The Naked Obstacle Course Part 01

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The Naked Obstacle Course

by Vanessa Evans

This story is the sequel to ‘The Hunt’.

Part 01

Hi, my name is Julia. I’m a first year university student who has a 32A 24 33 figure. At the end of my first year at uni I entered a competition where I won £10,000 for not getting caught by a group of about 15 male Hunters for around 36 hours in a forest. By the way, all the 5 girl contestants had to be naked and bald below their necks for the duration of the competition.

At the end, of the competition Charles, the organiser who had just graduated from the same university, asked me to spend the summer break at the house that he shares with his sister Andrea. It’s their parents house and forest, but they were away on an extended holiday.

Even though I had only met Charles and Andrea on the Friday evening before the competition, I had agreed because I liked Charles and the prospect of spending nearly 3 months with Charles and Andrea in such a splendid house sounded great. Apart from Charles being a really good fuck he’d been a major influence on me discovering the real me.

During the competition and the party afterwards, I realised that the weekend had taught me things about myself that I really liked, namely, that I liked not wearing any clothes, especially underwear, that I liked men seeing me naked, that I liked eating pussy and that I liked being watched whilst masturbating and being gang-banged.

I accepted Charles’ offer when he was dropping off all the girls back at the university. I just asked him to take me to my dorm room to collect my belongings. Two hours later Charles was carrying my bags into his house whilst I carried just the dress that I had taken off when I got back into the minibus for the journey to the house.

Charles took me straight up to his room, then the shower where we fucked as the warm water pounded down on us both. Then it was into his bed where we both fell asleep quite quickly.


I woke to the feeling of Charles’ cock going in and out of my vagina.

“So Charles,” I asked when we were both laying there revelling in the post coital bliss. “how is this going to work? Am I just going to be your sex slave for the holidays or what?”

“Would you like to be my sex slave Julia?”

“Only if I’m your naked sex slave Charles.”

“Well there’s Andrea to think of as well Julia.”

“I’ll be her naked sex slave as well if that’s what you want Charles.”

“I do. You won’t get jealous when Andrea and I fuck will you Julia?”


“Have you got a passport Julia?”

“What? Yes I have.”

“Good, because you are going to need it.”

“Oh, okay. So what are we going to do over the summer break now that I’ve abandoned all my other plans?”

“Well, the first thing that we are going to do is go and wake Andrea, well you are. She sleeps like a log and I usually wake her like I woke you but now that you are here we can share the task.”

“What do you want me to use, I haven’t got a cock?”

“That clit of yours is like a little cock, but you’d have trouble getting it to her hole without waking her, no, use your tongue, she usually sleeps with her legs wide open ready for me to wake her.”

“Okay then.”

We quietly went to Andrea’s room, the door was wide open and I could see her, uncovered, flat on her back with her legs wide open. Her right hand was on her pussy and Charles whispered that she’d probably been frigging when she went to sleep or in her sleep.

I carefully got onto the bed between her legs and gently lifted her hand out of the way. Then I licked along her bald slit. I got no response so I did it again. Still no response so I poked my tongue into her vaginal entrance. Still getting no response I licked and poked with my tongue and used my fingers to play with her clit.

I could feel her juices starting to appear then I heard her say,

“That’s nice Charles, but can you fuck me please?”

I giggled a little and from beside the bed Charles said,

“No, not this morning.”

The voice hadn’t come from the direction that Andrea was expecting and her eyes opened.

“Is that you Julia?” Andrea asked.

I lifted my head up and our eyes met for a couple of seconds then I lowered my head and got on with what I was doing.

“I hope that you are going to let me do that to you when you’ve got me off Julia.”

With my spare hand I gave Andrea the thumbs up as I kept up my assault on her pussy with my mouth.

When Andrea had got her wits about her after her orgasm she pushed me to her side then spread my legs and returned the compliment. All with Charles watching.

“I’m going to like it here.” I thought to myself after I’d cum and was just relaxing. When I’d cum for the second time so far that morning I told Andrea that I was going to be her sex slave for the holidays and that she could do whatever she wanted to me.

After a shower during which Charles teased my nipples and clit getting me all aroused again, we went downstairs and found Andrea in the kitchen making some coffee and toast. The only article of clothing between the 3 of us was one pair of shorts that Charles was wearing.

“Julia,” Andrea said when we were sat drinking the coffee and crunching the toast, “has Charles explained the house rules here?”

“No.” I replied.

“That’s because there’s only one and you don’t need to worry about that unless our parents decide to return from their holiday early. That one rule is that when our parents are around you must wear at least a bikini, the rest of the time you are already dressed appropriately. There may be the odd exception to that rule but we’ll let you know beforehand.”

