They’re All The Same

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I’m a single father with an eighteen year old daughter. She still lives at home and we get on very well. She’s still at school, which probably explains the living at home bit. Let dad foot the bills for as long as possible. I’ll say this, she’s not lazy. She took over all the cooking duties several years back. I suspect that this was more in self-defence rather than wanting to cook for me.

She occasionally has friends stay over which is fine by me as long as she obeys the rules. One rule, really. No boys are staying overnight. As far as I’m concerned my daughter is a virgin and will remain that way until I have grandchildren.

She had a friend of hers stay over recently, a nice young lady by the name of Tiffany. Tiffany is about a year older than my daughter but doing the same course as her at Uni. Parental pride aside I’d have to say that Cathy is by far the smarter of the two. Parental pride notwithstanding, I have to admit that Tiffany has the edge in looks. While Cathy is a very pretty young woman Tiffany is a head turner. Men walk into lampposts turning to look at her. She is fiendishly attractive both coming and going. She’s also a bit of a cynic where men are concerned.

It was the middle of the afternoon when I happen to overhear part of a conversation they were having. Mainly I overheard Tiffany speaking as she had a distinctive and carrying voice. Cathy tends to talk in much quieter tones.

“They’re all the same, Cathy,” Tiffany was saying. “You’re just too naive. Give any man an inch and he’ll take a mile. No. I should say give any man an inch and he’ll try to give you six and tell you it’s eight.”

There was some mutual giggling and then I heard Cathy say something, too softly for me to catch the words.

“Even your dad,” retorted Tiffany. (How nice. My child was defending me.) “He’s on good behaviour right now because you’re around. If I was alone with him he’d probably be clutching my bottom in his hot little hands.”

“You’re wrong,” snapped Cathy, loud enough for me to hear. “He’d never make a pass at one of my friends.”

“Of course he would,” derided Tiffany. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll put temptation in his way and I bet he grabs my bum.”

I raised my eyebrows at that. Tiffany had a bum well worth grabbing. I decided that I’d better move along. I didn’t really want them barging out of the room and seeing me there.

Later that day I was in the kitchen and Tiffany came in. She was wearing yoga pants and she filled them out very nicely indeed. There is something about skin-tight pants on a girl that just by-passes all logic and goes straight to a man’s hormones. She was also wearing a cropped top, one that finished at about navel level, leaving a few inches of smooth skin on a tight tummy on display.

Now I knew that Tiffany intended me to grab her bottom and I certainly had no objection. Still, I could have controlled myself easily enough, but she had a surprise in store. She wasn’t intending to leave things to chance.

She came walking towards me in what was just about a model’s walk. Legs crossing as she came, placing each foot in front of the other, hips swinging happily. At the same time she had her shoulders back which just naturally threw her chest into prominence, and quite prominent it was.

All fine and good and resistible but she tripped as she came nearer. A shaft of sunlight had come through the window and was lying on the floor. That was probably what she tripped on. Whatever, she seemed to lunge forward and that lovely chest was plastered against mine and my hands automatically went around her to catch her and stop her falling.

Now I was still in control of most of my senses and when my arms went around her they went around her waist. All fair and good, no? No. I lost control of my sense of humour. My hands just slid down and closed over her bottom. So she won, right? Wrong.

When I say bottom I mean bottom. My hands slipped under her yoga pants, sliding over her bare skin until I had a nice bare cheek in each hand. If she was wearing panties either my hand went under them as well or she was wearing a thong that left her cheeks bare. I just naturally squeezed her cheeks a little, smiling when she gave a shocked gasp.

“What are you doing?” she half shrieked.

“Ah, grabbing your bottom,” I pointed out, hands still holding her cheeks, her body plastered against mine. I was having another natural reaction to having a nubile young body oppressed against me. From the colour and look on her face she knew it.

“You can’t do that,” she protested.

“I’m sorry, but wasn’t I meant to?” I asked. “I mean, that was the purpose of this exercise, wasn’t it?”

I’d leaned back a little to give me a better view of her face. Since I was still fondling her bottom this meant that my groin was pressing rather hard against hers, much to her evident embarrassment.

“What are you talking about?”

