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I was surfing through a few adult websites, and came across one that offers videos of young women riding a variety of sex machines. Basically dildos attached to all kinds of stuff from upward thrusting plungers to one that was actually attached to a Kitchen Aid mixer!! The site included several testimonials including one from a young wife who said that she got so excited from the opening scenes that she watched the rest of the show on her husbands lap. I know that it would be exciting to think that the same thing might happen if a couple decided to read one of my stories together.

Anyways I decided that Bob and Carol might do something like that, and so the story was born. It was suppose to end on a very passionate note. But much to my own surprise, the final three paragraphs just sort of tumbled out of my brain and on to the keyboard and once again my creative mind has shocked even me.


* * * * *

“Oh, My God, that’s Susan!”

Carol and I were relaxing in her living room after a steamy session in the Jacuzzi. I had slipped a video into the VCR and said ” there is something I need to show you.” She had just realized that the naked woman on the screen, was her friend and former neighbor. I had only met Susan once, but I had no trouble recognizing her. It was last spring, when we shared what I thought was spontaneous sex while shopping at her garage sale. The following day after that encounter, I had learned that Carol had selected me to be part of Susan’s going away gift on the eve of her departure to the Philippines. It was almost a year later and Carol and I had become close friends and lovers.

My daughter approved of the relationship and had even given us the matching terrycloth bathrobes we were wearing that night. But when my daughter was home from school, Carol and I spent our time together at her house. Her teenage children were living with their father for the summer. Carol, exclaimed, ” where did you get that tape?”

I told her that it was one of over a hundred copies that were found in a storage room at the Paradise Spa and Health Club. Postal Inspectors had gotten a search warrant after receiving a complaint that the tapes were being sold to underage children. The owner has been charged with a federal crime, and the tapes were turned over to our police department. The box claimed that the voyeur tape showed the intimate details of a woman experiencing an orgasm on a masturbation machine.

They found the sex machine, called a Jetaime II, in a locked room that could only be accessed through the Women’s Locker Room. The machine consisted of a covered bench with rounded sides that was about the girth and length of a man’s torso. It was designed so that a woman could comfortably sit on the saddle and impale herself on an upward thrusting dildo powered by an electric motor. This one was modified with an adjustable backrest that would simulate lying back on to a man’s chest or knees. It was sitting in the middle of the floor on top of what looked like a wrestling mat. The police also found a microphone in the room and three hidden camcorders, with remote controlled zoom lenses.

“Those machines are legal, right?” Carol wanted to know.

I told her that yes, owning, and charging for sessions on the Jetaime was legal. The Spa showed a Afyon Escort nice profit from the rental, and also from discreetly selling supplies which included the detachable dildos and scented lubricants. However if the session was recorded without Susan’s permission, making and distributing this voyeur tape would be a criminal offense. I explained that the police had showed some stills from the tape to the cashier at the spa. Apparently the tape was made a couple years ago and she did not remember Susan’s name but remembered that she was Carol’s guest.

Carol said ” I bought her the Queen for a Day Package for her 40th Birthday, but I was on-call at the hospital and had to leave before she was done.”

I told Carol that the police investigator on the case said that at this point they did not know if a crime had been committed. He knew that we were dating and had asked me to find out if Carol could identify Susan, and then the police would ask her if she wanted to press charges.

Susan was still in the Philippines teaching at a mission school, but the two friends e-mailed each other quite often. Carol just flashed an impish grin, and said ” well, it looks like her, but maybe we better watch the whole tape just to make sure.”

In the opening scene, we can see a long shot of a naked woman, carrying a small tray, walking through a doorway. She locked the door behind her and walked to the center of a small room that is lit by soft pink lights. She puts down the tray and kneels down in front of the machine. The scene then changes to a frontal view of the woman leaning over the saddle. She is holding a flesh colored dildo in one hand and a cylinder that protrudes from a hole in the top of the saddle in her other hand. We can see her small, but very taut breasts hanging down. When Carol saw the close-up of the erect dark brown nipples just barely scraping across the smooth surface, she reached into her bathrobe and pulled on one of her own nipples. When the woman in the video starts screwing the dildo on to the cylinder, Carol stuck her other hand into the folds of my robe and reached between my legs. Then the woman leaned forward and licked the dildo and Carol, pulled my robe aside and kissed the head of my quickly growing penis.

The viewed changed and we were now looking directly at the woman’s small, but slightly flared butt. Her knees were parted just enough to see the swollen lips of her vulva, that seemed to be very moist.

Carol whispered, more to herself then me ” she must have been playing with herself in the shower. She doesn’t usually get aroused that quickly”.

I whispered back, ” yes, we found that out when Susan and I had first tried to satisfy our lust, but how did you learn that?”

Carol sat up and lightly bit my ear lobe and said ” close friends have lots of girl talks.” Then she quickly changed the subject and said ” look she getting on the machine.”

The next scene was of Susan standing up, and squatting on her knees over the machine. She did not impale herself over the dildo, but rather scooted forward on the saddle until it rested against her pubic bone. When Susan reached down and parted her vaginal lips, so that the shaft of the dildo could slide between them, Carol stood up and let her bathrobe fall to the floor. She Afyon Escort Bayan climbed on to my lap, with her back facing me, and positioned herself so that my erect penis was mimicking the dildo. I looked over Carol’s shoulder and watched as both of the women, one on the screen, and the other in my lap rocked their pelvises back and forth lubricating the dorsal surfaces of nearly identical sized rigid shafts. I reached around Carol’s body and gently cupped her taut breasts while I nuzzled my face against her neck.

