Unexpected Seduction

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My name is Alex Mueller. In the summer of 1986, at the ripe old age of 39, a mind-blowing event took place in our home which would change my wife’s and my lives forever from that day forward. We had a sound marriage and bright energetic children, but my sex life with my wife of 18 years was definitely in an ever increasing death spiral. If I’m honest with myself, it was never really that great from the get-go, but was now reduced to infrequent, ho-hum, lights out, one position, once a month (with begging and pleading)sex. And yeah, I almost forgot, my wife never gave, nor wanted, oral of any kind.

Little did I know or even suspect at the time, but a visit from my wife’s former college roommate was about to recharge and change my sex life forever. Carol was coming to stay with us for a 10 day vacation and to fill Maggie in on all the details of her divorce.

I was looking forward to seeing Carol again after so many years, just never expected to see quite so much of her in the flesh or under such a wild set of circumstances. The real kicker was the unexpected instigation of a seduction plan, by my wife, Maggie, to help her friend Carol get laid.

Carol and Maggie shared an apartment for 4 years back when we were all college students. They were and continued to be closer than Maggie had ever been with her biological sisters. Carol dated a guy named Ronnie for most of her college life, eventually marrying him after graduation, bearing him a son and a daughter, and moving to La Jolla, CA from Philly. Carol eventually divorced him when he ran their finances into the ground with some very high risk, go-for-broke investments. Carol got their kids, went back to grad school, and earned a PhD in Psychology. She opened her own couples counseling service in California. How perfect and fitting was that? Carol went on to be much more successful financially than Ronnie would have ever dreamed.

Maggie and yours truly were steadies during most of our college years, although we went to different universities. Maggie became an elementary school teacher and taught third grade until our first was born 3 years after we tied the knot. Two more followed in quick succession as Maggie could not seem to get enough of motherhood. I kind of gently called a halt at 3 as I thought OUR finances would sink us if we kept it up at such a rabbit-like pace. Incredibly, Maggie never had trouble getting back to her slender figure and I must confess that I felt a deep pang of regret when those magnificent 34C nursing breasts retreated back to their normal 34Bs once the last nursing baby went off the breast. Unfortunately, like many husbands find out after the children come along, the breasts were not the only thing to retreat and diminish in size. Maggie’s sex drive went on holiday, and now, many years after the birth of our last child, is still nowhere to be found. My dashed hopes for its return were, and still are, a huge disappointment and the one major lingering contentious aspect of our relationship.

Oh, we still make love (but never raunchy fucking) infrequently, but it is perfunctory and more of a periodic obligation by her than a sincere interest in giving her mate an intimate, balls-blowing romp.

Me? Well, I’m usually a pretty laid back piece of work. I’m a former collegiate defensive end who went on to become a chemical engineer. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I’m 6’4” and anywhere from 230-240 depending on the season of the year and my inclination or disinclination to frequent the gym. I am told I am decent looking in a rough biker sort of way, but minus the beard, tats, and beer gut. A former female acquaintance who shared my bed (before I met Maggie, of course) became fascinated with the size and girth of my cock, and “forced” me to submit to the indignity and have it fully erected and measured. Let’s just say that she compared it to most of the length of her forearm and close to the thickness of her wrist. More than a mouthful, but it did not stop her from fully sheathing it in her well experienced puss.

Unfortunately for me, she was the kiss and tell type (more like a female town crier) and my rep was born. If anyone was counting, it would have appeared that I fucked every co-ed in our 6-dorm complex, the Dean’s two daughters, and all the Trustees wives. Sadly, none of this was true, but I learned rumors have lives of their own (and this was way before the days of social media). The truth is, shortly after Megamouth’s rumor mongering ceased, Maggie entered the picture and I was smitten, faithful, and pretty well taken care of sexually. Maggie was not very experienced at first, so I don’t think she had anything to compare me with. Maybe she thought we were all the same in that department. Who knows? Regardless, she was initially an enthusiastic and loving partner.

Anyway, flipping forward to the present, I was enjoying my ride home from work that day since I was looking forward to seeing Carol after over 5 years. Now free of Ronnie, she was back on the East Coast visiting family members and friends. Artvin Escort She and Maggie had decided that she should stay at our house, and use it as a hub for her forays to see various relatives over her 10 day visit. Carol’s flight had arrived that morning, and after getting her rental car, she would have arrived at our house sometime in the early afternoon. Since that gave them a few hours to talk and catch up before my arrival, I thought they might be running out of gas by now. I guess I’ll never fathom the depth and stamina of the female voice box.

