The Nature Trail

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I glanced at the map again. Taking the nature trail would only add an extra mile to the hike, and the trail was through the woods. The trees glowed in their fall colors casting red and orange waves across the streams. The water rippled across the lake as the autumn breeze blew. But another mile would stretch my hike to eight miles, and I wasn’t sure I had enough water or stamina.

The nature trail was covered with leaves, but otherwise was clearly marked. The map indicated benches along the way as well as a pump house, a fallen oak, and other natural markers. Something about “the road less travelled” popped into my head and I smiled, folded the map, and turned on to the nature trail.

Immediately I was surrounded by 50 foot tall trees of every variety, their fiery leaves dancing against the deep blue sky. Squirrels ran from tree to tree, gathering their winter food. I closed my eyes and heard a woodpecker rapping its love song, crickets chirping and an occasional whoosh of a gust of wind through the leaves. Frost was right, the road less travelled made all the difference.

Half a mile into the trail I sat on a bench and drank some water. The air smelled a little swampy, but still clean, much better than the pollution of the city. I stood, stretched, looked around, and convinced I was alone, pulled down my black shorts to pee. Careful to hit a rock to splatter it, I enjoyed getting rid of the first liter of water.

As I started shaking it off, I heard something rustling the leaves up the trail. Probably more squirrels I thought. I peered through the trees and froze. My mouth dropped open as I saw a girl staring at me in shock. I quickly looked down, noticed I was still holding my cock and wriggled my shorts back up. I looked back at her and turned my palms up, shrugged and smiled in the universal “oops” gesture. She slowly regained her composure and instead of turning and running, she started to smile. I looked quizically at her and she nodded her head down to my crotch. I looked down and sure enough my cock was hard and trying to burst out from the shorts.

I could have blended into the trees as my face turned all shades of red! I looked back at the girl and she gave me sly look and winked. She lifted her hand, curled her fingers into a C, and started the motion I knew well enough. I winked back at her and grabbed my rod through the shorts and started squeezing it. She liked that and moved her own hand down to her shorts, rubbing her crotch area for me to watch. I smiled back at her and jerked my head to left, remembering the bench on the the trail a few yards back.

She followed me to the bench and I was about to say “hi” when she put a finger to my lips and shook her head. We both sat down and her hands went right to my shorts, grabbing my cock through the fabric and gently squeezing. Each pulse sent shivers down my spine. I took a second to look at her. She must have been about 5’6″, barely 140 pounds. She wore Escort Beylikdüzü a tight t-shirt, designed to keep her breasts from jiggling while she ran. It also helped to give me a perfect outline of her delightful tits. 38, perhaps even 40 with full C cups. Her small nipples poked through every time a strong breeze came through. She was wearing those tight running shorts that bicyclists like to wear, black with pink slashes on either side. I thought I saw the outline of her pussy lips, but perhaps her hands on my cock were giving me visions.

My eyes were half closed, but I could clearly see the wet spot forming on my shorts. She rubbed the head against the spot making my toes curl. I shook my self awake and lifted my hands to her tits. She obviously liked that as I felt her nipples poke at my palms through her shirt. Every time she squeezed my cock I squeezed both her breasts. We teased each other for a few more minutes before she let go and stood up.

I must have looked like a hurt puppy because she actually giggled a little, catching herself before it grew into a laugh. She looked around, and convinced were were alone pulled off her t-shirt. I gasped as I watched her tits bounce into life. I stood up in front of her, bent down and buried my face between them, licking, sucking, and kissing every firm suface. She tossed her shirt down and reached for mine. I lifted my head long enough for her to pull it off and went back to sucking on her hard pebbles. She ran her hands over my chest, pinching my own nipples while I flicked my tongue over hers.

Our hands moved down each other’s bodies simultaneously. I squeezed her ass through her tight shorts and she started yanking mine down, briefs and all. I wiggled my ass to help her get them over my cock and let them shimmy to the ground. I slipped my hands into her racing shorts and moaned into her tits when I felt flesh instead of panties. I reached down as far as I could, feeling the curve of her bottom, slightly wet from sweat and excitement. Her hands had already found my free cock and resumed their joint massage. Another drop oozed from the tip and she spread it around my head.

I slid my hands back up her ass and started pulling her shorts down. As they cleared her ass they slipped quickly to the ground and I saw a neatly trimmed bush, already moist. I was about to reach down and touch when I felt her push me back.

I ploped to the bench, unable to walk with my shorts around my ankles. She lifted my legs and eased the shorts over my sneakers, tossing them aside. She spread my legs and knelt down in front of me. She gave me that wicked grin again, reached for her water bottle, opened it, and dribbled some ice cold water over my cock. I shuddered like the branches above me, and my cock danced like a top. Before it warmed up she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Her hand make circles Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan around the shaft as she kept bobbing her head up and down over it. She would slow down to lick the opening at the tip, glide her tongue down to my balls,then dive right back in, swallowing my dick whole.

