They call me Dr. Love…(4)

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Alura Jenson

Fair warning. My story is no longer TOTALLY true.

These events did happen, just not so close together. It was written this way to keep everything within a specific time period.

Laying there, sweating and quiet, Heather and I looked deep into each others eyes. I can’t say there was love there…but there was a strong attraction. I moved closer and kissed Heather. What a great Saturday she had given me. I ran my hand down her slightly sweaty body.

We broke our kiss and pulled ourselves up. Standing there naked, we kissed again. My hands clamped tight on Heathers ass. I wanted to take her again right there. However, I didn’t expect my little guy would be up to it so soon.

I kissed down Heathers neck hoping to maybe get a little something started again. Why not? If my little guy could come around, we were still naked. Heather lifted her head to give me better access to her neck.

To my surprise and delight, my cock began to swell. I ran my hand down the crack of her ass and rubbed her slit from behind.

“Mmmm.” She moaned.

Heather stepped back out of my grasp.

“I need a shower.” She announced.

With that, she turned and started walking away, getting a crack on the ass for good measure. I looked around and slipped my clothes on.

I was still sitting on the couch waiting on Heather to get out of the shower when Cody and Ashley returned. Cody walked in and looked at me. My look said it all. Of course, the smell in the room could have tipped anyone off. Cody smiled and sat down.

Deciding I needed to get back, I walked to the bathroom and told Heather I was coming in. I opened the door and saw her outline behind the shower curtain. Smokin’.

I told Heather I was heading back and she opened the curtain and gave me the puppy dog face. I looked at her body…covered Elazığ Escort in water and steam. Damn.

She wrapped her arms on my shoulders and gave me a kiss goodbye. I promised I’d call her.

Speaking of calling her…where’s my phone? I reached in my pocket and pulled it out. 2 Missed calls, both from Kay. 1 new text.

“I miss you” from Kay.

Damn it. I forgot all about her. What time is it? 4. Alright. Plenty of time to get home and get ready. I had to return her text.

“I miss you too, baby” I said.

“Where have you been?” she asked.

“Me and Code had to work on his car” I said, remembering the excuse he had used on me earlier.

“Oh. Will I see you tonight?” she asked.

“Count on it ” I said.

With that, I pulled back in my driveway and ran inside. I needed a shower. I couldn’t go to Kay smelling like sex. Hot sex at that. I grabbed a new pair of jeans, t shirt, boxers and off I went.

After my shower, I kept an eye out. I knew that Saturday nights were used by Kays dad to drink himself to death. He’d be leaving for the bar sometime…

I had asked Kay if there was anything she wanted to do tonight. She told me she just wanted me to come over. That’d be enough. Sounded good to me.

Finally, around 6:30, her dad left. I waited for about an hour to be sure he wasn’t coming back. Once I felt safe enough, I grabbed Kays blue panties and slipped out the back. I didn’t feel the need to knock. I just walked on in.

No one was downstairs. I knew Brianna was somewhere around, but I didn’t see her. I walked up the stairs and turned down the hall to Kays room. I knocked on the door, but didn’t get an answer. I opened her door and saw that her bathroom door was closed. The shower was running. I laid her panties on her bed and walked down the hall to let Brianna know I was there. Elazığ Escort Bayan

Her door was shut and little gasps were almost inaudible. What was going on in there? I could hear Briannas breathing quicken and small grunts. I got closer to the door. I listened to everything I could. Was someone fucking Brianna?

I opened her door as far as I could without being detected. From my angle, I could see the foot of her bed. I opened a little more and saw her feet…then her legs…

“Hey!” Kay said, startling me. “Whatcha doin’?”

I closed Briannas door slowly.

“Nothing. Just let Brianna know I was here.” I noticed one thing about Kay. She hadn’t bothered to get dressed.

“Well come on, mister” Kay teased.

I smiled and scooped Kay up in my arms, carrying her to her room. I laid her on her bed and gave her a big kiss.

She sat up and looked at me.

“Well…you tell me” she said. “Should I even bother getting dressed right now?”

I walked over and shut her door. That’s all the answer she needed.

Kay smiled and invited me over. I sat down and she sat on my lap. What a feeling to have a naked chick sitting on your hard cock. Yum.

We got through the formalities, the pre-sex makeout, the taking off of my jeans, jacket, t shirt. I was laying in my boxers when Kay went for my jacket.

It’s a good thing I had fucked Heather without a condom. Kay would have been pretty suspicious if I was already down an extra condom since this morning.

I took off my boxers and rolled the condom on myself this time. To start off, I got behind Kay and had her bend over to her bed. From there, I did my work. I pumped my shaft in and out of her pussy. Although the sex with Heather was amazing, what Kay lacked in experience, she made up for with a tight pussy.

I remembered what I had Escort Elazığ done with my thumb when I was with Heather. I ran my hand down Kays ass and began to push on Kays ass hole. I kept pumping in and out of Kay. I was trying to remember all the things Heather had taught me earlier.

I turned Kay around, picked her up and brought her up onto the bed. I sat on the edge and had her straddle me. I wanted her facing me. I wanted to see her expressions. Kay and I sitting straight up fucked like we were meant to. Resting her head on my shoulders, I squeezed each ass cheek like I was testing melons.

I had an idea. I had tried to fuck Heather standing up. I’ll see if I’m better with Kay. Kay wrapped her legs around me and I stood. What a great position we were in. My arms supported her legs as I bounced her up and down my cock. As nice as it was, I just couldn’t keep it up.

I laid Kay down on her bed and had her spred her legs. I lined up and pumped for my life. Kay started making faces at me and ran her hands down my chest.

I dismounted and laid on my back. Kay took this opportunity to straddle my face. I grabbed ahold of her thighs and licked my way from her front, all the way to her back. ALL the way.

Kay lifted her leg and turned the other way. She bent down and I felt her removing my condom. Her hot little mouth encircled my cock. My tongue was inches deep in her slit. I remembered how I had found Heathers clit. I had to find Kays.

Kay was pumping and pumping and sucking and sucking. Suddenly, it hit me…or actually, it hit her. My balls exploded into her mouth. My hips were jerking uncontrollably as Kay continued her tongue-led assault on my cock.

Frantically, I finally found her clit and began sucking for my life. Soon enough, Kay was shaking around with an orgasm of her own. I sucked the juices clean out of her.

Exhausted, Kay snuggled against me. I wrapped my arms around her and she pressed her ass against my cock. This gave me an idea…

Before I could act on it, we were fast asleep. It had been a long day.

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