I parked my truck in the driveway next to a rental Honda and headed up to the front door. Once inside, I thought I’d be so clever and quietly sneak up on the girls and all the laughter I heard coming from the kitchen. Just before I made my grand entrance, I heard Maggie say something that stopped me dead in my tracks.

“I really don’t know, Carol. I mean, he’s pretty big, but he’s a big man. Wouldn’t it be proportional to his size?”

“Ronnie was no midget, Maggie, but he was no more than 5 or 6 inches when raring to go. There were rumors about Alex’s size. Mary Jane said she heard he was huge, maybe 9 or 10 inches. She said she heard that from some girl up at UP.”

“Mary Jane was always full of shit. And she would drop her panties for anybody who looked at her, male or female.”

Carol said, “Well, that’s true, Mags. You know, she took a shot at Alex once. Let him know he could have her anytime he wanted.”

“What! When, Carol? Before or after Alex and I became an item?”

“Way after, Mags. Mary Jane wouldn’t let another woman stop her, even a friend. I’m surprised you don’t know that story…it’s actually a pretty good one.”

For those of you wondering, this will not end badly for good old Alex. My nomination for sainthood actually stemmed largely from this event.

“Alex was down visiting one weekend during the off season when Mary Jane made her move. It was a Saturday when we were all bar hopping. When you and I went to get drinks, she leaned those big tits of hers into Alex and told him she was his for the asking. Apparently, Alex told her that he’d gladly fuck her lights out all night, but she had to do one thing first. When she said she’d do anything for a shot at his big cock, Alex told her to check with you to see if you were OK with it. She must have been reluctant to ask you, as she wasn’t anywhere to be seen when we got back with the drinks.”

Maggie said, “I remember that! She just disappeared so fast. Alex told me she left because her period started. I always thought that was an odd thing for MJ to tell Alex. Anyway, Carol, that bitch never asked me if I was OK with it. That took some nerve to prop him while we were all there together.”

“Maggie, you may not want to hear this, but she wasn’t the only ‘friend’ to try a seduction on Alex back in the day. Seriously, if you weren’t my best friend, I would have taken a shot at him myself.”

Hey now! I always adored Carol, but it was strictly hands-off due to her and Maggie’s close friendship. Carol was way too good for that asshole Ronnie, as time would show. She was so different from my Maggie, in looks, build, and personality that it was always difficult to see them as close friends. Whereas Maggie was tall and lean like a runway model, Carol was only about 5’3″ and more voluptuous in body, with boobs almost the size of her head and a great ass with what I fantasized was a deep, moist crevice. And that was back in the 70’s. I began to wonder what she looked like now, naked of course.

Maggie then blew me away, saying, “Carol, listen, my sex drive just isn’t what it used to be. At first, it was the kids and all the work that cooled me down, but I thought it would come back once the kids were in school and I could breathe a little easier. But I still don’t have the urges back, and I know Alex is really disappointed in my lack of desire for him. You know, sometimes I get really horny during the day, but then night rolls around and it’s as if someone opened a valve and let out all my pent up steam before we ever hit the sheets.”

Carol sighed, “Mags, we’re a pair alright. You have it at your fingertips and don’t use it, while I desperately need it and have no outlet other than my fingers and my vibrating friends.”

Lots more deep sighing then ensued.

Just about the time I had decided to tiptoe back to the front door and make my triumphant entrance, I heard my Maggie say, “Carol, I wouldn’t mind if you fucked him while you’re here.”

Carol seemed every bit as shocked as I was. She stuttered, “Whawhaat…what did you just say?”

“You heard me girl. I think I could let you have him for a night or two. You’d be doing me a favor, and I know he would love to get his hands on those big boobs of yours. I’ve thought about turning him loose before, but then I’d get green with envy and chicken out. The thought of him falling for someone else and leaving me scares me to death. But with you, I know it won’t become ‘love’ and I won’t be risking Artvin Escort Bayan him leaving……besides, you live on the other coast and won’t be around for it to get complicated. You need a good fuck or two, and I know Alex does too, so we can all come out of this happy if we handle it like mature adults. Hell, we love each other so much we may as well be sisters, so why not?”

