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Hunter sniffed nectar and the aroma was arousal


It was September. I was on a walking holiday and finally, after 3 days of rain, the sun shone. It was a lovely warm day; I had set out this morning from my guesthouse high on the moors. What a time it had been.

The guesthouse was owned by a couple in their 40’s. He was the tour manager for a coach holiday company and therefore was often away for a week or more. His wife was a lonely woman who, during the long and wet days and nights, had proved very amenable to sexual overtures. Even on my first evening there I had been left in no doubt that ‘Extras’ were available. I indulged in those ‘Extras’ for three wonderful, rainy, days and now needed a respite and some fresh air.

My dog Hunter was with me; and as dogs do, he was running around, sometimes behind and sometimes in front as he now was. We had walked for some time and I was looking for some shade to sit in and get water for us both out of my rucksack.

I whistled and heard an answering bark but he did not appear so I whistled again and this time I realized that the bark came from below me. I cast around and then saw a very narrow track through the heather which I followed down the slope and around a rocky outcrop. I rounded the outcrop and discovered an ‘Aladdin’s cave’. The ‘cave’ was actually a slab of rock beneath a large overhang and the treasure in this version of the fabled cave was in the form of a girl reclining against the boulder forming the rear of the opening.

She may have been there just to admire the admittedly lovely view over the lower moor but I doubted it as she was laying on her light jacket, presumably because she had taken her shorts and knickers off.

Ash blonde hair down to her waist, shirt buttons straining over thrusting breasts and ash blonde fluff around her labia. Oh yes her face, tanned. Snub nose, soft slightly pouting lips, and green eyes. She was beautiful, gorgeous, and I wanted her.

“Oh damn! I didn’t think anyone else knew about this cave.”

“I didn’t know about it; I just followed the sound of Hunter’s barking when I whistled him. Don’t worry, he would lick you to death, but he wouldn’t bite you, Me, on the other hand would happily do both.”

“I wasn’t frightened of him I was scared of being found like this.”

I got Hunter’s bowl out and poured him some water, put a couple of his biscuits out for him, sat a little way from the girl but with a view of what she had been playing with and remarked on the wonderful view this cave provided.

She giggled and asked me if I had seen enough, of course I said no because I thought that there was much more of her which would bear looking at if it was bare.

” Well it is too bloody late for me to cover up so if you want to see what else I’ve got you will have to show me what you’ve go and I would love that. Would you like to see all of me?”

Would I! She was enjoying this situation and she knew that I was hooked.

“You know I would like that very much so I’ll strip if you will and I would not do anything to hurt you.”

“I’m not scared I am excited; I have never seen a man’s cock except in porn videos. I am old enough to do more than look but we never get the chance to even look except for the porn on the internet which mum doesn’t know we can get on our laptops.”


“My sister and I. We didn’t know the students at college very well because we live in a house on a farm away from the town. We had to cycle four miles to get to there and coming back it is all uphill, so we didn’t have much time after classes and we were too busy during the day because there was hardly any time between lectures.

We also have to help out on the farm at weekends to help pay the rent for our place. Mum has never talked to us about anything of a sexual nature so we have to find out any way we can. She is driving round the local villages delivering stuff and I was bored so I came up here for a walk and have some relief without being interrupted. Or so I thought.

“What about dad?”

“He isn’t around anymore, and we don’t want him here, he hurts mom.”

“Is your sister good company for you, how old is she?”

“Eighteen, We’re Girne Escort twins, but not identical.. She’s a bit taller but has smaller breasts. I wish mine were smaller, all the boys look at my tits and not my face even when they’re talking to me.”

“I must say that I also have a hard time trying not to look at your breasts; it is difficult not to when they strain your shirt like that.”

“Thank you, that was nice of you, but I do feel embarrassed when boys stare at me.”

“You said that you would show me the rest of your body and I am looking forward to that.”

“I will, but you go first. Please take your shorts and under pants off, I am looking forward to that.”

Watching avidly as my cock sprang up when released from the restriction of my clothing and begin to stiffen and lengthen, she had a look of awe on her face and then it was my turn..

Watching her breasts bounce free of the restrictive shirt that she wore had my cock rise even further to pay homage

“Oh wow! Let me touch it.”

“Of course you can touch it, I want you to touch it, but I want to feel your wonderful breasts.”

I had a handful of soft creamy breast in each hand as she felt me reach a full erection and then her hands were busy stroking and pulling, squeezing, and holding my balls..

“I want to do what they do in porn movies and suck it?”

