Time On My Hands

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Danny is three hundred years old and to tell the truth, quite bored. Being a warlock has definite advantages but after a while even the best of everything becomes dull and lackluster. Anyway, times had changed and not for the better as far as Danny was concerned.

All Hallows Eve was coming up fast and so far Danny had no plans and no plans on having plans. The young blonde starlet he was dating in his male form was a total airhead but fantastic in bed. Great sex but no one home too talk to.

The supermodel he dated in his female form was far better to look at than to fuck. She was all angles and sharp points in bed but with a mind like a steel trap. Her body was her fortune so she always downplayed her mind. It was such a waste.

Sitting in Starbucks, he nursed a cappuccino and stared off into space, his newspaper spread out before him but unnoticed. He needed a change but for the life of him, he couldn’t figure out what. He wanted something new, something fresh, something he had never had before. That made it a very short list.

An older brunette came through the door and distracted him from his thoughts. Now there was something different, a different hair color, a different age, damn nice legs, and one fine ass. His eyes followed her across the room to the counter and then again as she found a table across the room from him.

The tight short skirt she wore slid up and displayed even more of her legs as she sat down and crossed them. Danny could see the upper edge of her thigh high stockings. The dark lace pattern against her milk white skin made him lick his lips. The mystery of what was higher up under that skirt made his manhood twitch.

The model and the actress chased this woman through his mind for a moment and then he grinned. Here was a real woman compared to the plastic, paint, and cosmetic surgery of the other two. He remembered when actresses and models were real women also but that was long ago. Back when everything was more real.

With a sigh, he relaxed back in his chair and sipped his coffee. He hadn’t realized how tense he had become or that he had leaned forward. He took that for a good sign, a sign that this woman held his interest and piqued his curiosity. He smiled for the first time in a long while.

The woman glanced his way, smiled shyly and then looked away. Danny wondered at the shyness of the smile. It didn’t fit with her age, which meant experience to him or her mode of dress, which was chic but openly sexy. Her white silk blouse had three buttons undone to show a good amount of cleavage.

His curiosity went up another notch. He waited to see if she would glance his way again or not. She sat staring off into space as he had earlier. As the time dragged by, Danny found himself getting nervous and antsy. He grinned, as he realized it had been a long time since he had felt this way.

He could make her look at him but that wouldn’t be fair and would taint the game he was playing with himself and her. He waited. It was a short wait as a moment later, she turned and looked his way but this time she had a frown on her face. He thought it was odd as he watched her out of the corner of his eye.

The frown was more like uncertainty than anger or displeasure. It seemed to be aimed more at herself than him. It was odd, very odd indeed. The woman turned slightly more toward him and re-crossed her legs slowly. He caught a flash of sheer white material.

He couldn’t repress the smile that grew on his lips so he looked straight at the woman and then down at her legs. The shy smile was back as she re-crossed her legs with a small hesitation at just the right spot to give him a great view of her sheer white panties.

Danny stood up, folded his paper, stuck it under his arm, and walked over to the woman’s table. She looked up at him, the frown back on her face. Danny was once again thrown slightly off balance by the change of expression. It was not at all what he had expected.

“Do I know you?” She asked in a harsh, almost accusing way.

“I don’t know, do you?” Danny asked back.

“No, no I don’t. You’ve screwed up the game,” she shot back at him, anger on the edge of her voice.

He pulled a card out of his pocket and laid it on the table. “Call me if you ever want to,” he said turning to walk away.

“If I want to what?” The woman asked sharply.

Danny paused and turned to look at her. A grin spread across his face and then he said in a louder than normal voice, “If you want your brains fucked out and then have a nice dinner.”

Heads turned throughout the shop and the woman’s mouth dropped open. Still grinning, Danny turned and walked out of the coffee shop.


Less than an hour passed before the phone at Danny’s apartment started to ring. Danny let the machine pick up. The woman’s voice yelled, “Just who the fuck do you think you are? Hello. Hello! Fucking answer machines!”

Danny grinned and stroked the silver and gray cat on his lap. He had made quite an impression and she was madder than hell. That she called Antalya Escort was a good sign, a sign that she was intrigued or at least over her shock. If she hadn’t called then it was no loss as she wouldn’t have been worth the time and effort.

Fifteen minutes later the phone rang again. It was her voice again as the machine picked up. “Are you there? Hello?” There was a long pause and then the phone went dead.