“So you want me to be naked all the time?”


“Don’t you have a housekeeper or pool boy or a gardener?” I asked.

“All 3, but don’t worry about them they are used to seeing me naked. Are you still planning on having that obstacle course bro?”

“Yes, at the end of fresher’s week, give the girls a chance to settle and start doing wild things before their course starts. I’ve already arranged for some guys to come and construct some of the obstacles. Now I’ve got two volunteers to try it out instead of just one, see if it’s too easy or hard.”

“I like it hard.” Andrea replied.

“Let me guess.” I said, “This is going to be a naked obstacle course for girls only.”

“Of course, I’d get no pleasure out of watching a load of naked guys sweating their guts out.”

“But you would watching girls compete in the nude.”

“Of course, what’s wrong with that? I’m a normal healthy bloke.”

“Normal blokes wouldn’t organise a ‘hunt the naked girl’ competition or organise a ‘naked girl obstacle course’.” Andrea said.

“I guess that they would if they had the time and the money.” Charles replied.

Andrea said nothing but I thought,

“Yes, I bet that they would if they had the time and the money.”

“Talking about money bro,” Andrea said, “there’s some business that we have to take care of later, can you amuse yourself in the pool or sunbathing or something Julia?”

“Sure, no problem, is there anything that I can help with?”

“Maybe, we’ll let you know, but after we’ve finished here there’s a bit of tidying up to do after the party, We don’t want the housekeeper complaining to mummy or daddy when they do get back.”

“No problem. Sometime I will need to go into town, I need a few things and I have to go to my bank, I recently came into some money and I need to put it in the bank.”

“Well earned money I might add.” Charles said. “Obviously you outsmarted all the other girls and the hunters, well done Julia.”

“Thank you Charles but I’m grateful to you both, apart from the money I learnt a lot about myself over the weekend.”

“All good I hope.” Andrea said.

“Oh yes, I couldn’t be happier.”

“Good, so you’re not going to go all shy on us are you Julia?” Andrea asked.

“Hell no. If I could get away with it I’d never wear clothes again and I’d only have sex with someone if others were watching.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” Charles said.

There wasn’t much tidying to do then Andrea took me on a guided tour of the house. Wow, totally out of my league but there again I was going to be there for nearly 3 months. I was pleased when Andrea told me that I could use the swimming pool and the little gym whenever I wanted to, just so long as I didn’t have to put any clothes on, and she again offered to teach me how to ride the horse that was in the field out the back.

Andrea also showed me something else that I could ride whenever I wanted to. It was in her bedroom and I’d seen it earlier but not really known what it was. Andrea gave me a quick demonstration of the Sybian telling me that it was sometimes better than riding either the horse or Charles.

“You fuck the horse Andrea?” I asked.

“Hell no, it’s a mare anyway, but I was meaning that I do have a saddle that I put on the her sometimes. It has a dildo built into the saddle and it’s very nice to canter around the field bouncing up and down on the dildo, so maybe you could say that I fuck the horse. Have you got any toys Julia?”

“You mean sex toys? I’ve got a little vibrator but I prefer the real thing.”

“So do I but a good cock isn’t always available when you want one so we need a good substitute at times. I’ll order you a couple of my favourites that Charles likes using on me at times.”

“Thank you Andrea, but I can pay for my own toys. Well I can now.”

“Don’t be silly Julia, call them payment for the work that you’ll be doing whilst you are here.”

“And what work would that be?”

“There’ll be little jobs that you’ll do, like helping us tidy up, but the main thing will be to keep this (Andrea patted her pussy) and Charles’ cock happy. I hate it when Charles gets all frustrated because I’m having my period or I’m just not in the mood.”

“Well I’m more than happy to keep those 2 things satisfied.”

“Good. By the way, we’re going somewhere hot soon, not decided where yet, but I’m assuming that you will want to come with us, will that be a problem?”

“Not unless it costs more than my winnings.”

“It won’t cost you a penny Julia, it will all go down as ‘business expenses’, but it will cost you the use of your body by Charles and me, and your wonderful brain, Charles didn’t ask you just for the use of those nipples and your clit you know, you have a great outlook on life which is a big asset.”

“I don’t know what to say Andrea.”

“Don’t say anything Julia. Can you amuse yourself for a couple of hours while Charles and I take care of some business? You can play on the Sybian if you want, that will be something new for you.”

“I’ve had a lot of firsts these last few days.”

Andrea left me to go and do whatever with Charles so I wandered around, inside the house then outside, taking in things that I’d missed before and getting to know the place better.

