The Rendezvous

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Boy was I nervous! I was setting in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel in Detroit awaiting what I expected to be one of the most exciting and sexually rewarding moments of my life.

A little background will be helpful at this point. I am a single thirty-year old All American male with all the normal hormonal instincts. For those of you in Palm Beach that means I love pussy! I am just over six feet tall, 195 pounds, light brown hair, and light blue eyes. I’m reasonably attractive I’m told, but certainly no Brad Pitt (who the hell is?). For you that are interested, I’m in good physical condition with about 10% body fat, and, most importantly, my cock is just under nine inches long and almost four inches in circumference. I love sex, especially oral sex. I’m straight, but tolerant. I, like all guys, I’m fine with bisexual women. I’m a financially comfortable professional business consultant with my own practice.

The event I was so anxiously awaiting was a face-to-face meeting with my cyber lover, Lisa. I know, it sounds hokey as hell and maybe a little silly for a guy my age, but this woman is really hot. We clicked on every important element of personality, sexual preferences, fantasies, age and other stuff (is there really anything else?).

We had been exchanging email for about four months and had graduated to telephone contact over the last month. At first, we just exchanged erotic stories and fantasies, but as time went on, we got more and more explicit and personal. We really got into describing in great detail exactly what we liked to do during sex, both receiving and giving.

For instance, I like natural women with natural breasts, naturally hairy pussies and normal figures. I get very turned on by giving head to women. I have learned over the years what women like and don’t like during oral sex and have learned to do it. Women don’t like the sex partner just slurping and slathering on their pussies, or chewing on their clits. They want you to start by kissing inside their thighs or their stomach and gradually arriving at their pussy. You should be fingering their clit and cunt while kissing. Your tongue should lightly but rapidly tickle the skin as you kiss it. When you arrive at the pussy, you need to focus on the clit. Your tongue is the instrument of pleasure here.

You don’t just mash your face into her cunt and smear your tongue around. An experienced woman finds that technique hopelessly amateurish and annoying. You begin by licking firmly up and down the length of the pussy after separating the labia (lips) of the pussy with your tongue. You then resume your fingering and focus your tongue on the clit. Begin slowly and lightly tickling the clit with the tip of your tongue. Gradually increase the pressure and speed bringing your lady to a crescendo. She will start letting you know how much she’s enjoying you early on during this process. If your doing things right, she should begin arching her hips into your face, grabbing your ears/hair and pulling you into her while moaning and groaning (maybe talking dirty, even screaming). As she gets closer to cumming, you should intensify you activity, your tongue gets faster (remember, just the tip) and your fingering gets deeper and faster. Most women like for you to finger their asshole during the later stages of oral sex, but that’s purely a personal choice. She will have a very intense orgasm – intense shivering, holding her breath, stiffening her body and finally releasing with a loud cry. After her orgasm, she will not want you touching her pussy. It’s too sensitive. Now’s the time for holding her tight, maybe sucking her breasts or nuzzling her ear while she comes down.

Lisa shared similar techniques with me. We both enjoyed mutual masturbation while we listened or read the other’s descriptions. We turned each other on with ease and regularity. I was having more intense orgasms reading or talking to her than I was with actual sex with other women. Weird!

Lisa lived in the mid-west and was, like me, single and Ağrı Escort never married. She described herself as five-six, 115 lbs, 36D-22-38, blond hair, and blue eyes. She thought of herself as cute, in a sort of cheerleader way with a cheerful disposition and outgoing personality.

We discussed the possibility of meeting after about two months of cybertalking. First we agreed to phone calls. This first “in-person” meeting proved to be very positive and confirmed our opinions of each other. After that, we had many really passionate phone sex conversations telling each other what we were “doing” to each other and ending in very intense, self-induced orgasms.

We explored our fantasies in more detail and got more and more comfortable with each other. The great thing was the complete absence of any expectation of commitment or anything permanent. In plain language, we just wanted to fuck! We were desperate for actual body-to-body contact with the heavy breathing, moaning, odors, tastes, and sounds of great sex. We knew it could happen and were ready!

I routinely visited the Detroit area to visit clients. Lisa lived in a nearby state (I still don’t know exactly where). Detroit would be an easy, mutually convenient and neutral meeting place. We set a date and I reserved a room for the next weekend I was to be in Detroit.