She didn’t sound mad or rather as mad. Now she sounded almost curious. Her mind was working overtime on her and that worked to Danny’s advantage. He thought over how long he should let her wait before he returned her call or if she called back, should he answer.

He extended his hand and twisted his wrist. The handset lifted off the phone unit and floated over to land gently on the coffee table in front of him. The cat watched the phone and purred louder. Danny stroked her back and then scratched behind her ears.

“We have a new playmate on the line.” He told the cat.

The cat stretched and rolled over to present her belly for scratching. “Yes, she’ll be the same way after she gets to know me better,” Danny said and then laughed as the cat purred even louder. “You think she would like my female form better. You always do.”

The supermodel sure liked his female form, which he borrowed from the silver and gray cat. It was a hard form to take even in the best of conditions and even harder to hold for very long. The sensations and pleasures that feline body gave were well worth the effort and pain.

The thought that All Hallows Eve was coming up midweek and his powers would be at their maximum for almost two days crossed his mind. A plan began to form in the back of his mind. A plan for something he had never tried before, something totally new and totally different.

The phone rang and the receiver jumped to his hand. On the second ring he said, “Hello, Danny Daniels here.”

There was a silence for a few seconds and then the woman said calmly, “You sir are an asshole and you don’t play fair.”

“Yes, and your point is? You were the one flashing her panties at me,” Danny replied with a chuckle.

“Uh…. Well…. Yes…. Yes, I was, wasn’t I?” She replied with a laugh that sounded very close to a giggle. “But you weren’t supposed to come over and talk to me.”

“I had to. I never could pass up a pair of sheer, very wet panties on a good-looking lady. It’s just not in my nature.”

“At my age, they seem to stay damp all the time. Flashing a very nice looking guy in a very public place makes it even worse or better, as the case may be.” She told him.

“Then I’ll make sure and bring a bucket along so you can wring them out when we go out for Halloween,” Danny replied.

There was a short pause and then she said, “And what makes you think I’m going out with you.”

“Wet panties for one thing and the fact that you called me three times and haven’t cussed me out yet. Although, I will say you do have a potty mouth when you’re mad.”

That giggly laugh sounded again and she whispered, “Talk dirty to me sometimes and see what happens. I won’t be held responsible though.”

“I’ll keep that in mind when I pick you up Wednesday around three in the afternoon.”

There was a long pause and then the woman asked, “How do you know what time I get off work that day?”

“A lucky guess, I didn’t even know you worked,” Danny replied as he mentally slapped himself for screwing up. “I still need to know who and where.” He added to change the subject.

“Uh huh,” She replied and then hung up.

Danny sat there cussing himself under his breath. His plan for the something new and different was down the toilet to say the least. He could coerce her but it wouldn’t be the same and finding someone else on such short notice would be impossible.

The phone rang. He almost fumbled it in his haste to pick it up. “Hello.”

“Mary Ann Davis. 312 West Commerce Street. I’ll be waiting out front by three fifteen,” the woman’s voice said in a rush and then the line went dead.

“The game is back on,” Danny whispered, he was grinning from ear to ear as he lowered the phone.


Mary paused as the door of the limo opened. She had seen Danny as the window rolled down and he had on a funny cone shaped hat. Now that she could see all of him, she was a bit taken aback. The cone shaped hat and cloak reminded her of a wizard from the movies.

She smiled at that but then she took in the black leather pants and the black silk shirt with its puffy sleeves and drawstring front. Damn! She thought. This guy had looked great at the coffee shop but now he was a dream come true.

Danny reached out to give Mary a hand entering the car and then smiled as she sat against the far door and looked at him with a funny look on her face. Part of it was admiration toward him but another was a lust that was barely concealed.

“I love that outfit,” Mary said in a whisper as if she were talking to herself.

Danny grinned and replied, “I like Antalya Escort Bayan to dress up for Halloween, and I thought a warlock would be good this year.”

“Well, you’ve nailed it,” Mary said as her eyes wandered up and down his body.

“What do you want to be?” Danny asked.

“Uh, I usually go for the witch now. When I was younger and in better shape, it was always the cat costume, it made me feel so sexy and sensuous.”

“There’s nothing wrong with your shape, believe me. I was thinking more along the lines of a devil in a red dress.” Danny told her with a grin.

