Voyage, Voyage Pt. 06

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Part 06 — A Harem In The Making

A gentle breeze caressed her skin, pleasantly cooling her off from the sunlight that heated the front of her body. Ellie shielded her eyes with her arm and by doing so felt her hand go into Kevin’s blonde locks, as he had been using her shoulder as a pillow. His cock was against her left leg, soft and warm.

There was something inside Ellie that registered this picture had something wrong about it. And it wasn’t the incestuous embrace. It was something else.

How was there sunlight against her skin? Unless…

‘Fuck, it’s already morning!’ Ellie realised, jumping instantly from Kevin’s embrace.

‘Woah! What’s wrong?’ Kevin’s eyes shot open, as he struggled to understand what was happening, having still been fairly deep into his sleep.

‘We overslept, I thought we’d just go back after…’ She blushed. ‘After we were done. If our parents realise we’ve been out the entire night…’

‘They’re gonna raise questions.’ He replied, understanding her distress, and jumping to his feet as well.

They looked hurriedly for their clothes. Kevin found his instantly, but Ellie only saw her robe, which she put on. Her brother ended up being the one finding where she’d tossed her panties, grabbing them and handing them to her, before taking her hand and hurriedly leading her back to the path between the trees that tracked back to their house.

With great caution, Ellie and Kevin peered at the windows on the upper floor, making sure nobody saw when the two of them crossed the backyard. There didn’t seem to be a single person in the house interested in admiring the view, so they jogged on as silently as they could.

The sliding door from the outside to the kitchen was notorious for unusually loud noises at the most inopportune moments. That morning was no exception.

‘Shut the fuck up…’ Ellie hissed at it, making Kevin snort with amusement. ‘You too.’ She poked his ribs.

With immense care they seemed to somehow close it back up again with minimal noise. They visibly relaxed at being in the clear when there came the muffled sounds of someone upstairs starting to make their way towards them. Whoever it was would soon be able to see them. Under normal circumstances the two siblings would be able to notice that it was perfectly reasonable for them to coincidentally have woken up early at the same moment, however they happened to presently be a little too caught up in what they’d been doing to realise so.

‘Couch. Go to the couch and pretend to be asleep.’ Ellie whispered frantically to her brother.


‘Couch! Now!’

With the dexterity that his training gave him, he ran across the room in no time barely making a sound, jumping over the back of the couch and disappearing from view just as a foot became visible on its way down the stairs.

Her father was coming down, lazily scratching his sleepy eyes and unaware of someone else being in the kitchen. He gave a startled cry when he noticed Ellie so close by without any warning.

‘Jesus, Ellie!’ He exhaled with relief, putting two fingers to his throat to check his accelerated pulse. ‘I thought you were a burglar, kiddo! What are you doing up?’

‘I was just thinking about being the one to make breakfast for once and surprise you. Guess you really wake up early, though…’ She replied, self-consciously remembering her underwear were inside her pocket, and wanting to go back to her room to compose herself. ‘I also thought about checking on Kevin.’ She added, loud enough for him to hear.

‘He fell asleep down here?’

‘Oh yes, apparently he was staying back to put away the board, but I think he just ended up snoozing it up over there.’ She tried to laugh it off naturally.

‘No kidding. Tell you what, I’m gonna go wake him up and the three of us will make breakfast.’

‘Actually,’ Ellie interjected, trying to find an excuse to go put underwear on. ‘since you’re up, maybe I could go upstairs and shower instead…’

Dad shook his head.

‘Alright, you lazy shit, go upstairs.’ He chuckled, turning and heading towards Kevin, who’d hopefully be aware enough of the exchange to pretend to be coming out of his slumber.

Taking her cue, Ellie quickly made her way upstairs and entered her bedroom. She closed the door behind her, feeling her accelerated breathing give away her nervousness. She let out a sigh.

‘And what have you been up to, young lady?’ Lana’s voice came from right behind her, making her jump. Ellie was going to turn around and face her sister but found the other girl’s hands on her sides were keeping her facing the wall.

‘I woke up early and went downstairs to get some water.’

‘Oh okay, I just woke up myself a few minutes ago and I was wondering.’ The blonde girl said, which was a relief to Ellie. ‘Wasn’t anyone else up, though?’

‘Dad was. When I noticed I was the first one up I thought I would make breakfast for the rest of the family, but when Dad appeared I figured it’s the thought that Lefkoşa Escort counts, so he could still take care of it…’ The brunette laughed nervously, figuring it was best to leave everyone with the same story.