“Your fancy walk and the little trip. Designed to have me grab your bottom and show we’re all the same. I overheard Antalya Escort you talking to Cathy earlier. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. Move my hands, mmm?”

“Yes, please,” she said, and it sounded as though it choked her.

I suspect that she was even less happy when my hands moved upwards and out of her pants. That’s because they moved up under her top, lifting it. I’d thought her breasts were moving a little too freely under that top. No bra, apart from the hand bra I supplied.

Tiffany froze for a moment and then hastily backed away, face burning.

“I guess you can tell Cathy that you won your bet,” I told her. “Tell her to speak to me and I’ll give her all the details.”

I promptly received a furious look and Tiffany departed in high dudgeon. I wondered what she’d say to Cathy. Somehow I doubted it would be the truth. From the smug look on Cathy’s face when I saw her later I suspected that Tiffany had told her I hadn’t done anything.

I didn’t really have any interaction with Tiffany for the rest of the day. Not really surprising. At the best of times I wouldn’t have expected to talk much to her and right now she was actively avoiding me. I retired for the night feeling I’d scored a plus for men.

I woke up in the wee small hours and lay there, wondering what had woken me. A noise of some sort I guessed. Glancing at the clock I saw it was one in the morning. I was tempted to just roll over and go back to sleep but there was that little niggle saying someone’s in the house. With a sigh I got up to investigate.

There was a small glow coming from the kitchen. I assumed that either of the girls would have turned on the light so went quietly to investigate. The fridge was open, which accounted for the low light, and there was a figure standing over by the sink. I flicked on the light.

Tiffany gave a small scream, holding her hand against her chest. In her other hand was a glass which she was about to put on the sink. She was wearing pyjamas of a very silky material. The hand pressed against her chest caused that material to outline her breasts with loving detail. While the pyjama pants showed some of the curve of her leg they were too baggy to really show her off. Those yoga pants had done a much better job.

“I-I was hot,” she stuttered. “I just got a drink.” She held up the empty glass to show me.

“Yes, I guessed that. If you’d turned on the light I wouldn’t even have bothered to come down to check what was going on.”

“Yes, um, I couldn’t find the switch,” she muttered.

“Not a problem. I suppose I’d better go back to bed and let you do the same.”

I was about to turn and go when my evil sense of humour struck again.

“Are you a virgin, Tiffany?” I asked, genuine interest in my voice.

“What? What sort of question is that? What’s it got to do with you, anyway?”

“It’s information that will give me an indication of how you’ll react when I ask you to take off your pyjamas,” I explained. “If you’re a virgin you’ll be wondering why I want you to take them off. If you’re not, you’ll know.”

“You expect me to take off my pyjamas?” She sounded quite scandalised.

“Ah, so you’re saying you are a virgin. Let me explain it to you.”

“No,” she said quickly. “I know why. What on earth makes you think I would?”

“Ah, you do know why. I assume that means you’re not a virgin. As to why you would I thought you might be curious?”

“Will you stop trying to guess if I’m a virgin or not. It’s none of your business. Why in the world would I be curious?”

“If I’m going to fuck you it is most definitely my business. It’s always nice to know that before it’s too late. Why would you be curious? Well I couldn’t help but notice when you pulled your little prank earlier that you took the chance to rub yourself very hard against me. I thought you’d like to see what you were feeling before really feeling it.”

“I did nothing of the sort,” she protested, face red.

I just smiled. We both knew she had.

“We’re getting off the track here,” I pointed out. “I was asking you to take off your pyjamas and you haven’t done so yet. Would you like my help?”

“No,” she said, and left it at that. She stood there looking at me.

“OK. I’ll just stand here and watch. Um, may I suggest the top first?”

“You are not going to make love to me,” Tiffany stated, sounding quite determined.

“Well, not without your agreement,” I assented, “but we can discuss that after the pyjamas are gone.”

Tiffany had two little problems right then. The first problem was that I was standing in the doorway and if she wanted to go to bed she’d have to push past me or ask me to move aside. She wasn’t quite game to. Silly, really. A simple ‘please’ and I’d have had to move aside.

Her other problem was herself or, rather, her vanity. She liked her figure and enjoyed showing it off. She didn’t actually flash anyone but she certainly made sure men saw quite a bit of her. Now she was being asked Antalya Escort Bayan to show off her body in a situation where she could tell herself I made her.

