The New Me Ch. 02 – Darling Donna

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The next morning I was up early and keeping myself busy with the household cleaning and preparing of the family breakfast. Time passed with the usual quiet Sunday morning activity. We all enjoyed breakfast, Claire went off to visit her friends as did my son Alistair, away to visit his friend John and do whatever boys do together on a weekend. Hubby and I went for the weekly grocery shop and a browse around the shopping centre.

I had left my daughters clothing collection at home in the bedroom forgetting to bring them along to hand into the charity shop and mentioned this to my husband as we passed the shop. He turned and gave a cheeky smile recollecting our fun from the evening before.

‘Why give them to charity, perhaps you should try another of the outfits on again tonight?’ he said winking with the biggest grin on his face.

‘Would that excite you baby?’ I asked smiling back. ‘I hope you don’t feel this excited when our Claire is wearing her little outfits, that would worry me a bit.’ I added. He blushed and shook his head.

I was curiously searching for a bit of reaction, wondering if he thought of having taboo sexy fun with our daughter. My new lusty feelings were making me think these pervy thoughts with a desire to find out. In fact, I think my new pervy self was becoming excited enough to want to watch my hubby and daughter perform kinky sex games with each other. I couldn’t dare let him know what I was thinking for risk of ending our great relationship and marriage, there was no way of knowing how he would react if he knew what was on my mind. However, I did know is these thoughts were making my pussy moist and my panties wet and I just couldn’t stop.

I purchased more shoes and some knick knacks and the morning drifted into afternoon and we returned home.

We were spending the afternoon at home doing the usual little chores when I received a text from my best friend Donna. It was a reminder that we had planned a little drink and girlie catchup at her house later that evening. I had completely forgotten about it.

Donna had been married but divorced for several years, she remained single and spent much of her time working and raising her two wonderful sons Jason and Danny. Now that the boys had matured and become handsome young men in their twenties they were in the process of striking out on their own. Donna was starting to think more seriously about looking for a steady relationship and seeking to find herself a nice man for companionship. She had become a regular on dating sites, myself and other friends warned her to be careful with dating sites their reputation for being stalking grounds for sickos and married men looking for easy free sex.

I felt that if Donna wanted easy sex she could find it without much trouble with her lovely raven black curly hair and young appearance. Being ages with me, she had kept herself slender and fit, she looked young enough to be dating her sons rather than being their mother and there was definitely no need for her to be looking for companionship on dating sites.

Following her text reminder, I was now looking forward to our catchup. I replied and sent her a little text joking that I had some great outfits that my daughter was handing into charity that would help her capture a man. A brief text conversation took place where she told me to bring them around and that there may be something she could swipe from the collection. I told her we can have a little fashion show and that I had tried an outfit on last night that had definitely had an effect on my hubby. She followed with one of her little naughty jokes saying maybe she should try the outfit on and see if it worked for her on my hubby.

It wasn’t long before the evening rolled around and I found myself at Donna’s where we sat in her lounge having our catch-up chat enjoying a bottle of wine with some nibbles. Both her sons were out for the evening, Danny staying over at his girlfriends and Jason on the town with a friend. We had the house to ourselves.

Before we knew it we were in Donna’s bedroom and she was trying on some of the charity cast-offs I had brought along. The drink was going to our heads, tipsy and giggling it wasn’t long before we were discussing men. I told her all about my hubbies arousal when I had dressed up in one of my daughters outfits and that he went at me with animal lust. She verbally wished that someone would have a go at her with ‘animal lust’ and joked that she was scared to remove her underwear for fear of the moths flying from her panties. We laughed.

Looking at Donna and her beautiful legs, slim body and sizeable boobs in the sweetheart ruched mini skirt and ruffle edged gypsy top she was wearing have selected them from the outfit collection, I couldn’t help but say something naughty.

‘Donna, if your boys could see you in that outfit even they would want to have a go at you with animal lust.’

Donna laughed ‘Could you imagine’ she said, adding ‘Me being screwed by my own sons’.

She didn’t seem Kıbrıs Escort overly shocked at the idea and before long we were talking silly and bizarre scenario stuff, it appears it wasn’t only I thinking dirty thoughts.