‘You were a lazy shit, same old, then?’

‘Har-har. Anyway, either fuck me or let me take a shower, ’cause, after waking up Kevin, Dad’s gonna start making breakfast.’

‘Kevin’s downstairs?’

‘After getting your drunk ass upstairs with me, he was supposed to clear the board downstairs, but he just fell asleep on the couch instead…’

When Ellie was expecting some amused remark from Lana, the younger girl just stayed quiet. Then one of her hands went from her sides to the knot that kept the older girl’s robe around her body and pulled slowly. Well I did tell her to fuck me or let me shower…

Lana’s hand finished its task and went to rest on Ellie’s upper right leg, calmly tracing her nails on the skin.

‘I had you both eating off my hand last night…’

‘Unitl you fell on your ass.’

‘Accompanied by the unmistakable sound of my brother and sister’s commiserations. Oh no, wait! It wasn’t that. It was laughter!’ Lana angrily said.

‘May it serve as a lesson in sobriety.’ Ellie replied, disentangling herself from her sister’s grasp. ‘I’m going to take a shower.’

‘Sobriety, my ass.’

Ellie raised her eyebrow at her sister in amusement as she made her way to the bathroom, remembering that sobriety could, in fact, have spared Lana’s bottom some pain the previous night.

‘Yes, yes, very amusing.’ Lana rolled her eyes, understanding the glance. ‘But don’t lie to me, Ellie. You were a dear caught in the headlights yesterday. I could have had you and Kevin servicing me if I’d wanted to.’

‘Dream on.’ The brunette mumbled back, as she removed her robe.

‘Eating right from my hands, bitch. By the way, why is your underwear covered in grassy dirt?’

Feeling herself blush, the older girl casually replied her dress must have ridden up when she was reading at her hiding spot.

‘Or maybe you were rubbing one out there, to relieve the obviously unreleased sexual tension of refusing to bang your siblings. Who’s to say which is the most credible?’

‘You’re insufferable.’

‘No, I’m hungover. Being insufferable inflicts pain on others, being hungover inflicts it on myself. Needless to say, I much prefer to be insufferable.’

‘Fear not, you achieve it every time.’ Ellie shot back, stepping into the shower and turning on the water.

‘Shall we proceed speaking in this pompous manner or will you grant me authorization to join your cleansing?’ Lana asked, making her voice low.

Ellie furrowed her brow and thought the words over for a moment.

‘Did you just ask if you could shower with me?’

‘If you can’t keep up with my level of discourse…’

‘Fuck off.’

‘And you mocked me for not reading your fancy authors…’

‘Why are you being such a shit today?’ Ellie popped her head out and asked, trying to annoy her sister.

‘Because I’m hungover.’ Lana answered. ‘Step away and let me in.’ She demanded, entering the shower.

‘You’ve managed to be a very unhealthy mixture of hungover and insufferable if it makes you feel any better.’

Eyeing the younger girl wearily, Ellie needn’t have worried. The blonde woman seemed to be genuinely slow moving and not interested in any kinkier activities, despite her sass before coming into the bath. In fact, it was Ellie who was quite hypnotised by the sight of the soapy large breasts that had appeared into view.

‘I’m off.’ She told her sister, as she finished rinsing off the shower gel. ‘Hurry up or we won’t leave you anything to eat.’

‘I can think of something I would be able to eat if you didn’t go downstairs.’ Lana said, and, even without looking, Ellie could picture the sly smile on her face.

‘Goodbye, drunkard.’

‘Fine, I’ll get Kevin to fuck the best pussy of his life!’

‘He already did just a few hours ago, and the best ass of his life also gave it a run for its money soon after!’ Ellie shot back before she could help herself. As she closed the door, she knew she’d always remember the open-mouthed stare that wiped the smug grin from Lana’s lips and smiled proudly.


The momentary satisfaction that Ellie felt after giving Lana the surprise of her life was very quickly overshadowed by how much she wished she hadn’t done it.

Not because her younger sister reacted badly to it. Oh, no. It just so happened that the information only served to fuel her already hyperactive lustful imagination further.

There were a couple more days for the three siblings to spend at their parent’s house before going back to Chicago. And Lana had taken it upon herself to make sure neither of her two siblings forgot the changes to their relationships with each other during the stay. She’d become very open about satisfying herself with them, and Ellie and Kevin had a suspicion that Girne Escort they knew precisely what her end goal was.

