Trail Ride

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You ever race up a rutted jump, then seat bounce hoping to get air so you can whip your bike for the audience. Or skim the Whoops at a fast speed trying to roost those behind you, hoping you don’t lose control and yard sale your bike?

Everyone in life finds sports they prefer, mine was motocross. I started with used clapped out bikes (worn, not well kept). For training and learning I enjoyed it. Finally I saved enough to buy my first new bike a Honda CR250-R. Before, I even rode the bike I tore the engine apart and began working on improving the performance.

How ever, I did love racing different trails and back woods. Amanda and I would enjoy traveling through woods and rough terrain on our bikes. We were enjoying the trails on Short Mountain in Arkansas, were we had been camping for a week. We found one trail after a few days of being there we didn’t see before. It was a winding trail snaking through some dense woods. Tree so dense it felt like it was getting dark, when all the sudden we reached a small opening and the sun once again in our face. In front of us was the gentle sound of running water flowing down a long cascading waterfall that seemed to flow forever. This thing had to be 50 yards long, at the end over a cliff that dropped over 100 feet. We avoided the sharp drop at the bottom, I didn’t have any rappelling gear with us, to even see how far down it goes.

About half way up the tiers of the waterfall was an area about 10 foot around and 2 foot deep. And the clear spring water was very clear and cool, but the hot sun seemed to compensate for that. We stripped of naked and went into the water. It felt so good the cold water on my skin was very relaxing. The water was cool and Amanda’s nipples hardened as fast as she stepped in. As I lay Antep Escort back almost floating in the water Amanda also floated next to me. It was refreshing and I began to feel relaxed, to the point that Amanda’s breasts were poking out of the water and looking very inviting, I slowly made my way around to sit between her legs.

I pulled her up towards me and began to nibble on her neck, as she wrapped her arms around me and enjoyed the attention. Each time I bit into her neck she would moan and move her hips against me. I slow release my hug on her and she leaned back arching her back giving my access to her breast and hard nipples begging for some warm attention. I didn’t hesitate and showed each nipple the loving attention they needed.

Amanda slowly but sensually floated away from me teasing me with her hot body, staring into my eyes she sensual rolled over on her stomach and slowly floated back towards me. Rubbing her butt teasingly against my hardening member, she had moved into a reverse cowgirl. I grabbed her hips when I felt her hand reach between her legs and grab my hard cock to guide it into her waiting pussy. She was slippery wet and I felt the warmth inside as I entered her. We just held still for a few moments feeling each other throbbing organs. Then she slowly began riding my cock as I held her hips and enjoyed the sensual feeling of her riding me.

Each time she lowered herself on my throbbing member as far as she could, I began to hear a light whimper escape her mouth, I began to notice she was beginning to ride and her movements were beginning to picking up pace, even her cute whimpers had changed to low moans of ecstasy. She was reaching her point of orgasm, I knew letting her set the pace would get her there faster. Antep Escort Bayan Finally she began slamming her butt down against me harder and harder, her muscles began to spasm. I grabbed her long wet hair and pulled her back against me, I grabbed her neck and placed my other arm around her waist. And I began thrusting with all my strength as she exploded in a very intense orgasm, for more intense than even she realized was building. She grabbed my arm holding her neck and tried hard to meet my every stroke, but her orgasm had her coordination all messed up.

Slowly her orgasm began dying down and she would relax her muscles, until she reached the point of total happiness as she collapsed against me in labored breath and exhaustion. I could tell she was enjoying the moment and euphoric feeling she loved so many times before. Then she realized I was still deep in her, and my cock was still hard and throbbing. She slowly began to lift her still quivering pussy off of me, I could feel my cock slip out into the cold spring water, and I felt a chill.

Amanda turned around sitting between my legs and began to suck my cock, licking it like she was eating a melting ice cream cone and didn’t want the ice cream to drip off. It felt good with her talented tongue dancing around on my cock as she began taking as much in her mouth as she could handle without choking. Before I knew it I could feel the muscles in her throat milking my cock each time she swallowed. The feeling had my head swimming with excited anticipation of my orgasm. I felt my nuts tighten and my hips began jerking when Amanda saw I was there had grabbed my butt and pulled me deep into her mouth as I began exploding, spasm after spasm pumped a load deep into her throat. The whole Escort Antep time she would swallow which would milk my cock and cause me to spasm another load into her throat.

It felt like minutes but in reality it was only seconds. I finally fell back into the water and relaxed to the feeling of my orgasm. I could hear Amanda suddenly gasp for air as she let my cock fall out of her mouth. She moved to lie at my side with her head on my chest. We just lay there and enjoyed the moment. I was staring at the sky, as Amanda slowly played with my softening cock.

Not sure how long we lay in the water and relaxed, but Amanda had played with my cock enough to get it hard again. I was beginning to feel a new sense of power. Amanda rolled over on her hands and knees, looked back over she shoulders and smiled. Her inviting ass just staring at me, without a world I moved in behind her and slid my cock into her still slippery hot pussy. Holding her hips I began riding slow and try to go full stroke, I would pull out until my cock almost falls out then go back in. I could tell she loved the teasing and after a few minutes, she tried to pump faster. Feeling she was getting close to round two, I grabbed her hair pulled back hard with each stroke, she moaned each time my cock sank to its base.

Then without warning I began smacking her ass hard enough to leave a read hand print, which excited her even more she began talking dirty and asking me to slap harder. I was giving it all I had when I felt her spasm into another orgasm. Feeling her pussy muscle milk my already throbbing cock was almost too much, I grabbed her waist and began slamming my hard cock home, until with each stroke deep into her pussy I felt a load pump deep into her. Then as fast as it started the orgasm subsided and we both collapsed back into the cool water. As we lay there we could see our juices flowing out of her pussy and trickle down the waterfall. We joked as we lay there wondering if someone was at the end of the waterfall taking a shower or filling a canteen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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