Watching Mom Ch. 03

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Chapter 3
Tit for Tat

(Disclaimer: This chapter will involve gay oral contact)

As time went on, J.R. and my mom continued going seeing each other but were now alternating between going to his place and going to ours. I would say it was split fifty-fifty. As you can probably expect, there were nights where they fucked at our place, and I sat outside the door and listened, but unfortunately the sex sounded pretty much typical: the bed shook, they moaned a little, they finished, they went to sleep. Mom was steadily integrating J.R. into our family more and more. He was gradually becoming like a stepfather, only they weren’t married. We would all go out to restaurants, movie theaters, festivals together. J.R. would occasionally take it upon himself to cook breakfast for me and Mom, or shoot the shit with me about various things, like how the job hunt was going. It was even getting to the point where he was spending multiple consecutive days here, bringing changes of clothes, a toothbrush, etc.

The previous week, I bought a video camera via online shopping. As a young, unemployed guy, I knew I shouldn’t be spending money frivolously on non-necessities but this newfound obsession of mine had really taken control of me. They hadn’t had sex in plain view since I previously mentioned, but if it was going to happen again, I wanted some fucking footage… literally. I did a lot of shopping around and managed to find one that could get fairly good color footage in poor light, plus an IR option if I had to shoot in total darkness. The lens mechanics were nice and quiet too. I didn’t want to blow my cover by them hearing the sound that is typical of many cameras – the electric whirring sound of the motor that operates the zoom and focus. Of course, it wasn’t a cheap buy but I knew what I wanted and nothing could stop me. Yesterday I found the package at the doorstep, so I unpacked it and hid it in my sock drawer.

One weekend, after the three of us finished lunch at our place, Mom left the house to go do some grocery shopping and pick up dry cleaning. She was going to be a few hours. J.R. said he was going to hang back here because he needs to make some business calls to his clients and he’d rather do them in peace. This was the first time J.R. would ever be alone in the house with me. Not too longer after Mom’s car pulled out, J.R. called to me from down the hall.

“Hey Ryan, can you give me a hand with something over here, buddy?”

When I found him in he was standing in the bathroom. As soon as I stepped in, he grabbed me by the shirt collar and pulled me in. He turned me around and locked my hands behind my back. I tried to resist but I am a weak, lanky guy, and he was strong and quick. He kicked at the back of my knees and forced me to kneel in from the toilet, at which point he flipped up the lid and forced my head into the water. I thrashed around but to no avail, as the man must have known a thing or two about wrestling. He pulled my head out. My head and hair were drenched and dripping toilet water everywhere.

“You’re a little fucking perv, you piece of shit.” He barked at me.

“W-what?!” I asked as he shoved my head back into the bowl, holding me in there a little longer before he pulled me back out.

“I know you were watching us in the living room, goon, I could see the reflection Girne Escort of your ugly face from that window in the living room,” he said, “so tell me, do you get off peeping at your mom or peeping at me?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking abo—” I could already feel his hand starting to push me back in. “Wait, wait!” I shouted. He stopped pushing.

“Both.” I said in the most ashamed tone.

“Say it. I want to hear you say what gets you off.” He ordered.

I stalled for a few seconds. He lost patience and started pushing my head towards the water again. Again, I got him to stop.

“I get off watching you and Mom fuck.”

“That’s what I thought.”

He tossed me a towel to wipe down my face. He started washing his hands like he was done with me. I wasn’t sure where we were supposed to go from here. I stood back up and he opened the door. As I tried walking out, he pushed me against the wall.

“Listen to me, you creep. You’re going to stay quiet about all of this. From now on, if you’re going to watch or even LISTEN to me porking your mom, it’s going to be on MY terms, and it’s not going to free. If you have a problem with any part of that, I’ll be happy to tell your mom all about how you stood and watched us with your dick in your hand,” he elaborated “I’ll tell her about the camera too. With everything I have on you so far, if you cross me, I sure hope you have another place to live when it’s all over.”

“You said it’s not free… what does that mean? What do you want?” I asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough, kiddo,” he said, “now go take a shower, you’re fucking disgusting.”

I took a hot shower in the upstairs bathroom and went to my room to throw on a fresh set of clothes. As I was getting dressed, J.R. slipped a note under my door. It read:

“At 6:30 AM tomorrow, tell your mom that you are headed to an early job interview downtown. Leave by car and park it a few blocks away, away from sight. Wait until 7:00. Walk back to the house and come in QUIETLY through the sliding glass door in the kitchen. Go to your room, close the door, and stay there. No questions.”

I woke up to the sound my alarm at 5:30 AM and went downstairs for a bowl of cereal. My mom was already awake, as she her job requires her to be somewhat of an early bird. J.R. was also up, of course, sipping a mug of coffee. Mom was understandably curious as to why I’m up so early, and as instructed, I made up a story about a 7:30 job interview that’s 45 minutes away. At 6:30, she kissed me on the cheek and I drove away. I parked my car on some side street that I knew wasn’t in the path of my mom’s commute to work. As I sat in my car and waited for 7:00 to roll around, I couldn’t stop thinking about mom kissing me on the cheek, considering those lips have certainly been around J.R.’s cock a few times, and were maybe even glazed with his cum as well.

When it was time, I got out of my car and walked back to my house, making sure to a little “reconnaissance” to make sure nobody in the house could see me. Sure enough, Mom was nowhere to be seen, though her car was still there. I slid the sliding glass door open one inch at a time and entered the kitchen/dining area. I could hear giggling from my mom’s bedroom. I crept over to the closed door and listened.

“Come Kıbrıs Escort on, J.R., I have to be at work soon!” my mom said in a playful voice.

“Don’t worry babe, I love a good quickie. I’ll make it worth your while.” he said.