Now as I sat waiting, I was occupying my mind with my long ago formed fantasies about sex with my cyber-date. I sat near the front desk dressed in light gray slacks, a white silk t-shirt and a blue blazer. We’d agreed on our dress to help us identify each other. We had also, believe it or not, agreed to present picture ID’s. This was due to our mutual paranoia caused the widely publicized freaky stories about these kinds of meetings.

I was watching the door when I saw a woman that had to be Lisa walk through. Wow! I was blown away! She was HOT! I would have approached her even if I wasn’t expecting to meet her. She was dressed in a yellow patterned sundress with a plunging neckline revealing the beginnings of two magnificent, obviously natural breasts with nipples at full attention. The dress ended about two inches above the knees and revealed two beautifully shaped, tanned legs. Her blond hair was long and flowing. Her blue eyes were bright and sparkling. She spied me and her whole face lit up with the biggest, brightest smile you ever saw. Hmmmmm! My dick almost jumped right out of my pants. She was everything I’d hoped for!

She ran up to me, let out a squeal and grabbed me around the neck. Both feet left the ground and flipped out behind her. I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up above me. As I lowered her, our lips met for the first time. Her mouth was warm, moist, and willing. Her tongue was a magic wand. She explored my entire mouth with it. I responded in kind, and we almost fell down trying to get our balance while we continued to kiss with increasing passion. As we got our footing she pressed her body against mine and I felt her firm breasts hot against my chest. She brought her hips in contact with mine and I pushed my stiff erection against her. I’m sure she felt my hardness before we parted.

Neither one of us wanted it to end, but we finally broke the kiss before we passed out.

She looked up into my eyes, smiled and said, “So, do you come here often?”

I laughed and said, “Everyday. The girls here are really hot and I stop by for nooner. How ’bout you?”

“Its noon isn’t it?” she said as she cocked her head and gave me a coy smile and a wink.

After our introductory kiss, I looked at Lisa and said, “May I see some ID, please?”

“Absolutely, sir.”, she said and fumbled in her teeny little purse and pulled out her driver’s license. As we had agreed, the address and state name had been taped over.

I also produced my ID, likewise edited, and we both nodded acceptance and relief that that unpleasant but necessary task was behind us.

I took her arm and said, “Hungry?”, She answered, “Famished!”

We Ağrı Escort Bayan walked over to the garden restaurant in the hotel. We had agreed that this would be a suitable public place to meet, have a nice lunch and begin the process of evaluating each other. It was important to both of us that we both be completely comfortable with each other before we jumped into bed. Either one of us good opt out at any time with no hard feelings.

The restaurant is out in an open area off the lobby. We sat at a table in the middle of the seating area and ordered wine and a light lunch. We enjoyed a delicious lunch, very pleasant, small talk conversation with both of us obviously becoming impatient to get to the main event. Finally, we looked at each other, laughed, and said almost simultaneously, “Let’s get out of here.” We hurried and checked in and got to our room. It was 1:30pm.

We got to the room. I tipped the bellhop and we left our stuff on the floor where the bellhop left them. She stepped up to me and said, “Now, where were we?”, and started pulling my shirt out of my pants.

I took my blazer off, threw it on the floor and reached around her to unzip her dress. This undressing rapidly advanced to a frantic pace. We barely avoided ripping and tearing our clothes.

My cock was already as hard as a tire iron and sticking straight out. After she ripped my boxers off, she grabbed my cock and led me over to the bed, sat down and placed her mouth on my cock. She began moving her mouth up and down the sides while massaging and squeezing the enlarged head with her hand. She opened wide and took the head in her mouth. Her tongue then began its magic. I have no idea what that woman does with her tongue and mouth, but it’s the most wonderful, erotic, unbelievably fantastic feeling I’ve ever experienced. She moved her mouth up and down the shaft with her hand following. As she squeezed lightly with her hand, her tongue did its thing independently from her mouth and hand. Her mouth was warm, wet and wonderful. I could barely remain standing. Just as I was close to reaching a climax, she began to slow down. She brought me down on the bed keeping her mouth firmly on my dick. Kneeling over my legs, she renewed her cock sucking with a vengeance. All the time she was making a deep throaty sound making it obvious that she was enjoying the process as much as I was. As I started to build up to an orgasm, she locked down on my cock and accelerated her movements. I could feel myself beginning to explode. The pressure was incredibly intense and I finally erupted. I came, and came. Lisa couldn’t swallow fast enough and my cum began to spurt out of the corners of her mouth. She gradually slowed down her movements and eventually pulled her mouth off and licked me clean.

Still holding my cock, she looked up at me, smiled and said, “How was that?”

