The Most Important Meal of the Day

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I’m used to writing multi-part series or epically long stories. I wanted to try writing a short, sexy story for a change and I hope you enjoy it for its content as well as its brevity. I’ve decided to dedicate this story to my beautiful, sexy wife. May she never discover the erotica I write late at night while she sleeps!


I rolled out of bed as the shrill alarm sounded on the nightstand right next to my ear. I already pushed the snooze button once but the alarm’s incessant beeping finally spurred me to action. After silencing that damnable appliance I stumbled to my bedroom door in a barely lucid state. My foot kicked one of my son’s toy trucks across the room but I barely even registered the pain as it stubbed my toe. My grogginess dissipated though when I smelled the scent of freshly brewed coffee wafting from the kitchen. That was very nice of my wife to make coffee this early, though I knew she needed it more than I did. I followed the sound of my wife’s stand mixer echoing from down the hallway to the kitchen. It’s mechanical whirring made a quiet purring noise to go along with my wife’s barely audible humming.

I walked into the kitchen in my zombie-like state and saw my wife standing at the kitchen counter. She had already been awake for hours, trying to get herself ready and take care of some work before she left for her job. She had been working so hard lately, staying awake until late into the night and then getting up early to ensure she stayed caught up with the demands of her job. I had hardly gotten to spend any time with her the last few weeks.

She busied herself this morning by baking a cake for her coworker’s birthday. She spooned the batter from the stand mixer into a bundt mold sitting on the counter. She had showered already and stood in the kitchen clad only in her red bathrobe. She curled her hair every day, and her long dark hair had been twisted tightly by the red curlers she wore strewn about her hair. I was clad simply in my pajamas, a plain white t-shirt with gray cotton gym shorts. While I got up just in time to shower and change before the kids awoke, she rose at 4am to ensure that everything was ready and in perfect order before the day began. I never understood how she did it every day. She was incredible.

She looked back at me as she heard me walk in and gave me a beautiful smile. “Good morning, honey bunny.”

I yawned and replied, “Good morning, dear.” I gazed up and down her body as she stirred the batter evenly inside the cake mold to prepare it for baking. I noticed her bare feet touching the floor, with a single toe tapping in place. It was a tic she only displayed whenever she felt nervous or impatient. The back of her bare legs below her knees was visible under the hem of her robe.

“You look gorgeous,” I told her.

She barked a laugh and replied unbelievingly, “I doubt that. My hair is still in curlers, I haven’t put any makeup on yet, and I’m just in my robe. Not exactly the model look for Vanity Fair.”

“You have no idea how attractive you are right now,” I said honestly. She looked radiant with a contented smile upon her face. If only she knew the nasty things I would do to her if she would allow me to. I walked over to her and stood behind her with the front of my shorts pressed against her back of her robe. I grasped her by the hips before sneaking my hands underneath her robe to feel her bare Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir legs. My hands took ahold of the bare skin of her wide hips, shapely thighs, and meaty buttocks. My fingers ran up and down her skin and I squeezed the fleshiest parts of her in my palms. Blood rushed to my cock to harden my member while I felt her. She had to be able to feel the stiffness forming against her backside. I groaned as she pushed her plump bottom back against my cock, telling me silently that she desired satisfaction. I lowered myself to my knees and sat beneath her glorious form. I desired nothing more than to kneel and worship her heavenly pussy. She never even looked back as I lifted the hem of her robe up to her waist. She kept right on preparing her cake as if nothing I did was of any consequence.

I lifted my wife’s robe to reveal her full, naked buttocks. She still carried a little bit of extra fat since having the last baby nine months ago. She complained constantly about how fat she looked but I loved her body this way. It wouldn’t be long before she slimmed back down to her normally skinny frame and I wanted to cherish the extra curves and flesh of her body while they still remained. I threw the robe over my head and put my hands on her ass to squeeze and massage her meaty buns for half a minute before spreading them apart. Her asscheeks felt fantastic in my hands, soft, warm, and full. My fingers pried apart her buttocks to reveal her hairy pussy. Dark, curly fur trailed up from where the hair surrounded her pussy to ring around the rim of her anus. She didn’t allow me to go down on her often enough that she felt compelled to keep her pubis trimmed, but luckily I enjoyed a nice hairy bush.

Even after watching my wife give birth twice, her vagina still held its mysterious allure. The color of her pussy was perfect; the light brown lips of her labia barely covered the pink inside of her vagina. I licked my lips as I drank in the sight and smell of her glorious love box. I had sampled the taste of her delicious pussy several times before, but it had been a long time since I last had an opportunity. The window shades hung wide open and if one of the neighbors was looking they could easily see what we were doing. I knew that wouldn’t deter my wife though, she got off on the idea that someone might catch us being naughty. The kids wouldn’t be up for a little while still and I might not get another chance today. I couldn’t help myself, something about her turned me on unlike any other woman had ever been able to.

I stuck my tongue out and placed it right on the opening of her pussy. Her vagina already glistened with wet arousal. She was ready and waiting for me. My wife gasped and then sighed as my tongue licked up the slit of her pussy, but otherwise she had no visible reaction. She went on as if nothing unusual were taking place, continuing to bake her cake as I ate her. My hands moved down to her legs and I ran them up and down her curvy thighs. I licked, nibbled, and sucked on her pussy lips for a minute before moving my tongue to her vaginal opening and attempting to insert my tongue inside her. Having just showered, her vagina possessed no discernible odor or flavor that I could detect. Just the taste of sweet flesh. She must be ovulating this week, her vaginal secretions were thick and stuck to my tongue as I licked her insides.

