Watching Parents Role Play

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Summary: Daughter watches Parents Role Playing.


I just need to tell someone about this, or I think my head will explode. I tell my friends everything, but I cannot tell them this.

I was supposed to be at my friend Lisa’s house for a sleepover. Her parents were going on their anniversary trip and didn’t want her to be alone. Lisa had invited her boyfriend over and didn’t want either of our parents to know about it. So long story short I had to sneak back into my room, in my own house.

My cheerleading routine kept me in good shape, so it was easy to climb into the guest room but to get to my room across the hall, I had to sneak past my parent’s bedroom. All the lights in the house were out except for the one in my parent’s bedroom because of the slightly ajar door. There was no risk of creaking boards so I slowly began walking towards my room.

“See anything you like, Daddy?” said my mom in a sultry tone.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

I knew it was my own parents, and I knew I should have just run to my room but curiosity got the better of me.

Just a peek I convinced myself as I slowly slid down next to their door. I was not prepared for what I saw.

My mom was wearing my cheerleading uniform and guessing from the chocolate stain, it was the same one I wore to practice earlier that day.

It looked so slutty on her. The skirt barely covered her ass, the top hardly held her huge breasts and her dark areolas were visible but I guess that’s the look she was going for.

She had her hair done in pigtails and was wearing my knee length socks.

“Are you sure this is okay?” asked my dad hesitantly. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with a huge bulge in his black briefs. I could tell by the way he was squeezing his cock that he was turned on by what he was seeing but was feeling guilty about it.

” Of course baby, she is in her senior year, and it’s just a fantasy. It’s not like we haven’t role-played before,” said my mom reassuring my dad.

My mom then said seductively,”Remember all those naughty times, my best friend, your sister and hell, even my own mother.”

My mom roleplayed her own mother. Fuck, who were these two people? It’s like I didn’t know my parents at all.

“I know how you feel honey, this time it’s… it’s just so close to home. It’s just so wrong and taboo. That’s why it’s so hot” my mom said as she turned around, with her ass inches from my dad’s face.

“Besides, I even went the extra mile,” my mom said with a sly smile as she looked over her shoulder and slowly lifted the skirt.

That’s when I saw my mom was even wearing my dirty panties. I remember it was so damp with sweat and my pussy juice from the finger fucking I got from my boyfriend on the way home.

My dad just groaned “fuck” and gave my mom’s ass a hard slap.

He then just buried his face in my mom’s ass and started to sniff and lick my panties.

That must have stung I thought and then heard my mom groan “fuck” in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Then I wondered if my mom enjoyed getting her ass spanked?

This was so hot and dirty, like watching live porn. Except it had your own parents in the lead role. How fucked up is that?

“You like the smell of my sweaty ass or…” my mom pulled away and turned to face my dad with the skirt still pulled up “the musky scent of my pussy, Daddy?” She teased my dad.

My mom was really Girne Escort a teasing bitch, even I was getting wet listening to her sultry voice.

My dad was so hungrily lapping at my mom’s crotch that I could even hear the wet slurping sounds from outside their room.

“Do you like that honey? Fuck, you are practically sucking my pussy juices through our daughter’s dirty panties. You are such a dirty… dirty… daddy,” my mom moaned.

“Is this what you wanted to do baby? Last week, when she was wearing that red bikini in our pool?”

“Of course I saw you. I also see you when you are ogling her tits in that nightshirt that she wears every day, or when you are checking her out in those shorts that barely cover her ass.” My mom said, grinding her crotch in my dad’s face.

“I am your wife, honey. I know my man’s weakness and I know how hard you have been trying to avoid ogling our daughter.It’s okay honey. I understand. You’re just a guy.”

“It must be so hard for you with all those tight and skimpy outfits, teasing you all day.”

“I can always tell when you’re trying to hide that huge bulge in your pants or when you try to discreetly move behind the counter or couch trying to hide your hard on.”