‘Hold on a minute, don’t be greedy… you can’t have both of them at once, I’ll select an outfit and we’ll have one each’. Again we laughed

‘Bring your son Alistair around and his friend John, then we can boy swap, two at a time each.’ Donna said laughing.

‘Can you imagine all that young cock, we’d be at it all night.’ I replied

‘We’d be showering in cum.’

‘It sounds like we’re in a porno.’ I joked

‘From what I’ve seen online, it’s the type of porno that boys want to watch, yummy mummies with boys fucking them’. Donna said.

‘Really?’ I asked.

Donna went into a long detail about some of the movies she had watched when she was tucked up alone at night. How her sexy frustration had made her watch some of this kinky stuff and it had turned her on. She told me that she knew it was all just fantasy nonsense tho and some movies had moms having sex with their step sons or even worse she said, their own sons.

I had a nice man for sexy time but I was becoming ever more curious and kinky inside, wondering if anyone had experienced such family affairs. I even shamefully wondered if Donna had thought about it, her living alone with two buff young men even if they were her own sons. I pictured seeing that in a porno, my beautiful close friend lustily being made love to by her sons. Even more bizarrely for a moment I imagined I was wanking my own naked son on a bedside chair as we revelled in the spectacle before us. Oh, these filthy thoughts even now were soaking my knickers. I had to stop thinking about it, are these the crazy thoughts of most middle aged women?

The subject was soon changed as Donna continued to rummage through the clothing bag. After fetching another bottle of wine from the kitchen, I asked if she had any nice black evening dresses suitable for a formal occasion that I could borrow for an event I was soon to be attending. She opened her wardrobe and produced a most amazing bright canary yellow pencil dress, form fitting with slight plunge v neck and two slim over the shoulder straps. I tried it on, having to remove my bra first so that I could achieve the full look. It was quite stunning, screaming a ‘look at me’ confidence.

I paraded around the room in the dress. Donna suggested I keep it on and we move downstair to the lounge. Donna was still wearing the little ruched skirt and gypsy top ensemble she had preferred from my daughters outfits. We looked a gorgeous pair of yummy mummies ourselves if I don’t mind saying so – and we were both happily heading to drunken la la land.

Donna put some music on and we danced around the lounge recollecting our teenage years as clubbing minxes, having fun. The night was great filled with sitting talking, giggling, dancing again then talking. Occasionally we would dance a slow dance in an embrace together – it was quite sexy and reminded me of when we were much younger and curious about sex, back when we drunkenly allowed ourself to fall into a warm kissing session together, our only mild lesbian experience.

The night was passing so quickly four hours had flown by. Donna was sitting in one of her lounge armchairs and I on her sofa. I could see her eyes beginning to roll and knew that she was starting to feel sleepy as was I although I think she was a little more drunk than I. I suggested I phone my hubby and arrange for him to come collect me – but Donna insisted I wait until Jason come home and he could drive me to save hubby the trouble.

We both must have fallen asleep as an effect of the wine, for it was an hour later when I was awoken by the sound of the front door closing and Jason entering the lounge. Donna was still giving it big ZZZZZ’s on the armchair I suddenly felt conscious she and I were still lounging about in the outfits we had changed into earlier.

‘Hello drunkards’ Jason said. ‘Is that my mum having another Prosecco snooze?’ He then asked, implying that it was something she done regularly.

He then offered to put on a pot of coffee and asked if I would like a cup. I accepted adding that I would have one for the road and have to be on my way home after changing out of his mums dress.

He then asked why we were dressed up quickly adding that I looked very attractive in his mums yellow dress.

A short while later Jason was sitting beside me on the sofa with his mum still oblivious to the world. Jason and I indulged in light chit chat as we drank our coffee and I could feel us slowly getting closer together as we chatted. I found myself leaning softly against his body and his cute face being closer than ever. He stopped talking and turned and looked over at his mother sleeping across the room. He then turned back toward me and leaned in gently and almost knowingly kissed me on the lips. A jolt of excitement Magosa Escort shot through my body. I recoiled slightly also turning and checking to see if Donna was still sound asleep.

‘Jason’ I whispered ‘What are you doing? I’m a married woman and old enough to be your mother.’