The little gym looked as though it could be good for me although there were a couple of machines that I wasn’t too sure about. I just knew that I’d Edirne Escort be back there soon.

I’d seen the swimming pool before but it looked a bit different when no one was in it, and there was some rippling of the water at one end that I wondered about the cause.

Then I went outside to get better look around. It was so quiet, I couldn’t even hear any traffic in the distance. It reminded me of when I was on the run over the weekend and it had been so quiet. I wandered passed the stable then to the field where I saw the horse. I’d seen it before but never really took any notice. Then it was just a horse, but as I looked at it, head down and eating the grass, it looked quite nice.

I made a few clicking noises and the horse looked up, then to me. Then it started walking towards me. I was a bit nervous because I had never been close to a horse before but it walked right up to me and stuck its head right in front of me. I put my hand out ready to stroke its head but at the same time ready to pull it back if I thought that it might bite me.

Instead of biting me the horse nuzzled my hand so I started stroking its head and talking to it. I relaxed a bit as I talked and I wondered if I should have brought a carrot or an apple, if that’s what horses eat. Anyway, after a few minutes I told it that I was going and that I’d be back and asked it to be kind to me when I learnt to ride.

As I walked away I told myself that I was stupid for talking to a horse.

I walked down the side of the house to the front, then along the drive which took ages to get to the end. As I got close to the 2 pillars that marked the entrance I felt brave, I was getting to a public road, cars could go by at any second and I was totally naked, not even shoes or earrings. I stood in the middle of the public road feeling nervous and excited, It was like I wanted a car to come along and the occupants to see me.

After a few minutes I was disappointed and turned to walk back to the house. As I approached the front of the house I looked at all the windows and saw Charles and Andrea in one of the big ones. Charles had his phone held to his ear and was obviously talking to someone, but the naked Andrea was stood, just staring out of the window. The fingers on her right hand idly toying with her left nipple.

“One of the advantages of not wearing clothes.” I thought.

I waved at her but her mind was obviously miles away and I didn’t think that she’d even seen me. I wondered if she often stood in that window like that and if any delivery drivers or visitors saw her.

“Delivery drivers!” I thought, “they’ll see me. I’m sure that Charles will send me to open the door to them, I hope that they’re all cute guys. I wonder if Charles will tell me to fuck them?”

Just then I heard a car coming towards me. Forgetting that I was naked I turned and saw that I was correct, a car with 2 men in it. They stopped and got out. As they approached me I saw their smiles and remembered that I was naked.

“Morning love, we’ve come to collect the minibus, are the keys in it?”

I thought for a second and realised that I wasn’t at all embarrassed about them seeing me naked, in fact my pussy was tingling and I could feel it getting wet.

“I have no idea,” I replied, “I guess that we should go and have a look.”

I started walking over to it and the 2 men followed me. Felling a bit naughty I swayed my butt a bit more than a normal walk. Looking in through the driver’s door window I saw that the keys were in the ignition. I stepped back and said,

“They’re there.”

“Okay love, we’ll check you over then take it.”

I giggled a little when I realised exactly what the man had said.

“Don’t you mean check the minibus, I think that both of you have already checked me out.”

“Err yes, did I say ‘you’, sorry.”

“That’s okay, I don’t mind you looking at me.”

“Thanks, you are quite beautiful.”

“Now it’s my turn to say thanks.”

“You’re so welcome. We’ve just got a few checks to make then we’ll be on our way.”


The 2 men started looking around the minibus, presumably for any damage but they found none, then they both got their phones out and started taking photographs of the vehicle. Well one of their phones was pointing towards the minibus, the other one was pointing at me.

When they had finished one of the men said,

“That’s it thanks, but there’s just one thing, could we be really cheeky and ask you to pose for a few photos with the minibus, the guys back at the yard won’t believe us unless we have some proof. It’s not every day that we go for a collection and are met by a beautiful naked girl.”

I thought for a second then replied,

“Sure, why not, where do you want me?”

I posed for lots of photographs, some with just me and the minibus, some with each of the guys separately and some with me getting in and out of the driver’s seat. As I was posing for those ones I realised that my butt and pussy were what the guys were probably focusing on and I was enjoying the experience.

The last pose was of me half way through getting out of the driver’s seat, one leg was still in the minibus whilst the other was reaching down to the ground leaving my spread pussy on display for them. I smiled as I wondered if the camera would capture my juices that were spread all over my vulva.

One guy got into the seat that I had just vacated and the other guy got into the car and they were gone.

I looked up to the window where I’d seen Charles and Andrea and saw them smiling at me. I gave them a wave.