If Tiffany had been wearing a pyjama top that she had to pull over her head things might have gone differently. It takes a specific decision to take off a top that you have to drag up and pull over your head. Idly fiddling with a button and have it pop open just happens. After that your hand just automatically drops down to the next button and then that one pops. Tiffany actually looked slightly surprised when the last button went and her top gaped open, showing a lovely pair of breasts.

“Just leave it like that,” I said softly. “That’s fine.”

She seemed a little relieved at that. Yes, I could see her breasts, but she still had her top on and could pull it across in front of her at any time.

“Just push the bottoms down now,” I said, still talking quietly, and watched as she nervously did so. Once the waistband passed her hips the pants just slithered down her legs. She automatically lifted her feet out of them, leaving them on the floor.

Lovely long and shapely legs. I traced them visually from her feet all the way up to the skimpy panties she still had on.

I looked at those panties and then at her face.

“Take them off,” I growled.

I suspect she didn’t really want to but once you’ve started something it’s easier to keep going than to stop. Stopping means making a brand new decision and most people don’t want to. Tiffany let her panties drop, stepping out of them. She also started to lose her nerve, hands clutching the pyjama top, holding it closed.

“Don’t be silly,” I chided her, moving closer. I took her hands and drew them away from her top, letting it hang open. I held her arms away from her body for a moment, admiring her form. Releasing her hands I brushed the top off her shoulders, helping it slide down her arms, getting it to join the pyjama pants on the floor. Taking a step back I resumed my admiring examination.

I could almost see her hands twitching as she resisted the desire to use them to cover herself. I smiled at her and winked.

“You really are quite lovely, you know,” I told her. “Curves in all the right places, you’re a veritable symphony in pink and white.”

Reaching out I lightly touched a nipple. Just the lightest of touches and it immediately started to pucker up and stand out. I didn’t even need to touch the other one. It was already matching its mate.

Bending down I scooped up her pyjamas and panties.

“Come along,” I told her. “Time you were in bed.”

The fridge door was still open so I swung that closed and put my hand on the light-switch. “Come along,” I murmured again as I flicked it off, and Tiffany scurried past me towards Cathy’s room. There was sufficient light coming from my room to show her the way.

“My pyjamas, please,” she said, not looking at me but holding out her hand.

“Why? You won’t need them for a while, and you’re going towards the wrong bed. My room is over there.”

“You don’t seriously think I’m going to get in your bed, do you?”

“Um, truthfully, yes.”

“What will you do if I scream and wake Cathy?”

“Be very amused listening to you explain to her why you’re standing in the hallway talking to her dear old dad while you haven’t got a stitch on.”

It seemed to me that if Tiffany had any intention of waking Cathy she’d have spoken in a louder voice. As it was, she hadn’t even bothered to open the door and she was standing right next to it. She also didn’t seem to be very amused at my comment.

“I am not sleeping with you.”

“Perhaps you will later. I can guarantee that once you’re in my bed there won’t be much sleep.”

I placed my hand on her back and applied a little pressure, urging her in the direction of my room. She hesitated for the merest instant and then kept going. I walked alongside her, hand still on her back. Personally I think I deserved a medal for keeping my hand on her back and not letting it drop down to her delectable little backside.

She stopped next to the bed and I asked her if she wanted the light on or off.


“Some people don’t like a light when they make love. Others like to see what they’re getting.”

I let my eyes travel over her, letting her see that I liked what I was seeing.

“Oh, on,” she said in a small and nervous voice. Maybe she hadn’t ever made love with the lights on and it would be a new experience for her.

She was still standing next to the bed, making no effort to climb up onto it. I simply picked her up and tossed her on, laughing as she bounced.

She lay there on her back, wide open to me, watching me. I calmly stripped off my pyjamas. She seemed to wince slightly when she saw my erection, drawing a little further away.

“Don’t worry,” I said soothingly. “Don’t let your imagination run away with you. It’s just your standard six inches.”

“And I’m Mary, Queen Escort Antalya of the Scots, you liar,” she said in a half gasp.

“Well, Your Majesty,” I said, settling down next to her, “why don’t you play with your new sceptre while I get acquainted with you.”