He leaned forward again, Our lips meeting and his tongue forcing my mouth open to accept a hot French kiss. His hand came up and held my head tightly too him as we snaked our tongues together. ‘My god’ I thought. ‘This is so exciting’. Only a few hours earlier we were talking about young men wanting to watch mature women fucking and now here was my best friends son passionately kissing me — right in her living room whilst she slept only a few feet away. Granted, it was just a necking session but I was hot for it, playing along and pretending little resistances. Somewhere in my mind I still felt a little conflicted, what would Donna say if she awoke and caught us, I had never cheated on my hubby before. I told myself it wouldn’t really be cheating, a one night stand with such a young man who only wanted the conquest of getting into his mums best friends underwear. And I wasn’t going to let him get that far, I had to be careful.

The drink perhaps meant I wasn’t really in any state to think about it rationally, the excitement of the moment and the tipsiness loosening my inhibitions. And when I felt Jasons hand clasping my breast through the dress I was becoming ever more libertine. I let my knees part and legs fall open as far as the dress would allow. What was I doing, if ever there was an invite, this would be one even though I still had my panties on. His hand continued to kneed my tit and my nipples were stiffening. I’m sure he could feel them through the material of the dress. I was tingling all over. I carefully started caressing his thigh continually stealing glances toward sleepy Donna as we continued to snog.

Jason carefully worked the straps of the dress off my shoulders rolling the top down and exposing my boobs to his view. His kissing moved from my mouth onto my titties, clasping, caressing them and sucking my big nipples into his mouth. I groaned, quietly saying ‘Good boy, suck them darling… oh you’re such a good boy’. I held him to my breasts loving it. Donna stirred and rolled over to face away from us. Jason and I froze. When we realised that she was not awaking our passion continued. This was so horny and made all the more sensual by the daring.

Our play continued with kisses and caresses, eventually Jason working his hand onto my knee and up my thigh under the tight dress. I knew he was going to go for it. I quickly placed my hand on his. We stopped for a few seconds gazing at each other. Then I whispered to him. ‘Take your cock out Jason darling’. There was no hesitating with him, he undone his Jeans and removed them in a flash revealing a pair of cotton boxer shorts tenting with a little wet stain on the front. His hand went back to where he had placed it before removing his trousers and we continued our warm kissing.

I lifted my backside to allow the dress to be pulled up to my hips leaving only the pair of lacy black panties protecting my honour from lusty sin. Jasons hand found my mound through the fabric and traced his fingers along my wet labia, bolts of lightning shot through me – I was almost orgasming at this crazy happening. I manoeuvred my hand into the opening of his boxers and for the first time since before the marriage to my husband twenty six years ago, I touched another young mans cock. Jason was gyrating his hips in my hand as I fished his cock free.

I stopped kissing him to look at the stiff phallus in my grasp, it was pulsating wildly and quite different in appearance to my hubbies, I’d never seen a cock like it, around four inches in length but thick in circumference like a warm thick bullet topped off with a fat plum for a head. It glistened with sticky pre cum. I turned to look over toward his sleeping mum, Jason also looked over. I slipped onto the floor laying back on the lounge rug pulling Jason by the cock with me keeping my eye on Donna. I was now lying, knockers bared, legs spread and no more than a few inches from her.

I pulled my knicker gusset to the side revealing my sopping wet honey pot and softly said ‘I want you to fuck me sexy boy’.

He was more than eager and rolled atop me and started squeezing his small fat cock into my waiting snatch. I could feel my cunt walls stretch at this new desired intruder. It felt oh so good. He started grunting and thrusting with inexperienced enthusiasm, it felt so wonderful. His hands were grabbing at my tits, squeezing them roughly and his mouth and tongue were kissing and licking all over my face and neck.

I started whispering dirty talk into his ear in hot excitement ‘Oh you naughty, filthy boy, fuck me’. He was loving it. ‘Fuck your mummies best friend’. He was pounding harder. Nothing was controlling either of us now we were consumed in lust. Girne Escort It didn’t seem to matter that Jasons mum was right there. It was then that I said it ‘Fuck me like I’m your mummy… fuck me like you fucking your hot mum… oh baby you know you like to fuck mummy’. I lifted my legs up into the air and clasped his tight young buns to me. Driving his thrusts home with my hands as his balls bounced against my butt. I was lost in a mixture of wild fantasy imaginings, featuring my son fucking me in front of my best friend and the reality of Jason fucking his fat bullet cock into me on this crazy night. Oh it was bliss and I was loving it, I was spasming with pleasure. Wave after wave of delicious orgasm consumed me. And right on queue I felt Jason tense and shoot floods of hot warm jizz into my wanton cunny.