I remembered that I was instructed to head directly to my room, so I did. I shut the door and waited. About twenty minutes later I could hear the bedroom door open, followed by the loud footsteps of my mom’s heels across the floor. I could tell she was in a hurry.

“Do you have work today, J.R.?” Mom called back to the bedroom.

“Yeah, but I don’t need to be in the office until nine-ish.” He replied.

I could hear Mom hurry out the door and peel out the driveway. Then came the sound of footsteps up the stairs. I sat on my bed, heart racing, wondering what J.R. could possibly have planned now that the sex is over and Mom has left.

Without so much as a knock, I saw my door swing open. Standing in the doorway was J.R. And he was stark naked. My jaw dropped. Without hesitation he marched directly over to me within about two feet of me. His bare chest was covered in a thick layer of curly gray hair, including his gut. His cock, dangling in front of me, was astonishingly huge. I never got a good idea of how big it was when I last watched him with my mom because it was so dark. At that moment, it was flaccid, but it must have been about 7 inches long, and thick as vacuum hose. I got chills trying to picture what it looks like fully erect. Unlike the rest of his body, his groin, cock, and balls were shaven like a porn star, but of course, his junk looked approximately what I’d imagine an old man’s junk looks like. His cock had sort of a weathered look to it, and his ball hung low. But make no mistake, he was hung like a horse. His cock was glossy and wet. I looked up at him, speechless.

“I just dumped a big load in your mother. You’re going to clean me off. That will be your first ‘payment’.” He said.

I sat there contemplating what I was getting into, and whether or not this was even worth it. He didn’t give me time to think as he lost patience again and shouted at me in a booming voice: “Get on your knees and SUCK. THIS. NOW.”

J.R. was perhaps the most intimidating man I’ve ever met, and I knew what he was physically capable of. I reluctantly put my mouth on the man’s massive cock. He groaned as my warm mouth engulfed it. I could taste the mixture of the man’s residual semen and mom’s juices. Which was which, I couldn’t tell, being as inexperienced as I am. I licked and sucked the cum off of his cock, and he made sure I didn’t miss the cum that coated his balls.

“There, it’s clean now. Are you done?” I said.

“You missed a spot.” He said, pointing to a spot on his shaft.

I sighed, and put my mouth back on his dick, just wanting to get this over with. But as soon as my lips passed over the head of his cock, he grabbed my head and slowly pulled me in further. I could now feel his cock getting harder in my mouth. He continued to move my head back and forth. He wasn’t throat-fucking me like he did to my mom, but still, this clearly wasn’t just a “cleaning” job – he wasn’t going to let me go until he finished.

His cock got fully erect, and I couldn’t tell how long it was by now, but I could tell it Kıbrıs Escort was a monster, judging by the way there was still a good four or five inches of length left on it each time the head stopped at the beginning of my throat. My lips were getting stretched thin and my jaw was getting very tired due to the sheer girth of his rod. I couldn’t believe this was the thing that my mom took all the way down her throat. I couldn’t believe this was the thing that pounds my mom like a jackhammer.

I didn’t appreciate him turning what was supposed to be a quick cum-lapping into a full-on blowjob, but I wasn’t about to argue with him. He was blackmailing me, and honestly, I did still want to watch more of him and my mom fucking. If this was what I’m supposed to do, then so be it. It wasn’t so bad, after all. I’ve tasted worse things. J.R. took his hands off my head and let me do the work. He knew that I got the message, and that I wasn’t going to wriggle out of this at the first chance. I was more or less under his control.

I had never given a blowjob before and I wasn’t sure what I was doing. All I knew was that I could try to keep teeth out of it and, I don’t know, use my tongue or something. I wasn’t hearing any complaints on my first though.

His groans started to get louder. I assumed he was getting to ready to blow his load. I took my mouth off of his cock to ask him a quick question.

“Are you going to, um, do it in my mouth? Should I swallow it or something?”

J.R. was not happy. He pushed me back onto his cock again, this time really trying to jam it in my throat. “What did I tell you, bitch? On MY terms! If I want to bust in your throat, then I’m going to fucking do it and I don’t have to give you a goddamn heads up. You just do as you’re fucking told and don’t stop until I say!” He continued to push his cock into my mouth. He was very persistent in trying to get it down my throat, but my gag reflex wasn’t letting it happen.

Finally he reached the edge. He pulled his cock out and commanded my to open my mouth wide and stick out my tongue, and I complied. He spurted cum so thick and voluminous it was coming out in ropes. It felt very warm as it squirted onto my face, hitting my chin, nose, cheeks, upper lip, and forehead. I guess it would easier to tell you the parts of my face that weren’t covered in old man seed: none of it got in my mouth.

“Huh. Looks like I didn’t have very good aim today,” said J.R. “well, swallow it.”

“How am I supposed to swallow it? There isn’t any in my mouth.” I questioned.

“You’re right. Well, I’m sure you’ll figure something out. I can wait.” He said, giving me a long stare and a wink. It clicked in my head what he wanted. This man is really into humiliation. I took my finger and started wiping the cum off parts of my face, then licking it off my fingers and swallowing.

“Verrry gooood,” He said, condescendingly. “Your mom thinks it’s finger-licking good too.”

I thought I was done when I got the last glob of semen off my face, but he pointed back to his cock, which still had some hanging off the end of it. He made me lick the last drop slowly and dramatically, starting my tongue from the bottom of his balls and licking straight upwards, catching that last drop and then finishing off my giving the head of his cock a little kiss.

“So when do I get to, you know, watch?” I asked.

“I’ll let you know, creep, just be patient.”

J.R. exited my room to get dressed and leave for work, leaving me on my knees in a daze, with my face still covered in film of cum residue. My jaw was sore and my tongue was numb from exhaustion.

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