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The following story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the age of 18 or if this type of fiction is prohibited in the location where you are reading this, do not read any further.


All characters and names are creations of the author. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


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All rights reserved. ©2022 Jay Gilbert


Chapter 11:


After Tyler”s initial outburst, the three of us sat there in stunned silence for about ten seconds. Then Eddie said, “I hope that asshole gets raped in prison by someone who”s dick”s twice as big as yours, Jaime.”


Tyler smirked, “They don”t let elephants into prison, babe.”


The three of us laughed. It was really just an oddly inappropriate emotional release. Then we came back to reality.


“That poor little girl,” I said. “How much you wanna bet that the mom is the same church member he”s been carrying on with for years? I”m sure that fraud of a pastor convinced her that by fucking her daughter, he could drive out the devil.


“Jesus Christ, how much money could he have scammed to need to launder it by sending it overseas? It”s gotta be millions. Obviously, his kid Brandon”s never seen a penny. He dresses like shit and could use a serious makeover.”


Tyler laughed, “Jaime, when you came out of the closet, you really did turn on all of the gay genes.”


“Give me a week and I”ll make him fabulous,” I shouted.


Right then, car headlights shined through the living room window. We heard a car door slam and a second later, the front door opened and Dad walked in. He looked tired, but was smiling.


“Hey, guys. What a nice surprise to see the three of you here. What”s going on?”


“Haven”t you checked the news on your phone?” I asked incredulously. “I thought you only went to Boston, not Mars.”


“Honestly, Jaime, I”ve just been catching up on office emails and reviewing the comments from our meeting in Boston, which, by the way, went really well. We”ll find out in a few days if we get invited back for the next round of pitches. What”s up? Any news about what happened yesterday.”


“Sit down and have some guacamole,” I said. “You”re not gonna believe this. If you wrote this as a TV script, no one would believe you.”


“Should I grab a beer first?” Dad asked.


“Definitely. You”re gonna need it. Actually, let me grab you one. I know you”ve hardly got any sleep.” I stood up, went to the fridge, and grabbed a cold one for Dad. Then filled him in on all of the events of the day at He Brew, school and at the press conference. When I got to the news where Reverend Grimes got arrested and revealed what he got arrested for, Dad could only say, “Are you fucking kidding me?”


“God, what a useless slimebag,” Dad continued, “nothing worse than someone who walks around claiming to be a shining example of goodness and piety, but who turns out to be evil incarnate. I”m sure his kid must have had a miserable time growing up with that charlatan as a father.”


Then I remembered seeing Brandon earlier in the week, when the three of us walked into school and said, “On Monday, he looked like he”d been beaten up. When I questioned him about it, he told me to fuck off. I wouldn”t be surprised if his asshole father”s been abusing him for years. I told you guys, I kinda feel sorry for him.”


Eddie said, “Well, you won”t be seeing him for a while. I”m sure he got at least a week”s suspension for what he did. At the very least, that kid owes the three of us a huge apology. From what I”ve seen of him, I doubt we”ll ever get one. What”s that old expression, `The apple doesn”t fall far from the tree”?”


“Would you guys like to stay for dinner? Dad asked. It”s not gonna be a feast, but I think I could whip up spaghetti alla puttanesca if Tyler and Eddie could help with the salad, and Jaime could make the salad dressing.


“Wait, what?!” Tyler asked, confused, “You can make salad dressing? It doesn”t just come in bottles?” We couldn”t tell whether he was joking or serious.


Hey, as long as you”re staying for dinner,” Dad added, “do you guys want to stay overnight? We need to celebrate that an ugly chapter in your lives seems to be closing. I”m sure you”d like a chance to blow off some steam. Maybe play some videogames… or whatever.”


The three of us looked at one another, somewhat suspicious of the subtext in Dad”s invitation, but more than happy to spend another night together.


Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity presented to us, I said, “We can jump in my mom”s car and I”ll run you two home just long enough to grab some clean clothes and a toothbrush. We can be back in half an hour, tops.”