Suddenly the worst nightmare happened, as we lay coupled together on the floor. Jasons softening warm cock still enveloped nicely inside my cum filled hole the telephone in my handbag started ringing. It was now one thirty a.m., it could only be my hubby wondering where I was. Jason and I both turned toward the sound with a start, but worse… Donna sleepily sat up in the armchair and groggily looked around the room. It was only a matter of milliseconds before she focussed on us and confusedly asked in an innocent sounding squeak. ‘What are you doing?’

I smiled toward Donna trying to ease the situation as Jason withdrew and sat up onto his haunches. What could I say, I was caught having sex right here with her hunky son. I raised myself up to a seating position feeling the fresh sperm ooze out of my slit onto my black panty gusset. I reached for Donna’s hand taking it and speaking a few silly hushed words trying to normalise what was going on. ‘I’m sorry Donna I couldn’t help it, it’s as we were talking earlier, just look at Jason he was so horny and he’s such a young hunk, he found us in these sexy outfits and it all just happened’. I raised my other hand and stroked Jasons embarrassed cheek offering him a say by adding ‘Didn’t it darling?’ as he sat on his knees his limp, twitching, clammy cock still hanging from his fly in full view of his mother.

I noticed Donna was stealing regular glances towards it when I suggested we should all have another cup of coffee and I’d return call my hubby and get him to collect me in half an hour or so. I also suggested we cold talk about the silly moment or better still we could all just keep the little escapade a secret by forgetting about it.

‘I don’t know what to say’ said Donna

‘You don’t have to say anything Donna’ I replied. ‘It was just a drunken moment of making beautiful love with your gorgeous son’.

‘But with my son?’

‘He made love with me because he can’t make love to his beautiful mother’ I said.

‘Isn’t that so sweetie?’ I asked of him slowly leaning in and kissing him gently for Donna to observe.

My tits were still hanging freely from the dress. I kissed Jason on the lips – playful little kisses turning to Donna ‘he’d like a kiss from you like this’ I added as I lowered my hand onto his yet again growing dick. Oh to have such a young man with an unquenchable sexual appetite I thought. Donna didn’t seem to object to the unfolding event and watched with keen interest. I squeezed her hand slightly, purring ‘come and have a kiss with your boy’.

Donna slowly slid off the armchair onto her knees still holding my hand and ambled forward to join us up close. ‘Aren’t you going to kiss your mummy Jason?’ I asked. Now facing each other they both leaned together — and let their tongues do a little dance with each other before sucking into a juicy French kiss. It was amazing to watch, mom and son kissing like lovers. Neither Jason nor Donna hesitating. It was true, moms and sons were sexually attracted to each other. I placed Donna’s hand on Jasons cock and she tenderly clasped it and started slowly wanking it into life. I stood up and sat back onto the sofa now it was my turn to watch the hot scene before me unfold. As they eagerly played I returned the call to my hubby and told him to collect me in an hour or so.

‘You guys look so beautiful and natural together’ I said after my phone call, encouraging them on and hoping they wouldn’t suddenly snap into the realisation that what they were doing was considered so wrong by many. For me it was just so astounding and arousing. I moved my gusset aside again and slipped my middle finger into my pussy feeling it slide into the squelch of cum. ‘This is Jasons night, getting to fuck the two most desirable mums in the neighbourhood’ I said toward Donna.

‘Oh Jason baby’ she said raising her hand up to hold Jasons head as she continued wet kissing him. His manhood was already hard again and looking even more ardent and throbbing for his mum than it was for me as she jerked him in her hand. ‘I’ve wanted you to fuck mummy for an age now sweetheart’. Jason groaned ‘Oh your cock feels so good… can mummy suck it?’ He laid back and Donna manoeuvred between his thighs wrapping her rosy lips around the swollen tool. She glanced up at me saying ‘Ooooh besty I love it, I could suck this beautiful boy all night’. She beckoned me down to join them. ‘We should go upstairs to your room incase Danny comes home or my hubby turns up.’ I suggested.

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