Two Sisters

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It was like any other day at work until we where given the option of getting off early or staying and doing little of nothing. So being the type to enjoy some free time, I took off early. I had a date later that night with the sister of a co-worker. I worked with Caroline and I had a date with Martha later so I figured I would just go home a relax for a while. Before I left Caroline asked if I would give her a ride home as she was taking off early too. What a day it would turn out to be.

As we got in my truck she asked if we could go have a drink. I said okay and off we went. Caroline and Martha were about the same height and that was about all. Caroline was more on the slim side and Martha was more filled out in all the right places. Once at the bar we got our drinks and decided to play a game of pool. As she would bend over to take a shot I kept seeing that ass of hers and felt like just grabbing it. But I figured I had better not knowing what to expect. She was not very good so I won the game.

At that point a guy at the bar asked her to dance. As they were dancing he moved his hands down and started feeling her ass and kissing her. I thought, Caroline what are you doing your married. He asked her something but she told him no. I could only guess what he was after. As their dance ended we left.

On the way to her house I found myself getting hard thinking about what I had just saw. So I asked her if she often kissed strange men. She said no. She told me that she couldn’t help herself and that she wished it was me dancing with her. Well, that blew my mind for sure. Not far from her house she reached over and felt Artvin Escort my hard dick. She direct me to a wooded area not far away.

Once there we found a spot and sat down. She placed her hand back on my dick and stared rubbing me through my pants. I proceeded to put my arms around her and pulled her closer and kissing her. I moved a hand down and found her smallish breast and squeezed and rubbed it. A moan came from her lips and she started undoing my pants. I unbuttoned her top and lifted a breast out of her bra and bet over and started sucking it.

Another moan came from her. By this time she had my shirt off and was kissing me with wild abandon. I stared kissing my way down to the top of her pants and started undoing them. She lifted up when I pushed them down. Caroline then lowered my pants too. They we were both naked and enjoying each others body. Kissing and caressing each other until she moved down and took me into her mouth. Oh I was in heaven I placed my hands on her head and helped guide her head up and down on my ever hardening dick. I reached out with one hand and rubbed her delicate ass. I leaned back and pulled her closer to me until I had he wet pussy right in my face.

As we ate each other moans were coming from both of us. She came first with a cry and then took me back in her mouth and finished me off sucking it all down. We laid there kissing and hugging until I rolled her over and mounted her. As I fucked her she kept moaning and saying how good it was. And that she wanted me all the time. At that point she came again I could feel mine coming and I started banging her hard. Artvin Escort Bayan Then I came like I never had before and she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me ever so gently. We laid there for a few minutes calming down until we started getting dressed. As she was pulling up her jeans I just had to feel her ass again. She turned her head around and said next time you can play with it all you want.

We got to her house and I went inside for a few minutes. Her sister Martha lived with her I told her Hi and told her I would pick her up at 7:00. As I was driving home to get ready for my date I could get over what had happened.

I got ready and headed back and picked up Martha. We went to a movie and then we headed back to my place. I did not know what to expect from Martha as this was our first date. But when we got to the door she just put her arms around me and kissed me. Once inside we managed to get to the sofa. We took off where we stopped at the door. This time it was a kiss of passion as our tongues played with each other. She had her arms around me hugging me as I placed a hand over her firm breast and squeezed it. I worked my hand under her top and moved it up and pilled a breast out and started sucking it.

I could till she was really getting into now, as she just hugged me closer. I moved us into the bedroom and started undressing her and myself. We were laying there kissing until I moved down and started giving her a tongue lashing. I then moved over her and entered her. Oh did it feel good. So hot and tight. Our kisses became hotter as we fucked. Then we both came at the same Escort Artvin time. I rolled us still joined together on to out sides hugging her and kissing her. I remained hard the entire time and started working it in and out of her again. We fucked in this position until we both came again. I moved my have down and started rubbing her ass.

I slowly moved my fingers into the crack and started feeling back there. I found what I was looking for and slowing worked a finger around her anus. Ever so slowly I circled her asshole until I decided to see what she would do. When I hear no protest I slowing worked it into her ass. All the time I was still hard and in her pussy. I got a second finger into her ass and started fucking her with them. As I did she responded by fucking back on them. We kept this up until I rolled her over onto her stomach. I got between her legs and eased my dick up to her asshole. I eased forward until the head entered her with a moan from her. I waited and then pushed more into her. I then started slowly fucking her tight little asshole.

She was moaning and fucking back at me after a few minutes she came for at least the third time for the night. I felt mine building and then I was really giving to her ass and she stared coming again. As she did I unloaded into her ass with my dick buried to the hilt. I collapsed on her back and just laid there until we moved on to out sides. As we came down she dislodged me and went to the bathroom. She came back and laid down across my legs. I pulled her up to me and we kissed again and then we rolled over and I raised her legs and reentered her ass again to her moans of yes. I fucked her ass again until we both came again and we were both worn out.

Shortly after we dressed and I drove her home. Not much was said we were both feeling great from our fuck feast. We made a date for the next Friday as I walked her to the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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