“We”ll text our folks and see what they say,” said Tyler.


Within two minutes, we had thumbs up from both Eddie and Tyler.


“My mom says that after what we”ve gone through the past couple weeks, I deserve some fun,” said Eddie.


“My dad says he still can”t believe that he was standing three feet away from that creepy reverend with the TV cameras on. It”s making him sick. Oh, and he has no problem with my staying. Said the food will be a lot better here than at our place,” Tyler laughed.


I grabbed the car keys and checked to make sure I had my driver”s license with me. The three of us ran out the door and into my mom”s car.


As we”re pulling out of the driveway, Tyler asks, “Do you think your dad is suggesting what I think he”s suggesting?”


Eddie responded, “I know he knows we”re a couple, Ty, but why does he seem to be offering up his house for a three-way with his kid?”


“Cause I kinda told my folks that I lost my virginity to you guys,” I said sheepishly.


“What the fuck?!” Tyler said.


“Are you kidding me?” Eddie screamed.


The two of them were mortified.


“My dad was totally cool about it,” I said. “He thought it was hysterical that I lost my virginity in a three-way. My mom was just concerned that you guys might have taken advantage of me, but I let her know that I didn”t do anything I didn”t want to do and that I really had a great time and that you guys are really awesome.”


“God, this is going to be an awkward dinner,” Eddie said.


“I think my dad would be happier if I had sex with people he knows and in a place that”s safe, instead of me sneaking around behind his back. Besides don”t you want a repeat of the other night? I know I had fun.”


“So did we,” said Eddie. “Even though it was fun watching you guys going at it live in a video chat last night, it wasn”t the same as being there.”


Within twenty-five minutes of leaving the house, we were back. The pasta water was almost boiling. Dad had chopped up the garlic, anchovies, and tomatoes and had the kalamata olives cut in half. The red pepper flakes were at the ready. The romaine lettuce, red onion, cucumber and a wedge of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese were all sitting out on the kitchen island, waiting for us. Since Tyler had already confessed to having no skills with a knife. I told him to rip each leaf of lettuce from the core, then tear it into bite-sized pieces and throw it into the salad spinner to be washed. I knew I could trust Eddie with a knife, so I gave him the task of cutting up the tomatoes, red onion and cucumbers.


When it came time to make the salad dressing, I grabbed some Dijon mustard, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar, oregano and olive oil. I put everything except the oil into a steel bowl and had my whisk Erzurum Escort at the ready. Then I remembered Mr. Choi”s lecture on The Chemistry of Hate, “You know, guys, Dijon mustard is an emulsifier in a salad dressing. Without it, the oil and vinegar separate almost immediately, but by adding it, the dressing stays together a lot longer.”


Tyler and Eddie looked at each other, understanding instantly where I was coming from. They came over and gave me a hug and each had a tear in the corner of an eye. My dad looked totally confused.


“You had to be there, Dad. Mr. Choi our chemistry teacher gave an amazing talk about love and hate and emulsifiers.”


“OK, sounds…fascinating,” Dad said.


“Can you guys help me set the table,” I asked, handing Tyler forks, knives and napkins and Eddie, glasses. “Ty, the forks go on the left, on top of the napkin, and the knives goes on the right.”


“Jeez, Jaime,” Tyler said, “I”m not a total caveman. We may not cook much at my house, but I wasn”t raised in a barn either. I even know what to do when you order lobster at a restaurant and they bring that bowl filled with water and a lemon after you”re done eating. You wash your balls in it, right?”


All of us cracked up.


“Pasta”s perfectly al dente. I see you”ve got the salad ready. Nice job, guys. Let”s eat,” Dad said.


“It didn”t look too hard to do. Maybe I should learn to cook,” said Tyler. “Honestly, because we order in a lot from some nice places, we don”t eat bad, but there”s something to be said for home-cooked every now and then. Maybe I”ll sign up for an FCS course next semester. My folks”ll be shocked, Mr. Fine.”


