Vindictive Romance

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Chapter 1

He awoke at the stroke of midnight. It was now Halloween. His first thought was, “I hate my job, having to get up at midnight.” He didn’t care much what day it was, as he had to do this almost every day. But, he had to do it to pay the bills, and to have time during the day for school, as well as help his wife out with the school loan she had taken. It was tough, but maybe it would not be for too long. He was almost done with his schooling, and had a possible job lined up after. “Not much longer,” he encouraged himself.

He readied himself, kissing his wife good night, and heading out. Charles worked Graveyard shift tending a graveyard. He did not mind. He was not scared of the dead, and the fact that it was a graveyard paid better. Sure, once in a while he heard, things, or saw them, but that was part of the job. He expected a bit more today, but he also expected to study. He did his rounds, studied a bit, and waited for morning to come. He would not get home until about 10 in the morning, with enough time for two hours of sleep before heading to school. Once in while, he would sneak in an hour or so of asleep at work, but it was unusual, as he did not feel comfortable doing it.

At fifteen before seven he got a call from the boss telling him to go home early. That he was done for the night, as it was Halloween and it was cemetery policy.

“How about pay?” Charles asked.

“You’ll get paid the full hours.”

Content, he packed his things and headed home. Thinking he could surprise his wife, maybe get an hour extra of sleep, and even study a bit before school. What he would not do to make sweet love to his wife, and fall asleep right after, content. It was looking to be a good morning.

The cab pulled up to his house, and Charles paid the bill and claimed out, recognizing David’s car, a family acquaintance, but thought nothing of it. “Maybe him and Suzanne came to say hello to Stacy,” he thought, as he headed to the back of the house, placing his things in the shed, as he always did. They only had one car, and he always allowed Stacy to keep it. It was not an expensive cab ride anyway. Soon they would have two cars, and finally they would be able to take advantage of the two-car garage they had.

He walked in through the back door, which led to the kitchen, and when he was about to close the door he heard, “No daddy, I was not trying to lie to you not to go to school.”

“Don’t lie to me!”

“What the fuck!” thought Charles, quietly closing the door. He recognized his wife’s voice, but did not understand the reason for the childish inflection. And, that was David responding. He headed to the door that separated the kitchen from the living room, and froze with his hand on the handle, unable to open it. Through the blinds they had placed on the door he could see his wife, wearing the skimpiest Teacher’s Pet costume he had ever seen, playing her best little girl interpretation for David. She was in front of the main door, tits ready to spill out of the small white top, her blond hair tide to one side, and her lips slightly pouting.

The lights were on in the living room, and the lights off in the kitchen, which made Charles invisible. He could not believe what he saw, and for a second he thought it was a trick-or-treat idea, and waited for Suzanne to walk out as the angry mother. But, no Suzanne.

“I know you are lying to me,” said David, in a low rumbling voice, one of his hands grabbing at his dick through his pants.

“No Daddy. Not the belt again. I’ll do anything, but not the belt.”

“Anything, huh?”

“Yes Daddy, please!”

Charles felt dizzy and sick, but did not open the door. He watched, and waited, allowing his mind to wrap around the situation, and trying to come up with a solution.

“On your knees, now!”

She dropped, dropping her eyes to the floor.

“I didn’t say to stop looking at me. I want you to crawl to me. That should teach you not to lie to me.”

She did, looking at him, her eyes a flame, her face still pouting as she was caught in the act.

Stacey was kneeling right in front of him now, his confined dick right a front her face.

“Take my cock out. I want to see how sorry you are by how well you suck!”

“Oh, Daddy, I’ve never done that before.”

“Think of it as a lollypop. But you bite it, and your gonna get it with the belt!”

Stacey moved her hands to David’s pants, undoing his belt and releasing his erection. It was large, and full of veins, and trembling in anticipation of entering the moist lips of the woman keeling in front of it.

Stacey opened her mouth, moving in slowly as she was ready to take him in, but David had other plans, and pushing her head forward with one hand ordered her, “hurry up. You don’t get to take your time when you are being punished,” and impaled her mouth on his cock.

Stacey’s nostrils flared trying to grab air through her nose at the sudden invasion, but her moaning gave her away, and her pussy was on fire, the moisture dripping down her thighs in excitement. “Yeah, just like that. It seems like you really want to be forgiven Aydın Escort for lying to your Daddy!”

