The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 05

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Big Tits

Visiting Laura’s after Mid-Terms

In retrospect, Marcie would later admit that both her morality and common sense were on vacation when she visited Laura’s home in Boston.

Marcie and Laura were closer than ever after Marcie’s experiences with men, which for the most part she enjoyed immensely. However, Marcie felt that she owed her entire sex life to her roomie since it was Laura who steered her into her first male encounter and encouraged her to try the others afterward.

And with mid-terms over with, Laura offered Marcie—no, implored her to join her on a short visit home —that being Boston.

They took Amtrak and talked of nothing but all the rain that had been drenching Beantown as Laura never failed to call it— and how they would put on some old bikini’s and wrestle in the muddy backyard.

Marcie took a fit of giggling when Laura mentioned how nice it was to feel another pussy rubbing against yours while rollicking in the mud. “They call it frottage; it’s French for rubbing together. So women do it … and I’ve even seen a porno with a woman, fully clothed mind you, rubbing two guys cocks together until they cum on one another. I thought that was soooo cool!”

When she stopped giggling, Marcie calmly asked Laura, “What about the neighbors? I mean, can’t they see into the backyard?”

“Hmmm, I hadn’t thought about that. I suppose they could—I suppose they have—oh my god!”

“What?” Marcie asked, her curiosity overpowering her sense of decorum. “What?”

“They—they might have seen me …”

“Might have seen you what? For fuck’s sake … what?”

“Shiting on Teddy Borowski!”

“Oh—you didn’t!”

“Oh, but I did. He double dared me and I did.”

“He actually allowed you to …”

“Yup, after all he was the one who issued the dare.”

“How could you?”

“How could I? Good question. It certainly wasn’t easy, let me tell you. For one thing it’s much harder to concentrate when you’re squatting over someone.”

“Ewe! Let’s change the subject,” Marcie, suddenly finding herself more squeamish than she thought she’d be said quietly while glancing furtively about to see if anyone was within listening distance.

“Yes, well, we’ll play dirty indoors then. Okay?”

“Yes, that’s much better. We’ll close the blinds too, just to be on the safe side shall we?’

“Um, Marcie, you do know my father will be home, right?”

“Oh, yes, I’d forgotten that little fact … so your bedroom, then?”

“No, our bedroom, darling; with emphasis on the ‘our’.”

They arrived in time for lunch.


As it happened, no one was home and after making themselves a quick snack they secreted themselves in the bedroom. The clothes came off. Laura beat Marcie’s delightful little pussy with the back side of a wooden spoon. This was a new thing between them; Laura admitted to having read some BDSM novel and Marcie graciously told her she was game for anything as long as it wouldn’t leave a scar.

Marcie did bleat like a lamb when Laura opened her cunt with the spoon and spit inside her vagina. She fucked Marcie’s asshole with a dildo while she licked her clit. An hour or so into this ‘foreplay’ they descended the stairs to the kitchen to retrieve drinks.

When they had finished off most of a bottle of Merlot, she had Marcie sit on the countertop between the sink and the stove and began kissing her mouth then moved to her breasts and belly. The tongue in her navel was a tease and a promise. Marcie giggled while placing her feet on the counter, and spread them apart like wings. Laura kissed the secret, sacred spaces between them.

“You know, Marcie, your pussy lips are really thick and meaty.”

“Mmmm, all the better for you to chew and suck on, eh?”

Laura laughed as she set her teeth to nipping Marcie’s folds. She started to reposition herself, but knocked the almost empty bottle of wine off the counter to the floor. It didn’t break, but the spilled wine made quite a mess and both girls spent the next several minutes making certain they’d gotten all the red splatters wiped up.

“Okay,” Laura chirped, “that’s done, so let’s get you on the floor; I’ve got some munching ahead of me.”

Then with Marcie spread out on the floor, Laura squatted between her reprising the angel wings position. Laura’s arms stretched out so that she could run her hands over Marcie’s arms and massage her tits while she ate the other out. Marcie rocked her hips and thighs at her while Laura finger fucked her pussy and diddled her clit. Laura wasn’t at all surprised to find Marcie’s inner membrane slick with arousal and need. The muscles gripped her two fingers while she covered Marcie’s open mouth with her lips. Laura loved how Marcie never failed to moan her pleasure, especially when she bent to have another taste of the piquant fluids that had escaped her vagina.

After she came, Marcie giggled and said she needed to pee.

“Okay … so why not do it right here?”

