The Office Ch. 03

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I had seen Sue around the office several times before, and never really thought much of her. Yeah, her fat tits bounced proudly as she walked, and her shirts were often low cut. But other than that, her face wasn’t very pretty, she had a fat ass, and a little extra padding in the stomach area. Not counting her tits, you wouldn’t look twice at this girl, but the thing was, those tits were so fucking big, you had to look twice. When she was seated at her desk, you could see an endless amount of cleavage if standing behind her, which I sometimes had to do to if we were working on the same case. She knew her huge bust attracted the wandering eye of every male on the floor, and even left the girls wide eyed.

I remember one particular day a few months ago when it was pouring rain on the way in to work in the morning. Sue wore a tight white shirt and long skirt, but what I remember was her big fat nipples poking through that shirt as it clung to her skin. The shape of her breasts was clearly defined under that shirt and it made my cock so hard.

Getting back to what happened today, I was downstairs getting my breakfast when Sue ambled by, dressed in some kind of fancy low cut top that, while it was somewhat professional looking, still managed to leave little to the imagination. The valley between her tits was like a magnet, I couldn’t believe she was able to get away with wearing that top. I tried to envision what they looked like in just a bra, or even what they looked like hanging freely with those hard nipples sticking out. She passed by me without a word, but we exchanged a quick nod as we met again by the elevator. I tried my best not to peek, but my eyes kept darting to her chest area, and I think she caught my stares after the fourth or fifth time.

I studied her up and down as we waited forever for that damn elevator to arrive. I noticed that her breakfast consisted of a waffle with strawberry syrup on the side. It looked a lot better than the muffin I held. Finally the doors opened and a few people got out, and I followed Sue onto the elevator. As the doors closed there was a strange sound and the elevator began ascending but very slowly, even slower than usual! We passed floor one, floor two, and then all of a sudden BOOM BOOM! The elevator stopped dead in its place, somewhere between floors three and four. I nearly lost my balance but managed to grab the railing. Sue, on the other erotik hikaye oku hand, smacked into the wall and dropped her plate with the waffle onto the floor. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes, but we were both pretty pissed that this thing just stopped like this. It was hotter than hell on that car and if we didn’t move soon I was going to scream. Then a weird beep sounded and a voice came through on the speaker.

“We’re aware of the problem but the repair guy can’t get here for 2 or three hours. You have no choice but to sit tight until then.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Sue screamed.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” I added as I slumped down until my ass hit the floor.

As the reality of this awful situation sunk in, I offered to share my muffin with Sue and she accepted. We sat quietly for a few minutes until she spoke again.

“I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to have to take this top off. It’s cotton and I am sweating my ass off.”

I was warm too and I told her I don’t mind as I slid my own sweater over my head, leaving me in a t-shirt.

As sue removed her sweater, I came face to face with the largest, fattest tits I had ever seen in my life. They were barely contained by her black silky bra, the tops of them ready to pop out any minute. Her belly was a bit thicker than I prefer, but the tit meat that hung down even in the bra was mesmerizing. When I realized I was blatantly staring, and my eyes returned to focus, I noticed Sue watching me watch her. She smiled as my face turned red.

“It’s ok, I am used to it. It’s the price you pay when you have knockers like these,” and she cupped them with her hands for emphasis.

An hour came and went and we spoke mostly about our job and where we wanted to be in a few years. I tried to listen to her words but I was mainly playing a game in my head of seeing how long I could stare at her glistening cleavage before I looked away. I kind of got the feeling she was checking me out as well, sometimes checking out my muscular arms and occasionally I even thought she was eyeing my crotch. If the latter was correct, she would most likely notice the effect her big tits were having on me. We were really sweating badly by this point when we got the news.

“The repair is going to take longer than we thought, the guy is stuck at another job,” came the voice from the emergency speaker.

