The New Me Ch. 03 – Fashion Delight

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It was around lunchtime the next day when Donna called.

‘My god, what was I thinking last night?’ She asked.

‘I don’t know, but I have been thinking about it all day’.

‘It was crazy, Jason must have made love to me all night after you left, and then this morning he asked if we could do it again tonight. I don’t know what to do. It’s something that shouldn’t be happening, he’s my son for god sake.’

‘Weren’t you enjoying it?’

‘That’s the worrying thing… I loved it.’

‘I loved it too. But you’re right it shouldn’t be happening. Why don’t we have a coffee and talk about it?’ I suggested.

We arranged a meet up.

Mid afternoon at the coffee shop we sat in a quiet corner booth where we could talk discreetly. Donna was as beautiful and radiant as ever, even tho she did look a little flushed from her all night adventures and the guilty confusion that tormented her. We talked and talked, much of it being me reassuring her that the situation would sort itself out. I told her that as a mother she was in control and that no-one need know her business and she could trust me to never tell a soul. After an hour or so of conversation, she had decided that she wasn’t going to allow the naughty experience to continue and would tell Jason so.

In my mind I imagined the sadness Jason would feel after having tasted the forbidden fruit of his mums pussy and forever longing to taste the delicious delights again. Myself having been part of the trio of pleasure and constantly feeling horny inside decided if the right situation were to arise and I found myself alone with Jason I would definitely make love with him again.

My mind wandered and created vivid images of just such an event, my son Alistair even popping into my thoughts. I pictured him catching Jason and I in a love coupling, me fully clothed in my gardening frock crouching in our kitchen bringing Jasons cock to life in my mouth or Jason plunging in and out of my longing pussy as I knelt on all fours doggy style in my lounge, my comfy pyjama bottoms around my knees showing off my round bottom and my boobies swinging inside my pyjama shirt beating out a soft rhythm against the fabric. Alistair would watch us in fascination with a desire to join us. I could picture him slowly easing his cock from his jeans and wanking to my pleasure.

I was snapped back to reality when Donna stood up to visit the ladies room. When she returned we settled the bill and left the coffee shop.

We decided to visit the town centre shops and boutiques. Our wanderings lead us to a favourite little back street rich with independent designer outlets where an array of wonderful fashions were available. We visited a particular favourite of mine, a little Parisienne lingerie salon.

Inside as we browsed I said ‘Why don’t you treat yourself to some nice underwear and we can go out of our way to find you that special someone and give you an occasion to wear it.’

‘That would be nice. I wish I could find someone like your hubby.’ she replied.

‘I’m starting to think you fancy my hubby’.

‘Who doesn’t? He’s a honey.’

‘Well let’s find you something hot and if I’m in a good mood we’ll see if my hubby approves shall we?’ I joked.

‘Oh, kinky’.

A sudden idea flashed into my mind, after the last couple of days of crazy lust maybe it was worth a try.

Donna seemed enthused rifling through many of the outfits. She selected some luxuriously embroidered bra and panty sets – I encouraged her to take the full ensemble including suspender belts and try some on in the booth. I chose a small selection of basques and baby dolls for myself. We had fun in the dressing rooms dressing up yet again, we girls never lose pleasure of trying on new outfits. Even outfits designed as much for the pleasure of the opposite sex as well as for creating the wild and sexy allure for ourselves. We playfully spanked each others bottoms and were enjoying the admiration of each other, joking and having fun putting the afternoons conversation behind us. We both made our selection after spending quite some time in the salon and completed our purchases – I also added several pair of fully fashioned nylons to our shop.

We hailed a cab and headed home to my place. During the ride home Claire called to inform me she would be staying over at a friends house for the evening. That left a place setting short for dinner so I asked Donna if she would like to join with Alistair, hubby and I for evening meal. She was glad to accept.

At home we had another coffee and a chat for a while before busying ourselves in my kitchen. Donna helping with the food even tho I had told her to sit and relax.

Alistair was first to arrive home, surprised to find Donna in our kitchen. I knew Alistair liked Donna and he was comfortable around her, they chatted and joked together about my cooking, Alistair hoping that Donna would be cook for the evening and suggesting she prepare a dish as tasty as herself. I was a little surprised at his confidence with her, knowing that when around me he always appeared a little ‘sheepish’ especially when Magosa Escort his friends were around. I liked this little newly discovered confidence manner.