“I don’t have anything even remotely like that,” Mary replied and then chuckled. “Anyway, this old body has more sags and settled sand than the law allows.”

Danny shook his head. “I think the lady protests too much. Anyway, I know the perfect place to get just what you need. For a costume, that is.”

“I’ll just bet you do,” Mary said with a big grin.

Danny chuckled as he waved to the driver to go on. “Yes, there is this little shop up town that has the very best costumes.”

Mary shifted in the seat and crossed her legs. Danny’s eyes automatically dropped to her legs, which made Mary smile. “So you liked my little show the other day I see.”

Danny lifted a small quart bucket from the floor of the car. It had been hidden by his cloak. “Yes I did, very much in fact.”

Mary gave out with her giggly laugh and uncrossed her legs. She left her right foot on the floor and moved the left one to the seat. Danny had an excellent view of her legs and the roundness of her left ass cheek. Her foot blocked the view of her sex.

“I solved that problem for this evening,” she whispered as she moved her foot over to the backside of the seat.

Her completely bare sex came into view. The thin pearl pink inner lips were open and spread out over the darker outer lips. Her sex was small and oval in shape. Danny found himself licking his lips. His first urge was to dive headfirst between her thighs.

Instead, he said, “Then I won’t be needing this.” He gave a twist of his wrist and the bucket disappeared in a faint puff of smoke.

Mary’s eyes grew wide for a second and then she smiled. “A very neat trick even for a full fledged magician, much less a pretend warlock.”

“Everything is an illusion,” Danny whispered as he reached behind the cloak and lifted the bucket again.

Mary laughed and nodded. “Very good.”

The car came to stop at the curb in front of an old brownstone building. “Time to get you dressed for the party.” Danny told her.


The showroom of the shop was in the basement under the owners home. Tessa was obviously English, in a short round full-busted sort of way. Her accent had been Americanized but still had that lilting quality. She even had tea and biscuits made.

Danny kissed her on the cheek and pinched her on the ass at the same time. Tessa’s hand came back and swatted his. “Now sir, you behave,” she said with a giggle. “Your lady friend wouldn’t like it if I jumped your bones. You know how I get when someone plays with my arse.”

“Tessa, you can jump my bones anywhere and anytime and you know it,” Danny replied with a big grin. “But right now I need a costume for the lady. Something in red and something that she can flash in easily as that seems to be her thing.”

With a big smile Tessa winked at Mary. “I love to accidental on purpose flash the goodies myself from time to time. Let’s go to the back of the shop, I think I can find just what you want.”

Mary gave Danny a hard look before she turned to follow Tessa. “Some people have big mouths,” she whispered over her shoulder.

“Don’t worry about old Tessa, she keeps her mouth shut about everything and everybody,” Danny reassured her as he followed along behind.

Tessa was digging through a large rack of dresses along the back wall. “I know it’s here somewhere. It’s red satin and…. And here it is,” she said as she pulled a dress out and held it up. “It needs steaming.”

Turning, Tessa gave the dress a shake and for a second it seemed to shimmer. As she held it up in front of Mary she smiled and nodded. “Much better,” she whispered. The dress looked like it had just come from the cleaners.

Mary frowned for a brief second and then smiled. The dress was gorgeous. It had a deep V neckline, long sleeves with billowy cuffs, and the skirt was cut in long jagged panels and strips. That it looked too small for her fuller figure was the only problem.

“Come with me,” Tessa said, “And we’ll see how it fits.”

Mary followed Tessa over behind a large standing screen. Tessa hung the dress on a hook and reached for the buttons on Mary’s blouse. Mary stiffened but didn’t protest as the older woman unbuttoned the blouse and slipped it off her shoulders.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Tessa whispered as she reached for the front catch on Mary’s pushup bra.

“Uh, I really need that,” Mary said defensively as her hands came up to her breasts.

“Oh no Escort Antalya dearie, it would ruin the line of the dress and anyway, flashing with a bra on isn’t any fun. Letting the girls breath, that’s the only way to go.” Tessa told her with a giggle as she rolled her shoulders making her large breasts move under her blouse.

Mary found her eyes distracted by the tents Tessa’s nipples were making in the soft fabric of her blouse. Her nipples must be huge, was Mary’s first thought. That her breasts were also was the second. If she wasn’t wearing a bra then how did she keep them so high on her chest?