“Call me Barry, Tyler. When Jaime”s mom Anayali and I first got married, we didn”t have much money, but we both knew how to cook because our moms had made us learn as kids. We quickly figured out that we could make delicious meals for not much money. So, instead of spending all of our cash on takeout, we saved until we had enough for a down payment on a little condo in the city. I know that things are more expensive now, but knowing how to cook can help make the difference between a secure financial future and not. Besides, it”s fun to cook together and even more fun to sit down as a family together. My wife and I both have weird work schedules, but we always try, as much as possible, since Jaime was a little baby, to sit down together for a meal.”


All of us dug into the salad and the steaming-hot pasta topped with freshly grated cheese.


“This is better than a restaurant,” said Eddie.


“Almost as good as the red sauce you get out of a jar,” Tyler laughed sarcastically.


“I”d like to talk to you guys about something,” Dad said. “I know how painful it must have been going through what you did yesterday, and actually the past few weeks, for that matter. I”ve been the victim of racism myself, more times than I care to count. I don”t know what it”s like to be attacked for being gay or bi, but I”ve seen my own brother go through it. I”ve been impressed by how all of you have handled yourselves and I”m really grateful to your parents and you for watching over Jaime when neither my wife nor I could be there in person. In the past few weeks, I”ve noticed a change in him.” I looked up. This was going to be one of those embarrassing dad speeches, I thought. Dad continued, “He”s smiling a lot more and seems to be a lot more confident. I want to thank the both of you for being his friends.”


That wasn”t so bad.


Tyler interrupted, “Jaime and I have been friends for a few years now, but there was always a wall there that kept me from getting to know him better. Then, after I embarrassed him in the locker room, the wall came tumbling down. Then I let mine down, too. He said that your whole family helped him to understand that what makes him different is nothing to be ashamed of, but something to celebrate. He”s become a better friend to us because he”s become a better friend to himself.”


Then it was Eddie”s turn, “Barry, Jaime is one of the nicest, coolest guys I know. He just never realized it before. We love hanging out with him. He”s really helped Tyler and me over the past week get through some awful sh…stuff.”


“You can say `shit,” Eddie. I”ve used the word more than a few times,” Dad smiled.


I was blushing and looking down at the floor. Too much attention focused on me.


Then Dad continued, “And thanks for taking his virginity.”


Tyler, Eddie and I all blushed. I mean, we knew he knew. I”d told him. I just didn”t expect him to bring it up.


“Sex is a wonderful part of life. To have your first sexual experience be with someone you really care about is a great thing. In this case, he did it with two people he really cares about. No harm in that, as I see it. He said he loved it and that”s all that matters.” Dad poured himself a glass of wine.


“You know, my brother and I used to fool around when we were kids,” Dad blurted out.


“Too much information, Dad,” I said, sinking down into my chair.


But Dad continued, “We used to pretend to be `sword fighting.” And I know you guys know that long swords run in the family. We eventually moved on to mutual masturbation, then Noah started giving me blow jobs.”


At this point, I wanted to have lightning strike me.


“To be fair, I gave him a few, too.


“Hey, Dad, maybe this isn”t the place…” I pleaded.


“There”s a point I”m trying to make here, Jaime, believe it or not. Sex is a fine way to show someone you love them or care about them or even just that you”re attracted to them. These guys, even in your own words, made you feel `special” and that”s an amazing feeling. So, I”m sure you already figured out that I invited them to stay over for a reason. After you help me clean up from dinner and after you get done with whatever homework you need to get done. Have at it. Go fuck your brains out, if that”s what all of you want to do. You have my blessing. Feel free to make as much noise as you want. I”m sure I”ll sleep through anything tonight.


“Oh, to continue my story, Noah and I continued playing around. I met your mom when we were just sixteen and realized that she would be my soulmate, but Noah and I still play around once in a while.”


My jaw dropped open.


