The Stalker

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Dear erotica lover,

For your reference, Jess and Nick have been cyber lovers for over three years but they’ve never met and have only exchanged a few pictures during that time.


Ah humans, what a strange species we are. Over quite a relatively short time-span we’ve developed automobiles, aircrafts, life saving vaccinations, computers, and have even put man on the Moon. However, all this technology is useless when we’re pitted against extreme temperature changes.Chuckling at my musings, I wipe the sweat from my brow for the umpteenth time and marvel at the fact that just a short while ago I was bundled up for a bitterly cold winter and now here I am, wearing a sundress and melting on the sidewalk.

Taking a break from my amateur spy game, I luckily found a shaded restaurant patio and have been absently fanning myself with the menu as I gaze at the beautiful scenery. The adventurer in me would love nothing more than to tour the sites and soak up all the diverse culture but I came here on a mission and am determined to accomplish my goal.Yeah, that’s it Jessica, give yourself that pep talk, you need it, you insufferable procrastinator.

Peering behind my shades, I adjust my big sun hat and smile. Behaving like a spy gives me a cheap thrill but the fact of the matter is that this disguise is pointless. I could walk right up to him, happily chirp ‘Hi!’, then grab his ears and kiss him soundly and he’d still have absolutely no idea who I was.

‘Nicholas Montgomery Benton…’ the name rolls easily off my tongue as the people at nearby tables eye me strangely.Yeah so I talk to myself people, deal with it. Anyway, that poor boy still doesn’t realize the mistake he made by giving me his full name. He’s been arousing me both mentally and physically for such a long time and when he mentioned his name, it was like being zapped by a live wire. Well, not really but you get the idea. Before I could talk myself out of this shenanigan, I asked him a few casual questions, did some investigating on the Internet…ah the Internet, what a wonderful thing… and promptly booked a flight to Australia.

So, I’ve been tracking him for about a week now; discretely watching him go to university, watching him occasionally go out with his friends, and watching him go home to his apartment, thankfully alone. My body may burn when I think of being with him but there’s no way I’d go through with this debacle if he had a girlfriend. I consider him a friend so the last thing I’d ever want to do is try to steal him away from another woman, that would be just plain insane.Yeah and traveling across the world to stalk a man isn’t insane? Chuckling, I shake my head, eliciting a few more strange looks from the people nearby.

The stalking, er, the surveillance has proven one thing: he’s quite the social butterfly and rarely seems to be alone. This has been frustrating me to no end because I’ve been beginning to wonder if I’d ever get the opportunity to pounce on him, um, I mean meet him, yeah that’s it.

Again, I’m jolted out of my musings as I spot him leaving the gym he’s been in for the past hour. Quickly rising, I cause my chair to overturn and grumble in exasperation. Righting it, I throw a few bills down on the table and turn to see that everyone is staring at me.Damn busybodies! ‘Hope you all enjoyed the show’ I say cheerfully and with a wave, quickly leave the restaurant.

I follow him to his apartment and spend the next four hours sitting in my stinking hot car, watching to see if he’ll go out or if anyone will drop by to visit him. Lucky for me he remains alone. He must be tired tonight because around 9pm, all his lights turn off except for one.Yes! Finally!

There’s no need to rush as I head back to my hotel. Soaking in a bubble bath, I feel all the sweat wash off my body and I sigh in pleasure. About an hour and a half later I zip a sleeveless short baby blue dress on over my sexy lingerie and slide into baby blue three-inch high heels… a gal needs to look her best when planning a seduction. I like this dress because it’s airy and has nice big pockets to hold all my goodies. Besides, it’s too bloody hot to wear the requisite spy trench coat.

Heading back to his place, I park the car, get out and stand there, gazing up at his third floor apartment and that’s when it hits me… how the hell am I going to sneak into a locked apartment? Becoming agitated, I pace back and forth and then decide to circle around to the back, hoping that inspiration will strike. It doesn’t but Lady Luck sure comes to my rescue. My eyes track the fire escape ladder that leads up, past his balcony and I emit a little joyful laugh as I spot his partially opened balcony door.Tsk, tsk Nick, you really should lock your doors, you never know when a crazy person might just wander into your apartment.

Chuckling, I jump up and pull down the fire escape ladder, and then I grab a nearby garbage can so that I can reach the lowest rung. It’s times like these when Alanya Escort I hate being short.Yeah right Jessica, so you use the fire escape often to climb up to unsuspecting male’s apartments? Teetering in my heels, I manage to grab hold of the ladder and climb up to his balcony.

