When I Close My Eyes

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At first, I didn’t feel anything at all. My eyes were closed and the room was so warm, I couldn’t tell where my body ended and the air begun. All I knew was that I was nude—no familiar pinch from a bra strap or annoying fabric wedged high between my thighs.

Where was I? What was going on?

And as soon as those questions rushed through my head, a memory flickered alive in response: I was in a room, laid upon silken red sheets. A man stood over me, with his face hidden in the shadows. A hand—his hand—reached out and teased down the shoulder of my shirt. I shivered in response but lay unresisting as his fingers roamed down from my shoulder and to my breasts. His fingers kneaded my breasts together, bunching my cotton shirt sharply between them.

This was too strange I had to get up! I tried… I couldn’t! My body lay limp in an unresponsive sprawl.

I blinked, trying to see, but only finding darkness here and deeper darkness over there. Out there, I knew some was waiting; watching me wriggle against their bedspread. I wasn’t afraid. I shuddered anyways.

Slowly the darkness lessened, and in the shades of grey I saw the rippling outline of a man moving towards me. By and by, he came with quiet cat steps till he stood over me. I stared upwards, idly wondering if he saw me as myself or if like me, he was night-blind, and merely saw shapely grey silhouette in a sea of shifting shadows.

Who was he? Did I … know….?

Suddenly, I felt creamy warmth between my thighs, leaving my mind to untangle a new question: meaning of the wobbling pressure against my inner thigh. I gasped; my lips bursting open to speak. My tongue dead in my mouth, I could only moan. Four fingers spread across my bellybutton, nails grazing pinprick lines across my skin. The last digit, a thumb, hooked down and slowly wiggled against my bare clit. My tongue choked a scream, but I could feel my hips twisting, his hand holding me still against the bed as the thumb rubbed lazy circles around my clit. My legs squeezed together and he slid in. I jerked, my cheeks blushing hot and my lips trembling as the pressure rose and waned inside me. Two hands floated over my thigh, and I began to realize: it wasn’t a thumb inside me.

He was inside me. Pushing harder now, as if he knew I understood. Who was he? The thought trembled at the edge of my consciousness, fighting for survival as waves of pleasure bounded together in the forefront of my mind. My inhibition ebbed, and hesitation slowly rinsed from my mind. Who was he? Did I really care?

I couldn’t see him, but it didn’t seem to matter. Dreamy abstraction filled in the details for me. Every hint of sensation, every little touch, every trace of feeling, blossomed into a world of its own. His breath was hot on my neck. His lips were kissing wet circles just beneath my ears. He tickled my ear lobe, and whispered something.

A sweet nothing. I wasn’t listening. I was far away and floating in a milky swirl. Tangled lines of fluid converged upon me, splashing wetly and soaking through my pores. My skin tingled, turning supple in the heat. I could feel my nipples rising into hard points on the swell of my breasts. The air was warm, flushing waves of fire over my body. Too hot, I shivered once and shuddered again, ignoring the nagging irony.

He moaned loudly. His hand spanked down; gripped at my waist and pulled me forward and against him. I could hear him grunting as he leaned out. Sighing into the still air, his hands fluttered over my cheeks before squeezing them tightly. His hands massaged knots into my cheeks Beylikdüzü Escort as he eased back in again, punctuating his forward slide with a groan.

My eyes fluttered behind closed lids, flashing images unseen into my mind. He was cute. His cut was trim, his muscles slim and cut to perfect curves like a sculptor’s mold. He smiled and winked. His eyes were grey to match mine, stony and fixed upon my breasts. He wanted me and I thought perhaps I wanted him more.

His hand reached out and tweaked my nipple, dimpling the fleshy button into my breast. I shivered and wiggled, feeling myself wobbling down against him. My hips having no where to go but down, I sunk steadily onto his shaft. I pulled my legs together, biting my knees closed in front of me to stop the momentum. He winked again, and surged forward taking advantage of his standing position which gave him the leverage to squeeze between my knees and hop up against me. Our hips suddenly flush against each other, I gasped. The sound hung in the air for a long minute till it was torn apart by the louder slurps of my lower lips clinging to his cock. He pumped lightly, slowly, making me tremble–my legs pinched together around his back.