By güncel sex hikayeleri oku now we were beyond pissed, and Sue was starting to lose it. I told her to calm down and we have to figure out a way to pass the time, like play a game or something. She looked me up and down for a minute and then told me she had a better idea. She told me to close my eyes, and if I peeked, I was dead. I looked at her waiting to hear she was kidding but when she said nothing, I decided to play along and I shut my eyes. A few seconds went by, and nothing had happened. I heard Sue fumbling around with something and then I felt something land on my head and cover my face. She told me to keep my eyes shut a little longer.

“Ok open them up!!!” she chirped.

As I opened my eyes I was blinded by the deep cups of her silk bra hanging over my eyes. I moved them aside in anticipation and what I saw next shocked me. Sue lay on her back with her head propped up against the wall. The container of strawberry syrup was empty next to her and her chest and stomach were drenched in the red sauce. I could make out her pink nipples sticking up like erasers as her hands rubbed the sauce into her tits. My trousers instantly began to tent out as my cock hardened at the sight of this. I looked at Sue’s face with a puzzled expression.

“Let’s cut the shit, Jon. You’ve been staring at my giant rack since we got on here and we’re stuck for who knows how long.”

“What are you saying Sue?

“Jon, get that big cock out so I have something to look at also and then come over here and try this sauce, it’s delicious!”

As she said this, she scooped some syrup off her tits and licked it with her tongue in a seductive manner. She then scooped some more into her hands and offered it up to me. By now I had unzipped my fly and my cock was sticking straight out in front of me. I scooted over to Sue and licked her fingers clean. She smiled and told me to help myself to more. I leaned over her stomach and before I could lick her she grabbed her fat tit and told me to taste it from there. She held her breast in her hand for me as I sucked up all the syrup off of it. She moaned out as I continued to suck even after the syrup was gone. Her mammoth tits were way more than a mouthful for me but I did my best to lick my tongue all over each one, switching back and forth, flicking those long nipples with my tongue as sikiş hikayeleri she held my head to her chest.

I couldn’t get enough of Sue’s missiles and as I kept lapping away, I felt her hand grip my rock hard dick. She wasted no time teasing my prick; instead she squeezed it hard in her hand, and began to jack it up and down in her hands. I wasn’t expecting her to be so forceful but she kept it up, jacking my big cock faster and faster while I mauled her titties. I had now moved down to her lower stomach area to suck up all the strawberry sauce off of her body. As I got lower and lower on her body, I made sure I kept at least one hand on her tits at all times, squeezing them and pinching them. Her hand stayed busy with my cock and as my tongue approached her crotch area, I could smell her arousal. I couldn’t hold back any longer and Sue felt it as she slowed her hand job. Her fingers rubbed my cockhead, while I licked her pants-covered crotch. She groaned loudly and begged for me to cum all over her tits.

“Come on, blow that wad all over these massive globes. Look how big and fat these fucking tits are. Come on, cover them in your cum!!! Soak my tits so I can suck your cum off of them!!! Give it to me now.”

She egged me on like a slut, begging to feel my cum on her body, and I stroked my cock over her tits real fast as I exploded in a huge orgasm. My cum gushed out in spurts, each of them landing somewhere on her fat boobs. As my orgasm slowed, I lay my cock between her tits and we both watched as the last few drops squeezed out onto her. She pushed her melons together, sandwiching my cock as I titty fucked her with my shrinking cock. Her chest was soaked with our sweat and my gooey white cum, and I collapsed next to her, spent from the power of my eruption. Sue held one tit at a time to her mouth, licking up all the juices she could each time. She drank down my sperm, scooping the rest of it with her fingers and eating it all up.

As she finished enjoying her treat, I felt my rod harden with new life as it pressed painfully into the floor of the elevator. Sue looked down at my thick tool and smiled as she stroked it slowly with her hand again. I watched her face as she jerked me, and I remember thinking to myself how unattractive this broad really was. She was lucky she was blessed with suck a set of giant cans, probably the only way she ever got any guys. I didn’t really care about that too much though, especially when Sue finally spoke up for the first time since my cum.

“Are you ready to give this dick a real workout?” she asked me as she squeezed it hard.

Part 2 cumming if anyone comments positively on this story.

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