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Big Tits


“You told the truth, I’m impressed.”

“I’m impressed with your talking pussy.” I knew I’d fucked up the bro code on another level going with awkward humor under her watchful eyes which I now noticed were green.

“Well if that impresses you Robert, you’re way too easy.”


“Oh I’ve got so much more going on that would blow your mind. In fact I come from a long fucking line of women with a uh, particular set of skills.”

“There’s more of you?!!”

“Yeah negro, we all have a certain duty to one another and I drew the short straw, so I get to take care of granny until she leaves.”

“Where’s she going?”

“To heaven, I hope.” Daisy was scratching and picking at her bushy afro still looking at me with this sort of heartened smile as I got her meaning.

“OH I’M SO SORRY; I DIDN’T MEAN IT!! UHM, I DIDN’T GET IT, RIGHT AWAY?” Daisy chortled covering my mouth with her hand until I shut up.

“You’re so earnest and I want you to know that you have nothing to feel guilty about. Arnold cheated first and I’m okay with it; I like his muscles and his aggression, not so much the neediness though. It’s all gonna work out in the end and you’re gonna fuck the shit out of that Deana girl too.”

“HUH, EXCUSE ME?!!” I would’ve sat up, but she covered the palm against my chest with her hand again pushing me back into a prone position facing the ceiling.

Her strength was incredible as she leaned over spooning against my side with a meaty arm draped across my chest.

“Particular set of skills; physical and well, sort of sixth sense if you get me?”

“You psychic?”

“Let’s not talk about that right now; besides I don’t wanna creep you out so we’ll talk about it at my cousin Renee’s house in the summer. You’re gonna help her find herself, but you can’t have her. She’s gotta pay a big ass fucking karmic bill to the universe before she’s allowed to find true love.”

“Who’s Renee?”

“Shut up and fuck me some more; we’ve got a good forty minutes before Niecy shows up followed by her dumbass boyfriend stalker Glendale. He’s gonna be big in the trap music scene, after he’s dead.”



“You’ve got a funny sense of pillow talk Daisy Mae.”

“You’ll get used to it before all is said and done; hurry up and give me some more. Make me happy and I’ll put you to sleep.”

She got down on the floor beside the bed and I found myself sitting up on the edge of my friend’s compromised mattress. Daisy Mae’s eyes followed my movements as she assumed a position on all fours palms flattened knees spread far apart similar to a frog on a lily pad. Her shock of big oppressive reddish brown hair was in my crotch in a second as she slurped my flagging tumescence between her lips with a sharp suction. This veritable afro filled my lap as that suction got even more intense before I realized her lips were methodically sliding back and forth along my fattening shaft.

“AW SHIT!! DAMN GIRL!! FUCK!!” Daisy Mae’s lips repeatedly kissed the base of my member with not one gag or cough as she throated me with little to no effort. In short I started to register her tongue on the underside of my glans slathering saliva all over the place. I leaned back at an angle supporting my weight on my palms enjoying her.

My head rolled back on my shoulders involuntarily staring up at my friend’s bedroom ceiling a few times before I leveled my gaze finding Daisy Mae’s declared sixty-eight inches of country tail bopping, wagging, and twerking with an rhythm all its own. The sight of that mini mountain was almost too much to bear making me want to lean over and grab as much of it as possible. The only thing that stopped me was not wanting her to stop damn near sucking my soul out. Daisy Mae added another dimension to her game humming every time my cock was embedded in her throat.

This wave of humidity washed all over me bringing with it a smattering of goosebumps as she crawled forward somehow becoming larger until it was apparent she was kneeling hunched over. Her fingers encircled just under my balls in dual interlocked fists. I was being devoured whole and loving every bit of it as thoughts of betraying my friend drifted away leaving us solely. Daisy Mae reared up in front of me looking at my face while her hands fluttered and slid along my prick almost as if she were playing a musical instrument humming some tune to herself.

“Get on down here and give me a tail Robert.” Her lips were visibly wet, glistening with her saliva and my excessive precum.

She didn’t have to tell me twice as I got on my knees behind her massive donk grabbing handfuls of her flesh. Although thick and ponderous, both halves of her enormous derriere parted easily enough exposing everything again as watched the head of my cock disappear inside her snatch. Her cunt seemed to have a conical shape to it wide at the entrance narrowing out into an internal funnel Elazığ Escort shape that was sexually addictive. The harder I pushed, the tighter it got around the upper portion of my naturally curved member.


