The Senator Ch. 03

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Nancy had never felt quite as aroused as she was now in her life, and the delicious taste of Dan’s tangy cum juice seemed to filter through her flesh, teasing her nerves deep down between her legs.

Dan watched Nancy. He knew her well and could tell that she was more than ready to be fucked; he might have even teased her enough. He caught the almost imperceptible trembling of the young woman’s muscles as she fought to control the fire in her body so that she would not spoil the act for him, and he looked down at her with love.

“Mrs. Connors…”

“Yes?” Nancy looked up, blinking in a dreamy stupor.

“I like fucking you.”

“You like what!” She hadn’t really heard what he’d said.

“Fucking you.” Dan knew that she liked to hear all the obscenities when she was hot like this.

Nancy sucked in her breath with a shiver, getting tired of holding herself in check. “Shit. Do it, Dan. I can’t hold out much longer. I need you.”

Dimly the young woman was aware that her young lover was touching her arm with his hand now, lifting her up to a sitting position on the bed. She could smell the clean scent of his skin in her nostrils as he inched closer to her on the bed, and it quickened the pulse of her heart until she could hear it throbbing in her head. She felt his body press against her thigh in a comforting gesture, and her huge billowing tits ached in swelling agony in the confines of her dress.

Her desire for him was worse than ever! When was he going to take care of it?

He pressed against her suddenly, planting wet, rapid kisses on her cheeks, and his tongue slipped through her open mouth in a passionate French kiss. Delicious little spasms of pleasure rippled unwanted through her belly and up to the rising nipples of her tits, and her breath grew rapidly quicker.

Dan noticed the change in her breathing as he broke away from kissing her and knew that the time was now. He raised his hand from her arm and pushed it gently against her huge, billowing breasts, squeezing softly as he heard her moan in torment. He could feel her tits harden and swell under his massaging fingertips even as she tried to pull away.

Nancy shuddered at the heated touch upon her hot quivering tits; the growing excitement in her cunt spread like wildfire, draining her of strength. She gasped for breath and squirmed against the mattress, pushing the wet lips of her hot tingling pussy against it to try and quench the blaze that was burning out of control between her thighs, and her body responded with greater desire as his fingers groped at the zipper behind her back. She could feel the cool rush of air against her skin as he pulled the metal clasp all the way down to the tops of her smooth curved ass. Suddenly, the top half of her dress slipped from her arms to fall in a heap in her lap.

“Dan, listen, please, I mustn’t …” she murmured brokenly, trying to hold on to the game a little bit, even though both of them knew it was an act, by trying to tear herself away from his welcome grasp.

Teasingly, she jerked back away from his passionately searching hands and fell against the mattress, her tits jiggling wildly from the action. Fighting for breath, she giggled: “Dan, we can’t do this! We just can’t!”

“Oh, Mrs. Connors. Yes! Yes, I have to fuck you!” Dan cried out playfully. “I’ve got another load of cum in my balls now!”

“Dan … oh, Dan, please wait a minute …” she repeated as she dragged him down on top of her.

“No! No, I can’t wait. I want to touch you and kiss you and fuck you. Right now. Please, Mrs. Connors, please, let’s take our clothes off and fuck!”

He reached out with his arms for Steve’s wife again, and Nancy struggled in his embrace weakly for another moment. Then all resistance ceased in her muscles and sinews; the game was over and it was time to get down to serious business.

Dan pushed her down into the softness of the mattress. Nancy’s legs inadvertently opened, one foot unceremoniously kicking up in the air as her dress hiked up to her thighs. Dan sucked in his breath, his eager eyes seeing the crotch of her thin silk panties and the tiny copper tendrils of soft pussy hairs which curled out from around the edges of the elastic leg bands. Her cunt juice had soaked clear through the material that attempted to hide it.