When I sucked on her earlobe and gently blew warm breath into her ear, she groaned and said ” Oh, Bob, you will always be better than a machine.” I realized that no man, and especially one who was nearly 60, was going win this contest on endurance, but with my many years of experience, I could certainly pick up enough points on quality to make up the difference.

We watched as Susan picked up a small control box and started playing with the buttons. When she had the dildo at it’s lowest point, she leaned upward and positioned herself so that the head just barely penetrated her vaginal lips, and then waited. Carol took the cue and followed Susan actions. I remembered when Carol did something very similar to that on our train ride to Montana. The camera zoomed in on Susan’s vulva, and I braced myself knowing that Carol was going to plunge downward the moment she saw the dildo push it’s way into her friend’s body.

Carol looked over her shoulder at me and when she saw the tension in my face, she said ” Just lay back and enjoy the show, Bob. I’ll take care of everything at this end.”

Susan hit the button, and then grabbed her knees. Carol plunged her small body downward and impaled herself. Soon both women, Susan on tape, and Carol in my lap were starting to groan, and their breathing became labored. They were in some sort of a race, except that Susan was being plummeted by an upward thrusting chunk of plastic, and Carol was using her own power to slide up and down my stationary penis. I felt that I had to become a part of this contest between men and machines. When Susan started to twist her nipples, I took the clue and gently massaged Carol’s breasts and gently teased her nipples with my thumbs. When Susan reached down between her legs, I reached around and massaged Carol’s clitoris. Then I realized that I could go one better, and I moistened my middle finger of my other hand and shoved it up into Carol’s rectum. She let out a long howl, that ended with her screaming ‘ Oh, God that feels so good.”

I looked over Carol’s shoulder and saw the camera zoom in on Susan’s face as it tensed up. She bit her lip, let out a cry and then the camera zoomed out again just as she fell backwards on the inclined backrest. Her orgasm did not seem as intense as I remember when I was with her, but to be honest, dear reader did you expect me to say anything else? It took Carol just a little longer, and maybe because I was in a more passive mode, I was able to outlast her this time. Carol and I felt her body starting to shudder, and I cried out ” give me a few more moments”. She continued to pump even as a second wave of convulsions ripped through her body. Finally she felt my body return with a couple involuntary thrusts and then she fell back into my arms.

Susan Escort Afyon sat up and smiled into the camera, and I was expecting to see the closing credits roll, when I noticed a shadow. ” Hey”. I exclaimed, ” I think there is someone else in the room.”

Carol started to get tense when the camera zoomed back just enough to frame Susan’s breasts and down to her legs. We watched as another pair of legs sits on the saddle behind Susan, and two small hands reached around her and cupped her breasts. The camera zoomed back a little more and we saw a head with blond hair nuzzle her neck. Susan turned her head with a pucker formed on her lips The head tilted up and kissed her, and I saw those blue eyes and that familiar impish smile. I realized that Carol, my friend and lover, was also Susan’s lover. Carol just exhaled and in a quiet whisper, said “they promised to edit that out of the tape.”

She went on to explain that she come back to the Spa to pick up Susan and was told that she had gone into the Pleasure Room. They gave Carol a key and after she had taken off her clothes she slipped into the room just before Susan had experienced her orgasm. Susan looked so happy, that Carol decided to give her a special hug. They had not known about the taping at the time, but several months later Susan was approached, and offered a substantial amount of money if she would sign a release.

“So Bob, as far as Susan is concerned, no crime has been committed, but I just might want to talk to my favorite lawyer.”

Carol got off my lap and then turned around and sat back on my lap facing me. She looked me in the eye and said ” can you forgive us?”

I playfully kissed her nose and quickly replied, “there is nothing that needs forgiving. I have already told you that I have had partners in the past who were bisexual, and you are here with me, and the other woman is a half a world away.”

Carol smiled and then kissed me gently. I suppose that I at least owe you an explanation.” She cuddled up against my chest and said “Carol and I are good friends and we have a lot in common, including two ex-husbands who were real jerks. The men went out together a lot. They fished, they hunted, they played golf, and they also enjoyed the companionship of 25 year old twin sisters. When we found out, Susan and I became even closer. The men left us alone a lot, and when they were around, they always seemed to tired or uninterested in sex.” Carol told me how she and Susan became lovers, but that will be another story.

Carol continued to talk while I held her.”We both had children, and we knew that the party that initiates the divorce does not often get the best end of the deal.” As a lawyer, I had to agree on that point. “So we tolerated our husband’s mutual interests, and found affection in each other’s arms for another year. Then one day, the men came home early from a fishing trip and found us together in the 69 position on the floor of the recreation room. To make a long story short, they both filed for divorce and after our lawyers let them know that we were willing to not mention the twins, we got the houses. Susan children were old enough to move out, and she decided to take the teaching job in the Philippines.”

She leaned up and kissed me deeply, and said ” and you are the first man in either of our lives since we had stopped sleeping with our husbands. What do you think about that?”

I smiled and said ” I think I’ll make you dinner, and then maybe we should send Susan an e-mail and invite her to stay with us when she comes home on vacation”.

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