“mmm hmmm,” was her muffled reply.

Charles heart was breaking, and his eyes were becoming blurry do to the tears that were invading them, but he forced them to stop, and swallowed the anger that threatened to suffocate him, and did not move an inch. The resolve was coming.

Even if Charles was not looking, it was clearly what was happening from the slurping, sucking sounds that filled the room, as his once beloved wife went down on this asshole fucker.

David grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her up, saying, “that’s good for now, but where’d you learn that shit?”

“Huh, what do you mean Daddy?”

“You’re not trying to lying to me again, and going to try to make me believe that that was really your first time, are you?

“No Daddy!”

“Have you been doing drugs? Maybe you got them from sucking cock, is that what you’ve been doing?”

“No, I did no such thing.”

“We’ll find out,” and his hands began roaming her barely covered body. They went first for her back, and quickly moved forward to her tits, grabbing, and pinching the nipples as he assured himself that nothing was hidden there.

“Fuck it,” he said, and ripped her shirt open, her large tits spilling out in the open air, and his mouth immediately going for them, licking and sucking them, as she squirmed in his strong arms. His hands went behind her, under her skirt, grabbing her ass and checking for drugs, then broke the sucking to stay, “Your not wearing panties slut!

And, let me see, you’re all wet as well, am I getting you turned on or where you thinking of someone else.”


The spank thundered in the room, and he released a couple more on her naked ass.


“Oh Daddy, no please, stop. I didn’t mean it.”

“Did not mean what?”

“I didn’t mean to react…I…I, dunno.”

Charles had come to a conclusion. His breathing had calmed, he had taken a second to grab a heavy pan, and waited for events to unveil, looking for the right time. He had separated himself from his emotions, and had gotten a little turned on, and for the first time he address his wife in his mind as a fucking cunt ass bitch.

David did not stop moving his hands all over her body as he spoke, making Stacey squirm beneath his skillful ministrations. He moved one hand to the front, and strongly cupped her pussy, and in one fluid motion jammed two fingers all the way up.

A loud moan escaped her lips.

“You like that, huh?”

Stacey was quiet, whimpering in lust.

“Answer me!”

“Yes,” she whimpered again.

“I know what you want. Tell me what you want.”

“I can’t Daddy.”

“Say it, or I’ll change my mind about the belt.”

“No Daddy. Ok, ok, I’ll say it.” And, in a just audible speech, “I want you to fuck me.”

“What? I did not hear that,” his fingers still working in and out her slushy cunt.

“I want you to fuck me!” she said almost screaming.

“What about Charles, your boyfriend?”

“I don’t care about him, just fuck me please Daddy.”

“Ok, since you are saying please. I’m going to sit down on this couch, I want your back to me, and I want you sit on my cock.”

“Oh, Daddy really?”


He sat, and she backed up, and as soon as the mushroom head entered her wet pussy he stopped her, a devious smile on his face, “what do you want?”

“Oh, Daddy, please don’t make me say it again.”

“Say it,” as a loud SMACK filled the room again.


And he pulled her hard unto him, impaling her on his hard member. The rhythm between them quickly increased and the only sounds were her moans, his grunts, and the loud smack of their slapping bodies.

Charles walked in the living room, the fucking couple too involved to pay attention. He raised the pan and slammed it hard on the back of David’s head, knocking him out immediately, all his bitch wife had a chance for was the insecure word of “Dav…” as all went black for her as well.

Chapter 2

Charles was not in a hurry. He was methodical now. Calm. He was secure in his decision. First thing was to tie them up, gag them, inject some Clorox in to them to be sure that they stayed fucked up, then undressed them and shove them in the trunk of David’s car. He had already moved David’s car in to the garage so it was not difficult. He was heavy, but changed his mind about her.

He dressed in the full-body suit David had picked out. An interesting choice of a modified version of a Zorro, the crotch was easy to access, and he clearly had opted against the full mask, but Charles did not. He laughed to himself as he noticed that the so-called belt was actually a whip.

“What a slut!”

Charles redressed Stacey, and placed her next to him, her face leaning against his shoulder. He drove confidently, secure in the knowledge that if anyone saw him they would think he was David, driving away with his wife, she, dressed in something not very appropriate. Once, they were in a neighborhood Aydın Escort Bayan where it did not matter, he pushed her away, and pulled her seat back so she was no longer visible.

