Vinyl Kisses

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The kiss was Chianti-induced or maybe it was really vinyl-induced.

“Beatles or Oasis?” he inquired lifting his smoky grey eyes to mine over his glass of Chianti.

“Beatles, any day, any time,” I answered as he slipped the pristine record from its sleeve and placed it on the record player.

The Beatles always cleanse my soul. Everyone needs a little Beatles in their life. Strawberry fields forever. I loved the lyrics. It reminded me of high school and good dope that we snuck out of my friend’s dad’s hidden stash.

“You’re really short, you know that?” he sputtered.

“That was a random comment. Yeah, the last time I checked I was only 5’1,” I laughed at his odd observation.

“Yeah, I’m really tall. We aren’t a good match,” he nervously crackled the record sleeve.

“Stop crackling. You’re paranoid,” I teased gently.

“You are a bit scary,” he looked at the floor, mumbling.

“Please, not this paranoid bullshit again. How am I scary?” I sighed heavily, sinking back into his bed.

“You know too much. See too much. It’s scary,” he sat down next to me and nervously cracked his knuckles.

“Am I scarier than the ex-Cape bitch?” I countered, nudging him with my shoulder.

I made him crack a smile. He chuckled.

“No Şerifali Escort one is as scary as the Vampiress.”

“Then don’t be scared. Just kiss me,” I offered simply.

“How? I mean-you want me to, just kiss you?” He was a wreck.

“Yes, one kiss.” I trailed my fingers down his arm gently.

“But I suck at kissing. I can’t kiss, you know that. We’ve discussed my lack of skill-er, my lack of finesse,” he fumbled.

“It’s ok. I don’t care if you’re a virgin.”

“I’m an endangered species. No one is a virgin at my age. You don’t want to kiss me,” he crackled the record sleeve, crushing it with his hands.

“Stop. Don’t do that. Relax. Look at me,” I took the sleeve out of his hand and captured his hands.

“She was never gentle with you. You need tenderness. You bruise too easily,” I whispered, brushing my lips softly across his jawline.

He exhaled softly. I felt the cool puffs of his breath against my cheek.

“You see. It’s really easy. Press your lips to mine. Like this,” I guided his face to mine and danced my lips lightly across his mouth.

“Don’t. Please,” he sighed.

“Shhh. Like this,” my lips sucked on his bottom lip.

“Gentle. Soft. Shhh. Not another word,” my mouth licked across Göztepe Escort his dry lips.

My hands guiding his tender hands to my chest, pressing his palms to my breasts.

“Feel me. Memorize me. Do you feel how hard they are getting?”

His thumbs shyly brushed across my T-shirt. I could feel the whisper of his hands, barely grazing my pebbly-hard nipples through my t-shirt and bra.

I reached down and tugged off my t-shirt. He made me feel sixteen again. He made me feel innocent wonder again.

I unhooked my bra as he looked away, blushing a crimson red.

“Look at me. Please,” my voice pleaded. I needed him to look at me.

He gazed shyly. He was such a boy-a beautiful, grown-up boy.

I guided him.

“Please. Suck my nipples,” I squeezed my breasts together. I reached down and tugged at them, feeling them swell and grow hard.

He leaned down towards my breasts. His face felt warm and scratchy as he pressed his face to my breasts. He inhaled my skin. I felt him hesitate, then his warm, soft fat tongue glided across my left nipple.

He captured it between his lips and suckled on me, like a baby would suck. I pressed my hands to his head and pushed him against me.

I squeezed my legs together Ümraniye Escort tightly. He sucked hungrily and then moved to the other rock-hard bud. He bounced the nipple off his tongue, tasting, teasing, and exploring. I watched him. He circled the tip of his tongue around my right areola. I sucked in my breath. My tingling pussy dripped liquid heat.

“My God, your mouth. You are perfect,” I moaned against his dark brown curls. I buried my mouth against the top of his head and moaned.

I felt the quaking. He sucked me harder. I wanted to feed him my sweet milk. I wanted him to suck me dry. I wish I had milk to give him. God, I wish. The thought sent me spiraling into orgasm.

He sensed it. He backed off a little. He kissed the underside of my soft, heavy breasts. He weighed them with his hands. He squeezed and then flicked his fleshy tongue across my left nipple.

“Baby, my God. This has never…. Your kisses, sweet lover, I’m cumming,” I held him tightly against my breasts as my pussy spasmed. I was ricocheting and floating to him. Tears welled and I pushed my hips to him, aching for his cock, his beautiful virgin cock that had never felt a woman’s wet cunt milking him dry.

His lips pressed directly over my heart and I thudded against his lips. The tears dripped and I watched them cascading down his brown curls. A low guttural animalistic groan shrieked out of me and I gave it all to him. My body quivered and I arched into him, and he then looked up at me and kissed me. He didn’t kiss me like a boy. He kissed me like a lover

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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