The Wishing World

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Chapter 1

The Wishing World

When I awoke, I was a girl. The house I was in felt foreign to me. Still, I did not sense I was trespassing. I couldn’t really remember who I was. I was in a daze.

I got out of bed and put on a robe I found lying nearby. Then I went to my door and peaked out. The room outside was a living room. I didn’t recognize it either.

I turned around to catch my breath. This had to be dream.

“My name is Sam,” I whispered.

“Samantha, you’re awake,” said a girl who came in through my door. “And just look at you. You’re a girl now. And I’ll bet you have all the right equipment for sex.”

“Sex?” I asked. “Who are you?”

“I’m your sister, Joy,” she said, pushing me back on my bed and then sitting down next to me. “Don’t you remember making your wish last night?”

“What wish?” I asked.

“The one you made while you were alone in your apartment, drunk and lonely? This is what you wished for, Sam, so don’t fight it. Go along with it.”

I did vaguely recall making a wish. Could it have come true?

“I don’t have a sister named Joy,” I said. “At least I don’t remember having one named Joy.”

“Well, here in the world of your wish you do. Now, shut up, forget, and let me fulfill your wish.”

My thoughts blurred, and I became even more confused.

“You’re so much smaller as a girl,” said Joy. “All those big boy muscles are gone. And you’re so petite. Luckily for you, the women in your family aren’t regular women. We’re the fun kind. We’re strong and horny. And we all want to please ourselves with your body.”

Whatever magic this was, it still did not take a complete hold over me. I knew I was in a different body. Was it a lucid dream?

“What was my wish?” I asked.

“I’ll show you,” said Joy, rising from her seat next to me. She was wearing a robe too. She took it off and showed me she was naked underneath.

“You have a penis,” I said.

“For you to suck on,” she said, lifting the tip to my face. “Now, don’t be shy. Put it in your mouth for me. I’ve been fantasizing about this for years.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I just woke up. Maybe I should think about it.”

She reached down and pulled open my robe. I was naked too. She got down on her knees and started licking my nipples.

“You like that?” she asked.

The pleasure of her tongue on my nipples got my heart beating right away. I felt warm all over.

“Yes,” I said. “That feels amazing.”

“Now, suck my cock. You do want to return the pleasure, don’t you?”

“Of course,” I said, taking her member in my mouth.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she said, pressing herself in deeper. “Your mouth feels so good on my cock.”

I wasn’t sure how she had a cock, and why I didn’t. Clearly, if I had gotten my wish, and if this was some kind of wish-granting universe, I had been in a strange mood when I made my wish that brought me there. I decided to just go with it and see what happened.

I sucked on Joy’s cock until she came. She made certain that I kept the tip in my mouth for the whole orgasm.

“Now, swallow it, Sis, or the magic won’t happen.”

I swallowed her cumm, and she smiled.

“Look,” she said, showing me her tummy. “It’s changing me. Whenever you swallow my cumm, it makes me more beautiful. Just like you hoped.”

I felt a little shallow upon hearing this part of my wish, but Joy seemed okay with it. She wanted to go another round.

“I want prettier eyes now,” she said and put her tip back in my mouth. “Give Joy prettier eyes.”

A few minutes later she was coming in my mouth again. I coughed, and her cumm shot out of my mouth all over her stomach.

“Clean it up,” she said. “Clean it up off my stomach, or I don’t get my wish.”

I hastily obeyed hearing her so hurt. And when I was through cleaning up the mess, she had me watch as her eyes changed from hazel to blue.

“I always wanted blue eyes,” she said.

“I imagine this is just the start of a long list of wishes you have,” I said. “I guess this is how I pay for my wishes that got me here.”

“You’re such a smart girl, Samantha,” she said. “And word will get out soon, so I want to get as many in now as I can before there’s a long line.”

I grinned at her and rolled my eyes.

“That’s a lot of cumm to make,” I said. “Won’t this wear you out?”

She glared down at me.

“Don’t you think it’s weird that the more you eat, the more ready you are to perform? That’s right. The more I fuck you, the more you’re going to want to be fucked. And I’m not the only girl in this house with wishes.”

She was right. My stomach was twisting with arousal. My heart panged for more.

“One more wish,” I said, taking her cock in my mouth for a third go. This time I slobbered and used my hands to stroke her shaft and message her balls. When she came in my mouth, her shaft swelled thicker than it was before.

“What did you wish for that time?” I asked.

“A thicker cock,” she said, poking my nose with her finger.

