When a Cowgirl Cheats

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Big Tits

My name is Tammy and I’m 48-year-old women and a huge Cowboy fan. Been married for 30 years to a lovely man named Paul. We Married right out of HS. I was the perfect wife for 30 years. I take care of myself, run daily and work out. Have two kids that are grown, a boy and a girl. Most people say I look like I’m in my 30’s and think my daughter is my younger sister. I freely admit my plump ass and D size breast have started to sag some, but hubby says that only makes them sexier.

I guess some of you will want my measurements to help with reading this. I’m 5’6″ 160 lbs. As I said D cup breast, slim waist, and plump ass. I was a string bean growing up and never fat. After two kids, I finally thickened out. Natural blond and with brown eyes. I keep myself clean shaven, but really don’t need too. I’m not hairy, so there really isn’t much of a difference.

So back to the story, yes, I was faithful for over 30 years. Paul and I had a great love life for probably 25 years. We had fun doing what couples do. Going out dancing and flirting. I truly love him with all my heart. The last five years though, we were lucky to have sex once a month and it never lasted long. Paul was a good lover and made sure I got off, but the passion was gone. He spent more time with his friends Bill and Henry than he did with me. They worked on old cars and went fishing. I had my little hobbies and work, so I thought life was good.

Then a couple months it all got screwed up. I was on travel for work, nothing out of the ordinary. I was by myself, so there was a lot of work. Meeting with a contractor about a new project. After a long day with a lot of issues, I made it to my hotel. As I checked in, I noticed they had a small bar. So, after taking my bags to my room on the second floor, I came back down. I found a table and removed my business jacket. I was in a white blouse and grey skirt, medium heals. Not exactly Afyon Escort what you would call sexy. I ordered an Old Fashion and water from the lady waiting table.

I looked around while waiting for my drink. There were a couple business types hanging out at the bar. There were no women in this place, it was definitely a traveling salesman’s watering hole. Then I saw him. A younger guy dressed in his workout clothes. He was sitting in the corner. Grey t-shirt and shorts, running shoes, it was obvious he had just got back from the gym. He was sweaty looking. He had dark hair. His big arms and legs were thick. I looked up and noticed a bulge in his shorts. He noticed me looking and gave me a big smile. His handsome face and pearly white teeth. I smiled back and blushed, being caught like that, I’m a married woman for god’s sake.

The waitress brought over my drink and I downed it pretty quick. I looked back over, and the hunk was looking at his phone. I looked him over again and I don’t know if it was the alcohol or my hormones, but my insides started to tingle and burn, and my nipples hardened. He caught me looking again and I picked up my phone pretending something important was on it. I was just about to leave when the waitress brought over another Old Fashion. She handed it to me and said, “From the man in the corner.” She gave me a smile and walked off. I looked over toward the young man and he was walking my way.

He approached my table and asked if he could sit down. I said, “I guess, sure.” He sat down and told me all about himself. His name was Chris. He was 34 years old, worked for a technology firm. His smile was intoxicating. He then got around to me. Telling me how pretty I was and one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. I told him I was an old married lady and he could not believe my age. All I kept thinking is this dude must be hard up hitting Afyon Escort Bayan on me. My husband always said men think I am still hot, but I guess I never really paid any attention to them. We made small talk about work and families. He had a wife and a baby at home. I talked about my grown kids. In fact, I told him how my daughter-in-law was pregnant, and I was about to be a grandmother. He laughed at that one and told me I would be the hottest grandmother on the planet.

About two more drinks in, Chris reached out and started rubbing my knee. I watched as he slid his hand up my thigh. I started to say stop, but he interrupted me. He stood up and said come on, lets go to your room. My head was swirling, and I felt like I was going to puke. I stood up and led the way. Once in the elevator, Chris kissed me, and I responded. We were locked in a deep kiss when the door opened. I made it to my room and opened the door. Things moved pretty fast at that point. Chris had me naked in a minuet. My blouse, skirt, white bra, and panties on the floor at the foot of the bed. He tossed me onto the mattress as he disrobed. He pulled off his t-shirt and his chest looked sculpted, he then slid the shorts down. His cock was big. Like twice the size of hubby. Hubby is about 6 inches and as big around as a banana. Chris was like red bull can around and at least eight inches, semi hard. I didn’t have to measure it to know it was impressive.

Chris crawled onto the bed, took me in his strong arms and kissed me again. He told me I was the sexiest women he had ever seen and started kissing all over. My tits, and stomach. My thighs, then he got to my Pussy. He was licking my clit and had me on my way to my first orgasm. Right as I reached my peak, he bit my clit hard. I screamed and came all over his face. I was shaking from head to toe, as he climbed between my legs and started to slowly Escort Afyon slide his big cock into me. He pushed it until no more would fit. My orgasm had subsided but was still there. As he began to pump in and out, I reached it again. It felt like my whole stomach was full and convulsing. After I adjusted to his size and settled in a bit, he picked up the pace, ramming into me. He started biting my tits and sucking on them hard. He was pulling my hair. I finally felt his member swell and cum inside me. As he did, that’s when fear hit me. Why didn’t I make him wear a condom?

I was tired and crying as he pulled out of me. “What wrong”, he asked. I said, “it’s the first time I’ve ever cheated, and you came in me.” He told me, “Don’t worry I’m clean. I( normally don’t do this either, you were just so hot.” “are you worried about getting pregnant?” I laughed at that, “no, I told you I’m an old lady. It could happen, but not likely. I don’t have many periods anymore.” He said, “well I can’t tell your old, your body is tight.” I just responded, “Thanks.”

We laid there talking and holding each other a while. I started kissing him and touching his penis. I was amazed how big it grew. I went and got a wet rag and clean him off. Then started licking and kissing his dick. I told him how marvelous it was. I sucked on the head a long time, no way I was throating this monster. I climbed up on him and inserted him in me. It took some time, and I had a small orgasm before it was all the way in. I then road that beast like a good cowgirl. I hit my peak and orgasmed all over that magnificent dick, I almost passed out and fell on his chest. He kept pumping into me and finally came deep in my again. We fell asleep.

In the morning when I woke up, Chris was gone. I laid there thinking about the sex and the passion. I had not felt that wanted in a long time. I felt my pussy, it was swollen and soar. I got up to take a shower. looking in the mirror and my breast had hickies and bite marks on them. Chris had done a number on me. After my shower I packed and got ready to head home.

As I headed to the airport, I could not figure out how I was going to face my husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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