“Here? It’s your kitchen sex hikayeleri for Christ’s sake!”

“Yeah, do it here!” Laura started to laugh. “Why not piss right on my face?”

Marcie thought about it for a moment. She had already let Laura stick a spoon in her twat and a dildo up her ass. Why the fuck not? She asked herself before saying, “Okay, let’s do it. Where do I start this?”

After minimal discourse, Marcie found herself squatting on the kitchen counter, heels and ass and arms back supporting her weight. Laura’s hands ran over the inner face of her thighs. Marcie’s thick lipped pussy gaped at her. Laura laughed and leaned in to place a kiss on Marcie’s ass where it flared below.

Marcie had some trouble starting, but then her urine fountained out in a trickle. She tilted her pussy up by flattening the skin at the pubis and angling her groin.

Holding her feet for purchase, Laura positioned her face under the stream and let the rain fall over her. She closed her eyes and allowed the water to douse her head. It fell over her nose and her cheeks. She twisted her body as she did in the shower.

The incipient trickle became a rush. It wet Laura’s hair and drenched her skin. She spread her jaws wide and inched herself forward so that hot piss would fill her mouth. She spit it out when her lips were full, then swallowed. The piss spilled over her chin and onto her breasts. She fluttered her tongue over the pussy lips while the waters were still bursting out. The flood of urine soaked her through and through.

Laura was drowning in the waterfall. Her lips tugged on Marcie’s labia as the flow diminished to a leak and a drip. And then as Laura splashed her feet in the enormous puddle on the floor to commemorate the outrageous act in her mother’s kitchen, Marcie kissed her, tasting her piss on her lips and tongue. Afterwards, Laura pressed her breasts against the folds of Marcie’s urine slicked labia and pinched the wet lips about her stiffened nipples.

Of course, Laura had a turn as well, pissing into Marcie’s face. This time she stood on the floor while Marcie knelt. It was her baptism. When the urine began to flow, Marcie slipped her body under Laura’s legs so that the stream fell over her breasts and on the joining of her legs. Marcie rubbed her hands over her chest and shoulders as she bathed herself in Laura’s urine. She kissed her, mouthing the pussy while she peed.

When it ended, Marcie looked beautiful, dripping wet, her skin beaded with Laura’s pee.

Laura liked that Marcie pulled her to the ground and ate her cunt to an orgasm once her bladder had emptied. The piss on the floor was still warm on Laura’s back and she came flapping her arms over the wet floor.

They mopped up the mess in the kitchen and Marcie showered first while Laura made some calls.

Fifteen minutes later, Laura was in the shower and Marcie, swaddled in a plush towel, was prancing around the living room to Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ when Laura’s father walked in on her.

Holding the towel even tighter around her, Marcie said, “Oh, hi, I’m Marcie, Laura’s roomie. You did expect us, right?”

“Hi yourself. Yes you girls were expected. I’m Erskine Grisum but I expect you know that.”

Marcie giggled and her towel slipped just enough to provide him with a glimpse of nipple.

“Oops!” she squealed, watching him smile. It wasn’t the paternal type smile she’d expected under the circumstances, but more of a carnivorous one—like a shark readying to strike.

“Is Mrs. Grisum coming soon? Oh, Laura’s taking a shower!” Marcie blurted nervously. Things were not going the way she’d expected.

“Didn’t Laura tell you? Mrs. Grisum and I are separated. We’re getting divorced.”

“Oh … I’m sorry to hear it, Marcie said, trying to figure out how to get some clothes on before the damn towel flew off her body. Mr. Grisum was a strikingly handsome man and Marcie was still smoking hot from cavorting around the kitchen with Laura.

She suddenly realized that he was talking to her. My god, how long has he been talking? What has he said? I’m a fucking moron standing in front of him with only this stupid towel …

“… You’ve the sexiest eyelashes and hair that I want to twist my fingers in.”

That said, he ran a hand down her arm and a shiver followed behind, sending goosebumps popping across her skin.

“I don’t know what possessed me to do that, I’m so sorry, Marcie.”

He looked at her carefully. Marcie waited, heart beating hard. It seemed to take ages from the time he began to bend toward her until his lips touched hers. Marcie thought, in that seemingly endless interval, that she would faint from anticipation and disbelief. Then his lips touched hers.

They were the softest lips and subtlest kiss she had ever experienced. The combination of rubbing, licking, and eventually sucking and deep tonguing made her light headed.

“Uh …” she gasped, breaking away. “Laura …”

“I know—I know,” Erskine said soothingly, his hands adult hikayeler still on her head, keeping her mouth close to his.

