Warm Nights on the Porch

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All characters in the story are over 18 years of age. This story is about mother-son incest.


It was spring of my senior year and I was just so done with High School. I’d skipped school before and it had easy and fun. Normally, I’d leave the house for the bus but hide in the bushes instead. Then, I’d wait for Mom to go to work and sneak back inside the house, call the school, and honestly … head back to bed.

On this day, things changed. I walked out the front door and hid in the bushes beside the house. The dog. The damn dog! I loved that dog but I forgot to take him out. Mom knew he had to relieve himself. Of course he came out sniffing around and was wondering why I was laying in the bushes. He barked at me and I thought I was caught. She called him. He barked again. She called him again and he barked some more.

“I have to go to work!” she yelled as she approached and grabbed his collar.

Her legs were right there in front of me. So close that it distracted me from the dog for a moment. I noticed that they were thin but with toned muscular calves as her high heels dug into the grass. I could see up past her knees to her thighs. Her legs spread slightly as she bent and I was treated to a view of her panties only for the briefest of moments before she yanked the dog back and put him in the house. The poor guy never got the time to piss! She got in her car and sped off.

I went in the house and took the dog out the back door so he could piss. As he christened each tree, I was thinking about those muscular calves and smooth thighs that led to her panties. She had been so close that I imagined that I could smell it and it got me thinking.

Back in the house, I went to my parents’ bedroom and opened their hamper. There were three pair of panties with one pair a bit muskier, a bit more recent, than the others. I hit the incognito mode on my computer and settled down to some hot writing and even hotter videos.

I read a story about a young woman looking to learn the secret ways of pleasing men. She went to several countries to gather and blend the best of the best techniques. She spent time in France, Germany, Russia, and then India pleasuring many men across each stop of her trip. I enjoyed the story and looked at some porn from each place she went.

I smelled Mom’s panties. It was heavenly. Her odor was fantastic and like an accelerator to my raging hormones. My cock was rigid in my palm and already pulsating. The time for fantasy was over but I continued to smell her underwear. I remembered her legs so close to me earlier. Closing my eyes, I remembered how they moved and shifted as she grabbed the dog. I remembered her smooth thighs and that brief view of her panties. I imagined my hand sliding up her muscular calf and kissing her thighs and nuzzling her pussy. My hand pulled her panties aside and stroked her pussy lips. My cum landed all over my chest and stomach.

This was new. I’d never jerked off to my mom before!

As my heart rate subsided and I started to clean up, I wondered about the sanity of jacking off to my mom. Wasn’t it just gross? Wasn’t it wrong? Why did it still feel so sexy at the same time? Why did it turn me on so much?

As I was growing up, mom had always been a bit chubby. However, she was exercising with Dad a couple times a week. Dad seemed to always exercise and he was in great shape.

As the fourth and last child waiting to go to college, I knew that they were looking forward to their alone time. Dad was constantly pawing at Mom and she would giggle and laugh and deflect him onto other subjects. I usually headed to bed or at least another room. No matter where I went, I would hear them grunting their desire away.

One evening, a few days after I skipped school, Mom had drunk too much wine. She consumed enough to make her light-headed but not so much that she wanted to fall asleep. We were on the back porch listening to the sounds of the spring at our small house in upstate New York. The peepers peeped loudly as the world of spring took hold. All the creatures in the woods were attracting mates and continuing their species. The heat was on. Dad had a third beer which was unusual for him. Mom had her wine glass precariously dangling between a few slender fingers as they talked sweetly to each other and flirted.

Mom flopped one leg over his thigh opening her legs unusually wide which gave me another view of her smooth upper thighs. I tried desperately to look away. She giggled a bit as I avoided looking. I noticed Dad’s cock was engorged and fighting the confinement of his shorts.

Mom’s breasts seemed full as they pressed against the t-shirt material of her gown. I glanced to the side to look away and saw her bra folded neatly and pushed under a pillow. My cock jerked up and I tried to think of other things. I tried to think of anything but her pink nipples pushing against her T-shirt in the damp spring air. Dad was talking but my mind was already occupied by her breasts and her thighs and couldn’t focus Kıbrıs Escort on what the hell he was saying.

Mom shifted in her seat and her full breasts wobbled and shook with the movement. Her nipples rubbed on the T-shirt material and thickened, poking through for my wide-eyed viewing. I tried to look away but glanced anyway. Mom’s tits were long and full with thick nipples that pointed straight out. It was too much input for my 18-year-old mind! She sipped her wine after saying something and giggling a bit. She absent-mindedly stroked Dad’s thigh.