Making his way to an abandoned warehouse he pulled inside and carried them both to the office, tied them, and woke them up with a few punches. He went a little lighter on her, than on him, he could not help it.

While they still were not fully recovering he covered them with the gasoline he had brought, and while they awoke and began to panic, trying to get sound out over their gag, he rewired some of the cables in the office. Charles field of study was electrical engineering, and one of the things he liked to do at the graveyard was rewire the cables to scare the shit out of kinds messing around in it by making lights seem to go on and off by themselves, and creating small electrical fires out of the blue. The fire part was not a direct part of his studies, but it could get pretty boring in the graveyard.

“You can surely create a lot of racquet for two people gaged, tied to two metal chairs, that are secured to the floor. Trust me, no matter what you do you are not getting out,” he patiently explained.

“fhhf fhufh!”

“What was that David? You want me to remove the gag?” David nodded assent.

“Ok, but only if you promised to keep quiet,” he said. He was going to enjoy this.

He did, and immediately David said, “Fuck you!”

Charles punched him hard, loosening some of David’s teeth, and making him spit out blood. He was surprised at the strength of the punch, and Charles explained. “Surprised? Well, I do a lot of grave digging, which helps with muscle building, and it’s a lot of fun to punch an asshole like you.”

David went to yell help, but another punch got him on the other cheek, causing the same result. “I know. I am surprised as well to find out that my left punch is just as strong! Since you are not going to stay quiet I think it’s time to gag you back up.”

David said nothing, still trying to regain his orientation after being rocked by the punches.

“And you, my dear wife. What a disappointment! I don’t mean to ramble, but being that soon you will be no longer here, I might as well take advantage. What, you want me to remove your gag too?”

She nodded, thinking that she would try for sense, since she did not want to get the same punch-to-the-face treatment. He removed it.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked sobbing.

“‘Cause you fucked me over, slut! Don’t you know what you are wearing?”

“I’m sorry, Charles!”

“Too late. I don’t forgive, and I don’t forget. But, hey, at least you got nice and fucked in Halloween by this piece of shit.”

“mmsmsm mgmmgmggm!”

“Shut up Idiot! Death will come to you soon, I suggest you start praying!”

“What?! You are going to kill us!?” Panic clearly present in her voice.

“You never where the most intelligent, but I loved you! You don’t expect me to let you go after I’ve gone this far, do you Stacey?” And suddenly he moved to her, giving her the most passionate, love-filled kiss he could muster, leaving Stacey confused.

“There, I’ve deposited all the love I had for you in that kiss. The rest should be easy!” His eyes were dark, as demons came out of then, looking forward to caressing what would soon be theirs.

Lifting his trusty frying pan he knocked her out, and did the same to David. He had about fifteen minutes so he hurried, tying her to the desk, and slumping him atop her, as if they were busy fucking when something terrible happen. He had been sorry to kill the homeless man when he first got to the warehouse, but witnesses were not an option. He figured it was for the better, as the homeless man would be blamed for the couple’s death. Charles had stabbed the man once in the stomach, then covered his mouth until he suffocated. He lifted the poor soul and placed him on the far corner of the windowless office. Then he stabbed David hard in the back, so that the knife penetrated to the heart, and placed the knife in the hands of the homeless man.

He left quickly, ducking behind the building, and walking far away enough to where he felt it was safe to take a taxi to a the nearest Halloween store. He bought a batman suit, full mask, and took another taxi near the house, walking the rest of the way in his suit, mask off. He walked in, changed back to normal clothes, had a glass of wine and waited. It was not over.

Reaching for the TV control, Charles turned it on, just in time for the breaking news showing firemen controlling the fire that was consuming the warehouse he had left behind not too long ago. He changed the channel, and then turned off the TV. He went upstairs to take a shower, and then came back down to have another glass of wine. He decided not to go to school.

Charles nodded off for a few hours until the sound of the doorbell brought him back to.

He opened it, and said a bit surprised, “May I help you officers?”

“Mr. Maltman?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“May we come in, sir?”

“Sure, sure. But, what’s this Escort Aydın all about?” He asked closing the door behind them.

One of the officers noticed the glass of wine, “do you usually drink so early in the afternoon?”

“Huh? Yes. I work graveyard shift, at the graveyard, believe it or not, so I usually have a glass of wine to unwind.”

“Do you know where you wife is?” asked the other officer.

