The New Game Ch. 17

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Chapter 17 — Deal or No Deal

When I woke the next morning, Leslie was still wrapped tightly in my arms, as if neither of us had moved at all. I gently withdrew my arms, careful not to wake her. I climbed out of bed and stared back at her sleeping peacefully as small rays of sunlight snuck through the blinds. She was beautiful at that moment, more so than I remember noticing in a while.

I made my way downstairs and found that Mindy was already awake. She was seated at the dining room table reading the newspaper. She was sipping a cup of coffee and chewing on a piece of toast. I notice there was a fresh pot of coffee made, so I helped myself to a cup and joined her at the table.

“How long have you been up,” I asked her as I seated myself across from her.

“About a half an hour,” she admitted. “Yesterday sucked.”

“You will get no argument from me on that,” I agreed.

“What are you going to do,” she asked me pointedly without looking up from the comic section of the newspaper.

“Everything I can,” I told her.

Before Mindy could respond, the telephone rang. We looked at each other and then at the phone with great surprise when it did not ring a second time. We both assumed that Leslie had answered it, which now meant that she was awake. We sat there in silence for several moments until Leslie’s footsteps on the stairs confirmed our assumption.

Leslie made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen. When she reached where we were seated in the dining room, I couldn’t help but smile at her as she was still wearing her bathrobe. She was adorable, though the anxious look on her face pushed that thought out of my head quickly.

“That was Nikki on the phone,” she informed us, sounding somewhat winded. “She and Monica are coming over. She said it was IMPORTANT that you still be here when they arrive.”

I was surprised by this and not sure what to make of it. I nodded casually and sipped my coffee as Leslie turned around. She headed back through the kitchen and we heard her feet on the stairs once again as she returned to her bedroom.

Mindy continued reading the paper and eating her toast as we waited in silence. I watched her obsessively, thinking the entire time about what an adorably charming young lady she was. Leslie returned several minutes later, now dressed in an orange tank top and denim shorts. Her attire was quite plain yet she was still eye-catching. The doorbell rang and Leslie moved to answer it quickly. When she returned she was followed by Nikki and Monica. I got up to greet them before we all sat at the table. They wore anxious and urgent expressions on their faces as well.

“We have a problem,” Nikki announced.

“What would that be,” Mindy asked, again without looking up from the paper.

“They have a new target they want to acquire,” Monica said softly.

Mindy picked her head up from her paper and focused intently on the lovely redhead seated across from her. All of us had our eyes firmly locked on Monica now as we waited.

“Do you know a lady named Donna-Lee Markson,” Monica asked me.

Just hearing her name I felt like I had been hit by a truck. A knot formed in my stomach and my blood began to boil. I placed my hands firmly on the table and used them to push myself to a standing position. I picked up my coffee cup and moved around the table slowly, knowing all of them were now watching me.

I slid open the glass patio door and stepped outside, closing it behind me. I walked a few feet from the door and stopped. I took a long sip from my cup and finished what was left inside it. I then turned and fired the mug straight into the ground as hard as I could. It exploded on contact, leaving ceramic fragments all over the patio. I turned around calmly and opened the sliding door again. I stepped back inside calmly, knowing that all eyes were on me. I continued to move Avcılar Escort methodically.

“I owe you a new mug,” I said to Leslie as I made my way back to my seat.

Leslie nodded simply as I moved past her.

“Are you ok,” Nikki asked me.

“No, ma’am, I am very much not ok,” I replied simply. “I cannot let this happen to a good person who did not ask for it and does not deserve it. If they go after Donna-Lee, they will be impacting my family and that is absolutely unacceptable. I have no choice but to find a way, anyway, to stop them.”

“Brooke told me that you and this person have some history,” Mindy offered.

“We have exactly that, history,” I confirmed. “But this isn’t about history or old feelings. Her father and my uncle Phil have been like brothers for over 30 years. This is going over the line, even for those two cunts.”

“What are you going to do,” Leslie asked me.

“I am going to do exactly what I am supposed to do,” I answered. “I am going to play the hero. Monica, thanks for the heads up. I really appreciate it.”

I got up again and headed back outside. Once the door was shut behind me, I pulled out my phone and dialed quickly. I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for the ringing line to be answered.

“Good Sunday morning, kid,” Bill picked up.

“I need your help, Bill,” I said as my voice cracked.

“What’s the problem, kid,” Bill asked, sensing my despair.

“They are going after my family,” I informed him, desperation filling my words.