Chapter 2

Shower Time

“I get Avrupa Yakası Escort to take a shower with Samantha,” said Alice, who was evidently another sister of mine in this world I’d wished into existence.

Samantha was taller and broad shouldered compared to Joy. Compared to her I was just a little thing. My waist was so thin that Alice could nearly close it in the grip of her two hands as she set me up on the bathroom vanity.

“What’s all this?” she asked, rubbing her fingers through the hair of my pussy. “I told you to have this shaved for me. You know I like bald pussy.”

“I do?” I asked. “I suppose I didn’t get the memo.”

“Well, I’ll have to take care of this right away. I can’t be poking my shaft into something so bushy. What if I want to eat you out?”

“Carefully,” I said as she slathered my crotch with shaving cream. “I don’t want to spend the rest of the morning at the hospital getting sewed back up.”

Alice paid little attention to my worries. She took her clippers and chopped away the thicker portions of hair before going in with her razor to finish the job.

“Oh, and your legs are gross with hair too. We’ll have to take care of those as well.”

An hour later my arms and legs were shaved. And she had gone ahead and shaved my torso and ass as well, even though the hair on them was only peach fuzz.

Then she took me into the shower to wash me off. When she came in after me, I saw her cock for the first time. It was as large as Joy’s, and it was already hard.

“Now, bend over and grab the handle on the wall. I’m going to take the first turn in your cunt.”

“It’s my first time,” I said.

“I know. But don’t worry, Sis, you’ll never get used to it,” she said. “The wishing world has a way about it. Keeps things from getting boring.”

She stroked her shaft with lubricant, and then put her tip against my pussy.

“I’ve been anticipating taking this virgin pussy forever it seems,” she said, sliding her member inside of me. “Yeah, it’s so tight.”

I moaned as she stretched me open. But it didn’t take long for pleasure to blossom.

“Yeah, I wish my skin was clearer,” she said as she thrust into me faster and faster. “I want perfect skin like a model.”

I gripped the handle mounted at the back of the shower stall with my fingers tighter and tighter as I was overcome with her work inside of me. I wanted it harder, so I pushed back with each thrust as I rose higher and higher. At the top I gasped and wheezed and then began to giggle and cry tears of happiness.

Alice pulled out of me, and I turned around to look at her.

“Well, my skin is clearer,” she said, checking her arms. “I suppose it’s going to take more than once to get the whole wish granted.”

She turned me around by my shoulders and bent me over again.

“I want even clearer skin,” she said, setting once more at the task of thrusting into me. “Oh, this feels so good, fucking you Samantha. Your pussy is like heaven on my cock.”

I secretly hoped it was going to take a dozen goes to get her wish fulfilled. When she came the second time I was coming again too.

After a third orgasm, Alice decided she needed to rest. She helped me soap up my body, rubbing my breasts and ass like I was her lover.

“You really like touching me, don’t you?” I asked.

“The more I touch you, the hornier you get. And the hornier you get, the easier you get. I still have a lot of wishes on my list, Samantha, so I hope you don’t mind getting fucked a lot.”

I leaned over and started kissing her breasts. They were larger than mine. I licked her nipples and stroked her shaft with my hand.

“So, you do like my body,” she said, as I kissed my way down her stomach to her cock.

“I’m just so horny,” I said. “I need more.”

“Go ahead,” she said, letting me put her cock in my mouth. “The more you like it, all the better for my wishes coming true. Now, make my skin clear.”

I sucked her off, making certain that I did all of the work. When she came in my mouth, I swallowed her cumm, letting her shoot it into the back of my throat.

When I looked up afterward, she was smiling.

“Look at my arms now,” she said. “No more moles or freckles. Milky white skin will be my next goal. That’ll take a lot of sucking on your part, because I like watching you suck me off. You do such a good job, and you’re so pretty.”

“Thanks,” I said, leaning forward to kiss her balls. “I really like this wishing world. I hope I get to stay for a very long time.”

Chapter 3


I went to my room and dressed. Joy came in to make sure I didn’t put on anything foolish. My oldest sister, Rain, was already downstairs eating.

“You need to make a good impression on Rain if you two are going to get along. She can be a bit severe, but we all love her.”

Joy had to help me put on my things. I couldn’t believe her recommendations were serious. A fishnet body suit with no crotch. A black, leather skirt, and no top to cover my Bahçelievler Escort breasts which showed clearly through the fishnet.

“So, collars are in this year?” I asked, as she put a dog collar around my neck. There were metal loops attached all around it to connect leashes to.

