The Wolf and The Phoenix Ch. 04

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Trevor’s mind was a haze. The world seemed to be roaring around him and his eyes refused to work. He lay there panting for a few moments as recollection slowly returned to him. He had leapt the the side as he dropped the bomb, going over and behind the Master’s desk on the near wall.

The Master, he was dead. That thought snapped Trevor back to clarity and he looked around. Propped up against the wall next to him was Phoenix. Her eyes were closed, sweat drenched her features and she was breathing heavily. The poison coating the shrapnel was pumping its way through her veins, doing its foul work. He pulled a knife from his satchel, preparing to hasten her demise when an acrid odor reached his nose. Rising unsteadily to his feet Trevor looked around and spied the Master’s body. It was dissolving into a putrid liquid, the stain spreading across the stone floor. Trevor glanced back at Phoenix, even after her attempt on his life her beauty still took his breath away. With a resigned sigh he slid the dagger into his empty sheath and lifted her off the ground, he needed some answers.

Several hours and a two vials of antidote later Phoenix began to regain consciousness. She was in a dungeon of some sort, strapped upright to a rack that left her exposed front and back. She could hear movement behind her but could not see her captor. With subtle motions Phoenix tested her restraints and found them slightly loose. As she began to wriggle her way out of them the presence she heard suddenly closed in and pulled them tighter, the rope cinching into her flesh, biting deep. Rather than a cry of pain, a gasp of pleasure slipped from her lips.

Trevor’s curiosity was piqued, but he had work to do. He moved around in front of Phoenix so she could see him clearly, a grim smile was spread across his face. “So, you out-witted me. Congratulations are in order I suppose. Why don’t you give yourself a round of applause.” He clapped his hands mockingly.

Phoenix hung her head low, her blood red hair cascading down and hiding her face. “What do you want?”

Trevor grabbed her chin and roughly yanked her head up to look into her eyes, his breath caught for a moment, lost in those beautiful blue orbs. He shook his head slightly to clear his mind. “The Master. After you killed him he…melted. What happened?”

“I…I don’t know.”

“You must know something!” He demanded.

“I swear I…”

Trevor interrupted her with a swift backhand. Once again rather than expressing pain she moaned lightly. “Tell me what you know.” He demanded in a cold steely tone.

“I…I may have heard something. The Emperor, he once referred to the Master as Hastur. And Alanya Escort I once heard the Emperor called The Emperor in Yellow. Though I’ve never seen him, he has always had his throne hidden in shadows. Please. I didn’t want to do it. I…I really did like you. But they have my daughter.”

“Your daughter? So they knew you were a woman after all?”

“No, I claimed to be the father. That’s why they didn’t question my never removing my armor in their presence, I claimed it was my mask of shame for having a child by a whore. Though that bastard would have at least had an excuse had he been one.” She said the last angrily.

Trevor stared off into space for a moment, digesting what she had told him.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think any of that makes any sense.” Phoenix said, a tinge of sadness in her voice.

“No…I’ve heard of Hastur, and the Emperor in Yellow. This could be bad. But first…” His voice trailed off as his eyes roved over Phoenix’s restrained form. “You seem to enjoy unusual things.” He said with a hungry glint in his eyes.

A blush rose across Phoenix’s cheeks and she looked away again. “I…”

Trevor drew his dagger and placed the tip at Phoenix’s throat. She inhaled sharply as the blade appeared against her flesh. He leaned forward and kissed her slowly upon the lips as he drew the dagger downward, the bladed edge slicing through her shirt as the smooth end caressed her skin. In moments her shirt had been cut away and her succulent breasts lay exposed, Trevor’s mouth diving down to bite hard upon one then the other, Phoenix moaning loudly as his teeth dug in.

Trevor pulled away and placed the dagger on a nearby tray. He scooped up a cat-o-nine and brought it over to Phoenix smirking as he trailed it lightly along her exposed body. Phoenix breathing came deeper and she began biting her lip in anticipation as he teased her with light touches. Circling around behind her Trevor drew his hand back and cracked the whip hard across her lower back, the thin leather thongs raising glowing red welts. Again and again the whip bit into her flesh, turning Phoenix’s whole back fiery red, tearing the flesh in places and drawing small rivulets of blood. Trevor moved in close kissing the fresh wounds and Phoenix moaned loudly, the sudden transition from savage to sweet driving her crazy. She arched her back and tried to turn to view Trevor, her eyes wide with lust.