With my right foot perched on the balcony ledge, I place my left foot down but it suddenly slips and I fall off. Crying out, I manage to grab hold of the railing in the nick of time but my legs swing wildly as I frantically try to hold on. The only reason why I haven’t hit the hard cement below with a huge SPLAT thus far is because my arms are strong, from the frequent workouts at the gym. Boy am I ever thankful that I forced myself to continue with the exercise regime; all that torture finally paid off. With the adrenaline pumping in my frantic veins, I swing my right leg up and hook it into the railing, then proceed to the arduous task of pulling myself up.

It’s the longest minute of my life as, with a huge sigh of relief, I finally climb over his railing and kneel on the balcony, waiting for the weakness to pass and my heartbeat to slow down.Why the hell did I wear these heels? Geez, it’s not like I’d keep them on when the fun started; he’d never even see the bloody shoes! Grumbling to myself, I stand up, making sure that my legs are steady, and then promptly slide through the open door. Standing just inside, I glance curiously around but can barely see anything because it’s so dark. That’s when I notice the sliver of light coming through the bottom of a door.

Smiling, I move toward the light and trip over something on the floor, careening into a side table. After the loud thump I made and equally loud cry of surprise, I stand frozen, positive that he’ll come running out to investigate what the sounds were. An eon passes…well, it feels that way… as I remain immobile, with my heartbeat thumping loudly in the silence; but he doesn’t come out. Releasing my pent-up breath with a loud ‘whoosh’, I quickly step out of my shoes and carefully pad barefoot across the room.Goddamn heels! They’ve been nothing but a nuisance!

Quietly I turn the doorknob and begin to push open the door, desperately hoping that it won’t squeak and betray my presence.Whew, It didn’t. Stepping into the room, I almost laugh joyfully as I see that Lady Luck is working in my favour again; I’ve found Nick in his bedroom and he’s alone. I watch him sleeping peacefully for a moment then finally put an end to my stalking.

A soft smile touches my lips as I approach the bed and gaze down at him. A book is folded on his bare chest; carefully picking it up I glance at the title, “The Hobbit”, and chuckle. Setting it on the nightstand, I begin to survey him from head to toe and feel stirrings of arousal. He’s only wearing silky looking dark green boxers on that body, and oh what a body. He’s not bulky or meaty, just long and sleek, mmm, how sexy. Tearing my gaze away from his body, I continue my perusal. His sheets are crumpled at the foot of the bed, as if he got too hot in his sleep and kicked them away.

My hand hovers over his handsome face but I don’t dare touch him just yet, I still have some work to do. Delving into my large right pocket, I pull out two silk scarves and lay them on the bed. Glancing at the headboard for the first time, I shake my head in amusement.Oooh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Lady Luck! How convenient that his headboard is slatted, quite convenient indeed, I must say.

Picking up one of the scarves, I move around to the side of the bed and gingerly lift his arm, expertly tying his right wrist to the corner slat. Then I walk around to the other side of the bed, grab the remaining scarf, and tie his left wrist to the other corner slat. He shifts in his sleep but doesn’t awaken. Stepping back, I admire my handiwork. I practiced for quite a while on those knots so I know that his binds will hold. The only way he’ll be able to get free is if he breaks the bed.

Again my eyes travel over his body but just looking isn’t enough any longer. Extending my index finger, I lightly trail it over his face, down his throat, across each nipple, all along his chest, and then pause as I reach the elastic waistband of his boxers. He looks so enticing in those silky boxers with the soft material clinging lovingly to his bulge. My finger lightly trails along his length and it’s all I can do to fight the urge to just grab him and be done with it.Poor Nick, he’s barely moved through my caresses, which means that he must be dead tired.

I really should let him get his sleep but I travelled all this way and have no intention of stopping now. Shrugging indifferently, I slowly slide my index finger along the waist of his boxers, then, unconcerned about waking him now, I grab the top of his boxers and yank them down his legs and off.Oh my, what a beautiful penis.

With a jolt, he awakens and stares up at me in bewilderment. As his foggy mind slowly clears Alanya Escort Bayan and it registers that his arms are tied over his head and he’s naked, the confusion in his eyes turns to fear.Poor guy, he has no idea who I am or what I’m going to do to him, I’d be scared too if I was in his position. Oooh, tied up, helpless, and at Nick’s mercy, now that thought is so arousing.