She then put my hair up in a tight bun behind my head. “Rain can get a little rough sometimes. This will keep your hair from getting tangled up in things.”

I was told to check myself over before coming down while Joy went down without me.

When I got downstairs, the girls were all sitting down to eat. Rain was at the head of the table, drinking her morning coffee.

“Hello,” I told her.

She didn’t look up from the book she was reading.

“Best get under the table,” said Alice. “We’ve got a mat down there for you, so you don’t scuff your knees.”

I cautiously obeyed, stopping to check with Joy to make sure this wasn’t some kind of joke.

Joy patted me on the rear.

“Rain needs her morning face fuck,” said Alice. “Get under there and suck her cock like you did mine.”

I did as I was told. And as I reached my target, I found that Rain was not wearing any bottoms. Her cock was out waiting for me.

As I put her tip in my mouth, Rain reached under the table and attached to chains to my collar that were fastened to a thick leather belt wrapped around her waist. The chains kept me from taking my mouth off of her shaft.

“Let’s see what she’s made of,” said Rain.

She thrust her hips forwards and jerked them back, causing me to plunge down her shaft. I felt her tip slide into my throat just a little.

Rain repeated this motion again and again. Each time she jerked back harder until I got the idea. She wanted my lips at the base of her shaft.

“You can do it, Samantha,” said Joy. “Just relax your throat and go with it. It’s good practice.”

I was being jerked back and forth on her cock. It was sliding deeper and deeper down my throat. I thought I would gag, but it seemed my gag reflex had been nullified. When I realized this, I relaxed and stopped fighting her.

“Yeah, there’s lots of girls who like it when you take their shaft down your throat,” said Alice, whose knees were pressed against my left side. Joy’s knees were pressed on my right.

“Rain’s starting to smile,” said Joy. “I think she likes fucking your throat. You should be proud of yourself for being such a good cock-sucking sister.”

I fought to drive her shaft deeper into my throat hearing this. I wondered what it was that Rain was wishing for.

“She’s so slutty,” said Rain as her cock started to throb in my throat. “She’ll do just fine.”

She reached under the table and pulled into me until I was kissing the base of her shaft.

“Such a slutty little bitch,” she moaned. “I wish my sister Samantha was even sluttier.”

My heart panged hearing this. Any reserve I felt against being treated as I was faded ever so slightly. I liked feeling it go and wanted it to go away completely. But I imagined this wish would require some work on my part too.

Rain fucked my face twice more before unbinding my chains. Any wish she made from those orgasms were kept under her breath.

“Now, suck off your sisters,” said Rain. “I need to get going.”

Joy’s cock slid full depth into my throat with little effort after having Rain loosen me up. Then it was over to Alice to empty her once more.

As I pleasured them, my two sisters discussed how breakfast was going to be so much more interesting from now on.

Chapter 4


After breakfast was through, Joy recommended I think about changing my clothes. She had a friend coming over, and she wanted to show me off.

“What should I wear?” I asked.

“Oh, Ash dresses so formally all the time,” she answered. There was a specific outfit she told me to look into. It was a black dress with a white collar. The short sleeves and short skirt made me look like a school girl. I put on a pair of white stockings and black shoes.

“And let down your hair,” said Joy. “Ash loves long hair.”

“I don’t have long hair,” I said, unfastening the pins that held my hair in a bun behind my head. When the pins came out, my hair fell down over my shoulders over my breasts.

“I wished you had long hair at breakfast,” said Joy.

Ash was a redhead. She was about my size and looked young for her age.

“I want to fuck her in the ass,” said Ash. “Can I fuck her in the ass?”

Joy looked at her then at me.

“Ask Samantha,” she said. “It’s her ass.”

“Can I fuck you in the ass?” she asked me. “I’ve never fucked a girl before. But I’ve always wanted to fuck one in the ass. Can I fuck your ass?”

“I’ve never been entered there before,” I said. “I thought we’d at least get introductions first.”

“I’m Ash,” she said. “And I want to fuck your ass. Let me fuck your ass, and I’ll wish for something nice for you.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like, a tighter asshole, Bahçeşehir Escort probably. I do want to see what it’s like to fuck a tight asshole.”

I rolled my eyes. I was getting nowhere trying to understand this strange girl.

“I can bend over the back of the couch in the living room,” I said.

Ash turned me around right there in the foyer of the house and had me bend over and grab the arm rail at the bottom of the stairs. She lifted my skirt and found my panties. She was in a hurry. She used both hands to rip them open, so she could get inside of me quickly.

