What Once Was Innocent Ch. 11

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Garrett slumped further into his office chair. Thoughts came in and out of his mind of the turns his life had taken. His lovely, though selfish wife, had admitted to infidelity. Something he could, in time, forgive. But things had changed. He knew that she never loved him quite the way a woman should love her husband. And now he questioned himself as to why he had ever married her in the first place.

If anything good had come from it, it was his beautiful daughter. She was, in every sense of the word, perfect. Not in just looks, but her personality shown above anyone he had ever met. She held herself well. Not in a conceited way. Sure, she knew she was a knockout, but she didn’t focus on her beauty. She was smart, caring and totally giving. She had it all. Garrett once again affirmed something he had tossed around mentally for quite some time. If she were anyone other then his daughter, he would be madly in love with her.

He thought about earlier that morning. How she seemed to know exactly how to turn anyone, including a much older woman, into putty. He replayed her and Larissa laughing and playing around, spraying each other with water. He imagined what their family would have been like if someone like Larissa had been his wife. How much fun and how much easier it all would have been. He wondered if he had such a wonderful wife, that genuinely cared for him and met his needs, would he have ever fallen so deeply for his own offspring.

He sat, idly, visualizing his lovely daughter straddling his body, slowly moving against him so seductively. How perfect her breasts were, the slight sheen of water still collected on them. He fixated on watching her overwhelm their attractive guest; taking off her panties in front of her and displaying her treasures.

He glanced into the adjacent office. Natalie had been back from lunch for some time. He hadn’t been honest with her. He never went home, knowing his daughter and Larissa were shopping. He watched her, deep in her work. Her leg draped over the other. Her skirt was far too short for her to tuck under herself. He gazed at most of her naked hip, uncovered.

He tried to think of the night that he had finally got to fuck her, to see her naked, as disgusting. But he was lying to himself. He loved every second. He retraced it in detail, every chance the thought came into his mind. He could hear her voice still admitting to him that he could fuck her any time he wanted. He recalled her saying how she hated to leave anything unfinished. He decided he hated that as well. He wanted to fuck her. How could he not?

He had a fondness, especially, when he thought about Brittany. How she was so shy, so unexplainably young looking, so fucking cute! She looked so deliciously adorable as she squirmed and whimpered, trying to wedge Garrett’s cock inside her tiny, little body. Natalie was right, though she probably should’ve kept it to herself; she did look like a little girl. But that kind of thinking could ruin a man’s mind. Still, he thought about it.

He quickly diverted his eyes, noticing that Natalie was looking right at him. He had apparently zoned out on her lack of clothing as he fell deep in thought.

Who was this girl? Why was she still so open to giving him anything he wanted, even after her claim of dissolving the feud with his daughter? He was, indeed, old enough to be her father. He wondered what her life must be like, outside the office. Was she troubled and thought that if she gave in to men’s desires, she would be loved? Was it for attention? Was it true that she had fucked so many of her friends fathers? Even more so, was it true that she had been fucking her own father for years? His mind couldn’t grasp the possibility, regardless of how him and his daughter’s relationship had changed so much. There was definitely more to this whole thing then he knew about. He watched her stand. She looked so graceful walking toward him.

“Something on your mind Mr. Conner?” Natalie eased around the corner of his desk and propped herself against it.

“Tons. But nothing you need to be concerned about.” Garrett braced himself at the view before him.

“Did you enjoy lunch with Kayla?”

“I didn’t go. I have too much to do. I need to catch up from yesterday and there’s too much on my mind.” He nervously stretched his neck from side to side.

“How about I give you a massage?” Natalie didn’t give Garrett a chance to respond. She stepped around behind him.

He hoped she didn’t notice when he shuddered from her small hands lying on his shoulders. She began forcefully digging into his tense muscles. He found it odd that such a thin girl could have so much strength.

“That feels great, Natalie. Thank you.” Garrett loosened a little more.

“Well you apparently need some attention these days.” Natalie lightly scraped her manicured nails down his neck; under the collar of his shirt. Tingles burst forth from every corner of his body. He decided to dismiss the obvious innuendo and closed his eyes.

“Brittany Girne Escort told me to tell you hello.” Natalie broke the silence as she kneaded his shoulders. Silence. “I think she’s got a little crush on you.” She let out a tiny, airy laugh.