“Yes, Mom knows. So does Jermaine, Noah”s husband. Your mom and I have no secrets from one another. We have both had experiences outside our marriage and we always let the other know. Most of mine have been with women, but occasionally with a guy. Mom”s have been mostly with men, but sometimes with women. No one could ever steal your mother”s heart from me and vice versa. She”s the most amazing person I”ve ever met. But the heart is a way different animal than the penis, or the clitoris, for that matter. And jealousy is the most destructive emotion known to man.”


I didn”t know how to react. I guess I was kind of in shock, but also in awe. I”ve always loved my dad, not just because he”s my dad, but because he”s funny and cool and listens to great music. He also gives great advise and the best hugs. I”d only wished that I could have opened up about myself and how I was feeling earlier. But I guess he was waiting until he felt that I was mature enough to handle this conversation, too.


Now as for the part about telling all this to my friends, that made me a bit uncomfortable. I looked over at them to judge their reactions.


Tyler was shaking his head, “That”s the coolest thing I”ve ever heard. And the most sensible. I love Eddie with all my heart. I have since we met when we were both thirteen. He”s brilliant and determined and kind and so hot. I had no way to process my feelings when I was younger, but I do now. But I don”t own Eddie and he doesn”t own me. I honestly feel love for Jaime, but he”ll never replace Eddie. And I know Eddie feels the same about me…and about Jaime. I”m just scared about what will happen when my genius of a boyfriend gets accepted to all of those Ivy Leagues schools out Erzurum Escort Bayan east and leaves me behind. I know I”m a good student and will probably get into some really good schools, but I”m not Ivy League material.”


Eddie was deep in thought, then spoke, “For as long as I can remember, I”ve been focused on what I wanted from my life: be the best at everything I do, whether it”s academic or athletic or personal or even video games, but somewhere along the way, I lost track of what I really needed. I let my concept of the perfect Eddie get in the way of being a happy Eddie. That came scarily clear last weekend. It was my love for Tyler and my family that kept me from doing something stupid. I”ve got my first appointment with the shrink on Thursday and am going to try my best to accept whatever help gets offered to me. But honestly, I see Tyler as my soulmate, the person I can see spending the rest of my life with. He”s funny and level-headed, generous and also cute as hell. I know we”re still kids, but you met your soulmate at sixteen, Barry. It doesn”t happen often, but it happens. Ty, whatever comes, wherever we wind up, we”ll do our best to make it work. I don”t care if you fuck around with other guys or girls. If you really love me, then you”ll always come back to me.”


Tyler, who”s normally the funniest guy in the room, started sobbing and wrapped his arms tightly around Eddie. Then Eddie started crying, too, then I did. Dad just smiled serenely and said, “Don”t worry about the dishes. I”ve got this one covered. Then I”m going to bed. I”m exhausted.”


The outpouring of emotion was partly due to what had happened at the dinner table, but partly it was just the strain of the past couple of weeks being released in a huge flash flood of emotions. Death threats, and having our personal lives held up before the school, national television and social media, had put a huge strain on us. After all, we”re still kids, unaccustomed to dealing with such horrible things.


The three of us stood up and slowly, in turn, hugged my dad tightly, first Tyler, then Eddie, then me. We said our goodnights and headed up to my bedroom.


The homework could wait until the morning. The three of us just collapsed onto my queen-sized bed. Eddie on one side, Tyler in the middle and me on the other side. We kissed and cuddled for at least an hour, just luxuriating in the feeling of being safe and loved.


Then Tyler turned to Eddie, “Well, I can see little Eddie is feeling better,” as he reached down and grabbed Eddie”s cock through his jeans. “Little Tyler is feeling pretty perky, too. And not-so-little Jaime? Mmm, the snake is stirring in its lair, I see. How about we all get naked?”


Tyler sat up and pulled off his t-shirt, showing off his beautiful, hard pecs and pencil-eraser nipples, covered with a little bit of chest hair. With some of the crap he eats, it”s amazing he still has those six-pack abs.


Then he turned to Eddie and gently kissed him on the lips, reached down and began unbuttoning Eddie”s shirt, planting a kiss on Eddie”s lips with each button unfastened. Eddie”s lean, toned torso and tight pecs slowly appeared as the shirt fell off.