“I brought my own ass-fucking lube,” she said, taking out a bottle and squirting it on her cock.

I made the mistake of looking back and watching.

“That’s a pretty big cock for a little lady,” I said. “Are you sure it will fit?”

Ash grabbed my hips and pressed her cock against my ass. “Help hold her still, Joy,” she said as she fought to steady me.

“I’ll give you a push, Ash,” said Joy. “We’ll loosen her up together.”

The pain of her tip entering me sent a screech from my mouth.

“It’s okay, Samantha,” said Joy. “It’s not supposed to feel good the first time you get a cock shoved in your ass by two girls.”

“She’s too big,” I said.

“Nonsense,” said Ash. “Your ass is just right. Nice and tight. You just need to relax and let me get in deeper.”

“Oh, we’ll just push harder,” said Joy, getting behind Ash to help her pull me back onto the little woman’s huge cock.

“It’s going deeper,” said Ash.

“Yeah, it’s going deeper, Ash,” said Joy. “Probably ought to start fucking her ass. She’ll loosen up if you ram her really hard.”

I was moaning, my teeth clenched as Ash started thrusting into me with a strength, I didn’t expect a person so small to have.

“I’m fucking your ass, Samantha,” said Ash as I began to wilt. My legs were shaking.

“It’s okay, Samantha,” said Joy. “She’s almost got half of it in. She’ll get it all in if you relax. Pound her ass harder, Ash. That’ll get it done.”

“Oh, stop your complaining, Samantha,” said my ass lover. “I hear these anal orgasms are pretty great. Just you wait. Once you get used to having it in your ass a lot, you’ll have so much fun.”

Joy reached a hand under me and started rubbing my pussy as Ash fucked me faster and harder. “This will loosen her up,” said Joy. “Just got to turn her on.”

Ash grabbed my long hair and pulled back on it.

“Riding my pony,” she said. “Oh, my gosh, I’m going to come so hard in your ass, Samantha. I’m really going to enjoy this orgasm in your tight ass. It’s so tight on my big cock. I just wish I could get it all in you first.”

“Premature,” said Joy as Ash started to come inside me. “Next time you’ll get your whole shaft in her. Just keep pounding. Loosen up my slutty sister’s ass.”

“Oh, Joy,” I said, feeling so dirty. “My ass is in so much pain. Her cock is so huge.”

Joy laughed. “Samantha, in a few days you’ll be able to take both of us in your ass at the same time. Might as well get used to it. Because we will both be wanting to get in there together.”

“Yeah,” said Ash. “Double fucking a girl in the ass is something we’ve been talking about for years.”

Ash came in me five times before she took a break. She would have gone again, but she had an appointment.

“I’ll come over every day and fuck your ass like this if I can,” she promised before she left. “That was some awesome ass. I really enjoyed it.”

“Are all of your friends like her?” I asked after she was gone.

Joy had me resume the position I was in before Ash left. She slid her cock into my ass and started pounding me from behind.

“Sorry, Sis, but watching you and Ash got me really horny. Let me come in your ass a few times, okay?”

“Okay,” I said, gritting my teeth as Joy spent the next two hours coming in me over and over until my stockings were drenched in her semen.

Chapter 5

The Mirror

After another shower to clean up the mess Joy and Ash had left me in, I found a pair of panties and a tiny bra waiting for me on the vanity. I put them on and looked at myself in the mirror. I was thinner, apparently the result of Ash’s wishing. My breasts were quite small, and still the bra I was given to wear barely covered more than my nipples. The panties weren’t exactly covering much either.

“How is it these women here can go so often and so long?” I asked myself in the mirror.

My reflection didn’t answer me.

The bathroom door popped open then, and a new figure entered I hadn’t met yet. She was older than my sisters, though she bore a striking likeness to them.

“Joy tells me you’ve been slutting around with the girls,” she said, taking me by the arm. She turned me around to look me over. “This won’t do.”

She took me downstairs into a bedroom that was much larger than mine.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked.

“I’m your mother,” she said. “And I’ll appreciate it if you don’t speak unless I ask you to.”


“Rose, your mother. Yes? I suppose you don’t recognize me seeing as how you’re new to the wishing world. Well, don’t worry. You’re about to get an introduction you won’t soon forget.”

Rose took a bottle of oil and soaked me with it, drenching my underwear so that it became see through. Then she removed her clothes and put me on display in her bedroom. She wanted to look me over while she stroked her shaft.

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