“Then please do, but I want to do what they do in porn movies and suck your labia so instead of taking turns, if I lie down you can kneel over me with y…”

“Do you mean what they call a sixty-nine?”


“OK, let’s go.”

I had what I believed to be a virgin pussy an inch from my face and a warm, wet, mouth an inch down my cock, I was in paradise, I licked her labial lips, she jerked and then lowered her pussy until it was hard against my mouth and I had no choice but to begin chewing and licking until my tongue was inside her wet pink and tangy vagina as she swallowed my cock and pressed her sex hard against my mouth.

“Did you like my pussy? My sister loves the taste of it. I loved having your cock in my mouth and she will be so envious when I tell her.”

I rolled her onto her back, got between her thighs and fondled a breast which was crowned by an erect nipple

“You have seen porn so you know what happens next, I want to fuck you. Any male would want to fuck you, so tell me. Do you want me to fuck you?”

There was a pause then she said that she would love me to do it but only if I wore a condom and so sadly she would have to say no. I reached for my pack and took out the small towel which I carry in case I ever needed to dry my feet after stepping in deep puddles or streams.

When I go hiking I always carry a small supply of necessary precautions because I have had one or two occasions where single female hikers had decided that I was fuckable and so my boy scout training has proven to be of use on several occasions. I took a pack of condoms from one of my pack’s side pockets together with a small bottle of spray lube and that changed her mind.

“Oh you wonderful man. Please, I do want you to fuck me I was masturbating because I want someone to fuck me and I don’t know anyone I can trust to do it with and now I don’t fucking care, I want you inside me. I gave her the towel and she shoved it below her bottom to give her jacket some protection from what was about to happen then I let her roll one of the condoms down my erection which she then sprayed with the lube..

Laying her back down I inserted my cock into the entrance of her vagina and then lowered my face to kiss her. Her mouth opened and her tongue began probing until she realised that I was also lowering my groin towards her vulva and I slid slowly into her for a short way. She froze and drew her mouth away from mine and whispered:

“Take it, please take it, I want it gone.”

I waited for her to get used to the feel of a hard cock inside her still virgin vagina as I fondled her soft breasts and teased her nipples to keep her boiler working and it worked a treat.

“Oh that is so nice, please do it, I know it will hurt but please do it now, I want to feel you all the way inside me.”

She Magosa Escort gave a little cry as her hymen tore and shortly after that she was urging me to go faster and her hands were holding my backside and pulling me into her. Her legs were clamped to my waist and she was thrusting herself up to meet me as I rammed into her and all the while she was telling me that she never imagined that fucking would be this good.

She reached her climax and I stopped until she subsided and then began to fuck her for my own release. When I came out of her I removed the condom and she remarked that she was so glad that I was so well prepared for sex when just going for a stroll. I explained the reason I was so well prepared but added that I had been very fortunate the first time I had met a woman on a hiking holiday who had wanted sex when we reached a stand of trees after crossing a bare moor on a very hot day.

She took her shorts and shirt off to cool down but she was not wearing a ‘bra and I was in heaven. She said that she would love to have me but she was having her period so all she could offer was her anus. She talked to me about what to do to arouse a woman sufficiently so that she would permit her anus to be entered by a finger and finally by an erection.

I was rampant, I was eager, and she wanted sexual release so I did what she said and I came inside her rectum. She said that I really should have worn a condom when having anal sex, but if I ever fucked a woman’s vagina without wearing a condom I could always use her anus to shoot my semen into and she would probably enjoy it and want me to fuck her that way as well.

“Can you do that?”

“Certainly, Anal sex is quite common and a lot of women actually prefer it because you cannot become pregnant no matter how much semen gets pumped in there and apparently the orgasms are more intense than vaginal orgasms, I would love to show you but unfortunately anal intercourse requires a longer foreplay time than vaginal and we do not have the time as it is getting late, I would love to meet you again and fuck you that way as well.”

Telling her to stand up I took the water bottle and used a clean part of the now bloody towel to wash her under carriage and my bits and then we dressed.

“Are you sore?”

“A little but I don’t care, I have had my first fuck and I want another one.”

Do you and your sister ever have sex after watching porn?”

“Yes, we have sex regularly but we have always wanted to do what I just did with you.

“Well next time you do it, kiss and lick the opening to her anus. It is called a sphincter and it acts as a gate. There is another one a little further inside. Keep licking her sphincter to keep it moist and apply pressure against it and if your sister likes the feeling her sphincter will relax and you can press further inside her bottom.