I was already pretty horned up and wasn”t going to wait for any help. I lifted my t-shirt above my head and tossed it to the floor. I leaned in for a group kiss, then alternated between kissing Tyler and kissing Eddie. Both of them had beautiful, soft lips, but their kisses were each different. Tyler was a little more aggressive and passionate. Eddie was softer and more sensual. Both were amazing. The two of them leaned in and started kissing me on the neck, licking and biting just enough to make my dick rise to full mast. Since it was still confined in my underwear, this was getting a bit uncomfortable, so I unbuttoned my jeans with one hand as I grabbed Eddie”s belt buckle with the other. I slid my zipper down and started to slide out of my jeans. The monster freed itself from the confines of its cage with a loud smack as it sprang up and onto my belly and chest. The sound made the boys giggle.


Tyler wasted no time grabbing my dick as he slid his own sweat pants down. I got Eddie”s pants unbuckled and started pulling at them. Eddie got the hint and gave me a hand getting his jeans off. I grabbed for his underwear and pulled it down and off in one move, freeing his long hard cock. The night before, only being able to watch him play with his foreskin on the cell phone screen, just didn”t cut it (so to speak). I slipped my hand around his cock head and gently slid the skin back and forth, using his already-dripping precum to lubricate it. Eddie let out a moan. My tongue flicked across the tip of his cock, licking up the lube and eliciting a gasp. Uncut cocks sure are fun to play with!


In the meantime, Tyler was down between my legs, taking first one and then, amazingly, both of my egg-sized balls into his mouth. I never thought they”d both fit. This could have easily been painful, but he was really gentle about it and it felt great. The hand that wasn”t already wrapped around my cock was probing at my pucker, causing me to start thrusting slowly. I wanted a mouth around my pole in the worst possible way, so I pulled Tyler slowly off my balls and up to my cock. He got the hint and flicked his tongue up and down like a panting dog on a hot summer”s day, starting at my balls and swabbing every inch of my pole until he got to my cock head.


He opened wide to take the end of my cock into his mouth, then closed his lips around my cinnamon-colored plum. Just what I craved. After a couple of minutes, he started to slowly slide my rod down into his gullet, making sure he had plenty of saliva at the ready to easy the journey. This boy had paid attention to the lesson of the night before. Inch-by-inch, he worked my rod deep into his throat as I was doing the same to Eddie.


Tyler pulled off my needy dick and said, “I”ve got an idea.” He flipped 180 degrees so that he was swallowing my dick from above, this exposed his fat prong for Eddie to shove down his throat, while I never let Eddie”s long, black tool slip from my lips. Forget 69, equilateral triangles are far hotter!


It took a minute or so for us to get the right rhythm going, but pretty soon we were all moaning as we each got turned on sucking the dick of the guy who wasn”t sucking ours. Ten minutes later, after slurping, swirling and jacking our way up the stairway to heaven, we were each getting close.


Eddie pulled off Tyler”s beer can cock and said, “Jeez, Jaime, for a guy who”s only been sucking cocks for a few days, you”re amazing. I need to take a break or I”m gonna blow my load and I”m not ready yet.


So, the triangle slipped apart and Tyler slid down the bed, flipped my legs over my head and went to town on my bubble butt, teasing my pucker with his tongue. Picking up the cue from Tyler, Eddie grabbed my legs by the ankles and used them to steady himself as he gently lowered is asshole to my eager lips. I forced my tongue as deep as I could into the dark brown hole, causing Eddie to sigh loudly. He then did something I never expected would cause me so much pleasure; he grabbed one of my size 7 feet and slipped my big toe into his mouth, then moved from toe to toe, then up to my ankle, exciting me with his tongue. I didn”t even know feet and sex could go together like that! Mind blown.


I was loving what Tyler was doing to my hole with his tongue, as he reached around with both hands to stroke my cock at the same time, but there was something else I wanted to experience that I hadn”t tried yet.