“What,” he questioned. “What are you talking about?”

“Monica just informed us that Kylie is now scouring my hometown for new targets for their game,” I laid out for him.

“Oh boy,” Bill sighed. “Ok. We have some work to do.”

“We need leverage,” I suggested. “Any kind we can get.”

“Actually, I have some,” Bill informed me. “I did some real research on Samson Holdings, LLC. It all led back to one place, Ed Samson. When Kylie and Edwin Samson got divorced, Samson Holdings was split into 4 parts in the settlement. Kylie retained 40% ownership, while Edwin retained 25%, 25% remained in public circulation and the board of directors was issued the remaining 10%. Edwin agreed to take a silent role with his portion and also agreed the he would never hold more than 25% stake in the company again.”

I took a couple of minutes to digest what Bill had just told me but still couldn’t see how it helped us now.

“Ok, so how do we take that information and use it to our advantage,” I asked plainly.

“Well, kid, I had dinner with Ed Samson last night,” Bill admitted.

“No shit,” I exclaimed. “How did that go?”

“Ed is a pretty decent fellow,” Bill relayed. “He is still bitter about the divorce and he still whole-heartedly contends that Sienna and Kylie set him up. His anger is getting the best of him these days. He has agreed to sell us his 25% of Samson Holdings if we agree that when we take control we will replace Kylie as CEO.”

“WOW,” I shouted. “That must have been some dinner. How much is that gonna cost?”

“Don’t worry about that,” Bill postured.

“Um, ok,” I conceded begrudgingly, knowing that I didn’t have the money it took to play these kinds of games. “Bill, I may be wrong here, but 25% isn’t enough to take control, is it?”

“You are right,” Bill agreed. “Which is why I setup a dummy company to purchase the publicly circulated shares. We were only able to acquire 15%.”

I quickly did the math in my head.

“So we are in a stalemate,” I surmised.

“It would seem so,” Bill echoed. “Except for Diana.”

“Um, who,” I asked cautiously.

“Diana Samson-Henry,” Bill clarified. “Edwin’s sister is a member of the board and has agreed to sell us her 1% and vacate her board seat to Bonnie.”

“So we win,” I half stated, half questioned.

“Yes, Beylikdüzü Escort we do,” Bill concurred. “Not to mention an extra special present I am sending you. I purchased something that I came across that could also help us.”

“Edwin and Diana have agreed to sell us their portions,” I repeated. “But we have not executed these deals yet. Is that part of our leverage?”

“It could be,” Bill suggested.

“I think I should have a meeting with the darling Deville sisters,” I advocated.

“As soon as possible,” Bill cemented.

“What are my limitations,” I asked him.

“None,” he replied. “Negotiate anything you want, just make sure the outcome is the most beneficial to our girls. I will handle Edwin and Diana no matter what happens.”

“Bill, I can’t thank you enough,” I extended. “I really can’t.”

“No need, kid,” he played it off. “Besides, it was mostly Bonnie’s idea. She is one smart cookie.”

“Thank her for me, please,” I insisted.

“I will,” he agreed. “But when this is over, you had better be sure and thank her yourself. Call me after the meeting.”

“Will do, on both counts,” I assured him.

As I hung up the phone, I looked back into the house through the glass door. I was taken back by the sight of Emma standing in dining room, talking. I assumed the other ladies were seated at the table listening, though I couldn’t see them from my vantage point. I saw that she was getting emotional as she spoke, so I took a seat in one of the patio chairs and waited, though I wasn’t sure for what.

After about 20 minutes I noticed that Leslie was now holding Emma in her arms and rocking back and forth. I believed Emma was crying but could not see that. They were then joined by Nikki and Mindy for a large, group hug. I knew that Monica was still in the room and it occurred to me that it must be strange for her to see this when the game that she belonged to was so very different.

Some more time passed before the large hug disbanded. I waited, trying not to stare. The ladies milled about before Emma made her way to the sliding glass door and opened it. She stepped out onto the patio and shut the door behind her in a very deliberate manner. She walked over to where I was sitting and stood directly in front of me. I refused to take my eyes off of her.

“Came to get your car,” I asked cynically, staring directly at her.

“Something like that,” she somewhat agreed.

“So what can I do for you,” I asked firmly, not ready to give her a pass on her actions of yesterday without some answers.

“I owe you an apology,” she offered.

“No, you owe those women and a couple of others an apology,” I corrected. “You owe me one answer.”