Once Carol stopped gaping and shaking her head, She said, “Done, but let’s not make it too easy for him. Let me seduce him and see what he does about it….”

So now that the plotting was done and the master plan was in place, I quietly slinked back to the front door, made appropriate entry noises, and then warmly greeted both ladies in our kitchen. Other than giving me a longer than expected hug (my God, those breasts!), Carol didn’t act any different than when we had last seen each other in La Jolla. We then caught up on each other’s lives and made plans for dinner out the following evening.

The next day flowed by with little inkling of what was to come, with the exception of Carol’s subtle flirting with me whenever Maggie wasn’t looking or with us. I played my part, smiled a lot, and mildly flirted back, but my cock was enjoying the new female attention just a little too much. At one point, I adjusted myself while Carol was looking and got a great doe-eyed smile and round the horn lip lick in return. We locked eyes, and with a seductive smile of my own, I let Carol know that I was enjoying our clandestine little game.

At dinner that night, the seduction went to all ahead full. After the meal, with coffee served, Maggie announced a trip to the Ladies, but Carol declined to accompany her. When Maggie was out of sight Carol slid over next to me and placed her hand high on the inside of my thigh. At the same time, she pushed her chest into my side, slid up my torso, and placed her lips next to my ear. Her breath was hot, moist, and full of promise.

“I’m enjoying our little game, but I need this to go somewhere deeper. I want you to fuck me while I’m here. Repeatedly…baby, I am so wet right now from thinking about you inside me that I’m afraid Maggie will smell me when she gets back.”

Without saying a word, I moved my right hand to her dress hem, raised it, and slid my hand along her thigh. She helped me by spreading her legs open further and my hand came in contact with the gusset of her panties. She was no liar. She was soaking in warm juice.

I removed my hand and licked her wetness from my fingers while she watched, then wiped my hand on Maggie’s napkin. Carol gave a short gasp, and said, “You’re a bad boy, Alex.” I watched a fire build in her eyes. I brought my head around so that we were face to face, breathing each other’s warm air.

I said, “Carol, I would love to fuck you anywhere and as much as you want, but not unless Maggie gives her OK. I don’t cheat on her and I won’t risk hurting her, especially with her best friend. I don’t understand why you would want to risk your friendship over me, but that’s the only way it’s going to happen.”

Yeah, yeah…I’m an asshole, but these opportunities don’t come around too often. Points are points, and you take them any way you can collect them.

Carol looked at me with a smirk on her pretty face, and said, “You haven’t changed a bit. Leave Maggie to me. I can be pretty persuasive when I go after something I want.”

At that point, Maggie returned from the Ladies and settled back into her seat. She said, “Well, what have you two been chatting about?” Carol told her we were just discussing old times when we were all college students, but I did not miss the wink that passed from Carol to Maggie as she said it.

On the drive back from the restaurant, Carol leaned over the front seat and out of the blue says to Maggie, “I want to sleep with your Alex tonight. He won’t do it unless you agree. How about it, Maggie, you can have him anytime you want, but, sweetheart, I really need him tonight. “

You could have heard a pin drop in the car. After a few seconds silence, Maggie looks at me and says, “Well, Alex, would you really fuck her if it’s OK with me?”

I replied, “Maggie, if I hadn’t already met you, I probably would have taken a shot at getting into Carol’s pants and bed years ago, so I guess the answer would have to be yes.”

So Maggie says, “Just don’t be too loud, and don’t expect me to serve you two breakfast in bed in the morning. Oh, and Carol, I hope you’re not leaving a stain on those new leather seats. I can smell your pussy all the way up here.”

When we got back to the house, there was surprisingly little awkwardness, just lots of hugging and kissing, all between the girls. As a parting shot, Maggie just has to tell Carol, “Oh yeah, when it’s all over, you may need ear muffs to get to sleep, cause Alex snores like a ruptured boiler.”

Carol told Maggie it wouldn’t be a problem as sleeping was not on her agenda. So Maggie, always the one to have to get in the final word, says, ” Well, at Escort Artvin least make him lay in the wet spot.”

But I was feeling my oats by then, so I let loose with, “That won’t be tough, Mags, as I don’t plan on leaving any dry spots.” Maggie gave me her first concerned glance at that, but offered, “Take the Master, you two. I’ll sleep in one of the girl’s rooms.”