“So … later … you and I?”

“Um, I—I don’t know …”

He kissed her again, this time taking her lower lip between his and sucking on it while lightly running his tongue from side to side across it. It was delicious and exciting and very different from Marcie’s previous kissing experiences.

Before long his hands were under the towel, and then the towel was on the floor, and she made no objection. His hands—those heavenly hands–began roaming her body.

“Ohhhh,” Marcie moaned.

“You have a really nice body, Marcie,” he told her, sounding extremely sincere. She blushed and laughed. He smiled and whispered that I had no idea what a body like that did to a man. “So petite and solid,” he said complimenting her.

They heard the toilet flush. Marcie scooped up the towel and wrapped it round her again. Erskine took two steps back and began talking in generalities, ending with, “but I’d better let you get dressed. So good to meet you, Marcie. Consider yourself family.”

Laura returned to the living room wearing a top and shorts and hugged her father. “I see you two have met. Then turning to Marcie, she said half scoldingly, Marcie don’t you think you might put some clothes on?”

Suddenly embarrassed, Marcie flushed and said, “Oh, yeah … sorry,” and scampered off to the bedroom where they’d left their luggage.


Marcie made no mention of the kisses exchanged with Laura’s father, but did mention the pending divorce.

“Mmmm, yeah, there is that,” Laura said, lifting her face from between Marcie’s thighs. “They’re both horn-dogs, you know? Always in heat—both of them. I’ve caught them fucking other people at parties and get togethers—now there’s a word that should be amended in the dictionary. Get togethers as in social gatherings, or orgies,” both of them snickered at Laura’s wit.

Moments later, Marcie cried out as she came for the umpteenth time that day.


The following morning around ten-fifteen, they met up with Jane McDougal, supposedly one of Laura’s closest friends.

Jane had a multiple personality disorder. When she was working, Jane was a straight-laced accountant with starched underwear. She gave one word answers, and they were always correct. She looked more like an evil school teacher with a ruler always within reach. When she was off the clock, the mask was removed and a vamp emerged. It was an amazing transformation.

By noon they were drinking rum disguised in slurry of tropical juices. By twelve-forty-five they were already tipsy. They were the three amigos looking for whatever lay ahead. Marcie considered Laura the adventurous one. She never failed to come up with some kinky adventure, and seemed to always be about to push the envelope with ideas the others hadn’t conceived of, or dared to try. As for herself, Marcie considered herself the shy type; but she was willing to try new things if pushed, and therefore thought she only needed time to mature.

At any rate, on leaving the bar they passed a shop featuring bikini’s and after Marcie basically drooled over a pink bikini on a manikin in the window, Jane began regaling them with stories about a nearby beach that soon had the half inebriated Laura and Marcie salivating over the many gorgeous men Jane insisted were strewn everywhere on it.

That would, of course, entail their parading their supple bodies along the beach to attract said hunks and necessitated a need for all three to purchase ‘bikini bait’ as Jane put it. And so they stormed into the shop and rummaged through the bikinis on sale.

Some minutes later, the lone salesgirl on duty was distracted by a couple that asked a series of questions and all three girls ended up crammed into in the changing booth armed with several bikinis’ each.

One thing led to another, and in short order they were all totally naked. The rum drinks only amplified the effect the other nude females had on Marcie. Of course, it was obvious from some inane comments that Jane and Laura were quite familiar with one another sexually. But the fact that Laura’s hand was within inches of Jane’s recently shaved pussy was causing Marcie no end of ache. And when Laura’s fingers tickled Marcie’s nipple, any restraints she might have had went out the window.

“Go on, Marcie; try mashing your face into her steaming pussy!” Laura said imploringly.

She did, with no hesitation, and drew a loud gasp of pleasure from Jane while Laura howled with laughter. That sound was enough to attract the salesgirl to the booth and ask, “Is everything all right in there?” and a moment later knock on the door, asking: “How many of you are in there?”

That put a stop to the girl’s sexual chicanery. “Come on, let’s get dressed,” Jane said, then to the salesgirl, “We’ll be out in a sec. We like three bikinis and as soon as we get them sex hikayelerin off we’ll be out, okay?”

“Are you good to drive?” Laura asked Jane, who was pulling herself upright while stuffing a breast into the cup of the bikini top she had just slipped on.

“Yeah … sure,” she assured Laura as the other breast joined the first ensconced in the bikini top. Then smiling lewdly at Marcie, she added, “Later, girl. You’ve got a magical mouth; I can tell.”