As I walked back into the house I realised that it had been very nice walking around outside without any clothes on and I decided that I’d do it as much as I could whilst the weather was still okay. I remembered feeling the same way walking around the woods when I was confident that the hunters weren’t around and decided that I’d walk in the woods again soon.

As Charles and Andrea were still occupied with their business issues I decided to go to the little gym and get some exercise other than just strolling around. I opened the door and wondered where to start. I needed to establish a routine and the easiest way was to start at the first machine on my left, so I did. Like nearly all the machines in there I didn’t know their names or exactly which muscles they would exercise. I just worked on the principle that if there was a machine there it would exercise muscles that needed exercise. I was pleased that there was a plaque on the wall behind each machine with diagrams showing me what to do.

I started and soon got into doing the exercises, albeit with not much resistance after deciding to start easy and build up each day.

When I got to the fourth machine I looked at it and smiled. It was a leg spreader machine and I imagined me using one like that, dressed like I was, but in a public gym. As I forced my legs apart I felt my pussy lips open and with the same image in my mind I said to myself,

“Come on guys have a good look at my spread pussy. Look how wet it is, imagine what it would be like to slide your fingers, or better still, your cocks inside there.”

I had the same thought each time that my legs spread wide.

The next machine was an exercise cycle. As I walked over to it I quickly realised that the seat was set way too high for my little legs. I could see an adjuster but when I tried to loosen it to lower the seat it was way too tight for my fingers. I thought for a few seconds then decided to see if I could actually use it as it was. It wasn’t like a real cycle where I needed to be in full control or I could fall off, maybe I could just slide my butt from side to side to keep my feet on the pedals.

I climbed on and as soon as my pussy came into contact with the saddle I gasped. I never realised just how desensitising the gusset of my school knickers had been, or maybe it was just that my clit had grown and got more sensitive in the last year.

Anyway, the pressure on my clit and the rest of my pussy was, was awesome. I was sure that if I just sat there for long enough I would cum. But I was there to exercise so I pressed down on the higher pedal. As the pedal went down my foot automatically went with it which meant that my butt, pussy and clit, slid to the side of the seat.

“That’s nice.” I thought as I needed to press down with my other leg. As I did so my butt, pussy and clit, slid to the other side of the seat.

“Oh, that is nice, I want more of that.” I thought and kept pedalling.

As my arousal increased I wondered if girls with an average size clit got the same pleasure as I was getting or was it just because I had a big clit. I decided to ask Andrea if she got the same pleasure, or had she managed to lower the seat.

Whatever it was I wasn’t going to stop and my arousal increased and increased until I went over the edge, screaming my head off with pleasure.

I was coming down from my high when Charles walked in.

“Are you okay Julia?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“I thought that someone was attacking you.”

“No, I’ve just discovered the pleasure that the exercise cycle can give.”


“Watch my clit.” I said as I started pedalling again.”

“Oh my gawd,” Andrea said as she walked in and stood beside Charles, “look at her clit.”

“I am.” Charles said. “look at it roll.”

Charles and Andrea just stared as my clit rolled and slid from side to side on the saddle as I pedalled. Well not for long, my last orgasm hadn’t completely subsided and quickly built up to another earth shattering orgasm.

As it hit me I stopped pedalling and leant on the handlebars as my body shook and jerked for what seemed like hours but was probably only a few seconds.

“What!?” I said as I finally turned my head and saw Charles and Andrea just stood there staring at me.

“That was soo cool.” Andrea replied.

“Doesn’t it do that for you Andrea?” I asked.

“No, but there again I’m as tall as Charles so I don’t have to slide from side to side like that.”

“You need to get a spanner and raise the saddle Andrea.”

“Yes I do, but I doubt that it will have the same effect on me, my clit is tiny compared to yours.”

“You should still try it.”

“I will. Have you used any of the other machines yet Julia?”

“All of them.”

“Charles likes it when I use the leg spreader. He tries to fuck me whilst I hold my legs apart but the machine always forces him away, doesn’t it bro?”

“That’s your fault for setting the resistance too high sis.”

“That’s because I’m in this room to get some exercise not to be fucked, we can do that in any other room or anywhere outside now that the weather is warm.”

“True, you certainly seemed to enjoy getting fucked on the table outside the front yesterday. Both of you actually. Julia certainly looked to enjoy being gang-banged, you should have got yourself gang-banged as well Andrea.”

“How do you know that I didn’t Charles, there was plenty of time when you were fucking Julia in the pool.”

“Hmm, yes there was, so was your gang-bang good?”

“It Edirne Escort Bayan was.”

“Maybe we should have more parties here, theme parties, S&M, BDSM, spanking or just plain old fucking parties. Would you like that Julia?”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Would you like to be tied up and have your bottom spanked?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never been tied up or spanked.”