And then, Nancy stared upward in perverted anticipation, Dan began to undress. Alanya Escort She watched him remove his tee-shirt, exposing his muscular chest within which his heart was beating as rapidly as a snare drum, then slowly, almost torturously, unbuckle his pants and slide them down over his legs and kick them off with his shoes. He rolled his undershorts down next, his fully recovered cock jutting out from his loins like a lance poised to fuck into her soft white belly without mercy.

“Oooohhhh Fuck, yesssss …” Nancy murmured in a daze. She was dimly aware of his hands once more beginning to strip her of her clothing, his touch leaving burning paths of desire in their wake that burst out of control.

He slid the thin fabric of her dress sensuously down her soft trembling thighs and threw it on to the floor where it landed in a light frothy pile.

He raised up to his knees then between her quivering legs, and fumbled with the elastic waistband of her thin silk panties as she writhed in the paralyzing hold of her passion. It took a moment for him to be able to slide the fabric from her heaving ass cheeks, but soon the cum-wet panties were added to the skimpy pile of clothing beside the bed allowing her pussy juice to flow freely.

There was nothing left. Nancy lay before the lawyer, completely naked and smoldering with an overwhelming desire for him as he sat between her open thighs.

“Oooohhhh, Mrs. Connors,” she heard him say mockingly, “I sure do want to fuck you!”

Nancy stiffened at the sound of her lover’s tone, afraid that he might be teasing her, and yet his mocking her only excited her more. She could feel the hot juices seeping from the quivering lips of her nakedly spread pussy hole, and she tried to squeeze her legs together to ease the tingling sensations leaking out of control through her cunt. She brushed her inner thighs against Dan’s thighs, the very touch of his muscular body making her tremble with renewed passion.

“Can I fuck you, Mrs. Connors?” Dan plaintively asked. “Can I now?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hell, yes! Yes, fuck me, you bastard!” Nancy groaned mindlessly. She was a slave to the surges of vulgar lust that were making her ache to have his huge swelling cock fucking inside of her cunt once again. An electrifying series of violent shocks seared through her like a thousand tiny forks of lightning as his rough hand coursed over her heated flesh. The tormenting flashes prodded with needlelike tauntings along the inner soaked contours of her thighs, causing her to jerk her legs further outward on either side of him and involuntarily grind her ass deeper into the mattress. Searing hot flames licked mercilessly at her nakedness, but her anguished rotations were futile without his cock. She lay twisting from the scalding touch of fingertips along her inner thighs and lower belly, her mind struggling hopelessly against the stabs of delicious sensations which were following the feverish course of Dan’s searching hands. Her pussy was as dilated as it could get acknowledging its readiness to be fucked.

Dan played delightedly with her naked flesh, knowing that her cum would be all the more exciting for the torment she was undergoing now.

“Turn over on your belly, Mrs. Connors,” Dan said with a lusty sneer. “I’m going to fuck you like a bitch!”

Nancy felt a thrill run through her at this unexpected request and she turned over eagerly. One of his hands gripped the soft flesh of her narrow waist and pulled her jiggling hips powerfully off the mattress, while keeping her face and tits resting on the bed.

Nancy’s naked ass wavered high off the mattress behind her now, her mind empty of everything but what he might do next. She had an urge to turn her head back and look at her wonderful lover, but that might just further prolong the inevitable fuck she was waiting so eagerly for.

Kneeling behind her, Dan ground his painfully jerking cock in the narrow white crevice between her trembling ass, pressing the soft cheeks together to enclose his cock like the fitting of a glove, and planted warm, wet kisses along the standing ridges of her spine. She groaned slightly as her body shivered from the wet contact on her naked loins and back. He placed his thumbs on either side of her gaping cunt and pressed out gently, gradually. Nancy shuddered as he continued his gentle pressure, and her muscles Alanya Escort Bayan which had been keyed up for so long relaxed in the loose tranquility of knowing that they would soon be getting what they wanted.

He was crouched down behind her, his face level with her cunt, and as he watched with gleaming eyes, the wet glistening pussy lips slowly parted even more of their own volition to the guiding motion of his thumbs.