Again, I tried to focus on anything else and decided that Dad was my way out. If I listened to him, it would distract me and my cock would shrink back down. I hid my cock with my forearm as I tried to adjust my pants. Dad continued to talk and I figured out that he was talking about the Yankees. He took another pull from his beer and chuckled about their latest winning streak all while Mom’s hand stroked his thigh. I could see his cock was extended down his shorts. Really? Dad had an erection while talking about the Yankees? What the fuck? Well, if Mom’s hand was working my thigh, I’d have a hard-on too!

“How tall are you, now?” Mom interrupted my chain of thought and asked me.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe 5 foot 10 inches,” I answered.

“Let’s see,” said Dad. “Stand up. Your mom is 5 feet 8 inches. Are you really taller than her now?”

Mom stood up and again I was mesmerized by the bounce of those soft tits behind that T-shirt. I didn’t want to stand up. It would expose my rigid cock poking out. I stood awkwardly while adjusting my shorts. We went back to back. She pushed her ass back at me and giggled that I was trying to make her shorter. Dad put one hand on my stomach and another on her stomach to press us together. He worked his way up and I knew that he had his hand on her tits while he pressed on my chest. She was moving her ass against mine and her hands were moving, stroking, I think she was rubbing Dad’s cock through his shorts and damnit, my cock was tenting out again!

“Honey, he is a good two inches taller than you, now. Geez Bobby, I think you might be taller than me, now!” Dad Exclaimed.

Dad and I went back to back and Mom pushed us together.

“Stop getting on your tippy-toes!” She giggled. She started at our thighs and she brushed against my cock and I know that she was now rubbing him on the other side of me. He chuckled and I felt the movement of our assess together. She ran and got on a small stool to stand on as she measured us. She put it in front of me and stepped on it.

Her breasts were right in my face. I took a deep breath and tried, in vane, to look away, anywhere, or at anything other than her tits. She steadied herself with a hand on my shoulder as she put a ruler on the tops of our heads.

“The same,” she announced as she bounced off the stool and I drooled over the movement of those generous globes.

Dad sat down but Mom faced me again, “Honey, I’ve been watching you.” She took another sip of her wine. It was a long sip. Was it for courage? I don’t know. “I see how you watch me and I see what you do. Don’t think I don’t see you watching me.”

I didn’t know what to say. What did she know?

“Your mother is a very observant person, Bobby. Very observant,” said Dad.

“Are you a virgin? Bobby?” she asked.

“I’ve had … Mom. Isn’t this all kind of personal?” I asked exasperated.

“Yes, but I’m your mother. I get to ask personal questions,” she purred. Dad chuckled.

“No Mom. I don’t think we want to go down this path. I mean. You’ve had a lot to drink. And, I don’t want you to say something you’ll regret or something,” I stammered a bit.

She stood there in front of me, took my hand, and pressed it into her hand, our fingers intertwined, “It’s just flesh. It’s just skin, Bobby. It’s just flesh, y’know? But I don’t want you to get with some girl and be all enamored with her because she shows you some skin or let’s you touch some skin, y’know? It’s just skin.”

My heart was beating out of my chest.

She held my hand, brought it up along her arm and over to her breast and nipple.

She pressed my hand and helped me squeeze her tit. It felt so good. Her hips gyrated a bit and I felt her pressing against my cock.

Dad said quietly, “Yeah. That’s it baby.”

I panicked. I ran inside the house and upstairs to my room and shut the door.

I barely spoke to either of them for several days. I avoided them by skipping dinner and hanging with friends; anything to stay away. It was so awkward.

Mom was in the kitchen on Saturday afternoon. Dad was fishing with friends. She had a crossword puzzle from the newspaper in front of her when I came in.

She looked up, “Bobby. How are you? It’s been days!”

“Hi Mom, I know. I’m sorry,” I responded as I sat.

“Well, it’s okay. I’m sure that was awkward the other night. We didn’t mean it to be so awkward. I’m sorry. I just, I don’t know. We just Lefkoşa Escort want the best for you. You’re my baby and I worry about you going off to college next year.” She smiled sweetly.

She turned the puzzle to me and kneeled on her chair leaning across the table. “I’m struggling with 27 across,” she said.