I İstanbul Escort placed my hands back upon her asscheeks and spread them wider apart so my tongue could reach further inside her. To achieve a position where I could eat her more comfortably, I moved my head so that the tip of my nose rested on her anus. Now my tongue could reach her slit without straining my neck. I breathed in the faint musky aroma of her asshole that even a shower couldn’t wholly eradicate. This was probably the closest my wife would ever let me get to playing with her asshole. I had become so turned on that my erection throbbed against my pajama shorts and I felt the secretions of precum staining the cloth. I rested my hands on her hips and held her body to my mouth as I ate her with even greater vigor. My wife could no longer mask the sensations I was making her feel. She moaned and pressed her hands to the counter. She pushed her backside against my mouth, silently begging me to continue getting her off with my tongue. I was all too happy to comply.

As my tongue worked its way in and around her pussy, I heard more sounds of pleasure escape her lips. I could tell she was nearing an orgasm as her breaths became shorter but louder. I pushed my lips and tongue against her pussy and shook my head against her genitals to try and cover my face with her vaginal juices. My body bobbed up and down as I worked my mouth against her pussy which caused my erection to rub against the cotton fabric of my shorts. Pleasing her while being stimulated by my cock rubbing against my clothes caused my own body to near orgasmic pleasure.

I felt her body and tremble and shake. She had reached the precipice of the release of her pleasure and she was about to go over the side of that cliff. She tried to keep from crying too loudly and waking the kids while at the same time enduring an unbearable amount of pleasure. The result was that she emitted a quiet, but high-pitched screeching as she climaxed. She cried, “Fuuuccckkk!” as her orgasm occurred. I felt a rush of delicious fluid pour into my open mouth as she came. The effect was so intoxicating that I felt the throbbing of my penis intensify until semen erupted out of my cock to mess my shorts. The pleasure felt so intense that I pulled my wife’s pussy tightly to my mouth. It felt like I was trying to drink in the essence of her body as I mashed my face against her vagina. I had a strange sudden wish that my entire head could fit inside her pussy as the two of us climaxed simultaneously.

I continued lightly licking my wife’s pussy as we both came down and caught our breaths. She lifted the back of her robe up above my head and enjoyed my tongue for a few minutes more until she gently pushed me away. I probably could have sat there contentedly for the rest of the morning eating her pussy if she hadn’t stopped me. I rose to my feet and looked at the time displayed on the microwave. Somehow twenty minutes had disappeared and we were now running late.

I still felt incredibly turned on. Something about giving my wife pleasure and seeing her get off really got me going. I pulled my shorts down and rested my still hard cock against her bottom. Her asscheeks felt warm and wet with my cock placed between them. Her wet cum covering her backside mixed with the sperm sticking to my cock when we pressed our bodies together. I needed Escort İstanbul her so badly right now. I wanted nothing more than to bend her over and fuck her right on the counter in the kitchen. But before things could progress too far, I heard a soft cry echoing down the hall from the nursery. Life intruded.

“No time,” my wife said with some regret. “We’re running late.”

“Maybe tonight?” I inquired.

“We’ll see,” she replied. Knowing the amount of work she brought home every night I knew the chances of this were slim. The only opportunity I had was early in the morning like right now. I grabbed my cock and pointed just the head at her vaginal opening. It only penetrated past the tip but my wife gasped and yelled, “Oh, fuck!” probably a lot louder than she should have.

She pushed her bottom back against me, drawing my cock further inside her. She was so wet after just recently coming that I slipped inside her slowly, but easily. Even after enduring childbirth twice, her vaginal walls held my penis tightly and sucked me in deeper. The inside of her felt hot and wet around my penis. She groaned as I filled her with cock. I knew I had her now.

“Oh God,” she said to no one in particular. Then to me: “Make it fast.”

I grabbed her tightly by the hips and started slamming my cock in and out of her. I knew she liked to be fucked rough, she would complain if I tried going slow. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could, knowing I had to cum soon or she wouldn’t let me at all. There wasn’t enough time to do this properly and provide her with another orgasm. She was an amazing wife though, and she was doing this all purely for my benefit. Well to be fair, she was getting some pleasure out of the act too judging by her cries. She bent forward more and pushed back against me every time I thrust my cock inside her, trying to coax my semen out of their resting place in my testes. I loved how her plump ass felt pressed against my crotch as she pushed her bottom back on me. I slapped her ass with the palm of my hand, and it made a terrific smacking noise as my hand came into contact with her fleshy buttock. In response, she wiggled her ass back and forth which moved my cock side to side while it still remained deep inside her. I moaned from this additional stimulation and my eyes rolled back in my head as pleasure overwhelmed me. In a few seconds, it was over. When I felt myself starting to come, I pulled her back toward me by her hips as I shoved my cock in as far as it could reach. I ejaculated my seed deep inside her.

“Oh, I fucking love you,” I cried as I leaned forward to rest my chest upon her back. I kissed her shoulder blade and the back of her neck before repeating, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she replied.

My deflating cock rested in her pussy for another minute as we both caught our breaths. A few errant hairs had escaped her curlers but her hairdo appeared to be intact. Her face flushed a deep color of red that was probably the same shade as my own face. I leaned forward to give her a kiss on the lips before pulling my cock out of her. We both groaned in unison as I exited her pussy.

“Well, did you have a nice breakfast?” my wife asked with amusement.

“Probably the best I’ve had,” I replied with a grin.

“Good,” she said. She looked over at the digital clock on the coffee maker and frowned. She hated being late for anything. “You had better get moving. The kids are waking up.”

As I strode by her, my wife smacked me hard on the butt. “Get your ass in the shower,” she ordered playfully.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I replied courteously. I walked to the bathroom feeling enormously satisfied. What an excellent start to the day.

The End

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