“Ok,” she sighed heavily as she stood over me. “What’s the question?”

“Are you ready to trust the rest of us,” I asked her bluntly.

“I’ll try,” she proposed.

“That’s not gonna cut it,” I snapped.

“What do you mean,” she asked.

“I mean, ‘I’ll try’ isn’t going to be enough this time,” I reiterated.

“Then what do you want from me,” she inquired dramatically.

“I want an end to the bullshit,” I stated. “I want you to take all those feelings of fear, hopelessness, helplessness and chaos that caused you to do what you did yesterday and get rid of them. I want you to know that I have this situation handled and that you don’t have to do it all alone. I want you to accept that whether you like it or not, you made me the hero. All I am doing is playing the role that you gave me.”

She stared at me intently. I thought I saw a tear well in her eyes but it was quickly replaced by anger and tension. She was letting my words sink in and she was evaluating their true meaning. I stood up and looked her directly in the eye.

“So, mister hero, are you gonna save my sister,” she countered.

“Without Esenyurt Escort question,” I confirmed. “By the end of the week, as a matter of fact. And believe me, I wasn’t too proud to ask for help.”

“Wow, you have changed,” she suggested.

“I had to in order to keep up,” I admitted. “I suggest, as your friend, that you do the same.”

“And if I don’t,” she pressed.

“You will be fighting an uphill battle without your strongest allies,” I explained. “There’s no need to go at this alone. Especially when you put this team together and they would do anything to help you, just because they care for you so greatly. We all love you, but you have lost a lot of respect in the last 24 hours. You need to get that back.”

“You make it all sound so simple,” she said. “You don’t know how hard this is for me.”

“It is simple,” I insisted sharply. “Just trust the rest of us. If you can’t trust these people, why did you choose them?”

She looked away from me, staring back into the dining room through the glass. The she turned her eyes back my way.

“I don’t know if I can,” she whispered as tears fell from her eyes.

“I know you can,” I supported her. “That should be enough to help you get started.”

She looked down at me and her tears stopped. She smiled and then her smiled turned confident.

“Ok,” she surrendered softly. “I am on-board or I will work on getting on-board.”

“Good,” I said in delight. “That’s the right answer. I am glad we have this settled, finally. Now, you need to go apologize to Penny and Brooke.”

“I know,” she agreed. “But in light of our new understanding and support, I want to show you how sorry I am for yesterday and how hard I will work to get on-board with everyone. For you.”

“Show me how,” I asked cautiously.

“By reminding you of how much I like doing things for you,” she said. “I want to make sure that we seal our little deal.”

“You want to have sex,” I questioned in a very confused tone.

“Actually, no,” she corrected me. “I just want to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth.”

“Oh,” was all I could muster in stunned response.

Emma then lowered herself in front of me. She pulled my shorts down forcefully and took my limp tool in her hand. She stroked it gently and licked the length of my shaft several times trying to bring it to life.

I felt the blood rush to my pelvis as my dick grew firm in her hand. I exhaled heavily as Emma jerked and licked my prick sloppily. She spit on it aggressively and used her tongue to lube the helmet of my cock as she pumped it with her fist firmly.

Emma then held her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock in a circle before jamming my now throbbing rod into her waiting mouth. She bobbed up and down on my member quickly, letting it run across her lips sensuously.

I groaned as I looked through the glass door and saw Leslie watching us intently. She stared at Emma sucking my cock with lust in her eyes. I winced slightly before looking back down at the full head of blonde hair that was engulfing my meat hungrily.

Emma worked my rod like a pro as she dribbled her spittle all over my cement stick. She worked feverishly on my shaft as her mouth covered and uncovered my length repeatedly. I knew I was close and I looked back through the door at Leslie. She smiled and licked her lips which sent me over the edge. I held Emma’s head still as I erupted in her mouth. I shot what felt like gallons of my liquid down her throat. I twitched and convulsed as the last of my batter filled Emma’s gullet.

I stood there, motionless, as Emma returned my shorts to their original place. I looked through the door and watched Leslie blow me a kiss before she walked away from where she was standing. Emma stood slowly and kissed me softly on the cheek.

“Forgive me,” she whispered.

“All you had to do was ask,” I replied softly.

I watched her turn and walk back towards the house. She slid open the glass door and shut it carefully behind her. I knew enough to wait here while she went to see Penny and Brooke. I sat back down on the patio chair, gently, knowing we were headed in the right direction.

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