Virus Pt. 03: A Delayed Injection

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Part 3 of the ongoing story. Please read pt1 and 2 if anything is unclear.

All characters are over 18.


Emma dreamt of the day before, and the weeks leading up to it. She dreamt of the virus spreading round the world, infecting everyone it came across. She imagined it at airports and in offices. She saw the virus growing in the throats of women, the virus coughed onto men, spreading through air-conditioning and doorhandles. She imagined men getting infected, the virus growing inside their testicles, then squirted into their wives and girlfriends every evening. She dreamt of office workers cheating in tiny broom closets, spreading the virus round. She dreamt of the schoolgirl sluts, coughing the virus round university halls while a random jock’s cum still leaked from her pussy.

She dreamt of her ex-boyfriend, Callum, and those two minutes spent inside her, thrusting his black cock inside her before exploding unexpectedly, white jizz shooting from black skin. Instead of sperm, she imagined the virus climbing up her vagina, infecting her whole body.

She imagined her sickness, far worse than it really was. She imagined becoming frail near death.

Suddenly into her dream comes her brother, forcefully opening her legs, and thrusting himself into her, without waiting for permission or acceptance. In real life he’d been meek and unwilling, but in the dream he was forceful and determined, pounding into her, dominating her.

The dream morphed from her bedroom to the bathroom, the second place she’d fucked her brother. He’s still behind her, fucking her with a deep passion, his cock going almost entirely out, before being rammed back inside, almost to the balls.

In real life, just a few hours before, Emma had been able to hear her parents fucking through the bathroom walls. But in the dream, the wall was like glass, and she could see into their room, watch their dad on top of their mum, his ass bouncing as their bodies entwined. She dream watched them fucking, while her dream brother took her from behind. She felt her brother’s balls tighten, then shoot his cum inside her throbbing pussy, while still watching their father relentlessly thrust into their mother. She…

The alarm went quietly on her phone, and she quickly silenced it. Her first thought was to return to the dream, before remembering the plan.

She needed her brother to fuck her again today, preferably twice. Officially for medical purposes, his cum able to keep her virus in check. But unofficially she just needed to feel his thick cock inside her again, to feel that closeness to her brother. It was taboo and it was magical.

The plan was to go into Simon’s room before their parents woke, and enjoy his morning wood. Then they’d do it again later in the evening, or on the way to her church group.

She quietly opened the door to her room. She was just in her underwear. She quietly closed the door, and began walking along the corridor. Passed their older sister’s now empty bedroom and onto Simon’s…

“Morning Honey”

Emma looked with horror to see her father sitting in Anastasia’s old room, the door open while he typed on his laptop.

“Dad? What are you doing up so early?”

Peter, her father chuckled. “I wanted to get onto the stock exchanges early, before too many others figure out how much this virus will change the economy. Investments in baby products and food will pay off well next year. Pregnancy tests too. A few hours and a couple of thousand dollars placed wisely now, and in a year or two we could be sitting on a very pretty nest egg.”

He suddenly looked at Emma, as if really seeing her for the first time. He spent a microsecond too long staring at her eighteen year old body and its tight fitting underwear.

“Anyway, what are you doing up so early, and creeping into your brother’s room?”

Emma searched her brain frantically for an answer. “Phone charger. I needed to borrow his charger. I couldn’t find mine.”

Peter looked at her quizzically. “Hmm, I don’t think you should wake him for a charger. You shouldn’t be using your phone at this time anyway. No. Not important right now. Go back to bed and wait for him to wake up. Then you can ask him.”

Emma slunk back to her room, disappointed.

She didn’t get another chance to sneak into her brothers Taksim Escort room. Soon Emma could hear her mother moving round too.

Her brother texted her. WHERE R U?

She replied disappointedly. DAD WAS UP. SAW ME. COULDNT GET TO U.




Their parents seemed unexpectedly happy today, it seemed to Simon, and he knew exactly why. He’d heard them last night. They fucked for what sounded like ages. Far longer than he managed with Emma. Simon still didn’t quite believe that. He’d fucked his sister yesterday. Twice! And what shocked him even more, was that he had enjoyed it. Sure, she was an amateur, and he’d had far better lays from university girls. But it was the taboo of fucking his younger sister, cumming in his younger sister, that gave him a crazy buzz. Having his thick cock inside her tight eighteen year old pussy was unbelievable. They’d fucked twice yesterday, and would fuck twice again today if at all possible.

But that was the problem. Since getting up this morning, their parents had cock-blocked them at every turn. Their father had stopped Emma sneaking into his room this morning. When their mother went out for a run, their father insisted on looking around their bedrooms for any DIY that needed doing. When he went out to the DIY shop, their mother was already back and insisting on both of them helping clean the house ready for their sister’s return visit in the afternoon.

