The Yacht

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I’m on a boat. Not just any boat of course, I’m on Skylar’s 138 foot superyacht. Skylar invited a few dozen people from the mainland too, and they’re all dancing to some trashy techno song. I’m leaning against the railing, looking out at the water as the sun begins to fall beneath the horizon. Even all the way out here, the sun is still hot as hell, and I can feel my back warming up. I’m the only one still wearing a shirt – the rest of the guys are just wearing swimming trunks, and most of the girls are wearing bikinis.

After a few minutes, I get too hot and I pull off my shirt. I kept it on for as long as I could, since I’m always joined by a small group of women whenever I take it off. Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing though. I could use a distraction from the constant boredom that seems to follow me around like a plague.

I turn away from the yacht’s railing, looking around at the girls on this end of the boat. They’re attractive, but none of them really draw my attention. Just the classic uninteresting groupies. In fact, I’m considering heading back to the mainland early. That is, until I notice Her. She’s leaning against the bar, slowly sipping a margarita as she watches the sunset too.

She’s wearing a short turquoise tank top that shows off her midriff, and a black miniskirt. Her dark, tanned skin looks so soft that I just want to run my fingers down her bare arms. Her long straight hair is darker than night, and as she turns to look in my direction, I notice that she has big Brown eyes too.

I leave the railing, walking over to the girl. She smiles as I join her, and I can tell that she was in need of some company. I stand next to her, smiling back as I lean against the bar. “This yours?” She asks, gesturing towards the boat before taking a sip from her glass. I watch her lips as she does, and I almost miss the question.

“Uh no, it belongs to one of my friends,” I reply.

“Oh. You seemed like the kind of guy who would own something like this,” she replies with a smirk.

“Oh yeah? How’s that?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Standing over there at the railing, brooding by yourself while everyone else dances,” She replies with a playful grin.

“Which is completely different from standing over here by yourself, right?” I reply with mock seriousness

“Shutup,” she mutters into her glass as she takes another sip. I laugh as she does, and she can’t help but smile.

“I’m Zahra,” She says, putting her glass down on the bar

“Damian,” I reply, introducing myself as the bartender refills her drink. “So tell me Zahra, what is a pretty girl like you doing over here by herself?” I ask

She shrugs, “Not my kind of music, I guess,” she replies, referring to the almost obnoxiously loud dubstep playing on the top deck of the boat.

“Not mine either really…if I’d had a choice, I wouldn’t have played any dubstep at all, but its not my yacht, so,” I reply with a shrug. “Wanna get out of here?”

“Sure,” Zahra replies, setting down her margarita. She gets up from Alanya Escort the bar, following me to a large door leading inside the yacht. Inside, the hallway is adorned with all kinds of gold trim and expensive-looking paintings.

Zahra stops at a portrait of an old man with a baseball bat and laughs. I stand beside her, putting my hand on her lower back. As I do, I feel her stiffen for a fraction of a second, but then she relaxes. I had never noticed before, but the man in the painting actually has two different coloured eyes – one a light brown and the other a dark blue .

“Who’s that?” She asks, leaning in towards me slightly.

I shrug. “No clue,” I reply with a laugh. “Maybe it’s the world’s oldest baseball player,”

Zahra rolls her eyes, continuing to walk down the hallway. “That would make a dumb picture,” she replies. I follow her to the next picture. This one is a landscape drawing of large hill with a small white house. I can actually remember when this one was painted – I was sleeping in the white house at the time.

Standing next to her, I put my hand on her back again, but this time I slide it a little lower, letting my hand rest over her ass. I give it a small squeeze and Zahra puts one of her arms around my waist too. “Have you seen any of these places?” She asks, her eyes not leaving the picture.

“Some,” I reply. “They look far more beautiful in person,” Then we keep moving down the hallway to an open door. Inside, Brodie and Sky are sitting at a table, playing a card game.

Brodie looks up as we enter, laughing from an earlier joke. “Deal us in the next round,” Zahra says. The two of us sit down on one side of the table, Brodie and Sky on the other side. As we watch them finish their game, I secretly move my hand under the table and rest it on Zahras thigh. I look over to see her already watching me. I give her a flirtatious look, raising one of my eyebrows with a half-grin.

She just crinkles her nose adorably, looking away to watch Sky and Brody play. Then I start to slowly rub the palm of my hand up and down her thigh. The table cloth hides my actions from everyone else. I slowly trace my fingers up the inside of her thigh, stopping just under her skirt before slowly moving them back down to a few inches above her knee.

I don’t speed up or slow down, keeping the same pace for the next few minutes. After a while, Zahra starts to squirm slightly in her chair. I wouldn’t have even noticed if I hadn’t been a secretly watching her.

Then I move my hand higher up her skirt, feeling the heat emanating from her crotch. I don’t touch her there yet though, getting close but slowly moving my hand back down to the bottom edge of her skirt.

Then Zahra frowns down at the table, and I can tell she’s starting to get frustrated from my teasing. I move my hand back up her skirt, feeling a slight dampness near the top of her thigh before even touching her snatch, and I can tell I’ve turned her on.

I keep going higher, eventually pressing my fingers Alanya Escort Bayan against her wet panties. As I do, Zahra sucks in a deep breath, letting it out slowly as I begin to tease her through the thin material. I slowly rub my the tips of fingers up and down her pussy lips, Brodie and Sky none the wiser.