“Fuck, I think it’s so sexy. I do feel sorry for you.” My mom said in a comforting tone.

I didn’t realise I was teasing my dad so much. I started pinching my nipples over my dress and rubbing my pussy over my panties.

My mom got on her knees and slipped my dad’s boxers off. Fuck, the sight of my own dad’s cock had me pussy drooling.

My mom wasted no time and took him in her mouth. She pulled out and teased him.

“Do you like watching me like this daddy?”

“On my knees with your cock on my face. I can smell that musky scent of your balls and cock.”

“Do you like how your little girl is sucking on your cock?” my mom said in a sultry tone.

My dad just groaned in reply.

“You think I am a good cock sucker. Thank you daddy. I have been practising with all the boys in college.”

“Yes daddy, I have been blowing the football team in the locker rooms, sucking my boyfriend of in his car, blowing my professors in their office and even letting the old janitor fuck my face.”

“Does that turn you on daddy? Your princess being such a nasty slut.”

My dad held on to my mom with her pigtails and began face-fucking her.

“Oh you dirty slut, take daddy’s cock in your throat.”

My dad was no longer fighting it. He was giving in to his primary lust.

When I looked in again, they had changed position. My dad was lying on the bed, and my mom was sitting on his face, jerking him off.

“You like this daddy. You like it when I sit on your face and grind my pussy and ass while I stroke your cock. Fuck, mom is one lucky bitch.” My mom teased him.

Even Though my dad wasn’t saying much, I could see from his actions that he was letting go of his initial inhibitions about the taboo roleplay.

His throbbing cock in my mom’s hand was evidence of how much he was enjoying it.

“Fuck, you are such a dirty slut” my dad said and dove back in my mom’s dripping cunt.

“Of course our daughter is a slut.

Why do you think I hesitated when she wanted to join the cheerleading squad? Did you forget that she goes to my alma mater, and I was in the cheerleading squad as well? The cheerleading squad is just Magosa Escort another slut sorority.

When I joined the cheerleading squad, I had to get five guys to cum on my face as the initiation.”

My dad just let out a guttural groan.

Fuck, I didn’t know my mom was such a slut in college.

“And I bet things have gotten a lot tougher. Maybe she had to rim the entire football team. Does that turn you on baby? To watch our daughter on her knees spreading those sweaty ass cheeks of all those football players and sticking her tongue up their shit holes. It’s the same lips that kisses you goodbye every day before she leaves for college.

“Or maybe she had to get fucked by that black coach. Can you picture our little princess skewered on that big black cock?”

“Or do you think she had to make the entire cheerleading squad come with her tongue?” my mom teased.

“Do you think she has tasted pussy?” My dad groaned. I could tell he was curious and wanted my mom to continue.

“What? Of course, she has had her taste of pussy. It is one of the basic requirements to be a cheerleader. I bet your mind Is filled with images of her friends in a lesbian orgy.”

“Would you like to see that baby? Our innocent daughter in all these nasty and filthy sexual fantasies.” My mom teased my dad.

My mom was telling the truth, if my friend’s boyfriend had not turned up, I would be in between my friends legs by now.

I had no clue how my dad was even holding back for so long. My mom was literally grinding on his face.

At this point I just slipped off my panties and was furiously rubbing my dripping pussy.

“Fuck, get on your hands and knees you nasty bitch,” My dad growled.

“I love being on all fours like bitch in heat.” My mom said as she assumed the position.

In a single thrust my dad was balls deep in my mom’s cunt. My mom must have been so wet and ready.

“Fuck” both of them groaned in unison.

Once they got into a rhythm, my mom continued her teasing.

“Imagine if mommy just walked in on us.

What do you think she would do if she saw her own husband’s huge cock buried balls deep in her daughter’s slutty cunt?

Do you think she would be mad at us or do you think she would be standing at the door way pinching her nipples, with her hand shoved inside her panties and playing with herself while watching her husband fuck her daughter? Do you think she would join us? ” My mom teased my dad in a wicked tone.