“Well we’ll have to put that right before you go back to university. Now, who fancies a swim?”

We all did, and I was pleased when Charles dropped his shorts before diving in.

We had a great time grabbing each others interesting bits, but finally, Charles decided that he was hungry.

“We’ve got a fridge full of food.” Andrea said.

“Or we could order in, let some delivery guys see 2 naked girls for a change. One of the delivery guys likes watching Andrea play with herself on the kitchen table when he takes the food in. You can do that today Julia,” Charles replied.

“Wow, yet another first.” I replied, “okay then.”

We got out of the pool and dried then Charles went for his phone and ordered some food. Unfortunately Charles had put his shorts back on but Andrea stayed as naked as I was. As we waited for the food to arrive Andrea asked me how I’d enjoyed the minibus being collected.

“It was good, I was a bit surprised that I wasn’t embarrassed or nervous but there again it all happened so quick that I didn’t have a chance to think until the guys were in front of me and by then my pussy had taken control of me.”

“Yes,” Andrea replied. “it gets me like that as well. Nice isn’t it?”

“Yes, a week ago I would have been horrified being caught like that.”

“So,” Charles said, “how are we going to do this for the delivery guy?”

“Julia and I could be doing a 69 on the kitchen table,” Andrea suggested, “or Julia could be spread eagle on the table and I could be bent over her eating her pussy.”

“When the guy comes in you could then stand up sis and say that you were hungry and couldn’t wait for the food to arrive.”

“Funny bro, but that could work, what do you think Julia?”

“I like that, especially if we could time it so that I start cumming just as he walks in.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Charles said, “you two get started and keep Julia right on the edge until you hear the doorbell.”

And that’s what we did. It was a real struggle not to cum but thankfully Andrea knew just when to back off. It was so frustrating, especially when I knew what was going to happen. It did and didn’t help me in that it appeared to take forever for the guy to arrive.

Andrea timed it just right, and over the edge I went just as I saw the guy’s face. My screams of pleasure must have nearly deafened the 3 people watching me, and looking back I was surprised that the delivery guy didn’t drop the bags of food.

As my waves of pleasure started to recede I heard Charles say,

“Look at that clit man, have you ever seen anything like that before?”

“Hell no, is it all as sensitive as they usually are?”

“Touch it and see what happens.” Charles replied.

“Can I?”


He did, and as soon as I felt his finger I gasped and my body jerked.”

“Cool man, she’s one lucky girl.” The delivery guy said.

“Touch it again, play with it, make her cum again, she won’t mind.” Charles said.

In a couple of seconds I felt his finger again and I gasped again. Within seconds I had another orgasm. When I’d got my wits about me again the delivery guy had gone and Andrea was getting some plates out.

“Did you enjoy that Julia?” Charles asked.

“I sure did, did I tell you that I’ve decided that I like to cum in front of strangers?”

“Well that guy won’t be a stranger for long, you’ll see him at least twice a week.”

“Cool.” I replied.

As we were eating Andrea said,

“Well, that delivery guy has seen me naked lots of times but I bet that your performance gave him something to wank to for years to come.”

“Yes,” Charles said, “If I’d been him I’d have stopped just down the road and rubbed one out straight away, I’m a bit surprised he didn’t cum in his pants just watching you Julia.”

“Should I take that as a compliment?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I was nearly cumming in my pants. Hell, I’ve got a boner just thinking about the sight.”

“Do you want me to take care of it?” I asked.

“Wait until you’ve finished your food then I have a desert for you.”

Charles’ desert was as I expected, his cum being shot into my throat, although I did get to taste some of it. Whilst I was going down on Charles, Andrea was stood behind me playing with my pussy. I’m starting to think that Andrea is fixated with my clit because she takes every opportunity to pull it, twist it, rub it and suck it, not that I’m complaining, she can make me cum in seconds.

Later, when we were all satisfied, we talked about our plans for the week, then a little about the obstacle course which Charles told us would all get sorted out the next week when his contractors were coming. Then it was what they wanted to do for a holiday. It didn’t surprise me to hear that daddy had a yacht and a villa in the Mediterranean. Neither of them could make up their mind where they wanted to go and I wasn’t very helpful as I told them that I didn’t mind where I went, both place would be hot and I was assuming that I could swim in the sea naked, something that I had always fantasised about doing.

Charles told me that not only could I swim naked but he expected me to be naked 90+ percent of the time that we’d be out of England.

“Anywhere then.” I replied.