“Oh really? Well she quite a cute little thing, herself. Natalie, can you tell me, honestly, what women see about me being desirable?”

Natalie thought for a moment as she pinched his neck. “I think most women know when a man is a man, if you know what I mean. I don’t know about all women, but I think women are still attracted to men that are rugged and firm. Men that take charge and ask few questions. Men that make women think they are at their mercy, regardless of all the feminist bullshit. In my opinion, if all things are truly equal, then why the hell do we need two genders?” She waited for a response but none came. She continued. “I’m not saying that men and women aren’t or shouldn’t be equal, but so many women want these sensitive men. They basically want a woman with a dick.” She laughed and then proceeded. “Now, with you, you have both. You take charge when you need to, but you have a wonderful caring, sensitive side. You know when to separate the two. You are a true man, without being a chavenistic caveman.”

“But no one but women close to me would know that. I mean I’ve had my fair share of rejection, but lately, it seems, I couldn’t hide from interested women if I wanted to. I don’t know what it is. Hell, I have teenagers coming on to me! And I’m old enough to be their fathers!” He felt Natalie squeeze much tighter at the statement.

“Times have changed, Mr. Conner. Younger women are becoming a little smarter then they were before. We know where to go when we want it good. We know the boys our ages aren’t experienced enough to give us what we want.”

“Understandable. But forty? Maybe twenty or early thirties, but not anything older then that.”

Natalie bent down so she could speak into Garrett’s ear. “Mr. Conner, I’m going to be honest with you.”

Garrett’s hair stood on end, feeling her sweet breath on his ear.

“This may sound completely wrong, but girls my age don’t exactly care about morals yet. Your age is perfect. You’ve completely learned how to satisfy a woman, well, hopefully anyway. Men your age are usually hornier then teenage boys. You’ve had life experiences. Real ones. Things to talk about. Interesting things. You’ve made mistakes. You have answers. But the biggest reason? We know that most of the men your age are married. I know, it sounds so horrible. But we know that a good, exciting fuck from an older, married man with kids gives us no reason to worry. After it’s over, we know nothing will come of it. We know he will usually not pursue it any further, for fear of losing his family. We know he is in a position that he couldn’t bear to lose his job or stature if he persisted. Regardless of what men think or what women try to make them perceive, women want to be fucked just as much as guys want to fuck them. Of course women have this stigma about being looked upon as a whore, or whatever. And that’s exactly why what I just said fits. You see, I could fuck a man your age as many times as I wanted, and no one would find out. No one would suspect a thing. I know he would never tell. Do you see what I’m getting at?” Natalie hummed in his ear.

“It makes sense, not morally, but it is a seemingly foolproof plan.”

“But to answer your question, women see a very handsome man, with you. Girls see all those things I said before and a handsome man. They see that you’re in better shape then ninety percent of the boys their age, which I do have to say, I’m impressed. I knew you were fit, but you’re in incredible shape. You definitely don’t look your age. But they see that you are gorgeously handsome. Not fatherly handsome. Sexy, older man handsome. They imagine being fucked beyond their wildest expectations by a good-looking, older man, big enough to crush them if they wanted. Young girls like excitement. The stupid ones just become interested in these little boys running around trying to be hard. These little gangster wannabe’s thinking since they have a gun or a crew, they’re tough. The smart girls just go where the real excitement is.” Natalie pressed her warm breasts against his neck as she continued.

“Do you know how exciting it is to meet an older man, knowing that he is going to ravage you? Knowing that the only thing on his mind is how badly he wants to shove his hard, experienced cock inside your tight, young pussy? He hasn’t had a young girl in decades and you know that he is going to enjoy every second of it. Every single detail. He’s not going to just fuck you and take off. He’s going to take his time with everything, knowing it could possibly be his only chance, ever. He hasn’t fucked anyone in years, other then his wife, and even that is stale. He notices younger girls, running around in revealing clothes, with their firm, little bodies barely covered. Kıbrıs Escort No man can tell me they don’t notice; that they don’t desire that. His wife wears sweat pants to bed and has let her body go from lack of excitement. Meanwhile, his daughter and her friends are living life and letting everyone know how hot they are. And he secretly wishes he could have that excitement again. And the best that he can come close to is the fear of being caught with his dick in a sweet, little piece of young ass. Now that’s excitement!”