I’ll say this for Tiffany; once committed she didn’t hesitate. Her hand had a hold of my cock before I could place a hand on the breast nearest me. She was rubbing and stroking as though it was her new favourite toy.

I, on the other hand, took some time, stroking her breasts, treasuring and worshiping them. I quickly found that my moving about didn’t worry her. She automatically adjusted, keeping firm hold of my cock.

The nice thing about women is that they have multiple points of interest. My mouth fastened on her breast and my hand slipped down and closed over her mound. Then I was sucking and rubbing and probing. Nibbling on her breasts and sucking her nipples while she twisted and turned under me, offering both breasts in turn.

She was already aroused. My fingers slipped between her lips and probed her passage, finding it closing around my fingers and squeezing. She was hot and wet and I wasn’t going to be waiting too much longer before I got down to business.

Like it was my decision to make. Silly me. I was about to move her legs further apart and make a serious move towards fucking me and she revolted. Her legs spread farther apart and she bent her knees.

“What are you waiting for?” she demanded. “Why aren’t you already in me? Can’t you see I need it?”

I hastened to obey. I moved between her thighs and was all set to enter her when she interrupted me.

“Wait a minute,” she gasped, hoisting herself up onto her elbows, head high. “I want to watch.”

A couple of fingers spread her lips ready for me and I was promptly reprimanded.

“Your hand is in the way. I can’t see.”

I didn’t swear. I may have thought some nasty words but I didn’t say them. I shifted my hand to the side, dragging her lip to one side. Not ideal but it did give me a starting point and I guided the head of my cock into position and started pushing.

“Oh my god, will you look at the size of that thing? You know you’re going to rupture me? This is terrible.”

I was taking it easy, moving in gradually, allowing her passage time to stretch to accommodate me.

“Why are you moving so slowly? I thought you’d go in fast?”

“I will go fast,” I pointed out. “First I want to prepare you for what is to come.”

I made a mental note to never teach Tiffany to drive. I could just imagine the way she’d criticise the instructor.

“Oh, Lord, are you going to put all of that inside me? It’s rather big, you know.”

“Not that big,” I pointed out again. “Don’t worry. You’ll find that it fits.”

All of it did go in, too. After a few more comments I finally banged in that last inch, my groin pressing firmly against hers.

“Oh,” she gasped, her head dropping back onto the bed. “I can feel it all the way. I didn’t think you could do it.”

Now while Tiffany may not have been a virgin I very much doubt that she’d had a lot of experience. With that in mind I decided to take things easy at the start, building up my performance as I observed how she reacted. I started stroking, moving slowly but firmly. She lay still for a moment but then started pressing up to meet me, looking almost surprised to find herself doing so.

I kept up the slow easy pace for a while. Why not? I could take a whole lot more of that. Tiffany, however, seemed a little confused. She was moving with me and from the look on her face enjoying herself, possibly more than she’d expected if the slight surprise she was showing was any indication.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she finally asked.

“Making love to you,” I pointed out. “Why? Don’t you like it?”

“Yes,” she said quickly. “I, um, I guess I expected you to do it faster.”

“Well, I can if you want me to,” I admitted, “but I’m enjoying this. Rush it and you finish all too soon.”

“That’s all right,” she hastened to tell me. “This is good.”

I strongly suspected that any previous experiences would have been with boys around her own age, all fire and fury and fuck just as hard and as fast as you can. Not the best way to build up a girl’s pleasure.

After a while I did pick up the pace a little. Tiffany responded beautifully, matching my every move. Her legs came up and wrapped around me, totally unconsciously on her part, just her wanting to hold onto me while we moved.

Tiffany was breathing hard and making little sounds of appreciation which was quite flattering to my ego. The way she felt, her passage wrapped around and rubbing against my cock, I felt like making little sounds of appreciation as well. Instead of that I started whispering quiet words to her, telling her how sweet she was, how wonderful she felt, how lovely she was, all the while thrusting happily into her.

I think she was entering a place she’d never been before. She was almost starting to whimper as she pushed up against me, her head moving around restlessly. She was highly aroused and wanting something more that this steady movement, no matter how wonderful it felt. Being first and foremost a gentleman, I tried to answer her unspoken need.

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