Wednesday Night

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It’s a Wednesday night, and I’m just getting home after a very long day at work. I toss my keys on the table as I walk through the door, and head straight for the kitchen. I’m standing in the kitchen trying to decide what to fix for dinner when I notice the lights from your truck shine across the wall as you pull into the driveway. I’m glad you’re home. For some reason, I’ve missed you terribly today. I hear you come in through the front door. You come into the kitchen where I’m still debating over dinner, and kiss me. We talk for a few moments, then you head to the back to take a shower. I decide to go outside and smoke a cigarette. When I’m finished, I go back inside to the kitchen.

Although I don’t hear you, I sense you come up from behind me. You grab me and push me hard against the counter.

“What the hell are you doing?” I protest. You say nothing. I try to turn around to face you, but you are holding me in a firm grip. Your lips are almost touching the back of my neck. You press your body against mine and pin me against the counter. That’s when I remember. A few days earlier, I confess to you that one of my fantasies is to be dominated. I’m normally the one in charge, so just once I would like to know what it’s like to have absolutely no control. You caress my thighs, creating goosebumps along my flesh.

“I want you to do exactly what I say tonight.” You whisper into my ear.

“Okay” I respond. I feel your hand smack my ass followed by a very arousing stinging sensation. Before I can say anything, you lean into me.

“That is not how you will answer me.” You say, with an assertiveness I’ve never known from you. “You will answer Balıkesir Escort with a proper ‘yes’. Do you understand me?”

“Answer yes or no, understood.” I say, breathless.

Another stinging smack. “You do not get to say no tonight.” You growl into my ear. “Now, once again. Do you understand?”


“Say it like you mean it. Like you want it.”

“Yes” I say. Inside, I cringe when I hear my own voice break as I respond.

I feel you running your hands up my body until you get to my stomach. You grab my shirt and rip it open popping off every button. I gasp and you cover my mouth with one of your hands. Your voice is deep, husky, and your breath is hot on my ear. You whisper “The only sound I want to hear from you is the deep guttural moans and whimpers of pure ecstasy.” I can’t move because of the weight of your body against mine. You move your hand away from my mouth and grab my hands and stretch them above my head. I love the feeling of being restrained. I am at your mercy. I can already imagine your tongue grazing my neck, my collar bone, and then your teeth pulling my black lace bra away from my breast enough to allow my hard nipple to break free. You lick it and then place it between your teeth. You apply pressure until I moan because of the pain it causes. I love the pain; it makes me so wet and hot I can hardly stand the suspense that I feel. The aching in my pussy that can only be quenched by a hard cock thrust deep inside me. But you make me wait…

You let go of my hands because you know I am completely submissive to your will. I want this. Everything you are willing to give me, Balıkesir Escort Bayan I desire. Your hands push hard against me as you slide one down into the top of my pants. I want to be stroked so badly. I want you to feel how wet I am, how hot my pussy is but you continue to tease me. Your strokes across the top of my lace panties arouse me even further. I’m fully aware you can feel my sticky, sweet juices without touching my skin. I am writhing, begging for you to spread my lips with your fingers and stroke my throbbing clit but you just graze the surface. I am losing all composure and begin to beg you to fuck me. You say nothing but spin me around to bend me over the counter surface. You push into me and grab my hair, pulling my head back. I never knew I loved pain so much!! What is wrong with me? I want to be spanked, I want the sting of your palm on my ass cheek. I want to be dominated.

I want to be fucked in every orifice. I will do anything you want at this moment. You growl in my ear how badly you want to fuck me and my skin tingles with anticipation. I feel your hard cock pressed against the small of my back. It feels so thick. I wonder if my pussy will sting when you finally bury your throbbing cock deep inside me. I shiver with the thought of the pain it will cause. I want you to hurt me!

You bite me. Not hard enough to break the skin, but enough that I feel a surge of pain. You continue to bite my neck, my shoulders, and my back until you have made your way all the way down. I can feel you bite me on the cheek of my ass. Oh, God, I can’t take this. I am so enraged with lust I can’t be still. You once Escort Balıkesir again grab me by my hair and order me to my knees. I am obedient and you are now behind me. You pull my panties down to my knees. I think you are finally going to fuck me but you are only teasing me again. This time with your mouth. I can feel your hot breath on my skin, your hands caressing my ass. I just want your face buried in my pussy. I want to look down and see your tongue slide in and out of my lips but you apparently have something else in mind. You slide your hand down my ass and through the wetness that is running between my lips. With your thumb and index finger you squeeze my clit. I beg you to squeeze harder. It is the best kind of hurt. I think I could cum just by you squeezing and stroking my clit. I have never had pain feels so good. You continue to squeeze and your breathing becomes faster. I moan and just when I am about to cum, you sense my oncoming climax and stop!

I am drained from anticipation, from desire, and from the aching in my belly and pussy. You whisper bluntly into my ear, “We will see what I can show you next time.” You leave me laying on my stomach and I hear your footsteps as you walk away. I need more. Your teasing has stoked my inner sexual fire to unimaginable levels. All I can think to do is slide my fingers between my wet lips and stroke my clit…I have to cum. It isn’t a matter of want to anymore, it is a deep primal need at this point. I begin rubbing feverishly and slap my clit with my fingertips, the sting of which just makes me stroke and slap that much harder. It feels like eternity but is mere seconds and I cum with my entire body convulsing. I’ve never had an orgasm feel as intense as this. As cum runs down my legs, I lick my fingers and taste the sweetness and now anticipate our next encounter. I gather my clothes, stand slowly and begin to walk to our bedroom, now a completely different person than when I got home today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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