I could barely breathe much less talk but managed a contented grunt and sigh.

She said, “I’ll take that as a yes. Now, you rest up buster because now it’s my turn!”

I lay there for a minute collecting myself while she snuggled against me and played with my hair. I quickly recovered and turned toward her and took her in my arms. For the first time I took in her astounding beauty.

Her very feminine body was slim and firm, but not skinny or muscular. Her breasts were naturally firm and large with perfect nipples that stuck out about an inch. Her pussy was covered with thick blond, curly hair trimmed just enough to accommodate a bikini. She had a light tan that accentuated her flawless skin. Her face was absolutely beautiful.

I leaned over and began lightly sucking and tonguing one nipple while squeezing and rolling the other. I continued tonguing and sucking her nipples for a while and then begin lightly kissing her stomach while moving my hand to her crotch. I moved my fingers lightly over her labia and clit. She was soaked. My fingers slipped easily between the lips and found her clit. As I continued moving downward, Escort Ağrı I massaged her clit, lightly stroking it. As my mouth arrived, I slipped my fingers into her cunt. I fingered her slowly while exploring her pussy lips with my mouth and tongue. I moved the tip of my tongue up and down rapidly over her clit while applying pressure. I then deepened my finger fucking and increased the speed and pressure of my clit licking.

Lisa was beginning to react by moving her hips toward my face, placing her fingers in my hair and tugging my head into her pussy. She was moaning and twisting her body saying, “Oh god, don’t stop. I love it! Lick me. Eat my cunt. Harder!”

I was altering the speed and pressure of my tonguing and fingering. Faster then slower. As she got closer, I dropped my fingers to her asshole and began to lightly massage and probe. As I increased the intensity of my clit licking, I began to deepen the penetration of her asshole and the speed of my fingering. She began to really buck her hips while pulling my head into her crotch. She gasped for breath, her body began tremble. She clinched her teeth and let out muffled cries of ecstasy. I plunged my finger deep into her ass and twisted my face into her cunt while the tip of my tongue continued to fly over her clit. She let go! She came! Her was body shuttering and twisting. As her movements gradually subsided, I slowed down to a complete halt but kept my mouth pressed to her pussy. When she finally collapsed, I removed my mouth and moved my body up hers maintaining body-to-body contact. I rolled off and held her close while she depressurized. I placed her head in the crook of my neck, stroked her hair and nibbled on her ear.

After a short time, she let out her breath, relaxed and repositioned her body so she was leaning on one elbow looking into my eyes. Smiling, she said, somewhat breathlessly, “Wow! That was incredible. You really practice what you preach don’t you. That was just like you described in your emails. If we could find a way to package that, we’d be millionaires.”

I smiled back and said, “We?”

She laughed and lightly smacked my face. Then leaned into me and started another long and passionate kiss. It was obvious that she was well rested and ready to go again. She whispered softly in my ear, “Now for the main event!”

She rolled over pulling me on top of her while continuing our kiss. She grabbed my dick and placed at the opening of her pussy. As I sucked on a nipple, she placed her hands on each leg behind the knees and brought them up and back getting her pussy in position. I massaged her clit with the head of my cock then began a slow penetration. I pushed in a few inches and slowly withdrew leaving only the head in. I did this a few times, and then she thrust her hips hard up against me while planting her mouth on mine. I began to fuck her harder, deeper and faster. We increased speed and intensity, and just crashed and floundered around. She grabbed my ass and slammed into me and screamed, “Fuck me hard you son of a bitch! Make me cum! Oh god, I love this!”

We fucked hard slapping our bodies together. Finally we came, both at once and I squirted another huge cum load into her with my final thrusts while her entire body stiffened and shuttered.

We continued like this on and off until time for dinner. We spent most of the weekend in bed only stopping for food, sleep and once for a brief walk around the hotel property.

We fucked every way possible. Me on top. Her on top. Doggie style. Anal sex. More cock sucking and pussy eating. Our weekend was one magnificent fuck session after the other.

As we headed our separate ways, she to the airport, me to a client location, we hugged and kissed goodbye and promised to keep in touch and continue our cyber relationship

I think we both got exactly what we wanted out of our weekend rendezvous – a great fuck and good companionship without lingering attachment or commitments. It’s not surprising then that we have drifted off to other things. We haven’t talked or exchanged emails in months. I’m okay with that and I’m very comfortable with who and where I am in my life now. I’m sure she’s the same. I must say, however, I’ll never forget that weekend. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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