The Only Man I Thought I Loved

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When I decided to start writing these stories I had just stopped seeing the guy I am going to write about. To give you a little background I have known CJ for about 3 years now. We only started sleeping together about 7 months ago, but that is also technically when we first met. I was introduced to him through an unorthodox way; by a friend who was “seeing him” but the most they have ever done was tap kiss. In realization after discovering herself, she came out of the closet and admitted to CJ that she was gay. I looked at CJs page and saw how cute he was and thought that would be a waste of a friend to give up on, and he and I hit it off immediately.

CJ, at that time 20, and me 17, was what I thought was the epitome of a cute white guy. He is half-Spanish and half white, but his skin is a nice light skin. He has blue eyes, with dark brown hair, and stands at about 5’8 with an average build.

After years of talking online, on the phone, and messaging each other it became too much and he decided to come and meet me. All the while, we had been talking we each talked about our sexual prowess and the game we could carry out. I have heard it all, from all men. “You’ll love it…” or “No I’m not like other guys…” and my favorite “You’ve never had anything like mine…” well as cocky as CJ was he ended up driving to come see me, at that time him 23 and I had just turned 20.

I was so worried; I really did like this guy and I knew he was nice. So I got dressed all pretty, wore a low cut tan shirt which revealed some cleavage, and a black flowing summer skirt.

The phone rang. “Hey I’m here… so where do I go now?” He asked in the softest voice, but it was so smooth.

“Just walk through the back towards the light. My light is the only one on in the complex.” I said tentatively as I walked out to meet him.

When I saw him, my heart jumped. He was so cute, and walked like a gangsta… ha-ha not really but he was adorable. He has three tribal tattoos, one on each forearm, and one on his left shoulder. He has a great smile, with white teeth. He has a scar on his left cheek because a dog bit him when he was a kid, great thin lips and a pointy nose. He has a perfectly shaped goatee, and long eyelashes. I still love to lay and trace his face when I explore his body, but these features are so noticeable just from looking at him.

He greeted me with a great hug, and I quietly snuck him into my house. I brought him Kurtköy Escort up to my room and we laid down on my bed and talked a short while. Everything he said sounded interesting, even if it was not really. I got lost for a while in his blue eyes until I realized how horny I truly was.

Me being me, I had been watching a porn before he came, so I had put it on pause to greet him. Understandably, CJ walking into my room and porn being on had not surprised him. I softly started brushing him, just to see where this night would take us, and we started to make out on my bed. He has great lips, and is a very good kisser. It was the sweetest kiss I think I had ever experienced, and he is 20th guy I’ve slept with. I’ve had my fair share, and his kiss made me feel so warm and safe. I could feel his hands begin to roam my body as my hands began to roam his.

I felt a little apprehensive so I pushed him away a little. I realized how bitchy that must have seen so I pulled him in to begin kissing again as I lay on his right arm and his left hand began exploring me. My nipples were immediately erect with his first stroke, and I was extremely wet.

I couldn’t help but moan softly into his mouth as he kissed me and I felt him fondle my tits. I wanted his cock in my mouth, so I started rubbing his cock through his pants and I pulled away from our kiss. I looked at him and stared into his blue eyes as I began to undo his pants. I hate belts, but he was wearing one, such a nuisance. He seemed a bit surprised but went along with it.

Pulling his pants down, I teasingly played with his cock over his boxers, and then I slowly took it out. It was, NO LIE, massive. Almost 9 inches, I would guess, I’m not embellishing (it STILL hurts when we have sex). It truly is massive and I looked at it greedily. It was so beautiful and smooth, with a soft pink head, I wanted it in me so bad, but I had to prove my game. I take pride in my dick sucking abilities, because I personally think I am amazing. He has been with 27 women, me his 27th, and he still admits that I give some of the best head he has ever received.

I licked it just to get a taste. I tongued the head of his cock to taste the pre-cum and it was sweet. I smiled up at him and I started to go to work. I licked the length of his cock with my soft pink tongue and then in one quick movement took the entirety of his cock into my mouth. I tried hard to make him moan aloud, because Maltepe Escort I think that is hot. I started sucking his cock faster and faster while using my tongue in a circular motion. My left hand was fondling his balls while my right hand beated away at this cock in unison with my mouth. I would occasionally look up to see if he was enjoying it, and he had his eyes closed; he was breathing heavily.