It had been a few weeks since they’d seen their older sister Anastasia (or Nastia for short). About three months ago, she’d moved out to live with her douchebag boyfriend, much to the disapproval of their parents. Then the quarantine had been put into place, keeping everyone trapped in their homes until the quarantine was lifted yesterday afternoon.

During the quarantine, through phone calls and skype chats, they had mended some of the bridges. The whole family was keen to see her again in real life.

They had a quick lunch together at the dinner table, with their father Peter continuing to lecture about wise investments and possible futures caused by the virus, and their mother Yulia talking about how the local tennis tournament schedule changes will affect her training routine. Simon couldn’t care less, especially as his sister was occasionally stroking his leg under the table.

“Oh, look at the time” said Emma, breaking the dry conversation. “I need to get walking to the church youth meeting.”

As planned, Simon replied. “I’ll walk with you. I could use the fresh air, and there are some dark alleys on the way. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Oh, thanks Simon. You’re the best.” she replied sweetly, already imagining his cock inside her again. Sure, a dark alley wasn’t her first choice, but what other options did they have?

Ten minutes later they left the house, finally alone together. As they left the house, they saw some graffiti on a nearby wall.


Both of them knew they’d soon see a lot more of that type of advertisement. For the first time in human history, it would be women using prostitutes more than men.

“What’s going on?!” Simon started, as soon as they were sure it was safe to talk. “It’s like they are everywhere.”

“I don’t know” replied Emma. “Do you think they heard us last night?”

Simon didn’t know. “They haven’t said anything, but…well…if we could hear them, they could probably…youknow…hear us?”

“But” replied Emma “Why not come and stop us, or at least say something today?”

“Maybe they…”


A voice called out along the main road. They turned round to see Emma’s friend from church Karen running to catch up with them.

“Hi…(pant) guys…(deep breath). Mind if I walk with you? You are going to the youth group meeting, aren’t you?”

Karen wasn’t unattactive, with dark black skin, long beaded hair and the body of a crossfitting nineteen year old. But she was a church girl, and Simon knew that almost always meant off-limits to guys like him. She was also the twin sister of Callum, Emma’s ex-boyfriend. Non-identical, obviously. She was clearly also not that bright, considering she didn’t seem to notice Emma’s unease when Ümraniye Escort it came to discussing the breakup (from Callum’s cheating) and the way Simon and Emma both hinted they needed to talk alone. So they walked with company all the way to the church building, without ever having the chance to split off and have a quick fuck.

Simon left the girls at the church (he was agnostic) and returned home, wondering desperately how he would get some alone time with his little sister, and what would he say to his parents if they did find out.

“I promise mum, I’m only fucking my little sister for medical reasons.”

“Yes, dad, I filled her tight cunt with my spunk, but only because she asked nicely.”

He was doomed.


Emma walked back home with the boys and girls from youth group, as she would normally. She pretended everything was normal, but inside she was getting worried. It had been too long since she’d been given the antiviral. What if she got sick again?

When she arrived, her sister was already there.

Anastasia hugged her little sister tightly at the door. Her twenty-four year old body, covered in punk style clothes and short pink hair seemed completely different to the petite, feminine frame of barely eighteen Emma. Luckily for everyone, the boyfriend (Scott) hadn’t come too.

They talked family talk over dinner. Lots of general, inoffensive stuff, tiptoeing over anything uncomfortable. They talked about Aunty Laura’s declining health. They talked about redecorating and DIY and tennis competition training. Finally, the meal was over.

“Mum, Dad” said Nastia, after the plates were cleared away. “I’m going to need to borrow these two for a while. It’s your anniversary soon, and we need to plan.”

The parents looked at each other, and gave a permissive nod.

“Oh,” Nastia continued “And I don’t want you two listening. I’ve got an idea I want to keep secret.”

“OK Honey.” replied their father. “We’ll put a film or something on down here. You guys go talk in Emma’s room.”

They climbed the stairs while their parents went into the living room. Simon started trying to find reasons for their sister to leave them alone for a while, but he came up with nothing.

They walked into the bedroom, and Nastia closed the door behind them, putting the door behind her back.

“So guys…how’s it going?” asked Nastia pointedly.

Emma answered before Simon could. “Yesterday we did it twice, but we haven’t been able to get alone today.”

Simon’s draw dropped. Why was Emma talking about it?!

“You know?!?” he said in disbelief.

Nastia chuckled. “Didn’t Emma tell you? It was my idea.”

Emma continued when Simon’s face became white as a sheet. “When I heard the news about the virus and the antibodies, I didn’t know what to do. So I called Nastia. She suggested I get you to help, rather than a stranger, or confess to mum and dad about Callum…and still need someone’s dick inside me.”

“OH, that reminds me.” said Nastia. She pulled out a small cardboard box and gave it to Emma. “My old birth control pills. From before I got the coil put in. Look after them. They’ll be like gold dust now.”

Emma swallowed one, then put the others carefully away in a draw.