He could see all of her hungry cunt and the juices of her pussy upon her inner thighs, as she caused her ass cheeks to slip wider and wider apart.

He breathed softly into her pussy and Nancy squirmed. He could hear a faint moan of delight slipping from between her now open lips as she felt the featherlike touch of his hands and breath against her auburn-furred cunt.

Dan grinned, and then with one quick rush of his tongue, he thrust forward between the hot, wet folds of her hungry cunt. He heard her gasp from the sudden entry, and he pressed his mouth closer to kiss all of her hot pussy. He began to fuck his searching tongue deep up inside her cunt lips, sucking and swirling it crazily while her pussy involuntarily contracted tightly around its long, smooth length. He made sure to apply plenty of friction of her hard enlarged clit.

“Oohhhhhhh,” Nancy sighed as she felt the wet, tantalizing kisses being lavished on the hair-lined slit between her legs. Every muscle in her body tightened from the tingling pleasure licking between her wide splayed thighs, while soft, escaping moans of delight arose from her constricted throat.

Dan pushed his face further up into her cunt, teasing her swollen clit relentlessly with his tongue, sending her out of her mind with passion. She knew that her naked body was, for the second time that day, approaching that exquisite state where nothing would matter but to delight in total abandonment. The knowledge of her approaching cum made her squirm her ass back against the hot licking mouth.

Dan worked slave like behind his mistress’s kneeling body, his tongue making wet, sluicing sounds with each heated in-fuck he made. Nancy’s cries were one long, low moan now as he slid his lashing tongue in and out of the wet confines of her pussy. He pushed his face still further under her cunt and began to tease at it gleefully with his nipping teeth while she writhed and churned upon her ass in a dance of passion.

“Oooohhhhhhhh! Aaaahhhhhh!” she groaned, her body out of control, and her mind rapidly approaching that same point of insane desire from the deliciously obscene sucking of her cunt. With a smug satisfaction, Dan behind her could feel the muscles of her inner thighs hollowing and contracting around the sides of his cum-slick cheeks as he licked and sucked at her with greedy, untamed lust. Nancy’s pussy flowered involuntarily wider, and her cunt juices increased with each second his sucking mouth continued to lap her widespread loins. Her pussy juices ran in hot, wet trickles down the sides of his cheeks as they pressed tightly into the softness of her hungry gripping thighs, then down the ivory columns of her legs to stain the mattress beneath her knees.

“Uuuuhhhhh!” she grunted as he fucked his tongue deeper into her pussy, expanding the swollen lips with every fuck. Oh Lord, how Dan could cuntlick her out of her mind. This was the best game they’d ever had together. A strange masochistic pleasure rippled through her fevered flesh at the thought of all he’d done. She wanted to be swallowed by it; she wanted to be fucked and sucked until she could never walk again! Her helpless, kneeling form was driving her wild with lust-inciting sensations!

“Oooohhhhh, you bastard!” she suddenly heard herself call out of control, the rhythm of his skewering tongue becoming too much.

“Ohhhhhh, suck me! Suck my cunt!” “You FUCKING JERK, MAY MY CUNT SQUIRT YOU CUNT LICKER”

Dan heard Nancy’s obscenities and felt the wild abandoned tempo of her naked, lush body, and his cock ached from the anticipation to fuck it deep into her juicy cunt. With some difficulty he slithered to his knees and worked his muscular hips into the now wet and glistening opening of her ass crack from behind. He held his painfully jerking prick tightly between his fingers and poised its massive head at the elastic hole of her hungry gripping cunt. He watched with lust-gleaming eyes as the Escort Alanya cum-wet pussy lips nibbled at him like the mouth of a fish, and he felt a small dewdrop of cock juice forming on the tip of his cock, and then a mighty jerk of his penis happened shooting a long stream of semen on her but. He had to fuck her now, or he would cum all over her ass!

