’ll take good care of her,” Marco vows. His cock is almost fully erect now, uncomfortably trapped sideways in his trousers. He’s going to need to get it out soon before it gets really painful. “You know, I tasted her when I kissed Ki just now.”

Jenna smiles with inebriated mischief, her eyes glancing over Marco’s shoulder to where topless Kezia is nonchalantly crushing up some more weed with the grinder. The tattoo on her lower back, two Chinese dragons chasing each other’s tails in a figure-of-eight, is a vivid splash of colour on her skin. “Oh, Ki’s been very good to her. But she needs you, too.”

“Do you want me to give her a kiss hello?” Marco asks casually, caressing his cousin’s delicate shoulders before sliding his hands down to her young breasts. He kneads them, enjoying their softness and the trembling way she exhales as he strokes her.

“Oh, yes, please,” Jenna moans longingly. “She loves it when you kiss her.”

“Okay, baby. You lie down, huh?” he instructs her, kissing her lips again. As she relaxes onto the bed, he unbuttons his shirt to leave himself bare-chested, now only in his socks and his increasingly bulging trousers.

Kneeling on the bed with Jenna lying sprawled out before him, he gazes at her pussy, the delightful little slit that he’s been deep inside so many times. The soft pink folds of her labia, already gleaming wet after all Kezia’s tonguework, are calling for some more love and affection. Her tiny clit is erect and poking cutely out of its hood.

Over by the desk, Kezia huffs from the bong and exhales a wispy cloud of vapour, coughing slightly. She turns her gaze on the two cousins and giggles in stoned amusement. “Picking up where I left off, Marco?”

“You got her pretty damn wet, Ki,” he remarks, his hands roving down Jenna’s thighs as he lowers his face down towards her vulva. The wonderful rich smell of her wet pussy fills his nostrils. It makes his mouth water, and deepens the already great discomfort of his confined erection.

“Ki’s the best,” Jenna sighs. “She made me cum all over her face.”

“My girl’s a squirter!” Kezia whoops, like a football fan cheering on her team’s star player.

“Sounds like I’ve got a tough act to follow.” Marco plants a teasing kiss directly on his cousin’s clit. Her low, surprised gasp tells him he’s hit exactly the right spot. He gently sucks that precious little button, feeling how aroused it is, the throb of Jenna’s pulse. She whispers his name.

Though his hard cock is burning to be inside her, he takes the time to pleasure her with his tongue, wanting to make sure she’s as wet and ready as she can possibly be. He spreads her soft pink cunt lips open with his fingers, slides his tongue into their succulent folds, nibbles and sucks them as her delicious juices flow into his mouth. She tastes marvellous, as always. Her whimpers of pleasure grow into loud, needy moans. He’s glad he’s sober; drunk him would doubtless have gotten impatient by now, and violated her.

He licks the tight warm entrance of her vagina, penetrating her with his tongue as deep as he can reach. Her hips gyrate on the bed, grinding her vulva against his face. Her labia caress his stubbled chin and cheeks, leaving his skin slick with her wetness. Her skinny legs tremble on either side of his head.

“Ohhh, Marco,” Jenna moans. “Ohhh, you’re so good. You’re so good to me…”

After a few more licks and kisses — a cheeky tonguing of her urethra, another gentle suck of her erect clit — Marco lifts his wet face to make eye contact with her. She stares at him with a look of mild bewilderment in her drunken eyes.

“Why are you stopping?” she asks mournfully. “Please, Marco, that was so lovely.”

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