The Origination Ch. 01

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OK, so I said previously that there had been two brushes with non classical massages in the past, but those are stories for another day. This is the other day. But if I had to be honest there were three…

First one – briefly – we were on vacation in Antigua and I booked a one hour massage. When I showed up at the appointed time, the receptionist showed me to the locker room. She said I should strip, shower, and get myself down the hall to room

. When she left me I realized it was a room with 20 lockers, 4 showers. I was there by myself, but I was wondering if another client would show up. I had been to spas before and put in this same situation, but these locker rooms were built for 3 or 4 people and it was understandable that no one would also come in. Here it wasn’t I expected someone to walk in at any moment. There were many customers in the waiting room.

So I showered (slowly waiting for the next patron, who never showed) I then dried and wrapped a towel around my ass, and carried my clothes to room

. When I got there I met a stunning masseuse dressed in short shorts and a realy nice tight tee shirt. She said to drop all my clothes at the chair in the corner and lay down on the table. She stayed there watching me the entire time. I dropped my clothes, and removed my necklace, and debated with myself whether or not if I should take off the wet towel. Should I strip and walk erotik hikaye oku to the table? Yes or no??? So I wimped out and laid down on my stomach with the damp towel around my waist. She immediately removed it, and replaced it with a dry one – so clearly she wanted me to leave it behind. It was then that I realized CFNM might be interesting. It took a while to get there…

Next opportunity, we are in Cancun at an all inclusive resort. A male masseur walked the beach trying to get people to sign up for massages. After I got permission from my wife… I signed up for a one hour massage. A few minutes later I caught up to the guy and asked if it was possible to request a female masseuse. I felt really embarrassed about this, but he made it seem like no big thing.

So I show up at 4 PM and check in at the desk. They tell me to go into the men’s locker room, remove all of my clothes, take a shower , put on a robe and go to room 22. That sounds easy enough. But when I walked into the men’s locker room, it was filled with 8, 20 something girls cleaning and restocking the lockers. I guess it was near the end of the day and they needed to restock.

So I knew I had to strip and shower, and I assumed all of the girls understood and would give me some privacy. I was wrong. So I walked down the row of empty lockers and couldn’t find a locker filled with a clean erotik hikaye towel and robe. I had to ask for a robe and towel to prepare for my massage. One of the cutest girls went and got me a towel and robe. She then stood there to see if I needed anything else.

So I stood there and started taking my clothes off and put them in the locker. Surely by the time I had to take my pants off these girls would give me privacy, no??? Well no. They just kept working like a colony of bees, focusing on their work and ignoring me. Looking back I wish I pushed it further, but I hedged a bit. I stripped to my underwear, and then put the robe on and removed my underwear. I then wrapped a towel around my ass and left the robe at the locker I then had to turn around and walk a full 5 feet to the showers. I walked to the showers and then played it a bit conservatively. I entered the shower, turned on the water let it warm up, and hung my towel outside the door on the hook. I spent a few too many minutes in the shower behind the clear glass door while all the young Mexican girls were walking back and forth past the shower door. I eventually ended and reached out the door, grabbed my towel and dried off behind a steam covered door.

I then put on my robe and proceeded to my massage room. I left my robe behind and received a very professional appropriate massage. By the time I got porno hikayeleri back the girls wer gone. Boy I wished I played that differently

Another time was at a spa resort in St Lucia. This place had great spa offerings. I pushed my nude boundaries here a bit. They had one treatment that ended up with a salt scrub. They then took you outside and down to the end of the building to take an outdoor shower. I had a male masseur so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but my wife had a female and we did it at the same time. She did more to make sure my wife’s modesty was protected than he did for me. The showers were outside, but behind glass doors. I enjoyed showering in “public” so much that I did it the next day on my own, after coming out of the steam room. However while I was in one shower two female masseuses came by with two female clients to wash off their salt.

Now I am stuck inside this shower with two female masseuses standing outside. Worse, they took my bathing suit and hung it on a rack 15 feet away. I thought it best to leave my shower before the two women, so I shut it off and opened my door. No bathing suit. One masseuse was standing 5 feet away and offered me a towel if I walked to her. Then I had to walk to my suit and put it on. This is all in sight of the spa pool which was pretty crowded, not to mention the two other women in the showers.

This was a little embarrassing and a lot exciting. The next day my wife and I had facials. I blew mine off and went to the nude sun bathing area on the roof where I met up with a hot stripper from the mid west with beautiful fake tits. This is a story for another day when I really learned to to be nude in public and CFNM.

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