I couldn’t help clawing and spreading my fingers wide apart digging my nails into her abundant ass cheeks revealing everything, both openings. I wasn’t a small man by any means down there but she had no problem taking everything as if she were made for me specifically. Daisy Mae was enticingly steaming wet and gooey deep inside. She was getting it with increasing roughness creaming profusely leaving a thick milky residue on my plunging shaft. The head of my cock was being snapped down on with this sort of pincer like motion that felt incredible.

“AH!! AH SHIT GIRL!! THIS PUSSY!! AW MAN IT’S!! DAMN!! FUCK!! FAWK!!” True to her word, Daisy Mae had me talking and signifying on her certified “talking pussy” with aplomb. I wanted to grab her cinched waist but couldn’t make myself relinquish the ridiculously rounded halves of her hips thrusting as if my life depended on it.

Daisy Mae pushed backwards planting her humongous back porch into my lap completely hiding it from view along with the tops of my thighs. Despite her size and thunderous rear end, nothing was lost with me still maintaining my range of motion. She righted herself upright with both palms planted on the tops of her big thighs.

This sexual hunger had me in its grasp as I wrapped my arms around her torso from the back locking it in by wrapping my fist around my opposing wrist. I got a face full of her big bushy mane of hair becoming engrossed in it luxuriating in the fresh smell of her thick matted curls. Daisy Mae reached up planting my hands over her breasts.

“Want it?”

“HUH?!! UH SHIT!! UH FUCK MAN!! DAMN!!! HUH WHAT?!!” I was feeling it from the tip of my crown to the deep base of my cock. My face was pressed into her back hands up front pawing at her tits sliding down her soft belly jointly cupping her puffy furred monkey. I just couldn’t help it pinching handfuls of her fupa meat groaning into her body. Daisy Mae was at once soft and solid, an immovable object covered in pillowy lushness.

“Want me to put it on you, like for reals?” Daisy Mae asked sounding country playful.

My member was trapped up inside her snatch at an angle with those massive cheeks parted cradling my pelvis. I draped a hand diagonally across her chest hooking my fingers on her shoulder while the other cupped her mound. We went at it really hard both meeting each other roughly in the middle. Daisy Mae was literally bouncing in my lap with the force of a pile driver. One of her hands covered mine pressing down giving me a hint of her personal power. The humidity in the bedroom was awesome while excessive perspiration glazed our joined bodies.

“Wanna get it put on you something fierce; last chance.” Daisy Mae huffed again.

“AW SHIT!!! AW FUCK MAN!! DAY-SEE!! DAISY!!! YEAH!! YEAH PUT IT ON ME!!! FUCK!! PUT IT ON ME!!” I lost control of myself doing my best to run her through when my wrists were handled and flung aside as she lurched forward planting her palms on the floor with a loud thump. Daisy Mae went on all fours before me spreading her thick legs wide enough the right bumped the edge of my friend’s mattress. Once again in the lily pad position.

“Don’t you dare pull out or I’m gonna give you the business.” Her head went low to the floor facing down as her humongous cheeks rose high in the air presenting me with a daunting sight. The arch in her lower back looked impossible.

I was on my knees upright looking incredulously down at the monstrous expanse before me.

Daisy Mae’s enormous badonkadunk began twerking in manic fashion creating this loud echoing clapping sound. The thunderous sound engulfed me as she wriggled horizontally taking my cock on a roller-coaster ride from hell. Her fingers appeared between her legs framing my endowment on either side of my girth. She was jilling herself off getting progressively wetter, sloppier as things progressed. There was no doubt I was along for the ride as Daisy Mae fucked the shit out of herself using my prick as a glorified toy. Before I could think about it further, she began rolling her hips.

I tried to handle the rounded edges of her monstrous butt finding it slippery to the touch, then pressed my hands palms down into her lush cheeks. My hands ended up sliding all over her big sweaty cheeks making it a contest of wills until I found myself pressing down into the buoyant flesh until Daisy Mae was prone. I followed her down burying my cock to the root blanketing her body with my own. This proved no problem for Daisy who unveiled another facet of her game powerfully flexing her pillow sized cheeks on every outward stroke of my prick.