Charles phoned his father and they had a long chat but Charles never mentioned me. After talking business for a while Charles asked his father what his plans were for the next few weeks. When he said that they were going to cruise around the Greek Islands for a few weeks I heard Charles say that he was going to the villa for a couple of weeks and I hoped that I would be going too.

When Charles got off the phone he turned to Andrea and told her that the 3 of us were going to the villa once the contractors had finished in the woods the next week.

My response was to ask Charles if he could take me into town the next day because I had some clothes to buy. Andrea replied,

“Yes we are going into town tomorrow, and we can get you some new clothes but you won’t be taking them on holiday with us, I’ve already ordered everything that you and me will need and we’ll be travelling like we are right now Julia.”

“What!? We’ll be travelling naked?”

“Yes, a limo will pick us up here and take us to a private airfield where we will get on a private jet that will take us to a private airfield in Greece where we will be met by another limo that will take us to the villa, so yes, we have no need to wear any clothes.”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say.”

“Say nothing, just have that hot little body ready whenever we want it.”

“Oh it’s ready, waiting and wet.”

“Good, that’s what we like to hear Julia.” Andrea replied, Charles just smiling as he looked at my rock hard nipples.

We didn’t do much else that day until it was time for bed where Charles and I had some of the best sex that I have ever had. He obviously had more experience than me but I was learning fast.


I woke the next morning feeling Charles’ cock sliding in and out of my pussy. At first I thought that I was still dreaming but all of a sudden Charles thrust deep inside me, my eyes opened wide and I saw him looking down at me and grinning.

“Morning sexy.” Charles said as his hands went to my nipples which instantly went rock hard.

Shortly after we’d both cum Charles said,

“Go and put some coffee on will you please Julia.”

“Okay.” I replied and got off the bed and went downstairs.

Just as I turned to go into the kitchen I nearly bumped into a middle-aged woman.

“Oh, hello, who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Betty, the housekeeper.”

“Right, I’m Julia, I’m going to be living here for a while.”

“Nice to meet you Ms Julia. Don’t let me bother you, I’ll keep out of your way.”

“That’s okay Betty, I’m just a normal girl.”

“A naked, normal girl Ms Julia.”

“Please Betty, just Julia, I hate all this formal crap.”

“Okay Julia, is there anything I can get you?”

“I was just going to put some coffee on.”

“Let me do that do you Julia, you go back to Charles or Andrea.”

“Thanks Betty.”

I turned and went back upstairs to Charles’ room where I found him fast asleep.

“Lazy sod.” I thought and dived under the duvet and started sucking his cock.”

It didn’t take long for him to get a boner and wake up, but by that time I was riding his cock until we both had another orgasm.

“Fuck girl,” Charles said as we just lay there, “I picked a good one with you Julia, you’ll wear me out in no time.”

“You started it by fucking me when I was still asleep mate.”

“I know, I’m not complaining.”

“You’d better not mate, oh, I just met your housekeeper Betty, she seems to be a nice woman.”

“She is, but she’s too old for me, I prefer first year students.”

“What about Andrea?”

“And my older sister, but she prefers girls and boys around our age as well. What time is it?”

“Ten thirty-five.”

“We should get up, got to get into town. Where’s Andrea?”

“No idea.”

We both did our bathroom thing, me taking a bit longer than Charles because I had to have a full shave, then as I brushed my hair I asked Charles what he wanted me to wear to go into town.

“You look good as you are Julia.”

“Seriously, you want me to go into town like this, into my bank and all the shops, like this? I’d be lucky to get to the bank before I get arrested.”

“I’m sorry to say that you’re right, have you got a summer dress or something short to wear?”

Just then Andrea came in, her hair was all wet but she was wearing a very short summer dress and carrying one for me.

“Julia, you can wear this until we get you some nice, ultra-short ones of your own. Just been for a swim, it’s a great way to start the day.”

“So is a good fuck.” Charles replied.

I slipped the dress over my head and quickly realised that it wasn’t a dress, just a long top, but it did cover my butt and pussy. I went and put my sandals on and grabbed my bag and returned saying that I was ready.

Downstairs we had a quick coffee then went outside to the garage. As the door opened I saw a Range Rover and a small Audi 2 seater sports car. Charles drove the Range Rover out and pressed a button to close the garage door.

Andrea went for the front passenger seat and as she climbed in I couldn’t help but see that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. I climbed in the back knowing that if there had been anyone nearby they would have seen that I wasn’t wearing any knickers as well.

As we drove we sorted a plan of action, most of which didn’t include Charles, he didn’t fancy going round the clothes shops so Andrea told him to go to an adult toy shop giving Escort Edirne him specific details of what to buy.