“You have a way with words, Natalie.” Garrett flinched, realizing he was letting this young Black Widow snare him in her trap once again.

“It’s getting me very excited thinking about it.” Natalie circled around in front of him, stepping in between his relaxed legs. She looked down at his erection laying against his thigh. “I guess it excited you too.”

Garrett looked down at his obvious arousal, then followed her smooth, tan legs up to the hem of the skirt. It could barely be covering her nakedness. His eyes wandered up her stomach, up to her breasts, pressed tightly together in the thin, cotton top. He could vaguely make out the darkened circles of her nipples. He focused higher, to her sexy, deep collar bones jutting out. The thin straps of the top dug slightly into her shoulders. He looked up at her lovely, defined face.

“Thank you for the massage, Natalie. And the talk.”

Natalie seemed almost shocked that he was pretty much ending the conversation. “Would you mind doing me for just a few minutes? I know you’re busy but I really need it.”

“Excuse me?”

“Massage my neck. I’m really tense too.” She closed her eyes, bowing her head as she slowly rubbed her shoulder.

“I… I guess.” Garrett felt himself losing this battle.

Natalie turned and gently sat in the small area of the chair in between Garrett’s legs. He immediately felt her firm buttocks pressing against his hardness. He looked down to see that her skirt had risen well above her hips. He could see the very top of her tight, little ass.

“I’m going to fall,” Natalie admitted. She clenched his thighs in each hand and gently lifted her naked ass, sliding back onto his lap.

Garrett’s dick responded. It lifted as those it were trying to rip through his slacks; trying to find it’s target. He felt her small ass melt around it and watched as her buttocks conform to his lap. My God her hips were so sexy! Very small, yet with a nice curve, set off by her tiny waist. He began massaging her shoulders.

“Mmmm, yes, that feels incredible.” Natalie arched her back from the pleasurable touch making her ass press harder against her boss’ crotch. She let her head fall as he continued.

Garrett began admiring how her short, dark hair cascaded around her face. She was such a lovely girl. He wondered why she turned out the way that she did. He found that the thin straps of her top become a nuisance. His fingers would get caught under them as he tried to move about.

“Sorry.” Natalie sensed his disdain. She lifted her hands from his thighs, and slowly brought the straps down her arms.

Though the straps were miniscule, at the most, Garrett became more turned on looking at her naked shoulders. Her sinewy muscles rolling and disappearing, illuminated in areas and in shadow in others. Occasionally, Natalie would adjust her body, making her ass remind his cock that it was there and waiting. She made no effort to pull her skirt down, even though it wouldn’t have kept her nakedness from touching him. He knew her permanently wet, peach-colored pussy was pressed against his cock head. He could feel it’s softness, delicately kissing him. His thin dress slacks the only thing keeping the slippery kiss from being delivered. Garrett felt himself slipping. He patted her on the shoulder.

“There. That good?” Garrett’s conscience took over.

Natalie leaned back against him, relaxed and sighed. “Over that fast huh?” She rested her head on his shoulder, looking at him closely.

“Yes. I’m really behind and it’s almost time to go home. He refused to turn to face her. If he did, he might as well kiss her; she was that close. But, the alternative view was no easier. She had brought the straps of the top down enough that he could see the tops of her perfectly round breasts. He could see the dark valley that disappeared into the shirt, between her breasts. He could see her wonderfully toned legs reaching all the way up to her small, curvy hips and her perfectly shaved pussy nestled tightly between those gorgeous legs. He almost wanted to just push her, push this temptation, into the floor. Almost. He felt her fingertips graze lightly against his cheek. She spoke softly into his ear.

“Why are you resisting me, Mr. Conner? Not all of you can hide the fact that you want to fuck me. I can feel you under me; feel you pressing against me.” She rocked her hips to prove to him that she could feel him. “Don’t you want to fuck me, Mr. Conner? Don’t Magosa Escort you want to feel your hard cock slip inside my warm, tight, young pussy?” She lightly licked his earlobe. Her hands began traveling down; her fingertips pinching the edge of her top. She slowly peeled her top down over her perky breasts as Garrett watched.