I gasped again.

I contracted in spasm.

My gentle squirm went unnoticed in the fray of motion. His body pounded forward, my cheeks rippled from the impact. I could feel my walls tugging against his shaft, quivering from my flared wet lips to the spots deep inside. He groaned again, louder this time. His hands pushed on my waist, but my insides tightened further, gripping him like a hand with many more fingers than five. T’was my first time, but somehow, my body acted as if with a decade’s worth of experience.

He twisted my legs apart in my distraction. My feet kicked out; vainly trying to stay curled together around his back. The river of heat swelled between my legs, overflowing onto my thighs. I could imagine how they’d glisten in light: a soft twinkle like silvered stars splayed out around a pink supernova. I reached, almost lazily, and rubbed my finger tips against the dampness. Beginning on my thighs, I tickled a line past my lips–filled thoroughly with his shaft—and moved my hand up towards my bellybutton. My hand lingered on my tummy; curiously flavoring the fluctuating pressure inside me as his shaft pulled out then angled in again, seeming to move deeper each time. I felt a hard swell suddenly rise below my bellybutton. It couldn’t be. Never. I flinched away.

He took my hand as it flopped onto the mattress. Twining his fingers with mine, he placed them back on my stomach.

A quick stab forward brought me back to reality. His shaft had found a new path through me, and I trembled in response. He was going deeper and deeper. I could feel the light slap of his balls against my bum. My legs were curled so high, they touched my shoulders. I jerked and the back of my knees bumped against bone. His shoulders were in the way; his body bearing down on me, tunneling into me, dragging away lines of heat and silken wet.

I screamed… or tried to. My syllables gargled together into a wet exhale. The next time I tried to speak, his tongue silenced me. My lips bounced against his, smacking a fevered kiss. Our tongues dashed together, running quick circles around in his mouth and mine, but mostly in mine. His groan poured into me, vibrating through my lips and rumbling down my throat. I moaned back, a lighter pitch. I could feel a smile at the corners of his mouth.

It lingered for a moment, then was gone taking his Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan tongue with it.

Released, I screamed.

My voice strong. It might have just called out his name, if only I’d known it.

“Beka,” he moaned. He knew my name. “Beka…. Beka….” he repeated in whisper-scream, making an artificial breeze to tickle my ear.

“Yes?” I called back. My mind was flittered from one ecstasy to another. Flying butterfly-like, my thoughts lit upon my tickled pink nipples and my peach fondled breasts. My curves pushed into a hand, with fingers rolling all about it. I shivered and felt my lips seize against the base of his cock.

I wobbled at the waist, moving my hips in little circle at the mattress edge, and the bed springs squeaked responsively. It sounded like they were almost having as much fun as me. My legs shivering in his hand, my juices mingling with his—he was Cumming after me. I could feel it. The leaping bounds in his shaft; his exhale hot on my cheek; his groan filling my ear; his cum rocketing through me with short bursts…..

My head nodded against my chest, bouncing up as it hit my breastbone.

“Beka?” he sounded different. “Beka?”

I felt a poke, and a finger digging into my side.

“Hey!” my eyes blinked open to stare first at my friend, then at my professor. My eyes half lit, I saw them in grey and acid-wash white.

“Day-dreaming again Beka? I swear one of these days you’re going to have to tell me what you think …. “His voice trailed to a disgruntle mutter. This wasn’t the first time I’d fallen asleep, and judging from the sigh and shake of his head, he knew it also wouldn’t be the last time. “I’m happy you’ve joined us in the land of the living.” The class chuckled around me, mostly because of the blush I felt on my cheeks rather than his attempt at wit. I glanced downwards and straightened up in my chair, straightening my face with it.

I should’ve said sorry, but instead I simply I nodded nonchalantly. He was a good teacher, almost a friend if such relationships could exist between student and faculty, but apologizing would have been too much. Speaking words would’ve been too hard. Heck, even if I opened my mouth just sliver, it’d be too tempting to start to murmur pleasantly and then burst into a long moan. I eased my legs apart, releasing the tension in my thighs. My panties were clinging sticky to my slit, simple cotton probably soaked through to transparency. I raised my hand, and excused myself. The teacher was happy to see me leave.