‘Oh you think Donna’s tasty do you?’ I asked ‘What about your old mum?’

‘Mum’ he replied, blushing.

‘C’mon Ali, even my boys aren’t afraid to tell me they think YOUR mum is a cutie.’ Donna added ‘You must think she’s at least an eight out of ten for her age’. And she laughed.

I liked the way this conversation was going, Alistair being put on the spot by Donna, this would give me the chance to find out if perhaps he could fancy me or even if there was the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement Donna had, had with her son.

‘Donna’s boys may think I’m a cutie but they also know they have a hot mum, Jason even told me so’. I added, upping the game.

‘Get out of here!’ Donna squeaked throwing me a little ‘hush up’ side way glance.

‘If you had seen your mum in the outfits she purchased today, you’d think she was more than hot’. Donna suggested.

‘What outfits?’ Alistair, now curious asked.

‘Oh a little something for playtime’ she replied.

‘That’s enough Donna’ I said ‘hubby will be home soon and I don’t think he’ll be wanting Alistair around for our private playtime, he has his own little x-box that him and his pals play’.

As I replied I cast a downward glance to Alistair’s crotch and was positive I spied a little extra tenting in his trouser front. He turned side on away from my view, perhaps conscious of my downward focus.

‘I’m sure we can cook up something tasty for everyone’ Donna said as Alistair left the kitchen to go change from his work clothes.

Half way through the meal preparation I received another call, this time from hubby to tell me that he was working very late and wouldn’t be out of the office until around midnight.

When I told Donna, she looked disappointed, perhaps she was genuinely expecting to show off her little outfits to him. I certainly would have loved her to have done so, just to see my hubby’s reaction. Receiving this news, another idea immediately sprang to mind, I wasn’t sure if Donna would have approved following our conversation today. I suggested it anyway.

‘Why don’t we just ask Jason to come over and we can still have a nice meal for four?’

Donna surprisingly perked up a little and said ‘Yes that would be great.’ I nodded happy to hear her response.

My mind was in overdrive and I couldn’t help but feel there was an opportunity for Donna and I to fuck with her son again this evening, only this time Alistair would join the fun. My panty region was soggy with the excitement of the delightfully taboo thought.

The arrangements were made and Jason arrived to join us around 6pm. He was dressed to impress in a nice shirt and trendy trousers and I thought he looked quite a dish. I invited him in and showed him to the lounge – Donna shouted hi through from the kitchen. I called Alistair down from his room, he appeared in a casual t-shirt and loose sports shorts and his ‘Crocs’, way more casual than Jason. He joined Jason on the sofa and immediately the boys started talking.

I left them to chat and returned to the kitchen and to Donna to pick up where I had left off with the cooking and conversation. Pretty soon we were all around the dinning table and enjoying our meal. The group chat was pleasant, a casual chit chat about work and TV. I couldn’t help but notice Jasons eyes looking longingly at his mum, I’m sure the look was begging to be in another love embrace with her. After the meal we retired to the lounge.

‘If it wasn’t a Monday night I’d have poured a drink’ I said.

Donna replied ‘Why let that stop us, I’m sure the boys would like a beer too.’

I poured Donna and I a little Rum and Coke and poured the boys a cool beer each. Donna sat next to Jason on the sofa and I sat in the arm chair next to my boy. I turned the TV off and selected a little light music on the digital playlist so we could continue our chatting. We had been chatting for an hour or so and our chat had drifted apart – the boys talking about games and sport and Donna and I talking about clothes and shopping. It was at this point Alistair asked a question that offered a little opportunity. ‘Is that you discussing more ‘playtime outfits’ before you’ve even worn the ones you purchased today?’ He asked.

‘What’s this?’ asked Jason.

Alistair told Jason all about our earlier conversation including the bit about ‘Hot mums’. Jasons eyes were wide open and sparkling with delight.

‘Alistair won’t tell me if he thinks his mum is hot’ I said to Jason.

‘I think we shouldn’t be talking about this’ Donna interjected giggling.

‘Don’t you think your mum is hot?’ Jason asked Alistair, adding ‘I do’.

‘Jason!’ Donna reprimanded, slapping him playfully on the knee.

‘Maybe if Alistair DID see us in our new outfits he wouldn’t be so bashful’ I suggested as I winked at Donna.