I gently slid out from under Eddie and whispered, “I really want to fuck Eddie while you fuck me, Tyler. I”m also OK the other way around. Whatever works for you guys.”


You could see the wheels turning and both guys broke out in impish smiles. “We can do both,” said Eddie. “You can fuck Tyler first, but don”t blow your load yet. Let me breed that hot, little butt of yours first. Then we can flip around and Tyler will cum in you while you use my hole `til you shoot.”


“Now I understand why you”re Ivy League material,” Tyler smirked.


Escort Erzurum

I grabbed the lube out of the drawer and squirted a big glob onto Tyler”s cock. Then I put a good-sized puddle of the stuff into my hand and shoved three of my slicked-up fingers into my own hole to get me loosened up and spread a long line of lube onto my cock. Tyler grabbed the tube of lube from me and reached over to get his boyfriend all lubed up, both front and rear.


“Ok, boys,” I said, “Let”s take this slow. I”ll go first.”


Tyler lied face down on the edge of the bed with his perfect ass cheeks facing me. But I was too short to get the right angle to wage a straight-on assault of his hole and Eddie would have had to stand like a giraffe at a watering hole to fuck me.


“Houston, we have a problem,” I groaned. I explained the problem to the guys. “Wait, I”ve got an idea. On the floor of my closet, I still have the little step stool I used to use as a kid to reach the sink to brush my teeth. I still use it sometimes to reach up to the top shelf in my closet.” I ran over and got it out.


“Problem solved!!” We all laughed.


Eddie stood behind me, giving me a kiss and tweaking my nipple as I got ready to fuck Tyler.


“Ready, hot stuff?” I asked Tyler.


“Whenever you are, Tripod,” as he took a deep breath, ready to get royally reamed.


I pushed forward slowly, giving him a chance to take my big cock head. He flinched when I entered him. I stopped for a second, but then he reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me into him. He wanted to drive, so I just followed his lead, pushing inch after inch into his hungry hole until I was balls deep. Since Tyler was pulling on one of my ass cheeks, it left my hole exposed for Eddie to drop to his knees and slip his tongue in. I”m glad I bought the flavorless lube!


“My asshole had forgotten just how huge you are, Jaime,” Tyler said, “but it feels awesome. Now stay still for a second while Eddie puts his dick in you.”


My own dick was already doing the happy dance, loving the feeling of Tyler”s tight insides wrapping around it in a warm slickness. Eddie stood up and aimed his rock-hard cock at my hole. He teased the opening, rubbing his glans back and forth over my little pucker, then eased forward until my hole gradually opened, letting him in. He pushed slowly, letting my insides adjust to his impressive length. As his cock grazed over my prostate, I sucked air in, surprised and excited at the reaction he was causing. After a minute or so, he had all 8½” inside me.


“OK, Jaime, now I”m gonna slide most of my cock out until just the head is inside you,” said Eddie.


“Ay, ay, Captain,” I giggled.


“Ok, Jaime, start your engines, Eddie commanded”


I needed no more encouragement. I backed up hard on Eddie, as I pulled about six inches out of Tyler, then reversed course, shoving my manhood balls deep into Tyler as just Eddie”s head remained in me. As I got used to the odd, new feeling, I began to pick up speed. Pretty soon, I was moving in and out like a piston, and loving every second of it. How could I not? Fucking and getting fucked simultaneously. It just doesn”t get better than this.


I glanced down to see the amazing spectacle that is Tyler”s ass, as my monster meat mastered the movement that was sending waves of pleasure to my brain. At the same time, my prostate was being happily assaulted by Eddie”s fuck stick.


“Tyler”s not the only one providing a spectacular view from behind,” Eddie said to me. “You”re doing great, Jaime. Your butt feels and looks amazing.”


I leaned back and let Eddie lean in for a kiss, as I continued the assault on Tyler”s ass and Eddie”s cock. I guess Eddie”s a romantic at heart, because the kiss was all he needed to reach his point of no return. He started moaning loudly and pulled out of the kiss in time to shout, “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck. I”m gonna cum.” A second later, he was unloading in my backside, shot after shot, filling me with his warm goo. After his last blast he said, “Whoa, stop for a second.”