He wanted to touch them. They looked so firm and full. She slowly began lazily running the backs of her fingers across them and then squeezed them lightly. She began massaging her wanting ass against his cock as she gently pinched her perfect, small nipples.

“Mmmm, Can you imagine just how easily you could slide right inside me? My little pussy is dripping wet right now. Do you remember how I taste, Mr. Conner?” Natalie’s hand slid down the center of her body until a single finger wrapped around her smooth mound, gently slipping it inside. She moaned in his ear as she slowly fucked herself on top of him, making full plunges inside and pulling it out completely, leaving only the tip separating the juicy lips. She slowly brought to glistening finger closer to his lips. “Taste me,” she whispered as she traced his full lips.

Garrett opened his mouth, hesitantly, as she slowly slid it in. She raked it across his tongue until he began sucking the sweet juices off. She pulled it out, driving it slowly back inside her young void.

“Tastes so sweet, doesn’t it? I could just lay here and feed you my young juices, if you wanted. We don’t have to fuck. But it would feel nice if we did.” Natalie hovered the newly drenched finger in front of his mouth. He gladly opened. But instead, she brought it in front of her own lips, making Garrett turn to face her, instinctively. She looked at him with those sexy cat eyes as she gently licked her sex off the finger. She leaned in, pressing her lips against his. She slowly slipped her tongue into his mouth, still covered in her essence. He moaned lightly as her taste registered on his tastebuds.

As they kissed, his hand slid around her side. He moaned again as he felt the incredibly soft, tender breast under his palm. God it felt so incredible! He kneaded it in his big, strong grasp. His hand slid down her flat stomach, immediately cupping her bare pussy. He felt her moan vibrate in his mouth as he slowly traced her opening with his middle finger. Her thin, wet lips easily gave way to his touch, wrapping around him. He slowly spread her open with two fingers. He felt her hand sliding down above his. She lightly pressed her slender finger between his two, outstretched. He could feel her slippery finger gliding between his as she penetrated herself over and over. She whimpered as his much larger finger joined hers, stretching her opening as they both kissed. Both of them fingering her in unison.

His finger followed hers as she slipped it out. Her face pulled away from his slightly as she brought the finger to his waiting lips. He did the same. They watched each other as they tasted her juices, from each others fingers and began kissing again.

After the taste had subsided, Natalie left her lips against his, looked up into his eyes innocently and begged, “fuck me Mr. Conner.”

Garrett trembled as her lips moved when she said it.

She continued to kiss him, hoping the sensation would sedate him long enough. She cautiously pressed her hand under her ass and began running her fingertips up and down his engorged length. Carefully she unzipped his slacks, hoping not to take too long or cause a disturbance. She lightly pulled his veiny shaft from its sheath, guiding it between her crease and gently sat back down.

Garrett immediately felt the warm, wetness melt around his naked cock. He continued to kiss his lovely assistant as she began to slide along his length. His hand, again, found her exquisite breasts, enjoying how they filled his grasp.

Natalie looked up at him, pausing their kiss. “Please don’t deny me of this. I’ve wanted it for so long.” She smiled warmly as she rose from his heated body. Still facing away from him, she stood immediately in front of him, reaching around her silky ass to take hold of his throbbing member.

Garrett couldn’t deny such perfection anymore. Quickly he unbuckled his pants, sliding them down his tensed legs. He drunkenly watched as she traced the folds of her shiny opening, splitting herself with his tip. He moaned loudly as Natalie slowly eased him inside of her tight, peachy center. In slow-motion Garrett watched his cock disappear into her womanhood. God she felt good. She wasn’t the tightest he had ever had, but she fit him in all the right places. She sat firmly on his lap, letting his girth consume her entirely.

Slowly she stood back up, letting his cock fall out of her. He gasped from the release, looking down to see himself drenched in her juices. She eased him back inside her, just as slowly as before. He enjoyed her letting him feel every inch slip in. She rose again, this time clenching as he exited.

Garrett erupted in moans watching his slippery cock being sucked tightly by her pussy. She apparently worked EVERY muscle. Just as his cock head began to emerge, she sat back down, forcing him back inside her fully. Again, she rose, sucking him. But as she sat, she continued to contract her muscles. This girl knew her way around a cock.

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