Okay, I’d been out a few times without any underwear but that was at night and my skirts were longer than the top that Andrea gave me to wear, and I felt nervous, exposed and very excited walking around town with a ‘dress’ that barely covered my butt and pussy. I even asked Andrea to walk ahead of me then turn and look to see if she could see my clit sticking out below the hem. Andrea said that she couldn’t see it but the way that she said it made me wonder if she was not being truthful.

We made it to the bank okay with me avoiding any sort of bending or arm raising, and I felt happy seeing my new account balance, I was set to have a money worry free next year at uni. Then it was to the first of the fashion shops where I shouldn’t have been surprised that Andrea only bought me a couple of skirts, both wrap ones, the type that are usually worn over a swimsuit and not big enough to cover me all the way round. What she also bought me was quite a few long tops, nearly all of them see-through to some degree and obviously intended to be worn over at least a bra and skirt.

Andrea came to the changing rooms as I tried each one on and she rejected ones that were in her opinion too long to be worn as dresses, or so short that they didn’t even cover my bald pubes.

I just knew that whenever I wore any of them they would only be there as a token gesture to try to make me look legal, which made me happy and wet.

We met Charles at a restaurant for some lunch where Charles made a point of showing Andrea and me what he had bought. Included for me were a remote controlled vibrator, a magic wand and a huge dildo.

The thing was, he left them on the table and the waitress kept looking at them each time she came to the table, and that was more often than I thought necessary.

By the time we got back to the Range Rover I was convinced that at least half a dozen men had seen my bare butt or pussy, and that made me happy. I was really looking forward to the holiday at the villa and hoped that I could get out of the villa at times and walk around the harbours, villages and towns where I could have lots of wardrobe malfunctions.

When we got back to the house Andrea took me outside to formally introduce me to her horse Knickers. Yes, she called her horse Knickers. I didn’t ask why but it was a female horse and Andrea had told me that she often rode her bareback.

Andrea showed me how to put the saddle on and then how to get on and off Knickers. When I asked what the round hole in the middle of the saddle was she told me that we’d get to that later. Then it was my first Lady Godiva horse ride.

Andrea led us around the field a couple of times walking then with her running. Knickers seemed to like cantering and Andrea was telling me when to lift my butt. I was soon feeling a lot happier about horses.

We went back to the stable and unsaddled Knickers and I thought that my riding for the day was over but as we led Knickers back outside Andrea said,

“Now you’re going to do it bare back.”

Andrea showed me how to get on and off, and my tits rubbed against the coarse hair on Knickers. Apart from the almost scratching on the insides of my legs it was kind of nice riding bareback. The coarse horse hair felt nice against my clit.

We only walked Knickers that first time, Andrea telling me that there was every chance that my butt would be a bit sore the next day, even from the little riding that I had done.

Back in the house Charles was looking at his plans for the obstacle course and Andrea suggested that we go to the woods and to where he was thinking of having each obstacle.

Andrea went and got a permanent marker pen and the big roll of tape, like the stuff that the police use to cordon off a crime scene, and off we went.

I’m not going to describe each obstacle at this stage, just say that the 3 of us walked round the woods discussing and marking where each obstacle was going to be taking into consideration where big trees were, where open spaces were, where ditches were and where digging holes and trenches wouldn’t cause any real damage to the woods. We put tape round trees and wrote on them the name of the obstacle that would go there.

All in all it took us 3 hours and it was starting to get dark when we finally got back to the house. Charles was feeling tired by that time so after a shower Andrea invited me to spent the night with her, so I did, getting to sleep about an hour after getting onto the bed.


It got to the time where Charles’s contractors were coming to do the initial work on the obstacle course and to discuss any parts of the plans that they didn’t believe were actually do-able. There was 3 of them, all of whom got quite a shock when I opened the door to them, and another shock when I took them into the room where Andrea was also totally naked.

All 6 of us walked the obstacle course in the woods and on reflection I think that Andrea and I should have at least put a dress on, or not gone with them because the 3 guys spent more time looking at Andrea and me than on the feasibility of Charles’ plans.

Anyway, we finally got done and just as they were leaving the Joiner arrived and got out a plank of wood with what looked like 6 dildos sticking up from it, each carefully crafted to include a realistic looking tip of a cock.

“What’s that?” I asked, looking from the plank then to the eyes of the 3 contractors who Charles still hadn’t been told that it would only be girls doing the course and that they would be naked.

The contractors left and I thought back to what Charles had said each obstacle would be. He’d mentioned “The Plank,” and I’d assumed that he meant that the girls would have to walk along a narrow plank of wood and not fall off.