I looked at it and looked up to see her leaning over the table. Her shirt hung down and her breasts swung in front of me showing me her wonderful cleavage. My cock hardened in my shorts.

I gulped trying to not stare, “Yeah, okay. Umm number 27 across.”

She pointed to it and her tits wobbled and my cock extended getting thick and hard down my leg. I couldn’t help myself. Those generous tits were right in front of me, hanging down and swaying back and forth. My cock was rock hard.

“I’ve got to go, Mom. I’m sorry,” I mumbled.

I got to the hallway, turned and looked at her. She stood up and her breasts jutted out and those gorgeous nipples pressed forward through the thin material. She looked delicious. My cock pressed outward against my jeans. For a moment, I didn’t care.

She turned her head to me, “Yes?”

“It’s hard,” I said.

She smiled, “It is?”

“Yes, 27 across. Solid, firm, or rigid? It’s H-A-R-D.”

She smiled wider with a glance downward, “Yes, it is hard. You’re right.”

I ran upstairs but snuck into their room and grabbed her panties from her hamper and ran into my room hastily laying on my bed. My cock was out and I was stroking it fast with her panties on my face. They smelled good and it felt good. My cock felt huge and the head pulsated. I closed my eyes and remembered her cleavage as she leaned over the table. Those pink nipples called me. I wanted to suck them. I wanted to feel them harden in my mouth.

I heard the door open and a pair of women’s panties flew in at me and I caught them deftly in my left hand.

“Try these fresh ones. They might smell better!” she giggled, smiled, and shut the door.

The panties were very fresh. What just happened there? Did she just take off her panties and give them to me?

Her musky odor was in my face. I thought of those nipples. I dreamed of her hand wrapped around my cock. I thought of her mouth, those lips, sliding up down the flared helmet of my cock. Suddenly, my cock was exploding. Cum was all over my chest. There was just so much of it.

After cleaning up, I could hide no longer and went downstairs. I wasn’t sure what to say.

Mom smiled. Maybe it was a smirk. I’m not sure.

She bit her nail and giggled, “Everything cum out okay?” she asked.

I blushed and looked down.

“Honey,” she said as she leaned against the counter, “you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s normal and natural for a young man to be horny all the time!

The week flew by and I just wasn’t sure what to say or do. Mom barely wore her bra around the house anymore and every time I saw her, I had a tent pole in my pants! It was a week of teasing and taunting. Those big tits swayed as she walked. It was the heat of spring, she wore skimpy clothes and teased me over and over again. Those nipples stuck out and I just wanted them in my mouth. Even the normal clothes she wore seemed more sensual and sexual without her bra.

One night, Mom and Dad were out on the porch again and Dad called me out there.

Mom had enjoyed a generous glass of wine and Dad had a smile as wide as the Hudson River.

“Honey, we’ve got to talk,” she said to me as I entered. She stood up. Standing inches from me, I could feel her breath on me as she seemed to inspect me.

I looked at her. She was wearing a short, loose-fitting blue and white dress with buttons down the front. Her breasts wobbled from side to side.

She unbuttoned a few of them, “It’s warm tonight, Bobby. It’s springtime. The peepers are peeping. It’s time Mommy taught you a few things. Right Mike?”

Dad smiled, “Yes, babe. You’re right.”

Mom put her palms on my chest. “Bobby, you’ve got these nice chest muscles and I’m touching them. It’s not a big deal, is it?”

I shook my head no, “I guess not.”

“Mike, is it a big deal?”

I heard Dad say, “Nope, not to me.”

She slid her hand up inside my T-shirt and her hands were like electricity against my skin. I was on fire. Her fingers toyed with my nipples for a moment or two, but her eyes never left mine. She smiled. You have nice nipples just like your father, honey. His are so sensitive to the touch. I think yours might be sensitive too!”

She took Dad’s hand and put it on her breast and he massaged her ample tit. I could see it from the corner of my eye. It looked so inviting. I wanted to do that. I wanted to heft her breast. I wanted to feel the soft skin. I wanted to feel her nipple harden with my touch. I wanted to lick that nipple and suck it.

I also wanted to run, again. This wasn’t right. This just wasn’t right. Something was wrong! My heart raced. It beat hard inside my chest Magosa Escort like fireworks.

Dad massaged her breast rubbing her nipple with his thumb.