I start to rub her slightly faster, feeling her hips start to slowly grind against my fingers. Before long, my fingers are completely covered in her wetness, and I haven’t even entered her yet.

Then Brodie wins the card game, celebrating with a loud whoop. I slowly pull her panties to the side, sliding a finger inside her. With the noise Brodie’s making, no one hears Zahras quiet moan of approval as I begin fingering her soaking wet pussy.

Then Brodie deals the four of us our cards as we begin a new round. I continue fingering Zahra, slowly rubbing my fingers up and down her inner pussy walls. As one of my fingers brushes against her gspot I can feel a slight shudder go through her body. I start rubbing the tips of my fingers back and forth over her gspot, making her grind against my fingers harder.

As I secretly pleasure Zahra under the table, neither Brodie nor Sky has any idea. I speed up, fingering Zahra as fast as I can without making it obvious. She bites her lip in pleasure, and I can tell she’s getting close. She’s grinding hard against my hand, and I can feel the inner walls of her pussy starting to tighten around my fingers.

Then Skylar wins the round, laughing. As she does, I push my fingers deeper inside Zahra, rubbing her g-spot faster. Zahra cums around my fingers, her mouth opening into a silent o. She clenches her legs against my hand, grinding against my fingers as the waves of pleasure roll through her body. Everyone is so distracted that they don’t even notice.

I slowly pull my fingers out from under her skirt, Standing up from the table. As Zahra stand up, I wrap my arm around her waist to steady her – I wouldn’t want anyone to notice the slight shake in her legs. I lead her away from that room and down the hallway towards my room.

My room is pretty bare, with just a large bed, a couch and other essentials. There’s also a massive flatscreen on the wall opposite my bed. Zahra sits on the edge of the bed, looking up at me with an intense passion in her eyes.

Then I kiss her lips softly, pushing Zahra onto her back and lying over her body. I slide my hand up her side, be for pulling off her shirt and dropping it on my beige carpet

I kiss her shoulder, slowly leaving a trail of kisses all the way up the side of her neck to her jawline. She lets out a sigh, and I reach up to squeeze one of her breasts In her palm

Zahra moans, arching her back and pushing her chest into my hand. Then I start to grind my hard cock between her legs. She wraps her legs around my waist, grinding back against me

I keep kissing her neck, slowly sucking on her soft skin as she moans in response. As I do, I pinch her nipple between my fingers, Escort Alanya gently rubbing it back and forth

Then I kiss my way down her chest, taking her hardened nipple in my mouth. I suck on it suddenly, rubbing my tongue back and forth over its tip. Zahra gasps, moaning in pleasure

I keep sucking on her nipple, moving my hand down to her waist. I push up her skirt, revealing her soaking wet panties. As I slowly trace the back of my fingers over her wet panties, Zahra pushes her hips up towards me, seeking more friction

I don’t give it to her, continuing to tease Zahra through her wet panties. Then I slowly kiss my way down her stomach, making my way to her pussy. I stop at her skirt, slowly pulling it off to leave her in just panties.

Then I pull them off too, dropping them on the soft carpet. I slowly brush my lips lightly against her wet pussy lips, and a shiver goes through Zahra’s body.

I slide my tongue over her clit and down her pussy lips as Zahra moans. Then I slowly rub the tip of my finger over her clit, lightly pushing it back and forth

Zahra moans, and I replace my finger with my tongue, flicking it’s tip against her clit. She moans loudly, grinding against my face as I lick her clit.

Then I suck on it suddenly, and Zahra gasps from the sudden pleasure. As I lick her clit, I slide two fingers inside her wet pussy

I start slowly, rubbing the sides of my fingers against th inner wallls of her pussy, but then I speed up, fingering Zahza faster and harder

Zahra grabs onto the back of my head, pulling my closer to her pussy and grinding hard against my face as she moans loudly. I’m almost certain that anyone in the hall would be able to hear her now, but I don’t care, sucking on her clit again

I can tell Zahra’s getting close, and I speed up, alternating between licking her clit quickly and sucking on it. As I do, I push my fingers deeper, rubbing them back and forth over her gspot

“Oh…oh god…” Zahra moans as she cums again. She grinds her hips against my face, moaning as the waves of pleasure wash over her for the second time

As she comes down from the intense high, I stand up, pulling off my shorts. My thick 9 and a half inch cock springs free, and Zahra looks at it with a hunger in her eyes

I kneel between her legs, slowly rubbing its tip between her pussy lips. I lean forwards, kissing Zahra’s lips hard as I slide my cock inside her. She gasps against my lips as my thick cock enters her pussy.

Then I start fucking her slowly, my cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Zahra digs her nails into my back as I do, leaving long scratches.

Then I speed up, fucking her harder and faster. Zahra moans in pleasure, and I keep thrusting into my pussy. I can feel myself getting close, and I know she is too.

I lean in close, squeezing her breast in my palm as I pound her pussy hard and fast. She moans in pleasure, digging her nails into my back

Then I groan, giving one last thrust before cumming inside her, filling her pussy with my cum. It pushes Zahra over the edge too, and she cums for a third time in my arms. As she cums, I wrap my arms around her, pulling her close as she moans. I kiss her slowly as we both come down from our intense climax before I fall asleep holding Zahra in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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