‘What the hell are you doing!? How did you get in here!? Who the hell are you!?’ His bellowing snaps me out of my wayward thoughts and patiently I watch him tugging on his arms, trying to get free. God, the more he squirms, the more aroused I get as I watch his flaccid penis bouncing from his movements.Mmm, you won’t be soft for long.

Noticing where I’m staring, he panics, probably hating that he’s so helpless, and growls ‘Untie me you bitch!’

‘Not yet and watch your language, young man’ are the first words he hears me say. I pull something out of my left pocket and his eyes widen when he sees that it’s tiny red panties. Opening his mouth to no doubt yell something else at me, I promptly stuff the panties in his mouth, making an effective gag. ‘Stop yelling, Nick, you’re distracting me.’

Stepping back, I slowly unzip my dress and it drops to the floor. His eyes flare a bit when he sees that I’m wearing a tight red teddy that is fastened with clasps along my pussy and is so low cut that it can barely contain my large breasts. The material looks lacy and partially see-through but it definitely isn’t lace since the blasted thing itches.

Slowly, I trace the edge of the teddy, my finger sliding over the curve of my breast, dipping in between, then over my other breast. Then bending forward, I slide my hands over my right calve up to my firm thigh, brushing over my mound, along my hips, then up to cup my breasts. Squeezing them, my hands can barely cover my large orbs as I purr ‘Like what you see?’

I glance into Nick’s slightly glazed eyes then down to his hardening cock and smile. I can see that he’s fighting his attraction, especially since his eyes periodically clench shut, as if to block out the sight of my curves, but it’s a losing battle, his body is taking control of his mind. Climbing onto the bed, I straddle his lap, placing my covered crotch against his naked cock and feel it harden even further. ‘So Nicky-poo, it looks like you DO like red, after all.’

I see his eyes darken with disbelief then the expression quickly changes from surprise to incredulity, hmm, and not to mention a tiny bit of relief.No, I’m not a crazy bitch Nick, well I am but I won’t hurt you. ‘What is it Nick, did my Canadian accent give me away?’ He thrashes beneath me and yells something through the gag but there’s no way that I can understand him.

‘Quiet down, Nick, I’m not removing the gag so shut up.’ My smile shows him that I’m not being malevolent. Placing my hands on his stomach, I slide my pussy along his length and smile further when I hear his grunt. ‘Mmm, like that Nick? The material is certainly soft, but not as soft as this.’ With those words, I lift up slightly and rip open the clasps of my teddy then sink back down and spread my labia so that as I resume sliding along his now incredibly hard cock, my hairless nether lips wrap around him. ‘Oh Nick, that feels so good’ I moan. The friction against my pussy and the occasional brushing against my clit are almost unbearable.

The rasping feels so wonderful as I keep sliding against him and he’s straining against his binds as I grind harder and faster, producing a delicious tingle throughout my body. I’m surprised at how quickly I’m approaching the point of no return but this is quite an erotic experience and I have wanted him for a very long time.

Suddenly stopping, I lift off his cock, shiny from our mutual arousal, and position his knob against my entrance. ‘I want you inside me when I climax’ I purr and then sink blissfully down. However, I have to pause after only taking about half of him because my pussy isn’t stretching quickly enough. ‘Oh fuck Nick, you’re so thick’ I gasp as my whole body trembles in awareness. Biting my lip, I let the slightly painful wave ease then begin to bounce minutely, stretching myself around his girth.

My small movements work and I feel the slight burning as he slides deeper into me. However, not being a very patient person, the delay is wearing on me so I suddenly lunge down hard and scream as I impale myself completely onto his cock. Shaking from the pleasure and pain, our gazes meet with the same expression: lust and shock.

My internal muscles clamp around him as I lift up slowly, until just his tip is embedded in me; then I plunge down, crying out from the resulting sensation. Too aroused to prolong this delight, I begin to ride him; my tempo quickly increasing as I grunt and whimper every time I slam down.

Meanwhile, Nick is sweating and squirming, the strain starting to tell on him. He suddenly bucks up incredibly hard, surprising Escort Alanya the hell out of me as he thrusts into my womb. I let loose a loud wail as I arch my head back and clench my eyes shut, feeling an almost brutal wave of pleasure attack me. Lost in my delirium, I reach up to squeeze my encased breasts and my painfully hard grip only adds to my pleasure.