He moved forward, slipping as far up between her wide-splayed thighs as he could go, guiding his thick cum dripping prick between the warm enveloping folds of her swollen pussy. He groaned with desire, wondering again at the delicious softness of her cunt around his cock.

It incited him to uncontrollable lust, and he flexed his loins, feeling all of the unfulfilled desire he had built up since last week suddenly surging forward with him into the hot, welcoming belly of the beautiful woman before him. He gasped out loud through the silence of the bedroom as he felt the tightly grasping walls of her cunt soothingly enclose his deeply fucking cock.

“Ooohhhhhhhhhh!” Nancy moaned. His cock finally fucking into her was sending thrills racing along the base of her spine as she felt the savage rhythm of his prick screwing into her pussy from behind. There was no respite, as she felt the lean weight of his pelvis crush hard against her ass cheeks, sweeping them wider and wider apart as he fucked his prick as deep inside her hungry, wet cunt as it would go.

But this was not enough for her fuck-crazy lover. “Shake it, Nancy!” he gasped through his tightly clenched teeth. “Fuck me like a bitch in heat!”

Nancy complied without hesitation. Her ass rotated as she let herself follow his rhythm, grinding and twisting her hips back against his driving cock as though she were glued to it. She could feel him fucking into her more steadily now, the sight of her unrestrained body inciting him to faster and harder efforts. Her breath came in spasmodic puffings now as she droned out her passion into the mattress, her face turned sideways so that all he could see was the effect his fucking was having in the mirror on the wall. Her lips opened and closed in groaning torment, half in pleasure and ecstasy from the sensations burning through her nerves, and half in fear she would be ripped asunder by the hard, pounding cock that was screwing into her cunt.

Behind her, Dan could feel himself building toward his cum. He knew it would be soon and began to fuck her faster, battering mercilessly the trembling cheeks of her fleshy ass with his hard, driving hips. His hands grabbed her slender waist and squeezed the flaccid flesh as he stared down at her bucking body.

“Man!” he shouted hoarsely. “Man, oh man!” “I’m fucking close to ejaculating!!!”

She thrust back her drenched gripping cunt against Dan’s deeply fucking cock so she could accept every fraction of his massive throbbing penis deep up inside of her pussy.

And then, she felt her insides erupt in great hot flashes of intense fire, tunneling through her veins in a never-ending torment of mounting pleasure. She felt her thighs and ass cheeks swept wide apart in one last savage rush as Dan fucked into her cunt with an overwhelming orgasm.

He cried out: “Aaaaaiiiiieeeeee!” “Here it fucking comes.” I’m going to fill your fucking cunt with SPERM!!!!”

Dan’s balls released their torrent of cream. They churned out load after load of strong semen, allowing them to slowly deflate. His shaft took over from his testicles and constricted in ejaculation, again and again freeing the sperm into the pussy that was clamping down upon it.

Nancy’s orgasm was right in tune with Dan. “Oh FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!!” I’m cummminggg.” Her legs were shaking; her cunt was opening and then clamping down in rhythm to her orgasm. Her pussy was spraying its ejaculating juice all over Dan’s cock and balls. “Ohhhhhh Baby! Fuckin’ YESSS! Make my cunt squirt…..OHHHHH SHIT!!!”

Nancy could feel the white, hot cum juice filling her cunt passage with a tremendous charge. She could feel it flooding hotly into her and filling the depths of her womb until she thought she would drown inside. There were several convulsive jerkings of Dan’s hips against the softly trembling cheeks of her ass, and then he fell forward over her back, pushing her face down onto the mattress.

Dan lifted himself, exhausted, from her back. There was a cool rush of air between her legs as his limp cock withdrew allowing her cunt to finish its orgasmic spray. Finally Nancy’s pussy closed down and her clit began to soften. The well fucked wife rolled over onto her back and lay still, unable to move or care, wondering how they could ever top the fucking they had had that afternoon.

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