Amazed I lasted this long, I tightened my ass, trying to hold it back even more, but she wasn’t cooperating. She slid a hand under my ass and started to play with my crack, flicking against my hole. That was all it took for me to erupt into her mouth. I grabbed the bench for support as I lifted my ass into the air and shot stream after stream into her mouth.

Catching my breath, I eased myself back down on the bench and looked to make sure we were still alone. She was still on the ground, smiling up at me with dribbles of white cum on her lips. I smiled the wicked grin back at her, stood up, helped her up and pushed her to the bench. It was my turn! I lifted her legs and slid the shorts over her shoes. I knelt down and kept her legs over my shoulders.

I started blowing lightly over her inner thighs, watching her small hairs billow like wheat. I felt her tingle and kept moving closer to her pussy. I blew lightly across her pubic mound and smelled her perfume as it began to emanate. I inhaled deeply and audibly, enjoying her scent mixed with nature. I extended my tongue and let it dance across her fine hairs, occasionally letting it slip against her growing lips. Each time I touched flesh I felt her shiver and wiggle under me. I moved my mouth closer and started to trace the outline of her wet pussy with my tongue, steering clear of her now visible clit. I slid my hands under her ass and pushed her on to my tongue, holding back just enough to drive her wild.

She reached for my head and tried to push me down further, but I held back and kept teasing her with my tongue. I squeezed her ass cheeks together and pushed her body way up, this time letting my tongue go deep into her hot sugar hole. I lapped furiously at her cunt, trying hard to hold on to her as whe writhed in my hands. I was about to drag my tongue over her hard pink clit when I stopped just above it. She let out a long moan and tried to push my head down. But I was in control and gently eased the tip of my tongue to the tip of her clitoris. I let it linger a second or two before starting to wiggle it ever so slowly. I felt her melt in my hands as I made contact. After a few more seconds I ramped up the speed and intensity of my tongue work, circling her dancing clit, pulling at it, flicking it and even sucking it between my lips. I decided to give her back some of what she gave me, so I spread her ass cheeks with one hand and slid my fingers deep in her crack, searching for her hole. When I found her tight pucker I jiggled my finger against it while lapping at her clit. It was all she could take and she stiffened against my mouth and moaned Beylikdüzü Escort through her clamped lips. I held my tongue steady as she came, careful not to disturb her orgasm in the middle of nature’s bounty.

I crawled up to the bench and sat next to her for a few minutes. We kissed gently. I could still taste the saltiness of my cum on her lips, she obviously tasted her own pussy juices on mine. We didn’t mind a bit. Her hand drifted down to my crotch again and started playing with my cock. She brought it back to life then stood up and over me on the bench. I watched her tits bounce like the falling acorns around me as she slowly eased her sopping pussy over and on to my cock. She quivered when I entered her, still sensitive from her oral orgasm, but managed to take it all in. She put her legs through the back of the bench and rested on my hips, her hands wrapped around behind me, holding on to the bench.

She took control and started lifting her self up and easing herself down. I was in heaven watching my cock disappear into her cunt, feeling her wet walls engulf me like a suede glove. I wrapped my hands around her back and tried to lick her tits as they passed in front of my mouth. We kept slow fucking like this for about 5 minutes before I was ready for the real thing.

I caught her in an upstroke, and eased her off of me. I slid out from under her and showed her to keep holding on to the bench. I stood behind her and helped my cock find her pussy. I saw her ass spread wide for me, and thought about what it must be like to have my cock slide in and out of her tight asshole, but felt the chill in the air and realized we were going to lose daylight soon.

I pushed my cock deep into her cunt from behind and felt her push back. We started humping each other wildly, our bodies slapping against each other in the cool fall air. The pop of my cock as it entered her cunt joined the chirping birds, and buzzing cicadas as we fucked in the great outdoors. I decided to be bold, remembering how much she liked it before.

Just for a second I pulled my cock out and replaced it with two fingers. I twirled and flicked and got them good and wet from her juices. I grabbed my cock and slammed it back into her and slid my wet fingers along her ass crack. I found her tight anus and circled it with my wet fingers. She did moan out loud this time and I took that as my cue to push it inside her. I started fingering her ass while fucking her pussy and I felt her skin tingle from the sensations. When I added the second finger she quaked and started to cum, gripping my cock with such force it threw me over the edge, too and I pumped my second load of the day into her cunt.

We stood there like statues in the park, my cock slowly melting inside her creamy pussy. When the vibrations settled down we both stood up and looked at each other. Neither of us spoke, but we smiled and kissed again. She reached down between her legs and rubbed her cunt, bring her fingers up to my mouth. I kissed them as well and jerked my head to the pile of clothes. We both got dressed and kissed one last time before heading in opposite directions.

The air was definitely getting cooler, dusk was starting to fall, but two people returned from their hikes with a warm glow.

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