Goodnights were exchanged all around. We sounded like a minor version of the Waltons.

I took Carol’s hand and we casually walked the stairs to the master bedroom. Once there, I wrapped my arm around her waist and guided her to our king bed. I felt my cock charging, but I wanted to savor the unwrapping of this unexpected present. Plopping my ass on the bed, I wrapped my arms around Carol’s meaty hips and possessively grasped the plump globes of her butt. She was so short that when pulling her inward, my face was pressed just above her massive cleavage. I took a moment to inhale her sensuous perfume.

Sighing deeply, she says, “Alex, I sure didn’t expect anything like this tonight (Oh, really!), and I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I haven’t done any housekeeping down below for awhile. I think I need a shower and a razor before we start anything serious… I feel …”

“No showers, no razors tonight, sweetheart. I’m tired of antiseptic sex. I want you wet and raw, baby. I’m gonna bury my face in your soaking cunt, smell the real Carol, and suck your clit until you scream my name or call for the EMTs to rescue your pretty ass.”

“Oh my God, Alex, no one’s ever talked to me…..”

I spun her around till she was facing away from me and stood up from the bed. I kissed the top of her blonde head and put my hands on her hip bones. The girl had some meat on her, but a good solid shape with a narrowing waist. And those tits, my God, were round and plump with stiffening nipples that were showing through her bra and silky dress fabric. I moved my hands up her body while moving my head down the side of her jaw and nuzzling her baby soft neck. She lifted her head back against my chest to give me better access to her throat. I kissed a trail along her collarbone and whispered in her ear.

“Give yourself to me completely tonight….hold nothing back….trust me. I won’t hurt you or degrade you in any way….why would I? I want you to come back for more, much more, every chance we get to be together like this.”

Carol squirmed as I slowly, but firmly kneaded her large breasts, and kissed her exposed neck. She whispered softly, “OK, baby, I’m yours. I’m YOUR woman tonight.”

She turned around to face me again and I resumed my place sitting on the edge of the bed. Carol brought her face to mine, put her hands on the tops of my thighs, and leaned in to kiss me, passionately and wetly. She danced her tongue around my partially opened lips and breathed out hotly into my mouth. She tasted faintly of alcohol and citrus. I flashed on her downing several Tequila Sunrises after our dinner.

She broke the kiss and said, “I love kissing, Alex, make sure you give me plenty of what I love tonight.”

I just smiled into her big blue eyes and gave her chubby fanny a light smack, which prompted her to squeal, pout her lips, and say, “Undress me, sweetheart.”

I reached under her arm and slid the zipper of her dress down to her hip, then tugged the slippery material over her hips and watched as the dress unrolled down her thighs and calves to land in a puddle at her feet. After stepping out of the dress, she pulled her pumps from her feet and tossed them onto a chair. Since I hadn’t seen a scantily dressed woman other than my Maggie for quite some time, I stared at her beauty for a few moments to burn this image into both lobes of my fevered brain.

She was beautiful, in the way only a good looking woman in heat can look. Her breasts were encased in a see-through filmy bra which prominently displayed her large round areoles with their tautly distended nipples. She wore matching beige bikini panties that were much darker in the crotch due to the soaked nature of the cotton panel. Her smell was ripe and I noticed a thin wet line of pussy juice snaking its way down her right thigh.

But the best features were the curly dark blonde pubic hairs peeking out from her panty seams. I could see the outline of her pubes through the thin material and now knew from the thick mat of hair why she wanted that shower and razor.

My reptilian brain did a back flip and my cock actually lurched in my pants out to its full proud length. Carol saw the massive tent grow and for a second her mouth hung open in what I hoped was amazement and not fright. Her wide eyes met mine and I pulled her down to lock lips with her, giving her what she had previously requested. She pulled away slightly and said, “Let me see it. I’ve been looking forward to this moment for years.”

I stood, undid my belt and zipper and dropped my boxers. I wrapped my hand around my blood engorged cock and stroked it a few times to extend it out to its full length. I removed my hand and my dick jutted straight out from my belly, pulsing with every beat of my excited heart. Carol leaned forward and grasped the thick shaft with both of her small hands. She gazed up into my eyes with a look of shock, which slowly turned to unadulterated lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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