It was so hot to see CJ enjoy my dick sucking abilities. I loved his cock, I wanted him to start bucking his hips but he seemed tame. I kept going faster and faster for about 10 minutes and I just wanted to taste his cum, then all of a sudden I felt him grab me by the shoulders and push me over onto my back. He stroked my hair softly and smiled at me then started working on my tits. Teasing and nibbling on them while his hand moved to my smooth shaved pussy. I was so wet, and I had a feeling he wasn’t surprised at how wet I was.

CJ moved his head slowly down my body to my pussy where I could feel his warm breath and he kissed the insides of my thighs, and then attacked my clit with his tongue. He ate my pussy soooo good. I could not stop moaning, but I knew I had to be quiet. Worried he tried to “shh…” me, but he knows better now. I got even louder as his tongue and fingers moved faster. OOhhh…. Fuck…. CJ… Yes… baby fucking suck my pussy! I kept moaning into a pillow, it was amazing… my breathing was heavy and all I wanted was to feel his massive cock inside me. He ate pussy well, but how did he fuck? I needed to know.

I told him to put on a condom and just fuck me as hard as he could. I helped him put on a condom and he lifted my legs so my feet rested on his shoulders. He teased my clit with the head of his cock and smiled at me as he slowly pushed the head of his cock into me. It hurt, but it felt so good. I let out a gasp and my eyes opened WIDE as he shoved his entire cock into me. I let out what sounded like a YELP! And he smiled, and kind of chuckled about it. Then he started to fuck me in an even pace. To avoid focusing on how much his cock hurt I began to stare at his tattoo on his left shoulder, and traced it with my fingertips. Not long after I began to relax and I started to experience some of the best sex I have ever had.

He adjusted my legs many times with me on my back and pumped in and out of me over and over again. I tried to meet him with every stroke, but it hella hurt. Tuzla Escort His breathing increased and I screamed Ohh… fuck yes… punish my pussy… You like my pussy? He only nodded and breathed heavily, I guess he got a kick out of me not being able to take his cock fully.

He then pulled his cock out of me, and I thought I was going to cry. To deprive me of his cock was like taking away oxygen, but then he started playing with my pussy again. OMG! I SCREAMED! I had no idea what he was doing down there, I didn’t even want to look it felt SO good, but hurt at the same time. I still swear today that he was trying to fist me. He fingered me so hard and played with my clit it drove me over the edge I started bucking on the bed, and he kept working away at me. I was panting, MOANING, and yelping at times.

I kept asking WHAT the hell are you doing OMG down there? OH FUCK YES!

After having decided he had enjoyed watching me squirm enough he started to rail me again, and WHAT the condom breaks. We didn’t have another condom, but I had been speaking with him for years and trusted him. Neither of us having an STD I agreed to fuck without.

He turned me around and had me doggie style. That was it, which was all I could take. He slid in me and it felt so good. My pussy was soaking wet, and I met him with every stroke he gave me, then it hurt too much. I could feel his balls slapping my clit. I COULD NOT STOP MOANING! I couldn’t think straight, and I felt my orgasm build. It was amazing just a COUPLE MORE STROKES! YES!!! FUCKKK!!! That was all I could take I came so hard and he still kept pumping away inside me. I wanted him to fucking cum in me! I wanted to fucking feel him shoot his load.

I told him to cum in me I wanted to feel his cum. FUCKING CUM IN ME CJ! Yes! I couldn’t stop moaning because my pussy had been so brutally fucked and I came SO HARD, but he still needed to get off. He turned me over onto my back to fuck missionary again and more pleasure beginning to mount up to cause another orgasm so quickly he came in me, and as soon as I felt him cum in me, I came again. It was so amazing I couldn’t take it that my legs collapsed and he collapsed on me. Our bodies were so sweaty, and we laid there for a bit before he got up to go to my bathroom. When he came back we dressed and hung out for a while, then he went back home.

That was the first time of many fucks, but I ended up falling in love with him. Now I am keeping my distance. He is a great lover, just bad boyfriend material I suppose; he is a great friend though. We will see. I am sure there will be a lot more stories about him. For example the first time I tried anal, you will just have to wait and see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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