She said, “It’s just flesh, honey. It’s okay. There’s nothing to be concerned about. Would you like to start slow … like feel my arm?” she spoke softly. “Last week, you felt my arm when you helped me with the groceries, didn’t you? You felt something else, too … didn’t you?”

I nodded again.

“What was that honey? What did you rub up against when helping me with the groceries?” she asked.

“Your, ummm, your breast,” I mumbled. “But that was an accident!” I continued.

“Was it an accident? Are you sure? Well, just touch my arm for now,” she smiled. I could feel the heat of her breath on my face.

I reached out and touched her arm as she continued to stroke my chest and Dad pinched her nipple through her dress.

“And now, how about my shoulder? Does that feel nice?” She asked.

I felt from her forearm to her bicep to her shoulder pushing back the straps of her dress. It felt like I was entering some forbidden territory. She turned away from me and put her back to me. She pulled my hands around to her front. Her ass slowly rubbed against my cock. It felt wonderful. She was moving, like dancing, sensual and slow, rubbing her ass on my cock.

She slowly opened the front of her dress, “This is mommy’s tummy. See? It’s nice and just flesh, just skin. You don’t have to feel it secretively. You don’t have to bump into me to feel me, baby. Just feel me.”

She moved our hands up further and in a moment I was cupping her long tits with both hands. She hummed slightly and backed her ass into my cock even harder and kept swaying with me. My cock rested between her ass cheeks straining to get out … and into her.

Dad stood in front of her and unbuttoned the rest of her dress. The skin was not just any skin. It was smooth and soft. Her nipples, hard in my palms, were not just any nipples. They were my mom’s nipples. Her tits were heavier than I expected and much more than a handful. Dad leaned in and sucked her nipples as I hefted them. It was so erotic. It was more than I’d ever dreamed … and we’d just gotten started.

Dad peeled off her dress making her naked for me to see and feel. Suddenly, she was almost shy about it.

She turned and kneeled and Dad dropped out of his shorts. Dumbstruck, I wasn’t sure what to do. I was afraid to do anything. She turned to me and unzipped my jeans. She pulled them down slowly, careful not to bend my cock. I was standing there with my cock out in front of my mother and father.

Looking up at me, she took hold of my cock and the feel of another person stroking me was amazing. The feel of the soft skin of her cheek as she rubbed it against her face went to another level of amazing. With her other hand she stroked Dad and he groaned.

“Two wonderful cocks,” she hissed.

“This is wonderful!” Dad croaked.

“Honey! Not so loud or the neighbors will hear us!” she admonished with a hushed voice and playful smile.

For the first time, I got a look at Dad’s cock. His dark and well-used cock stood at the ready. A thick and stout member, it resembled a short cucumber while mine was longer but also thinner but with a very thick purple head.

She stroked us together and her eyes danced from each of our faces to the cocks pointed at her. Dad stroked her hair and smiled at me as she jerked us.

She sucked me in and I about passed out. Warm and wet, her mouth enveloped me. Dad grabbed me by the arm to steady me. She sucked the head and deep along the shaft. She cupped my balls and somehow kept tempo with Dad’s cock. She sucked me hard and as her mouth came off, it made a popping sound.

Mom smiled … my MOM smiled at me as she SUCKED my cock in again. With a slight wave, she lowered her hand between her legs. She fingered herself.

I deposited the biggest load of my life into her mouth and she sucked it down. She swallowed all of it and yet I was still pumping.

I guess I yelled or something because she was shusshing me. I was breathing hard as I never felt like that before. I looked at her and she seemed so much more beautiful to me. That blowjob she’d given me was such a gift.

She smiled and lay down on her back, “Mike? Can you? Please? Show him how it is done. I need it.”

Dad raised her knees and gently spread them. She groaned slightly. I thought he was going to fuck her but instead, he licked his fingers and began rubbing them along her sopping slit. He worked her clit up and down, slowly at first and then faster adjusting tempo with her reactions. She was wet and getting wetter.

Mom was watching me watch Dad. She pinched her nipples and licked her lips absentmindedly. She was slowly losing control and letting go. Dad pushed two fingers inside of her and she gasped. He moved them in and out and then back to her clit and she gasped again. He pushed them in deeper this time reaching up and working them vigorously against her g-spot. Her hips rose up and he pulled them out again to attack her clit again. His muscles were shiny with sweat as he kept working her over, bringing her up to an edge and then bringing her back down. Each time she got further and further. Her eyes became slits and flitted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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