The New Job Ch. 04

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Pushing him back Carol straddled his face. Steve was enveloped in the fragrance of pussy and cucumber. His large hands reached around her hips cupping her firm butt and drew her closer. He always loved being between a woman’s legs. Licking. Sucking. Teasing with his tongue. As he lapped at the juices running down his chin she ran her fingers over the bulge in his jeans where his rock hard cock was yearning for freedom. She was close and desperately desired to have his cock deep in her throat before she came.

‘With any luck we will both cum at the same time.’ the thought made her ravenous.

She could feel the head of his cock pressing firmly against the top button of his jeans. Her prize would soon be released.

“Tally ho.” a strange voice echoed, breaking their heated groans and concentration.

Carol froze. Her fingers gripping Steve’s waistband.

“Fuck.” came the muffled sound between her legs.

Those two words meant only one thing. Surveillance was back on and the target was on the move. In one fluid motion Steve’s arm shot out grabbing his police radio, which had fallen onto the floorboards, while crawling out from under Carol. Keying the mic he responded.

“Victor 5 clear.”

“What was that?” Carol stammered, moving over to the side.

Steve quickly dove into the front seat. “The guy we are surveilling has just left his residence.”

‘How quickly Steve’s attention had changed.’ Carol thought. ‘Police mode.’ She sat quietly back watching in amazement at his transformation.

The Bentley roared to life and within seconds they were off down the street .

Luckily, the target lived close by.

Soon, Steve had caught up with the other members of his team but stayed back a distance. The Bentley, a high profile car, was really not built for surveillance. Once seen, the risk of being made increased.

It was while contemplating that thought when he looked in the rear view mirror. There was Carol’s stunned face looking back. Her smile overlaid with fear.

“Oh shit.” the words escaped his mouth. “Shit, shit, shit. Sorry babe. “I forgot to let you out.”

His mind raced. “It’ll be okay. I’ll get you back to your house.”

A Afyon Escort combination of panic and excitement rose in Steve. If caught it could be his career. But there was just something definitely exciting to have a naked woman in his back seat.

Scenario’s ran through his mind. Perhaps the target would double back allowing Steve time to drop Carol back off at her house. But from the direction he was heading it was unlikely.

Maybe he’s just out for a late night snack.

On the other hand, one he didn’t really want to consider, the target could be headed south. To the border.

Looking down at the large black duffle bag next to him on the seat an idea began to form.

Steve had learned that In his line of work, the probability of traveling out of state on drug cases was certain. As such, every investigator was expected to carry with them any items they deemed necessary.

Along with binoculars, cameras, and other surveillance equipment, Steve had packed an extra set of clothes.

Quickly, he reached into the unzipped top grabbed hold of the extra large black t-shirt he had packed and tossed it back to Carol. “Put this on.”

Carol was happy to slip the large shirt over her head pulling it down across her knees. She looked back at Steve in the mirror. “Thanks.”

“Will get through this.” Steve said calmly. “Hopefully he’s not going to the border.”

“Why?” Carol questioned.

“If he does, we won’t be back for a couple of days.” Steve left it at that.

A minute later the realization of what Steve said sunk in.

“Two days.” the panic in her voice came out.

“Or three. Usually we’re not out more than three.”

“Three.” Carol repeated.

“Look, that’s only a worst case scenario. It’s more likely he’s going to meet his source.”


Thirty minutes later on the south side of Denver surveillance aired that target’s burnt orange colored Humvee pulled into the parking lot of the Inverness hotel. Steve was requested to follow the target inside.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back.” Steve whispered to Carol as he stepped out into the brightly Afyon Escort Bayan lit parking lot. The target had been inside for two minutes before the automatic doors parted and Steve stepped into the main lobby.

He appeared to be leaned over signing paperwork as Steve walked past, pretending to be a guest.

“423.” Steve overheard the clerk say.

‘He”s getting a room.’ Steve concluded as he watched the clerk hand the target a room key.

The target hoisted a small blue daypack over one shoulder and headed for the elevator not once looking at Steve.

‘Careless.’ Steve thought as the clerk looked up.

“Good evening, may I help you?”

Politely Steve answered. “A room please.”

Reaching into his back pocket Steve feigned. “Oh shit, I forgot my wallet. Give me a minute.” and hurried out the main lobby doors.

Getting back into the Bentley, Steve announced over the radio that the target had gotten a room for the night. “423.”

Having landed the target, Steve was sure the sergeant would call off surveillance allowing all investigators to head home. Tonight would not be the case.

“Steve, I need you to go back inside and get a room across from the targets if possible. We need eyes inside.” the sergeant’s voice came over the radio.

“Clear.” replied Steve.

“What are we gonna do?” Carol’s voice peaked.

Handing her his phone Steve spoke, “Here’s my phone, when I get inside I’ll call and give you the room. Come up and I’ll let you in.”

Steve shut the door and walked back to the main lobby returning to the front desk. With luck again on his side Steve, using his undercover ID, was able to get the room across from 423.

After settling in Steve picked up the hotel phone and called Carol.

“Victor 5.” the voice announced. There appears to be a white female wearing nothing but a black shirt approaching the lobby. Be aware she may be going up to the target’s room.”

“Victor 5 clear.” Steve grinned.

“You have the camera set up yet?” Steve’s sergeant asked over the radio.

“Setting up now.” Steve replied as he opened the door for Carol. Once inside, Steve placed the small video transmitter Escort Afyon into the peephole and turned the switch on.

“You should be live, Sarge.”

Seconds later the sergeant’s voice came on. “Ten four. Coming in clear. Stay there until there’s movement.”

“Clear.” Steve breathed a sigh of relief.

“Can we get back to where we were before being so rudely interrupted?” Carol said as she removed the black t-shirt, pushing Steve back onto the bed.

Steve’s voice of approval was muffled as Carol pressed her wanting slit against his awaiting lips.


With hand wrapped around the base of his cock she lifted it from off Steve’s firm abs. She gazed at it intently. His balls seemed to undulate. His thick shaft, throbbing as she squeezed. Her eyes followed the veins up to the crown of it’s swollen head. A small clear pearl forming in the tip. She squeezed and pulled upward. The pearl became a stream, running gracefully down, down, down his shaft. Skillfully her outstretched tongue flicked at this lustrous precum. A thin strand now connected the two. Back and forth she twirled her tongue wrapping it like a cocoon while her hips pumped up and down on his face. He could tell she was close. Drawing it into her mouth she orgasmed, flooding Steve with her sweet nectar. As Carol shuddered, Steve’s throbbing cock penetrated her lips. Steve groaned in pleasure sending Carol into a cock sucking frenzy. She wanted, No, she needed him to fuck her mouth. Releasing her grip on his cock moving both hands around to his ass cheeks. She kept her jaw slack until her nose pressed against his balls before applying suction. Steve was ready to explode but Carol wasn’t finished quite yet. Feeling it rise she quickly grasped tightly around the base of his cock while withdrawing it from her mouth. “Not yet, not yet.” she panted.

She continued to squeeze as her mouth resumed its sucking action. With one final suck she liberated it from her mouth, precum and saliva splattering down her chin and onto her breasts. It was at that moment she released her grip. Immediately Steve exploded sending a huge white ribbon of cum over her right shoulder. Carol giggled. She directed the remaining waves over various parts of her body. As the flow subsided Carol leaned over his cum covered cock gulping it down.

“Tally ho.” said the voice on the radio.

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