“That’s The Dildo Plank,” Charles replied, “the girls have to impale themselves on each dildo starting with the thinnest. They can’t move on until they’ve bottomed out on each one. Do you want to christen it Andrea?”

Andrea declined and pointed to me. I smiled and watched as Charles asked the Joiner to setup the plank on the trestles right where we all were, outside the front of the house. I then walked to end of the plank that had the smallest dildo. Lifting my leg over the plank I hovered above the smallest wooden dildo knowing that I would find it easy to bottom out on it.

Charles got his phone out and loaded the stopwatch app then shouted “GO!”

Down I went on the first one, squashing my clit on the plank. Charles shouted “NEXT” and I quickly got up, moved to the next then the next and the next. When I got to the fifth one I found it a bit painful. The size of it felt good, the problem was that I had left most of my pussy juices on the previous 4 wooden dildos and I just wasn’t producing them fast enough.

“It’s hurting a bit, too dry.” I said.

Andrea stepped forward and took hold of my clit between the ends of her index finger and thumb and started rolling and squeezing my clit.

I turned my head and saw the Joiner just staring at me with his mouth wide open.

Andrea’s administrations had the desired effect and I managed to get my clit down to the base of the dildo.

Then it was the last one. Oh my gawd was that tight. Charles came and took over from Andrea whilst she played with my nipples. Once I managed to get the tip inside me I went up and down again and again, just increasing the depth a little bit at a time. It was hurting like hell but I wasn’t going to give up and finally I made it. I let out a long sigh as I relaxed with my clit pressing on the plank.

“Eighteen minutes.” Charles said, “and 13 were on that last one.”

“You’re going to need some good cleaning wipes and lots of lube gel Charles,” Andrea said, “not all the girls will be as naturally lubricated as Julia.”

“Or you could just put a condom on each one before each girl mounts it.” I added.

“One bloody big box of condoms will be added to the list of things that I have to buy.” Charles said then added,

“Are you going to stay impaled on that thing Julia? Because we need to get that thing round the back with the rest of the stuff.”

I slowly eased myself up and off, looking at the Joiner who was still a bit gob-struck by the show that I’d just given. I couldn’t understand why because he must have been thinking about what he was making would be used for. Anyway, there was an exchange of paperwork between the Joiner and Charles and the Joiner left.

That evening we got some food delivered but there was no real show for the delivery guy, just 2 naked girls showing him in. Whilst we were eating Charles said,

“I’ve just got a few things to sort out tomorrow then shall we leave to go to the villa the day after?”

Well I didn’t have a lot of say in it but Andrea told us that she could get packed and be ready so it was agreed. Andrea told me that all I would need to take was my passport and a few personal items and that she’d pack everything else that I’d need.

Charles then asked,

“When I fuck you tonight Julia, after that Plank, is it going to feel like I’m fucking the channel tunnel or will you have tightened back up by then?”

Andrea laughed and replied,

“Bro, you’ve still got a lot to learn about women, of course she’ll be tight, she’s young, she’ll have closed up in no time. Haven’t you seen our pussies clenching then relaxing over and over?”

“Well yes, but I thought that that was just you trying to hold your pee in.”

“Oh dear bro, no, there’s nothing wrong with our bladder control, that’s us doing our Kegel exercises to keep our vaginal muscles in good condition so that it feels good when something goes inside us.”

“Okay then, I guess that that makes sense.”

“It does.”


I spent the next day relaxing, either in the pool or on a sun lounger. One time when I was on my back on a lounger with my eyes closed I heard a noise and looked up to see an old man.

“Oh hello Miss, sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you, you must be Julia, Betty told me about you but she didn’t say how pretty you are. I’m Tom the gardener.”

“Thank you Tom, yes I am Julia and I’m pleased to meet you. It’s okay to look at me, I don’t mind. I wouldn’t be out here like this if I minded.”

“Why thank you Miss Julia, you certainly are beautiful, you remind me of my Mary, god bless her soul, when we were first married. She used to like sunbathing in the altogether, said it made her feel good.”

“Well it makes me feel good as well Tom. Your Mary must have been a sensible woman.”

“She certainly was, anyway, better get on with my work.”

“Okay Tom, have a good day.”

The first time that I took a dip in the pool I discovered how the pool filled and recycled the water, a big jet of water coming in about half a metre below the surface. I found myself in front of it and it was pounding on my stomach. That alone was enough to stir up my hormones but when I pulled myself up so that the jet was hitting my pussy I was in heaven.

I let that jet massage my pussy to 2 orgasms before I got out of the pool.

I did the same the other 2 times that I decided to go for a swim that day. On the second time I realised that I had discovered why Andrea likes a morning swim.


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