“No. I was wondering that, but I figured she had gone shopping or to school. Can you please tell me what this is about?” he was becoming frustrated.

“Mr. Maltman, please have a sit.”

He did.

“I’m not sure how to put this lightly, so I’m just going to say it. Your wife was found dead, about two hours ago. She was caught in the fire at the wear,” and he was interrupted.

“Is this the warehouse that was shown in the news?”

“Yes, sir. I see you know of it.”

“Yes. But, it said nothing about anyone found dead. Besides, why the hell would she be all the way over there, and the car is still here. She’s probably out for a stroll.”

“No sir, I am sorry. We did immediate DNA tests, and it led us here.”

“Nooooooo!!!!!!” Charles cried, his face falling to his hands, and his body convulsing by ragged breath, and heavy tears. “It is impossible. You got it wrong!”

“Sir,” said the other police officer, his face now full of sympathy.

“Do you know a man by the name of David Trevors?”

“Yes,” answered Charles, attempting to control his sobs. “He is a friend of the family. Him and his wife and had a few barbeques with us. Wait, did that asshole kill my wife?!”

“No Mr. Maltman. He was found as well with her, caught in the fire.”

“This makes no sense. What was he doing there? I don’t understand this. She can’t be dead!”

“Sir, they were killed by a homeless man that was unable to escape when a fire broke out do to faulty wiring. We found him dead, burned, with the knife he used to stab Mr. Trevors in the back, leaving your wife tide to the desk.”

“Tied to the desk? I don’t understand what is going on. Is this some sort of Halloween prank?”

The officer placed a hand a top of Charles shoulder, and in a voice that was filled with sympathy for the poor man said, “I’m sorry Sir, but it is quite evident that your wife and Mr. Trevors were having an affair. They were both in Halloween costumes, and it seems they had chosen this site to play some sort of role-play out, and the Homeless man walked in to take advantage of the situation.”

“What?!?!?!??!?! But this cannot be! My wife would never cheat on me. Oh God,” and Charles fell to his knees. Truly crying, giving in to all the emotions and heart-break he had felt at the beginning of the ordeal. After a few minutes he regained his breath and some of his composure. He was able to ask, “And Suzanne?”

“There are officers informing her now.”

“Oh Suzanne, poor us. Please gentlemen. If you don’t mind, I need to be alone for a while.”

“Sir, as a formality, please do not leave the state.”

“I don’t plan to. In fact, here,” and writing down his cellular phone number and handing it to them stated, “here is my cell phone number. Please give me a call if you need anything and I will come right away. Oh no,” and he broke down again.

The officers left him alone. Charles cried and cried on the floor, trying to overcome the heart-break, and the guilt, and all that he felt, all he had done for her, and done to her.

The officers spoke to each other outside, “What do you think?”

“Well, it’s clear he had nothing to do with it,” the other answered.

“How can you be sure?”

“Are you fucking kidding?”

“Well, I agree with you, I just wanted to see if you had something else to say.”

“I do man. That’s fucked up. Fuck, he’s gotta find out his wife is dead and was cheating on him. Fuck, I hate my job.”

“No you don’t. Just this part.”

“Man, lets go grab a beer.”


“Attention all units, robbery in progress!”

“Oh well. I guess that beer’s gonna have to wait!”

They drove off.

Chapter 3

He felt exhausted after straining so much with his emotions. He pulled himself off the floor, and used all the strength he had to make himself up the stairs and in to the restroom. Turning on the water, he undressed and sat under the running water for what seemed an eternity. Trying to soak in energy from the shower. Eventually, he got out, and picking up the cell phone dialed the number.

After a few rings the answer machine picked up, “Hello, this is the Trevors, please leave a message.”

Wearily he spoke, “Hello Suzanne, it’s Charles.”

“Hello, Charles?” God, she sounded like he felt.

“Hi Suzanne, listen, I assume you’ve heard.”

“Yes, I still don’t believe it!” It sounded as if she was trying to keep herself from crying.

“How about I come over?”

“Ok, Charles. Hurry, please!”

“Will be there soon.”

He put new clothes on, and threw the costume in the car. Why he brought the costume, he had no idea, but might as well. He stopped by the store and got a few bottles of wine and headed for Suzanne’s house. Bag with wine in hand, he walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell, and it was almost immediately opened by her. A disheveled Suzanne in a Batman Girl costume took him aback, and she hurriedly ushered him in.

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