The Warrior’s Heart Ch. 01

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The sun slowly crept down under the horizon; it’s glow filling the sky with a waterfall-like effect of colors. Purple, blue, red, and bright orange was some of what Turlen saw from the entrance to his smokeshack. Turlen sat on the ground with his back propped against the thatched wall of brick and dried mud. His mouth made a small O as he exhaled a series of smoke rings. The aroma of maple wood filled his nostrils with the exhalation. A smile filled his face as he continued watching the sunrise.

When the sun had set behind the Mountains of Shadow and the blanket of night covered the landscape, Turlen returned to the warmth and comfort of his shack. Standing a full six and a half feet tall, Turlen was considered to be the most eligible man in the tribe. His arms and chest bore the scars of countless adventures in the woods and the wars with the other tribes in the surrounding domains. The leather flap fell down over the opening he’d entered and very quickly he fastened it with hemp cords made earlier in the day. He noticed that the muscles in his arms had begun to contract with soreness from his long day of work. Turning about he gazed once more at his surroundings.

The shack was simply made with a bed of buffalo hides in the left corner with a smooth leather pillow filled with duck feathers at the head of the bedspread. The fire in the center of the room was just beginning to build in Alanya Escort intensity. A large stack of fresh springgreen wood sat near the fire ready to be used. Off in the far right corner a deer carcass hung, the meat having been cleaned from the bone before the setting of the sun.

Soon, Turlen thought, soon I will be ready for the task at hand.

After consuming much of the deer meat and tenderizing the rest with salt for preservation, Turlen sat facing the fire. He began to slowly place log after log of the springgreen wood onto the fire. Thick smoke rose from the roaring fire. The added fuel increased the intensity of the flame tenfold. Turlen sat still and simply breathed in deep the musky fumes he had made.

As he began to drift into the dreamstate, his mind filled with visions of his home. His mother fixing the evening meal, his father coming in from a fresh day of farming or speaking with the village elder. His younger brother and sister were busy playing with the other children, chasing each other all over the place. The young maidens who sought Turlen’s attention so much faced him now. He was startled for a moment to see them all nude, with their arms outstretched; offering themselves to him. His mind swam as the vision began to take full form.

He sat in his family’s hut with the young woman he had taken an interest in. Her name was Sentifaren, or Child Alanya Escort Bayan of the Sun. She had an angular face with long, raven black hair. Her eyes were a deep shade of hazel green, which brought more attention to her face than normal. Her breasts were fairly large, the size of massive grapefruit melons. There was little sag, if any, from his vantage. Her stomach was flat but not overly defined and they flared downward into a sensuous pair of hips. A small tuft of hair could be seen leading up from the top of her clitoral hood. She smiled at him and rose, moving to his side of the fire.

Turlen looked down and found that he was naked as well. His flaccid penis began to stir but it had not yet woken up. Sentifaren turned him to the side and opened his legs a bit wider. She knelt between his legs and kissed him hungrily, her tongue darting back and forth across his lips. Turlen was at first surprised but soon he returned the attention, their tongues meeting and joining them together. Turlen let out a small groan as he felt Sentifaren’s hand begin to stroke his rapidly growing member.

Sentifaren released Turlen from their kiss, her eyes sparkingly with unbridled desire. She suckled his nipples, taking her time to concentrate her attentions on one then the other with equal fervor. Gently pushing him back into a layered bed of buffalo hide, she moved down his Escort Alanya stomach slowly. She teased him with her tongue over the well-defined abdominal muscles. Turlen gazed longingly into her eyes, pleading her to take him into her mouth. With a knowing smile, she lowered her head and took his engorged manhood into her inviting cavity.

Turlen could barely believe the sensations that were filling his mind. Sentifaren’s mouth was super hot and extremely wet. Her tongue darted back and forth under the sensitive skin of his head. Slowly, tantalizingly, she lowered herself until his penis was completely imbedded into her mouth, the head pushing back down into her throat. She locked eyes with Turlen, enjoying the pleasure that she was causing.

Sentifaren began to bob her head up and down. At first she moved with a deliberately labored pace but after a few minutes she became a fury of motion on his dick. Turlen bucked his hips, meeting each of her downward thrusts and pushing further into her mouth. A boiling heat began to start in his sack as his head began to swim. He exploded into Sentifaren’s mouth, his cum heating her mouth as she swallowed every last drop.

Turlen grabbed her slender wrist and gently pulled her up to him. He kissed her deeply, tasting his own fluids on her tongue. The pungent taste was to his liking, he found. Their embrace broke and he looked into her eyes. “I love you Sentifaren.”

Continued in part II

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