Matters weren’t helped by the fact that Ellie had enjoyed her escapade with Kevin a lot more than she would have guessed initially. With some awkwardness, two nights after their first escapade, Ellie found herself stepping away from her shared bed with her sister and quietly stepping into Kevin’s room.

She had stayed by the door, chewing on her lip as she attempted to make sense of her late-night craving. Making up her mind, she tiptoed up to his bed, though not quite silently enough as her brother jumped a little, trying to identify who the intruder was.

‘Jesus!’ He remarked, hoarsely. ‘Don’t do that.’

‘Sorry!’ Ellie replied, feeling stupid. ‘I don’t know why I came here, sorry. I just walked in and-‘

‘Easy, sis. It’s fine, scootch over.’

He opened up the sheets to cover her. She kneeled on the sheets but kept fidgeting her hands, without letting him cover her.

‘I… I didn’t come for sleep.’ She could feel herself blush scarlet. ‘I came for this.’ Her confident words came when she grabbed hold of his penis.

His expression, even in the dark, could just about be made out and it surprised Ellie with its intensity.

‘You want to do that?’ He simply asked.

When a definite nod was her only reply, Kevin leaned back on his pillow again and watched her with care as she got between his legs and pulled his pants down. Her eyes never left first his bulge and then his cock. She delicately nuzzled her nose against it, before taking his flaccidness into her mouth.

His pubic hair scratched her nose and she loved it. Eventually, it became impossible to stay so close to his happy trail as he gained inches in her mouth. Her tongue never stopped caressing him, and even when forced to pop him out, Ellie decided to keep her hands caressing his legs rather than joining them at his manhood.

With only the use of her lips, saliva and a few scrapes from her teeth, Ellie gave the most enjoyable blowjob she’d ever remembered giving, savouring the experience and not rushing it at any point. For his part, Kevin did not complain for one moment, his only visible reaction being the occasional grunt or eye roll.

Much quicker than either of them would have thought, there was a twitch. Barely with enough time to move a little up on his cock, Ellie felt her mouth being filled, the hairs of her arms standing up from knowing whose seed was filling it. The sight of Kevin scrunching his sheets beneath his hands as he climaxed would be locked into her brain for the rest of her life.

Making sure he was finished, and clearing the remains of the illicit act, Ellie left a last lingering kiss on the head and smiled sweetly.

‘Sweet dreams.’

With that, she carefully raised herself and started exiting the room.

‘Thank you.’ Came Kevin’s hushed reply. And he absolutely looked as though he meant it down to his bones.

Ellie was careful with the house door’s old noisy hinges, getting out of Kevin’s room and re-entering her shared one with Lana.

The second she settled back beneath the bed sheets and closed her eyes, Lana moved swiftly and loomed above her, her face inches away from her own. It did nothing to stop Ellie from shifting guiltily.

‘Now, where oh where had you gone to, baby?’

‘Kevin.’ Ellie replied, slightly out of breath.

Lana bit her lip hungrily.

‘And what did you do?’

‘I tasted him.’

Wordlessly, Lana inched lower, inhaling her scent as she got closer to her nether regions. The tip of her slightly cold nose grazing her clit made her let out a pathetic little whimper.

‘An excellent suggestion.’ She said before feasting herself down under.

Finding herself in the same position she’d just placed her brother in moments before, Ellie did the same thing he did. She let her sister do her thing and felt tingles throughout her entire body with each flick of the tongue, each breath out, each nibble of her labia.

Her hands instinctively went to grab the blonde strands of hair on the head that moved rhythmically above her pussy, pulling on them and using force to shove her crotch further closer to the wet and hungry mouth that presently serviced her.

Eventually, leaving some fashionable teeth bite marks on her index finger, Ellie felt her climax run through her, her breathing erratic as Lana leisurely made her way back up the bed, placing her head on her sister’s shoulder and closing her eyes, as her arms went around Ellie, who sighed.


When the day of departure came, their parents were especially mushy. The separation from their children would now last for a few months longer once again, and they were quite bad at dealing with the situation.

Their mother attempted to make them promise to return during the Summer, but Lana told her it would have to wait until late August since they already had plans for the previous month.

For Magosa Escort once it didn’t take half the day to placate them, and they were in the car on route back to Chicago. Kevin was driving this time, with Ellie alongside him and Lana lying down across the back seats. Unlike the previous trip, there was no fighting between the two sisters and silence was the rule of the land for the first part of the journey.