He pulled out of me with a pop and I slowly pulled out of Tyler, ready to change positions.


Tyler stood up and had a huge smile on his face. “Conquering Mt. Everest never gets old. I love getting fucked by you, Jaime.”


Tyler slipped behind me as Eddie assumed the downward dog position on the bed. But now Tyler was just a little too short to reach my ass as I stood up on the stool to fuck Eddie. What to do, what to do? This whole scene was beyond my wildest fantasies, it couldn”t come to an end due to a technicality!


“Be back in a second,” I said, as I bounded out of the room and down the stairs, my still-hard flesh bat bobbing back and forth merrily with each step.


A minute later I reappeared in the bedroom with a sofa cushion in tow, “My mom loves this sofa, please try not to get cum stains on it.”


Tyler stepped back for a second while I threw the cushion on the floor, then stepped forward onto the cushion… Just enough height for perfect alignment.


By now, Eddie was ready for my attack from the rear and had sufficiently recovered from his orgasm that he was stroking his cock back to its rigid state. I took my position back up on the little step stool and steered Mr. Monster towards Eddie”s warm, little cave. Eddie cried out as I pierced his pucker.


“Sorry, Eddie,” I said, mortified.


“I”m Ok, Jaime. Give me a second,” Eddie said, as he inhaled deeply. “Ok, let”s do that again.”


I very slowly applied some pressure. Eddie pushed out to help his hole open to accommodate me. This time the move was a success. I felt Eddie relax. It was a signal to give him a few more inches. Little by little, I got all of me into him.


“That feels great, Jaime. Now pull out enough so that Tyler can get into you balls deep.”


We repeated the process with Tyler mounting me. It took me a little while to get used to his width, but within a couple of minutes, the same amazing feeling I”d been enjoying a few minutes earlier, when it was Eddie fucking me, returned.


Once Tyler”s balls were resting against my backside, I reversed course and shoved the remaining six or seven exposed inches of my cock back into Eddie. He moaned as my cock grazed over his prostate and Tyler sucked in a breath as the feeling of my hole sent shivers down his dick.


Pretty soon, I was back up to speed, pumping away. Eddie reached underneath me to caress my low-hangers as my 11″ sword moved in and out of his hole.


Tyler held onto my hips as I continued to back up on his fat prong, squeezing the muscles inside my rectum to give him the tightest contact.


Five minutes later, Tyler starts to moan loudly, which made Eddie squeeze his ass down on my cock. It was exactly what I needed, as cum started to make its way up my pole. Right in sync, Tyler and I shouted out as we each unloaded into our willing holes. Eddie was so turned on that he shot unaided onto the bed beneath him. We rested in place for a minute, then I slipped out of Eddie”s dripping hole.


“I can wash the sheets,” I joked, “But, Ty, don”t pull out until we step off the `booster chairs.” I don”t want to drip jizz onto the sofa cushion. At that instant, Tyler grabbed me hard around the waist, lifted me up and firmly impaled me on his still-hard cock. Then he stepped down off of the sofa cushion and gently set me down on the floor, as his dick slipped out of my now-sloppy hole. A trickle of cum started to ooze from my well-fucked ass and down my leg. “Mom says thanks for watching out for her couch,” I laughed.


“Let me grab a towel to wipe the jizz up off the bed, then let”s hit the shower,” I sighed. “That was freaking amazing.” I leaned in and kissed and hugged Tyler and Eddie. “You guys certainly know how to woo a girl,” I joked.


It was getting late and we really needed to get some sleep. We took a quick shower, but not without a little kissing, hugging and sword fighting.


The three of us snuggled up into my bed. The two short gymnasts and the tall, skinny runner fit just fine on the queen-sized bed, and we drifted off in minutes into a sound sleep. We looked just like three puppies, off in dreamland, without a care in the world.


End Chapter – 11

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