“Wet me up; hose me down Robert boy!” The sultry way in which she ordered me around was like a match in kindling.

She Elazığ Escort Bayan pursed those cheeks really hard as I pulled out already shooting serval ropes across her backside making it look like some colossal pastry. I could feel it all over, throughout my body with the hairs on the back of my neck and arms standing on end. I handled myself encircling my member under the balls with one hand while manically jerking a particularly huge wad right into the middle of her cavernous gluteal cleft as I shuddered.

My head was addled, punch drunk even worse than the first time as I glanced down finding Daisy Mae holding her ankles still face down in a pose that should’ve been impossible. I realized this very buxom and large pear shaped ingenue was double jointed.

“Don’t go thinking you a finished right about now cause I’ve got a whole lot more for you boy.” Even though I wasn’t looking right at her face, there was no doubt she was chuckling at my reaction.


“You know it; heck I’m even a thinking about making you my side piece for the rest of the time you’re visiting down here. I’m a liking your stroke something fierce now and I’ve decided to hold on to you for a minute right here and all. Hell, I think I will put you to sleep then I’m gonna set in that there kitchen and make you something nice.”

“But uh, should we go somewhere else first?”


“Your boyfriend…”

“Now you let me do all the thinking round here now; all you have to do is busy yo’self fucking me some more with that big ole dick of yours. I think we got us enough wetness back here to try out my other hole right about now.” Her features were oddly somewhere between youthful and mature in tandem with her voice which could be playful while oddly threatening. The blue language was off putting but she made it work as I let go slathering my prick in my spent juices coating it thoroughly.

Daisy Mae cooed giggling a little bit as the underside of my member ran deep in her gluteal valley cradled on each side by her mountainous halves. My junk was obscuring her soiled “chub rub” as I pushed into the outsides of her hips wrapping my package snuggly. Despite my size, the crown was the only thing visible as I fucked her cheeks slow and methodically for a few minutes eventually poking at the backdoor until I slid easily inside. It was a narrow fit but I sunk all the way inside mounting her on all fours ironically mimicking her posture palms flat knees spread wide apart.

Daisy Mae took over immediately flexing purposely around my intrusion tensing up with every thrust enhancing the penetration then pursing tightly with withdrawal. Even laying face down she was innately able to fuck me back with as much fervor matching the face to face. This large woman with the ridiculous pear shape still had her knees bent with the calves vertical at my sides. She was in custody of her own narrow ankles while I did my best to plow the living shit out of her with mounting excitement. Daisy Mae’s body was rock solid above the upper swell of her giant butt while its prominent fleshy shelf jiggled and bounced like the mattress of a waterbed from hell.


I exploded in her backdoor firing off several scintillating bursts of jizz filling my friend’s girl with a deluge of cum. Daisy Mae seemed to find this humorous girlishly giggling while I wheezed, whimpered, and whined in several octaves riding out my climax on the verge of another coronary. Now things were confirmed as I noted the same euphoric sensation engulfing me whole accompanied by this tremor that left me shaking and dripping sweat all over her back. Daisy Mae released her ankles raising her head folding her arms comfortably under her chest. She faced the door leading into the kitchen as that hummed tune filled my ears.

“That was a right fine piece of tail we done had; think I will keep you after all.”

“Keep me?” I huffed with some spittle unintentionally spraying out as I hovered over her prone figure.

“Yeah, I done picked the right one for the job and you’re gonna love ever little bit of it Robert boy. You see, there can be a whole lotta perks to being one with me, and I’m even gonna let you have some of that fun you were looking for earlier. All you gotta do is open yourself up to me; don’t hide or run when I call. Heck, maybe I’ll even walk up in you some of them future times.”

“Walk in me?”

“Come on round here and give me something to suck on Robert boy; I wanna eat some more of you while the getting’s good ya’understand?”

Daisy Mae didn’t have to tell me twice as I got in front of her offering my prick to her glistening lips almost giddy with anticipation. Half disappeared between those lips on the first sloppy slurp, then the whole of my endowment to the base. Before I even realized it I was fucking her mouth in this inverted doggystyle posture watching her enormous ass wagging about as she serviced Escort Elazığ me through another toe curling orgasm. I fully understood why Arnold was tightly wrapped around her little finger and didn’t mind being likewise wrapped about the other.