Marcie whimpered and hoped her pussy didn’t leak quite as much as she thought it had or there would be a huge stain around her crotch.

Thirty minutes later they were on the beach, having purchased their respective bikinis and with Jane and Marcie providing one another with more than casual glimpses of their respective bodies’ dishabille. Laura was the only one not delighted with her bikini, claiming her tummy wasn’t the proudest part of her body, but went along after the others told her she was crazy.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, but it’s riding up my crotch and in my ass, and my stupid hair is obvious and the stupid top is too small.” She sighed. “This is what I get for letting Jane convince me to rush out of there …”

When asked about her choice, Marcie chirped happily, “I guess my bikini looks pretty awesome.” She tugged the plain white bottoms skillfully into her butt, giving her a perfect little wedgie to show off its shape. The hastily tied matching top looked securely strapped but she wasn’t certain exactly how clingy the fabric might get when wet.

“So what’s this John like?” Marcie inquired after Laura and Jane began talking about him.

“She dates him on and off because his family has this neat cottage close to the beach,” Laura laughed.

“I’ve never heard you turn down any offer to go there,” Jane shot back.

“Well, it’s a great place to fuck, you know?” she said to Marcie as if that explained everything.

Marcie’s expression caused Laura to rethink her statement and she amended it adding, “It’s nice to take one of those quickie showers to get the sand out of our crotches, you know?”

“That’s it?” Marcie said slightly confused.

“No—no!” Laura hastily responded. “Johnny and sometimes one of his buddies …”

“We have our little orgies,” Jane said, finishing the sentence for her and leaving Marcie breathless with excitement for her still-tipsy mind couldn’t help picturing getting pounded by a tall, lean surfer-dude. She shifted on the blanket they all shared and the tiny bottoms slipped up between her slit, roughly prying her lips apart. Marcie swallowed hard and her eyes flickered; she told herself to stop squirming, these girls were bad to the bone. And she wanted to be boned.

“Yeah … we’ve done a lot of fucking there,” Laura said with a smirk.

“The sand . . . doesn’t bother you?” Marcie said as she shifted, more uncomfortable than ever.

“Nah, I think it’s actually kinda comfy, molds to you, you know?” Laura said as she finished rubbing lotion on her arms. “Perhaps Jane and John will put on a show for us.” She grinned, showing off her bright white teeth.

“Yeah, fucking right,” Jane said and stuck out her tongue as she ended her cell phone conversation with Johnny. “Besides, Johnny is bringing his buddy Sean; he’s a real Irishman, hails from Cork.”

“Um, I dunno about that,” Marcie said, although she was dying to see both guys and wondering which one would fuck her . . . or perhaps she’d do both . . . oh that would be something . . . .

“I’ll take him if Marcie’s not interested!” Laura offered.

“No.” Jane replied abruptly, “He’s for Marcie.”

“What?” Marcie looked over quizzically, mental picture of a rugged Irishman on a surf board still pounding.

Laura pouted. “Well, then I’ll be lonely. Give me your phone and I’ll call Richie.”

Jane grabbed her phone from her beach bag and handed it over. “Richie?”

“Um, from the theme park.” She sat back and started dialing.

“Is that the guy insists on wearing speedos?”

Laura had the phone to her ear.

Damn it, now Marcie’s imagination had Richie pounding the shit out of her—why am I soooo turned on?

Laura responded to Jane’s ‘speedo’ comment, saying: “Hey, I didn’t hear you complain when you licked his cum off my tits!” Then she turned away so abruptly that both Marcia and Jane blinked.

‘Oh, hi Richie didn’t realize you’d answered!” She smiled at Marcia, “No, we’re not talking about you.” Pause. “Yeah … I guess they do lick cum off my tits all the time.”

Marcie heard Richie’s blaring laughter, and envisioned Laura’s chest covered with semen. Covertly she sent a hand between her legs.

“Sooo, Rich … wanna come at the beach with us?”

There was a momentary pause while Richie said something, then Laura said, “No, I’m pretty sure I mean ‘at’…”

Marcie heard the braying laugh again, and then Laura provided him with how to find them, ending with “Oh, you don’t need to bring anything, I’m sure we can find something to stuff our faces with …” then giggling like a schoolgirl ended the conversation.

“He says he’ll be here in forty minutes.”

“Johnny and Sean should get here just before he shows. Perfect … one for each of us,” Laura chirped.

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