I turned and placed my hand gently on Alistair’s leg and rubbed it tenderly giving him a little Kıbrıs Escort ‘only joshing’ smile. I continued to stroke his thigh and looked down toward his privates keen to see if there was any reaction. His shorts certainly showed signs of a thick bulge. When I looked over to Donna she was also looking toward Alistair’s crotch, as was Jason. Alistair was gazing at Donna, it was my guess that he would love to fuck her if he were given the chance. This made me both slightly envious and at the same time very happy.

I stood up and walked to Donna offering my hand to lead her ‘C’mon we’ll try our outfits on and see if the boys approve.’

‘Are you crazy, what if your hubby or Claire come home?’ She asked. I immediately noticed that she wasn’t objecting to us revealing our bodies in sexy undies to the boys which made my heart race all the faster. This was just what I had hoped for.

‘They won’t be home for ages… and besides if they did appear, then we could get THEIR opinion on it’. I replied, we laughed. Alistair sat almost dumbfounded not sure what reaction to give and Jason sat ‘cheesing’, like a cat about to have the cream.

‘You just sit there and be good boys and prepare yourselves for our fashion show… and don’t get any naughty idea’s. Donna has told me all about those dirty movies on the internet featuring ‘Hot moms’ that you youngsters seem to enjoy. We are only doing this to get your opinion on our new lingerie.’ I cast a sideways wink to Jason. I’m sure he could sense the hottest night of his life ahead.

Donna picked up her boutique bags and we retired to my bedroom to prepare.

In the room after closing the door behind her, Donna leaned back to support herself against it. ‘What the hell are we thinking?’ She asked, closing her eyes and tilting her head upward whilst letting out a little sigh.

I turned to her and took hold of both of her hands and looked at her lovely face and her cascading dark locks of hair. ‘Donna, we are going to be the luckiest mums in town. I know you said you wanted to stop it from going any further – but we love our sons and what better way of showing it, than by giving them our love and a little fashion show? And the truth is you really loved last night. Let’s just have one more night of hot fun then we can put it behind us’.

‘But Alistair looks so nervous, and worried, and what if he finds it disgusting? It’ll be the end… can you imagine if people were to find out, or your husband finds out? Our lives would be ruined.’ Donna whispered in desperation.

‘Don’t worry, I’ve asked Alistair for his opinion on my dress choices before, I do it all the time when I’m going out. Besides, I’ve already told the boys not to get any naughty idea’s, I’m sure I also spied a sign in Alistair’s shorts which makes me think he finds the idea exciting rather than disgusting. And looking at your beauty, what boy wouldn’t find it exciting… it wouldn’t surprise me if he plays with himself whilst fantasising about you.’ I whispered, hoping to arouse Donna and encourage sexy desires.

‘Oh you are such a dirty hussy but you’re right, it’s just a bit of crazy fun and everyone is in the mood for it. No matter what, it’ll be our little secret.’ She smilingly whispered relaxing as she done so before adding ‘Now let’s get these stockings on and hear what the boys think’.

Donna and I undressed and unpacked the presentation boxes, I opted for my black suspenders and black baby doll and a set of black satin panties, I completed the ensemble with black fully fashioned nylons and patent high heels. As I dressed I couldn’t help but give my clit a little rub, flicking the nub with my finger tips. I could feel my inners juice up with the thrill. Donna was still naked standing before the mirror inspecting her make up and eyes. She asked if she could borrow my make up bag which I gladly gave her. She stood on her tip toes, her bum facing toward me and a lovey curve in her back. As she applied the make up I couldn’t help but think how beautiful she would look with one of the boys fucking her from behind. Hopefully I would find out soon and I would look every bit as beautiful with the boys fucking me in the same way.

I was getting quite ahead of myself, we hadn’t even paraded before the boys yet.

I freshened my make up.

Donna dressed with great attention to detail choosing her vibrant red basque and matching red panties trimmed with decorative black embroidery and a pair of black nylons, she also borrowed a pair of my high heels. Red crocodile stilettos which went well her look and set her body off perfectly, accentuating her legs and sexy curves. The bright red lipstick complimented the ensemble.

‘Are we ready?’ I asked, taking her hand and looking at us both in the long mirror.

‘Do you think this is a little bit too much?’ She asked.

To say the French lingerie was ‘très magnifique’ for any woman who wished to seduce a hot blooded male would have been an understatement. Donna’s boobs were seductively pushed together like two beautiful orbs and her brown areola and stiff Lefkoşa Escort nipples were visible above the patterned lace over the cups. Her waste was pinched to make her even more alluring than she already was, the panties hugged her mound perfectly revealing the tantalising shape of her pussy folds and her heavenly slit. Her gorgeous legs shimmered in the nylons.