With the bra off, Tessa walked around behind Mary, reached around and hefted a breast in each hand. Mary gasped at the touch of her cold hands. Tessa giggled. “I do have cold hands don’t I, but my heart is very warm.”

“I… uh… I….” Mary stammered. She had never been touched so directly by another woman.

Tessa released her breasts and ran her hands over Mary’s lower chest, and then down across her stomach and around her waist. “I have just the thing for you. I’ll be right back,” Tessa said and hurried away.

A moment later, Tessa returned with a black silk corset. “Lose the skirt deary and we’ll get you dressed.”

Mary hesitated a second and then removed her skirt. “Very nice,” Tessa whispered, “Those stockings look wonderful but I think red will be better than the black.”

The next thing Mary knew, she was seated on a chair and Tessa was removing her thigh high stockings. Tessa’s hands seemed warmer than before but maybe it was her own temperature that was elevated. Mary had never had another woman undress her. Tessa’s soft hands caressed her inner thighs as she removed the stockings.

Mary stifled a soft moan as the red hosiery slowly covered her foot, calf, and then her lower thigh. The stockings seemed tighter than her own and made her legs tingle, especially her thighs. Tessa used both hands to smooth and even out the material. Mary felt a shiver run up and down her spine.

Tessa worked on the second stocking and Mary did moan as Tessa’s hand brushed very close to her bare sex. As Tessa slipped a pair of red high heels on Mary’s feet, she grinned and looked pointedly at Mary’s sex. “You seem to be enjoying this,” she whispered softly.

“It’s something entirely new for me,” Mary replied in a like whisper.

“Do you mean someone dressing you or a woman on her knees in front of you?” Tessa asked teasingly.

“Uh… both,” Mary said and then giggled. “You’re very naughty, aren’t you?”

Tessa smiled and whispered, “You can’t imagine just how naughty I can be if I really apply myself.”

Mary laughed and fanned her face with her hand. “Is it hot in here or is it me?”

“We’ll let Danny decide once I get you dressed. Now, stand up and see how those stockings and the heels feel.”

Mary stood up and realized the heels were an inch or so taller than her normal ones. She could feel the pull in the back of her thighs and the stretch on her calves. Both felt sensuous and sexy. She was also very aware of Tessa’s face only a foot or so from her sex.

“Turn around deary and let me check the seams.”

Mary turned until her back was to the woman on her knees. Tessa worked on both stockings for a few minutes, her hands coming close to Mary’s sex several times. Mary shivered and fought the temptation to spread her legs wider. The thought of Tessa touching her pussy made Mary whimper and moan.

Tessa’s hands on her ass suddenly, made Mary jump. Tessa caressed her ass cheeks, and up and down her hips. Then with a pat on the ass, Tessa said, “You’ve got a nice arse and it will look gorgeous in this dress. Face the mirror so I can fit the corset.”

Mary turned toward the mirror, her eyes running up and down her body. She had never worn red stockings and instantly loved them. They were so bright and shocking against her white skin. Tessa wrapped the black satin corset around Mary’s waist and tucked it under her breasts.

“You hold this in place for a moment while I get the laces started. This will make the dress fit like a dream as well as smooth out and display your figure at it’s best.” Tessa said softly as her hands worked against Mary’s back.

Mary felt the material tighten slightly around her body and then Tessa was pulling, tugging, and adjusting the fit. As Mary watched, her breast rose up on her chest and seemed to grow fuller. Her waist seemed to shrink, as did her tummy. The slowly tightening corset, made her stand up straighter.

As the adjusting and tightening went on Mary finally had to gasp for a breath. Tessa giggled behind her and the corset loosened slightly at Mary’s ribs.

“Better dear?” Tessa asked in a whisper next to Mary’s ear.

“Oh yes, I can breath now,” Mary replied with a giggly laugh of her own. “I’ve never worn one of these before.”

“I wear one all the time, otherwise the girls sit in my lap when I sit down,” Tessa whispered. “Let me tie this off and I’ll show you.”

Mary could not believe how the corset pulled her figure back into shape. Not to mention how it showed off her breasts and the flare of her hips. Movement to her left caught her attention. Turning slightly, she saw Tessa pulling her peasant blouse down around her waist. The black and green silk corset she wore was gorgeous.

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