“So,” Nastia continued, “What’s the problem now?”

Finally Simon managed to speak. “We think mum and dad know. They’ve been stopping us from being alone all day.”

“Well, that’s easy enough to fix. Fuck now.”

Both Simon and Emma looked at their big sister in surprise.

“WHAT” the said in unison.

“Look, if they think the two of you are fucking (and they probably don’t. It’s probably all in your heads), they’re not going to worry while I’m with you.”

“What if they come upstairs to check on us?” Asked Simon. His mind may have been doubtful, but already his crotch was beginning to bulge, and he was unconsciously unbuttoning his trousers.

“I’ll catch them at the door and deflect them. Anyway, knowing this virus they’re probably using this time as an excuse to fuck too. This virus makes you super horny.”

They couldn’t disagree with that!

Emma gave a sheepish nod, and began removing her clothes. Simon pulled off his t-shirt and finished removing his trousers and shorts. Now they were both naked in front of their older sister.

Emma bent over the corner of her bed and spread her legs. Simon stood behind her, and began to move his cock towards her entrance.

“No, no, no!” said Nastia, interrupting. “This is no drunken quickie. Come on, do it properly. We’ve got time.”

The two younger siblings looked at her puzzled. Anastasia rolled her eyes.

“Emma, on the bed. Legs open. Simon, kneel down. Start licking.”

Obediently, Emma moved to the bed and opened her legs wide and looked up at the ceiling. Simon, with more hesitation, moved between her legs. He took in her musky smell. He had no words to describe the smell, but it turned him on, and he could feel his cock getting even harder as he moved his tongue down to lick her tight cunt.

He’d fucked her twice already, but this was the first time he’d tasted her. And she tasted good. And she was wet. Her juices already were running down his chin. He could hear her breathing becoming more laboured as the pleasure slowly built inside her.

He heard a feminine whisper in his ear. “Rotate round. Let her taste that cock, but don’t stop what you’re doing here.”

Carefully he moved his body over the bed until he was above her body, still licking at her wet cunt. Emma took his cock into her mouth hungrily, and exchanged the pleasure she was getting with the movements of her tongue and mouth.

Anastasia moved towards Emma’s head, trying to avoid Simon’s legs. She began whispering quietly to her younger sister.

“You told me your fantasies. This is what you’ve always wanted. Think about it. Focus on it. Your brother is eating your tiny vagina right now. You’ve got his thick dick in your mouth.”

Emma’s breathing became shorter as the mental and physical pleasures continued building.

“Open your eyes” Nastia’s instructions continued. “See your brother’s body. See his balls in your face and his cock filling your mouth. That’s family balls. That’s family cock. And in a minute, your brother’s cock is going to fill your tight pussy with his cum. Your own brother’s cum. Family cum.”

Emma’s imagination and the feeling of her brother’s tongue on her clit took over, and she orgasmed, her whole body shaking in ecstasy. Her moans of pleasure stifled by the cock in her mouth.

At the same moment, Nastia thrust her hand forward and grabbed Simon’s balls, squeezing tightly, preventing him from ejaculating in the moment of his sister’s pleasure. He looked backwards quickly in pain, but smiled to see his sister’s face of bliss while still sucking on his large cock.

He pulled himself off her, and twirled his body round to hers. Instinctively, he kissed her passionately on her mouth, neither caring that she’d just sucked his cock, or that her pussy juices still surrounded his mouth.

Nastia was still kneeling beside them. “No.” she instructed. “Not on the bed. They might hear the springs of the mattress. Simon, lay down on the floor.”

Simon obediently laid down on the carpeted floor. Emma crouched over him, and guided her glistening pussy over his upright cock. Slowly she began building a rhythm, using her legs to pull herself up and down his long cock. She’d never tried this position before, and she didn’t mind, but she preferred him on top. She liked to feel her brother’s muscular body over her.

Simon decided against reaching for his little sister’s bouncing breasts. Instead, he just enjoyed watching them go up and down as her pussy slid up and down his manhood. He became lost in the moment, and could have been hypnotised for mere seconds or long minutes before coming back to reality.

He glanced round the room, looking for Nastia, or to make sure his parents hadn’t burst in. The door was still shut, and Nastia was still on the bed. Their older sister had pulled down her punk style ripped jeans and was fingering herself through a pair of almost see-through panties. And she was staring at him while she was doing it. No, that was wrong. She was staring at them, at the place her younger brother’s cock entered her younger sister’s pussy.

Her eyes locked onto his.

“Cum for me” was all she said. It was all she had to.


The three of them came downstairs a few minutes later.

“Finished making your secret plans?” asked Yulia.

“No” replied Anastasia without blinking. “We got into a bit of a heated moment. We couldn’t agree if you preferred Indian or Chinese. So we might need to have another planning session in a day or two.”

Simon and Emma just smiled and nodded in agreement.

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