I looked at myself, my tits were clearly on show through the transparent baby doll chemise and my nipples were protruding like two cigar stubs creating an obvious extrusion in the material, there was no hiding my excitement. I was a little conscious of my tummy being clasped tightly in the suspender belt clearly visible through the lace, I had to admit it made me feel a tad fat. Although, my curves weren’t that different from Donna’s and I had been told often enough how gorgeous my legs were which gave me confidence. I was sure the boys would relish having a hold of me and using me like a dirty MILF without worrying about my little belly and I certainly didn’t want anything to prevent it now.

‘I have two silk kimono bathrobes we can wear’. I suggested to Donna, she nodded. We put the robes on held hands once more and headed to join the boys in the lounge. As we walked into the room the atmosphere was electric. The boys sat looking in our direction with wide eyed adoration and expectation of the arousal we were about to give them.

‘Are you ready boys? Who do you want first?” I asked whilst nodding toward Donna. She released my hand and tottered on her heels across the carpet to the opposite side of the room swaying her hips in the silky robe as she moved. She turned to face toward me and placed her hands on her hips commanding a model like pose. I placed both my hands on the robe ties to the front of my Kimono throwing a little submissive head down look back and forth between the boys.

Donna spoke… ‘Why don’t we give them a reveal at the same time on a count of three?’ She asked. The boys were still sitting awestruck shifting their stare between us.

‘OK Boys, marks out of ten on a count of three’ I announced. ‘One… two… ‘ I drew a sharp breath ‘Three’ and pulled the kimono open holding the material wide and easing my hips forward into a more commanding pose. As I looked toward Donna she simply let her gown fall around her ankles and replaced her hands on her hips. She was stunning.

The music in the room stopped and we were all frozen in a moments silence, my heart was pounding like a drum and I could feel every beat in my head. We all looked around the room to each other gauging the mood and wondering who would speak first. Donna broke the ice.

‘Well Alistair, what do you think of your mum’s special playtime outfit? Do you think we need a twirl honey?’ I took Donna’s lead and decided to step out of the robe then performed a little pirouette. I marched, model like to Donna, strutting my legs and placed my hand on her shoulder then blew her an exaggerated kiss. Donna entered into the spirit and and swayed across the lounge floor striking a pose in front of her boy then turning to Alistair and doing the same.

‘Put some nice music on Alistair darling’ I suggested which he quickly done, fumbling with the remote, continually turning to watch our display. As his well chosen, light dance music filled the room Donna and I started to shimmy toward each other, touching as we met and posing like professionals. I scrunched my hair up over my head blowing kisses to the boys, Donna and I stood back to back and performing a slow twist lowering our bodies down and back, kicking our legs out in a sexy dance manner. I parted my knees slightly and performed little pelvic thrusts, oh it was so nice.

I noticed that Alistair had placed a cushion over the front of his shorts and laid the remote atop it as if it justified the reason for placing it there. There was no such bashfulness on the settee with Jason, he appeared to be rubbing a fat cucumber inside his trousers.

Donna continued to gyrate, the Basque causing her boobs to roll and squish as she did so. Her thighs slid together then opened in an erotic rhythmic dance inviting a gaze toward her mound, she was turning from boy to boy pouting and licking her lips whilst posing and dancing. I lowered myself at the knees in a horse riding pose, opening my legs wide and balancing on my high heels. I placed my hands on my thighs and faced directly toward my Alistair. I started thrusting my hips in a sexy fucking motion toward him. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Alistair couldn’t take his eyes from my pussy region excepting for brief glimpses at my stiff nipples and occasionally at my face and pouting gestures. I was being daringly shameless.

Alistair was entranced by his naughty mum.

I felt Donna take up a similar position behind me and a shudder went through my horny body as she spooned into me, placed her hands around my waist and slid them under the baby doll. She gently worked them up my tummy rubbing softly as she went, edging slowly toward my tits. Her head manoeuvred over my shoulder next to mine and she delicately kissed my ear. Her hands cupped my tits and she started flicking my teats with her thumbs. We both looked at Alistair, we were hypnotising him with our wanton performance. I was on fire and could feel mini orgasmic spasms surge through my body. It was a wet dream brought to life in my own home.

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