I was happier. Dashing out the room and nearly knocking over an empty seat in the process, I bounded down the hall ways with a desperate smile on my face. I knew instantly where to go: three doors straight down the hall and directly to the left, the girl’s bathroom. I burst through the door, checking quickly under each stall for dangling legs. No one was there! I sighed, relaxing for the first time since I left the classroom, then spinning on my heels I turned into the nearest stall, locking it after me. I tugged my cottons to my ankles, and splayed my legs around the seat. My pink kitten peeked out from underneath my skirt. I stifled my giggle, and hiked my skirt quickly. Running my finger first over my clit, I fought the quivers in my legs, trying to stay still. My eyelashes batted at tears, watching my flinger swirl circles around the wet button. My knees bumped against the sides of the stall, the soft thuds jerking me out of my trance.

My slit stared anxiously upwards at me—its lips flared with amber hair Escort Beylikdüzü splashed over the top, trimmed low into a diamond. Looking down now, with lust turning every though askew, the diamond seemed more like an arrow; a pointer to where tease and tickle was most needed. I looked up, and slowly sank a fingertip in. My lips pinched down hard, as always, unrelenting in their pressure as my single digit wiggled in.

It’s funny. I only lose my virginity in my dreams.

I smiled, remembering flashes; snapshots of a dream still so real it seemed like memory. My face scrunched up with the effort of replicating my experience. My finger wiggled in half way, dangling out from the knuckle. I stared to slide a second finger beside the first…

Before it was in, the door burst open and a pair of polished uniform black shoes strode in, followed by a gaggle of tan ones. The bell was ringing outside. My head spun, but I forced the second finger in. My other hand clamped down on my mouth, muffling my moans against my palm. I worked my two fingers quickly inside me, barely hearing the sticky clings of my lips around them. The pink pulled in and out steadily until the group of girls left. I might have known them. I sighed. I had to finish. Soon.

My two fingers hooked inside me, nails digging into my tender walls. I pinched back a scream, catching it hard in the back of my throat. My hand pushed my bra aside and twisted my nipple firmly. I don’t even remember unbuttoning, or kicking away my panties. It was too late to think, or remember. I was Cumming. My juices splashed out against fingers, oozing slowly as I pulled out.

I opened the stall door, checking myself out in the mirror and smoothing down my skirt and brushing my hair into place with my still sticky fingers. A lazy smile curled across my face. It was a good day. I’d forgotten completely about my underwear, and it’d have never entered my mind until the first spring breeze picked up my skirt, except for the fact that outside the door was standing my teacher with a pair of cotton whites dangling from his fingers and a bulge in his pants.

‘Now, isn’t that’s odd. ‘ I thought.

And with that in mind, I woke up to the blare of a 6 a.m. alarm and a blinding sunrise. Yet through the pain of waking up, I could feel my damp underwear clinging happily to my leg. I reached down and gingerly investigated. They were wet. I smiled, remembering what I’d just experienced. Tsk, too bad it was just a …


“What?” I responded, groggily bending my head towards my roommate’s side of the room. She was curled up in her chair, sipping on her usual diet of coffee and creme. Her fingers trembled around the oversized mug, but she drank steadily to finish one cupful before pouring herself another. The fresh steam curled around her chin and fogged up the bottom of her silver rimmed glasses.

“Dreams …?” she said again as she slurped from the cup. I blinked clueless at her, and yawned. What was she talking about? I waited and watched her finish another cup, and lick her lips clean. She looked through me, and pulled her glasses from her face to inspect the lens. Her black eyes coolly noted the condensation around the bottom and she neatly bunched a piece of her shirt between her fingers and began to furiously wipe the lenses. I rolled back over with a sigh, thinking she’d forgotten me completely. She always cared for her glasses with an unseemly intensity. My eyes fluttered, and I was just about to go to sleep… to hell with morning classes.

Just then she spoke up again. “Did you have a good dream?” she mumbled, probably speaking while drinking, “I was thinking ‘that’s odd’ because you usually never smile in the mornings. Not even that one time I gave you two cups of coffee to wake you up. Nope. Never.”

I nodded, and kept smiling.

“I knew it! Good dreams.” She winked knowingly.

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