Trevor brought his face up from Phoenix’s back, slowly kissing his way up to her shoulders. With a sudden motion he bit down hard into her left shoulder, digging his teeth in and twisting, Phoenix’s gasp of delight echoing off the stone walls. Alanya Escort Bayan Dropping the whip Trevor quickly grabbed a handful of Phoenix’s hair and twisted her head sharply so they were face to face. With intense passion he pressed his lips into hers, tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. Just as abruptly Trevor released her and scooped up the cat-o-nine again. With a spinning motion he came flying back in front of her and smacked the whip onto her left thigh, bringing it across her body and lashing it into her rib cage on the back swing.

Phoenix’s eyes rolled back into her head as her body shook with pleasure at the burning sensation the leather elicited. Trevor dropped to his knees in front of her and released the leg restraints, yanking Phoenix’s pants off immediately after. Her pussy was dripping wet already, the juices coating her thighs, the intoxicating aroma of her cunt meeting Trevor’s nose. With a hungry feral growl he sunk his teeth savagely into her inner thighs; bite, twist, release, bite, twist, release, up and down both her thighs he went leaving marks that would develop into deep black bruises. Phoenix’s legs quivered and she collapsed, but was held aloft by the ropes around her wrists, her body weight tugging painfully at her shoulder sockets. Trevor slid three fingers deep into her tight cunt, sliding them hard against her g-spot. Her throbbing clit he took in his mouth, tongue dancing across it expertly.

Already Phoenix’s breathing was ragged and her body was convulsing as an orgasm drew close. Trevor’s fingers continued to dive nimbly in and out, roughly caressing the roof of her cunt. He bit down on her clit and his tongue flicked back and forth as it was trapped between his teeth. With an earth shattering shout Phoenix came, more juices squirting out of her already soaked pussy and dousing Trevor’s chin. And electric sensation flowed from Phoenix into him as her cunt squeezed tight over his fingers, her orgasm pulling him in tighter. Trevor continued to finger and lick her, riding the aftershock orgasms until they faded. Phoenix slumped down against her restraints, breathing heavy, as Trevor rose up and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her fiercely and reached up to undo the arm restraints one at a time, letting her collapse into him, her head nuzzled into his chest.

Trevor savored the moment as Phoenix laid against him, heavily breathing in his scent. With a sudden growl he threw her to the ground and hastily ripped off his own cloths. He pounced atop her, his hard cock pressed to her soaked opening, the head slid just into it, teasing. He pinned her right wrist down Escort Alanya and sunk his teeth fiercely into her neck, pinching the flesh tight and tearing it open. His tongue licked delicately at the ragged wound, savoring the blood that spilled out. Then he dropped his head down and bit into her erect nipple, just hard enough to elicit a moan of delighted pain. His face came back up to hers and he kissed her slowly and passionately before drawing back to look into her eyes.

Phoenix’s deep blue eyes pierced into his emerald and she bit her lip hungrily. “Please,” she whispered “Master.”

Trevor grinned wide at those words and thrust his throbbing hard cock deep into her, the head slamming into her back wall, her tight cunt snug against his shaft. They both moaned simultaneously as the ecstasy of the moment washed over them. Trevor’s balls slapped Phoenix’s ass, her juices splashing with every thrust as his cock ravaged her. Every thrust brought louder and louder gasps of pleasure pouring out of Phoenix’s mouth. With a sudden motion Trevor released her wrist and closed his hand tight around her throat, compressing the jugular. Phoenix’s eyes went wide and she writhed with pleasure unmatched as the blood flow to her brain stopped. Her world became nothing but lightning blasts of ecstasy as her vision began to cloud, the world collapsing and heavy pounding rushing in her ears. Trevor released her throat and the sensation as the blood rushed back to her was overwhelming.

Another orgasm rocked through her body, every muscle tightening at once as she came, shaking beneath him in indescribable joy. Trevor wasn’t done with her yet and his hand dived down to stroke her throbbing clit while he continued to fuck her cunt as hard as he could. The sensation built quickly in Phoenix, riding one orgasm quickly to the next. Her back arched sharply into Trevor, trying to take in more and more of his cock while his fingers worked in firm circles on her. Phoenix closed her eyes, whimpering lightly as the delight became almost unbearable. With a sudden explosion she came again, her arms wrapping tight around Trevor’s sides, her nails digging into his back.

As her cunt convulsed around him Trevor could hold out no longer and fired a hot load of cum deep into Phoenix. As he came a half smile spread across his face and he moaned deeply. His eyes met Phoenix’s and the look on her face as he came inside her made him melt. A mix of surprise, pleasure, hunger, love and satisfaction. As Trevor gazed at her he knew he’d be by her side to the end, no matter what she did. He collapsed beside her on the stone floor, now soaked in Phoenix’s blood and juices, and she rolled on top of him, nuzzling into his chest and purring lightly.

“What do we do now, my Wolf?” she asked, panting lightly.

Trevor thought for a moment. “Well I say we do that a few more times…then we figure out how to kill a Great Old One and rescue your daughter.”

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