Continuing to ride him, my gasps and his grunts are loud but they have no chance of drowning out the slurping sounds of my aroused cunt. Glancing down, I watch his shiny cock disappear and reappear for a moment then slide my lustful gaze up to his face. His expression makes my breath catch; Nick’s eyes are wild and his entire body is taut as he tries to yank at the binds that are refusing to loosen.

He glares at me, most likely angry at his inability to take what he wants, and with another strong thrust, bashes so deeply inside me that it abruptly becomes too much. Shrieking, I ride him wildly, slamming down over and over as my orgasm begins to explode inside me. My head falls forward as I scream and my nails unconsciously dig into his chest as I thrash over him. In my frenzy, I don’t hear his loud grunting or notice his wild bucking.

As my spasms slowly subside from a relatively brief climax, I sink down weakly and cling to his chest. Trembling slightly, I lie against him, resting my head against his chest until it begins to dawn on me that his heartbeat is thundering under my ear. Glancing up, I see his wild expression and quickly deduce that I stopped before he had a chance to cum.

Softly, I lick and kiss his throat then slide my lips up to nibble on his earlobe. I slide my breasts against his chest, tormenting him a bit and smile when I hear his helpless grunt. I didn’t think that I’d want him again so soon after my orgasm but when his shaft flexes and moves inside me, my cunt eagerly clasps around him.Mmm, I do love feeling him stuffed inside me.

With the resurgence of my arousal, I sit up and whimper as his hard cock rubs against my sensitive tissues. ‘Mmm, Nicky-poo, you’re lucky that I want you again, otherwise I wouldn’t have allowed you to cum’ I tease good-naturedly. Squeezing my muscles around his hard length produces a shiver of pleasure and I slowly begin to rotate my hips, grinding against his pubic bone. ‘Don’t worry handsome, you’ll be VERY satisfied by the time I’m through with you.’ The poor guy can only stare helplessly back at me, a man wild with lust and on the edge.

‘Nick, bend your legs at the knees and plant your feet flat against the bed.’ As he heeds my command, I gasp at the resulting sensation of his cock shifting inside me and pressing against the front wall of my pussy. Leaning back against his thighs, I plant my feet flat against his shoulders and reach back to grip his legs for balance. ‘OK sexy, masturbate yourself inside my tight pussy. Fuck up into me and spill your seed, I want you to give it all to me.’

No sooner have I said those words than he’s bucking up hard. At first, he’s thrusting with long and deep strokes that cause my body to jolt in reaction, but then his rhythm changes and becomes more frenzied. Pistoning his length inside me, he repeatedly jabs me sharply with his rampant flesh and I helplessly stare at him as I’m bounced and shifted on his lap.

Powerless against the onslaught and enjoying it immensely, I want to prolong the inevitable but the choice is taken away from me as he keeps rubbing against a particularly sensitive spot. Wildly I begin to bounce on top of him, trying to bear under the sharp lash of sensation but it’s a losing battle. My spasms increase in intensity as he repeatedly slams into me, pumping harder and faster as he works towards his own climax. Then he suddenly bucks up hard, roaring through his gag as his cock jerks inside my convulsing pussy, releasing stream after stream of creamy cum.

We grind hard against each other; unable to control what’s happening to us but the fever does eventually end. His legs sink down and I find myself slumping forward and falling onto his chest, so spent from the wild loving. This time, it’s a much longer recovery and when our breathing has resumed back to normal, I slide off him to curl against his side; smiling at the soft plopping sound his cock makes when he slips out of me. His eyes are closed but he’s grinning contently as I softly caress his cheek then smooth back his hair.

Perhaps we dozed off because when I rouse, the sweat has dried on our bodies. Lifting up onto my elbow, I scan the length of his body and inexplicably feel the stirrings of lust again.Wow, I always figured that I was insatiable but this is getting ridiculous; it must be because I’m in the Prime of my life. Chuckling, I softly trail a finger down his body and when I reach his soft penis, I bend down to whisper in his ear ‘You make me so hungry, Nick. You’ve often professed that you have a lot of stamina because you’re so young so I’m going to hold you to your word.’ I see his surprise as I slink down his body, knowing that giving him a blowjob will allow me the perfect opportunity to recuperate a bit more, but that’s not the only reason. I’ve fantasized about holding him in my mouth, feeling his texture and have definitely wondered what he tasted like.

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