Fuck, my mom was seriously one kinky slut with a wild imagination.

“You would like that wouldn’t you, watching your wife and daughter in a 69, while you fucked her pussy. Fuck, I would love to taste her juices on your cock.”

“Is that what you want, you dirty pervert? To watch your own wife and daughter munching on each other’s cunts? Do you want both our lips on your cock at the same time. She could suck on your cock while your wife likes your balls?

Or I bet a filthy pervert like you would love to stick your cock down your daughter’s throat while your wife is rimming your ass.”

This time I almost moaned out aloud while listening to my mother’s filthiness.

“Imagine your little girl bent over spreading her ass cheeks and begging, ‘please fuck my ass daddy, Fuck your little girl’s shit hole.’

‘Fuck me like the dirty slut I am.’

‘Fuck my pussy daddy, wreck my nasty Kıbrıs Escort fuck hole.’ Can you feel how loose your daughter’s pussy is, that’s because I have let so many cocks up my fuck hole. Fuck your dirty slut of a daughter, daddy”

“Fuck your dirty slut of a daughter, daddy.” My dad groaned.

I was sweating like a pig in the hallway. My tits were hanging out and my dress was bunched up around my waist. I was trying hard not to moan out loud as I tugged and twisted my own nipples and clit.

“How do you want to fuck us daddy? Do you want us laying side-by-side while you take turns on each pussy or do you want us lying on top of each other making out with our juicy tits mashed together while you alternate between our fuck holes?” My mom said in between her heavy breathing.

“Fuck, that would be so nasty. God, I love you and your filthy, perverted mind,” said my dad.

“Or do you want your daughter riding your cock while I sit on your face?

Are you thinking of what we used to do with the babysitter?

You remember that college co-ed babysitter, when Amy was little.

Fuck, those were some wild nights when we used to fuck her brains out together. She was one of the best pussy munchers.

I know how much you loved it when I used that strap on and we spit roasted that slut.

Or that time when we double penetrated her with you fucking her ass while I fucked her pussy.”

Fuck, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My parents used to fuck my babysitter. That is so fucking hot.

“Would you like that baby? Do you think our daughter can handle it?

Do you think she can take your big fucking cock up her shit hole?”

Fuck, I had three fingers in my greedy cunt. I was making a mess with my cunt cream right outside my parents bedroom and I didn’t care.

Both my parents were panting. I could tell they were close. I knew my mom was getting nastier and filthier to push them over the edge.

“Where do you want to come, daddy? Do you want both your sluts on our knees in front of you with our mouth wide open while you cover our faces with your hot spunk?

Or do you want to come in your own daughter’s tight pussy and make your wife lick her cream filled cunt.

Would you like that you dirty bastard? Would you like to watch your wife and daughter swap your cum?”

“Fucking… Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” My dad growled, and I knew he was flooding my mom’s cunt with his cum.

“Fuck, you’re filling me up.” My mom almost howled as she came on my dad’s cock. I could see her quivering on top of him.

Watching them both in such ecstasy, I was tugging my nipple so hard, while pumping three fingers in my sopping pussy. My legs were trembling, and I squirted for the very first time. It was like I had peed in front of my parents bedroom. The hallway reaked of my pungent pussy juices.

Fuck, I literally had to crawl back to my room. I was so exhausted I could not walk.

Ever since that night, I couldn’t see my parents the same way.

You start realising that they are sexual beings too, they have the same urges, fantasies and want mind blowing orgasms.

I have started noticing all these small details about my parents, the lingering looks, the way they hold hands, wondering what they are whispering to each other.

It must be so amazing to have a partner whom you can trust your deepest and darkest fantasies with. Who will not judge you for your fetishes and keep your secrets safe.

I am so jealous my parents have such a connection.

Next week, my friend has invited me for a sleepover, and I am already thinking of excuses to sneak back home.

I can’t wait to see what kinky show my parents are going to put on for me.


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