There is no natural lubrication in there so you have to keep moistening the canal and sphincters. A few drops of olive oil is good, or Vaseline, and get some on a finger and gently press her sphincter and she will let you enter deeper into her, Keep trying until you find what she likes best, Then get her to do it to you’ Try it in the sixty-nine position.

“Thank you for a wonderful afternoon my love. Remember about the oil, you and your sister could have loads of fun and no-one need be any the wiser. Of course, the two of you could take the time to try seducing your mother because I rather think that she must be very frustrated and if you approach the matter delicately all three of you could be a very happy and relaxed family indeed.”

We walked out of the shelter and back up the hill to the path.

“Thank you for the lesson, I learned a lot. Will I see you again?”

“If I could fuck you again I would love to come here again.”

“You could come and stay at our house; mom does Bed dress up around her waist and knickers off before she had a chance to discuss the venue.

I had a burning rod of lust sprouting from my groin, and soon she was noisily trying to use her vaginal muscles to squeeze it flat as I ran my hands over the top of her dress. I was trying to get hold of her superb breasts to do some squeezing Kıbrıs Escort of my own, but the fabric was not easy to manipulate, so I resorted to concentrating on giving the rest of her body as much attention as I could manage.

She reached her climaxes quicker than any other women I had ever known so, some ten minutes after I entered her vagina, she gasped her way to another one. She knew what was about to happen, and she did all she could to make it easy for me.

I was able to get her off the tabletop, turned around and bent over the table such that her backside was high enough for me to insert my cock back into her vagina. This time I could do as I wished and I did so. I unzipped her dress so that I could unclasp her bra’, and moments later she was shedding both items over her head.

I now had unfettered access to her soft and willing body. She really did enjoy being taken from behind so I spent a lot of time and effort ensuring that she had all the enjoyment she could manage, but even lust and desire run out of steam eventually.

She made coffee, and, still naked, we sat at the table as I told her about the girl I’d met in the cave and the main thread of our activities. I was surprised when she grinned and gave me a description of the girl.

I was more than surprised when she told me that I had just been playing games with Sarah, her niece. She had amused herself by pretending to be an innocent, inexperienced, girl. She was far from that and was actually nineteen, she was indeed a virgin in so much as that she’d never had intercourse with a male, but she’d certainly had sex with a female.

My lovely, naked, willing informant turned out to be the girl’s Aunt Mary, who was quite happy to admit that she was in a sexual relationship with both her, and her sister Sally. It turned out that I was a little late with my advice for getting the two girls to explore each other’s charms in depth, but their mother was still a project.

The girls had decided that they would test their allure on their Aunt; it must have surprised them to find out just how happy she was to be seduced. What they hadn’t known, and up to now still didn’t know, was that their mom and their Aunt Mary had also been sexually active with each other when they were girls.

Placing her cup in the sink, she told me to stay where I was and went upstairs. I heard water running and then she reappeared with a towel. She washed my genitals with soap and water from the kitchen sink and then enjoyed herself as she dried my stiffening penis.

Once she had satisfied herself that I was in a receptive mood, she knelt before me and sucked my cock into her mouth. There was no hesitation; all of my erection went into her hot mouth in one smooth movement until the head of my cock was down her throat. She rested for a moment before beginning to lift her head and repeating the process.

It wasn’t long before my toes began to curl and I began attempting to thrust my cock upwards as her mouth came down. I wasn’t given the chance to see if it was possible to reach further down her throat because she rapidly removed her mouth from my cock.

Standing up, she straddled me before grasping my throbbing erection and guiding it to her wet labial lips and lowering herself down the shaft her mouth had so recently encompassed. I had her breasts before my eyes, I had empty hands, and I too have a mouth. I used all three attributes to do my part in bringing her to another noisy and obviously satisfying orgasm.

With our lust satiated, we showered and dressed then discussed how to set about arranging for the girls to discover that they had no need to hatch a plan to seduce their mother.

After several aborted attempts at a plan, we took a break for a meal. Although I was supposedly on B you’ve both pretended to be younger and more innocent than you are, and I often wondered why.

Now I know why, you’re a pair of lesbians and appear to be ashamed of it and that is the shame. It tells me that you didn’t feel able to trust me enough to seek my advice and support about a matter that has no shame attached to it. You are what you are, and for your information, Mary and I were doing exactly the same thing when we were your age.

“We talked to your Grandmother about our feelings and she gave us all the support and advice that we could ask for. She didn’t try to change the way we felt, or take an active part, but with her guidance, we were able to lead an outwardly heterosexual adult life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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