“Get on back here and give me some more of yo’ thang Robert boy; you can do what you like in or out but I’m gonna ride you until you sleep like a little baby in your friends bed.” Her words were melodic and soothing despite what we were both doing to her man and my childhood friend. I knew I wouldn’t be able to look him in the face afterwards.

I didn’t care.

The head of my cock found just the slightest bit of pushback before pushing into her folds returning to that tight intricately grooved pocket of juicy goodness. I swear I almost came just from the penetration alone but found myself long stroking Daisy Mae. She made these little whimpers and encouraging sounds that sent jolts to my shaft as I squeezed and fondled her huge ass watching it tap my pelvis getting these motion ripples radiating outward in an arc. Her cunt was a revelation and something as unique as her outward appearance. My heart started thumping faster signaling an impending orgasm that never seemed to cum as I whimpered and whined fucking the shit out of an ass that was wider than my torso.

“Just wanna stay up in it all day and all night, don’t you?” She was taunting me.

“Yeah I wanna cum in this pussy all day and all night; then I wanna cum all over this big juicy ass of yours.” I was on the verge of speaking tongues.

“If you’re a good boy I’ll let you do that and much much more.”

To punctuate her promise that big juicy ass of hers started bobbing into my crotch taking me whole with this scooping motion that felt indescribable. The visual alone was hypnotic enchanting me until I couldn’t watch passively any longer ramming my prick deep inside over and over again as she playfully taunted and chortled. I got this sudden surge of energy doing this squatting position almost sitting atop her wide expanse. Daisy Mae got the nastiest animalistic bulldog imaginable as I stabbed into her repeatedly with my third leg until the mounting orgasm as inevitable. Through it all, Daisy Mae chided me as if I were doing little more that brushing a leaf across her butt. I went even harder until everything was vibrating, jiggling all over the place. She continued laughing.

At the crucial moment right as I was a pin prick away from cumming, Daisy Mae purposely faceplanted on the floor.

“ALL SHIT AW DAISY MAE!!” Ropes and ropes of jizz squirted out looking like silly string as I glazed the fuck out of her enormous cheeks leaving an awe inspiring mess of translucent cum all over the place.

“Feeling good?” She asked with a playful wiggle of those pillow sized buns creamed as they were.

“Oh yeah.” I gasped stroking my meat squeezing out even more.

Daisy Mae reached back parting her huge cheeks revealing just how much I’d messed all over her with both of her openings creamed thoroughly. My spunk was webbed up in a milky lattice in the cavernous crack of her ass exciting me so much that I slapped my cock lengthwise sawing the underside of it over both of her holes. Daisy Mae let the halves go causing them to sandwich my endowment fully. I went at it for a while until she sighed loudly.

“Ain’t you a bad one Robert; making love to your friend’s woman so selfishly and enjoying it so good. Get up off of me and lay up there on Arnold’s bed flat on your back.” I did as she asked.

Daisy Mae mounted me letting her dead weight pin me to the mattress. It felt like I was under a boulder as she sat atop me looking pleased with herself. My cock was flattened out against my abdomen barely visible because of her girth. Daisy Mae lurched forward as if she were going to collapse on top of me stopping herself with the palms of her hands on either side of my head. The bed creaked under our combined weight as she studied my face.

“I like you so much I think I’ll let you have a ton of good ole fun round these here parts getting your dick wet.”

Before I could say anything she was rolling her hips around on my crotch making these little sawing movements until I somehow slipped up inside of her cunt no hands used. Instead of handling me, Daisy Mae pinched and teased my nipples which made me stiffen inside of her steaming confines so much it hurt. I found that I liked the sensation enough to lay there and let this big pear shaped woman have her way with me. Technically we were in the same age group but something about her read infinitely older making me feel so much smaller.

“Ready for me to put you to sleep?”

“Yeah.” I moaned already feeling as if I were about to cum hard again as she flicked my nipples with her pointer fingers.

Her butt came crashing and bouncing all over my pelvis feeling that my cock would be torn free if she made one wrong move. The mattress was creaking loudly under her weight as Daisy Mae destroyed the box springs with my body fucking me into oblivion. It felt like I’d cum over and over again but I couldn’t tell because a literal mountain of ass was destroying my cock. She never stopped playing with my nipples making me squirm about under her like a fish flopping about as much as her weight would allow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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