‘If I knew getting you two to fuck was what I needed for some peace and quiet,’ Kevin spoke dryly, still looking at the road. ‘I’d have spiked your drinks with aphrodisiacs ages ago.’

The statement brought the two girls to fits of laughter.

‘Sometimes you do remind me that you can be such a guy…’ Lana replied.

‘Hopefully more than sometimes.’ Ellie chimed in.

‘My baby certainly does!’ The blonde girl said in a sing-song voice. ‘As you can now testify for, as well…’

And there they were once more at the topic Lana now enjoyed bringing up the most. By the corner of her eye, Ellie could see her brother blush just a little bit.

‘I do hope you have a better poker face with the general public than you do with us…’ The older girl remarked.

‘Considering the general public aren’t my sisters who I’m doing, it’s safe to say I do.’ Kevin replied.

‘Is that what we are? Trophies?’


‘Knew it!’ Lana shouted from her lying position. ‘This was all an elaborate ruse to collect the pair of us, starting with me years in advance.’

‘Well, no shit.’ Ellie said. ‘If it was anytime before now, I would have been a creep!’

‘You know what they say about older women…’

‘Excuse me?’

‘You know what they say about more mature, distilled, perfected, experienced women.’ Their brother interjected, taking a hand from the wheel to grab Ellie’s hand and kiss the knuckles.

‘Ooohh, you smooth motherfucker.’

Behind them Lana started to mockingly sing Sade’s “Smooth Operator”.

It was a unique experience for all three of them. The easy-going nature of their interaction had never been a feature of their relationship before this trip back home, and Ellie questioned whether Kevin had been right to begin with. Maybe sex did unblock all the negative emotions that were getting in the way of… this.

This, she understood now, may have been unblocked by sex, but it didn’t need it to keep going.

The trip flew by, filled with a thousand and one moments of pure laughter and joy, as though they were childhood friends who’d spent years without seeing each other and had now gone back to where they’d left it off.

First stop was the shared apartment of the twins, where they had invited her to have dinner with them. Ellie carried one of their bags to help them.

‘I’m thinking of calling up the Indian place a couple of streets away and we can huddle around the floor in the living room-‘ Lana began but stopped herself when she did a double take and looked at the door to the corridor.

Possessed by an undeniable impulse, Ellie had discarded her clothes and stood now in front of the blonde girl. For her part, Lana looked on with an indestructible expression on her features, cocking her head to the side slightly.

‘Are you trying the “naked man”? Like Barney Stinson?’ She asked, failing to suppress a laugh.

‘Well, kind of.’ Ellie replied, frustrated. ‘You were meant to, you know… Be overcome by a furious bout of desire. Or something.’ She gestured vaguely.

Lana walked up to her, curious.

‘What is it?’

The brunette swallowed dry.

‘I’m not sure. I just…’ Her hand stretched out to caress her sister’s hip. ‘… want it.’

Lana stared at her with an intensity she had never felt before. It was difficult not to get drawn into the two blue pools of her eyes.

‘Afraid what happened back home, stayed back home?’ The blonde girl finally said. ‘Kevin is the love of my life, but finally he and I have someone to play with. Together.’ Her hands domineeringly found her face. ‘Damn girl, I wish we’d found you much sooner.’

Almost feeling herself melt beneath this attention, Ellie was trapped in a compliant stance without registering much else.

‘Go to my room. Stay undressed. Lay on the bed.’ Lana said, turning around and not checking to see if her sister complied.

Obviously, she did. She felt shaky in her steps as she went into the twin’s room and walked around the bed before letting herself lay there, her back to the sheets, propping herself up on a pillow. Even with the house uninhabited for a couple of weeks, there was still a scent on the fabric which Ellie now knew to be the natural odour of her brother.

It took what, from Ellie’s vantage point, seemed an enormous amount of time before steps made themselves heard approaching. They were too soft to be wearing shoes, she realised. As soon as they rounded the corner and came through the door, the brunette knew she’d guessed correctly.

With her back turned as she entered backwards, Lana was only wearing her rose panties. For once it wasn’t the blonde’s perfect bottom that captured the eyes of the naked woman on her bed, though. What did the trick was the naked skin of her shoulder blades, so pristine and smooth, wiggling with the arm movements of her pulling on their brother’s sides.

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