The Meeting

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Joe and Ann had met in an “adults only” on-line chatroom.

They were in their 30s and lived five hours apart by plane.

They started off talking about life and work. How they were each caught in a marriage where their sex drive was higher than their spouse’s. How they each viewed where they were in their careers as dead-end jobs. Their conversations turned to music, movies, and TV shows they liked. They felt a connection and friendship with each other. Two days later, they had cybersex and climaxed during it.

Over the next six months their friendship grew closer and their hot cybersex graduated to phone sex. They knew how to get each other off hard. They never talked about why their passion online and the phone was so intense, simply assuming their closeness as friends fed their passion.

Joe loved the fantasy escape it provided, being able to use his imagination to fuck her in whatever positions they wanted. Ann simply loved the pure sexual passion in their conversations and having someone lust after her like Joe did. The one thing they had in common was they loved the mutual exchanges – having their conversations be whatever was needed to get the other off without worrying about who was in charge.

They talked about what would happen if they ever met in real life.

“I don’t know what I’d do,” Joe said. “I do want to fuck your brains out. But I’m not sure I could go through with it. I don’t want anything like my small cock size or a poor performance by me ruining the fantasy we’ve built for each other.”

“I don’t care about that,” Ann said. “The way we’ve talked has me lusting after you. I just want us to have a wild and crazy fuck.”

“I hope you won’t be disappointed if I’m not the same in-person as I am on the phone.”

“As long as you can show the same lustful passion for me in-person as you do on the computer and phone, I won’t be disappointed.”

One day, Ann needed to take a business trip to a town 15 minutes from Joe.

The day after she arrived, she had some free time and they met for lunch at a little cafe. Joe arrived wearing a light blue short-sleeve polo, tan khakis, and loafers. Ann was dressed business casual in a salmon-colored blouse, a blue skirt, black stockings, and shoes with medium-height heels. For the meeting she unbuttoned an extra two buttons on the blouse to show off her cleavage for Joe.

They Adana Escort greeted each other with a big hug and when Ann moved to kiss Joe on the mouth he turned his head and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. “I thought you’d greet me more passionately than that.”

“I’m just trying to take things nice and slow,” Joe replied.

Joe stood 5-foot-8 with brown eyes, short brown hair and a 40-inch waistline. Ann was 5-foot-4 with blue eyes, shoulder-length black hair, 38C breasts and a little extra weight in the hips, thighs and ass that she carried well.

They each ordered a salad and had a friendly conversation, laughing with each other.

She kicked off a shoe and started rubbing her foot against Joe’s crotch.

“I know you love it when I do this,” she grinned. “I can’t wait to feel it inside me.”

“You’ll have to wait,” Joe said with a grin and reached a hand down to give her foot a quick massage before removing it from his crotch.

After lunch, as they were leaving the cafe, Ann wrapped an arm around Joe’s waist, licked his ear.

“Let’s hurry back to my hotel room,” she said.

“Not yet,” Joe said. “There’s this great bookstore right here, let’s go in and explore.”

“Books?” Ann said with a heavy tone of disappointment in her voice. “Books can wait, I want you.”

“No,” Joe said. “Books first.”

While Joe went to the non-fiction section, in search of a Stephen King book he wanted to buy, Ann went off to another part of the store.

While he was scanning the shelves she snuck up behind him.

“How about we buy this and see how many pages we can get through?” she said showing him the ‘Karma Sutra’.

“No,” Joe said.

“Party pooper, I’ll have to find something else.”

A few minutes later she returned with ‘The Joy of Sex’.

“Nope,” Joe grinned.

“I thought you wanted to get together and fuck me,” Ann said. “What’s wrong, am I too fat?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” Joe said. “You’re not fat. My wife is fatter than you and I would fuck her every day and night if she’d let me. You look great.”

“Then what is it?” she asked.

“Can I tell you out at the car? I don’t want to create a scene here.”


They walked out without buying any books and got into Joe’s Honda Accord.

“What is it?” Ann asked.

“It’s two things,” Adana Escort Bayan Joe said. “You know both from our conversations. One is I won’t cheat on my wife in real life. Two is, I’m afraid. Afraid that if I have performance issues, or something else happens it will ruin the fantasy. For me the fantasy is perfect and I don’t want to risk ruining that something special we have.”

“I’m sorry I view it differently,” she said. “We’re two sexually deprived people who know how to turn each other on and how to get each other off. Doing it in real life will be better than any fantasy or role play we can make up.”

“And what if it’s not?”

“Then we’ll move on. Right now the only thing I need to know is if your tongue and cock are as talented in real life as they are in our talks”

“You’re not going to find out. I don’t want anything ruining the fantasy.”

“What if we do it and it’s better, won’t that enhance the fantasy?” Ann suggested.

“It will, but I don’t want to cheat in real life and I don’t know if I’ll be able to perform as well in real life as I do in our role plays.”

“If we’re not going to fuck, can we at least watch and hear each other cum by masturbating for each other?”

“We already listen to each other cum, I guess there’s no harm in watching as long as you’re not disappointed if my dick is smaller than you imagined.”

“It ain’t the size, it’s how you use it and the way you describe using it on me is fantastic. So let’s get over to my hotel quickly and get started.”

Ann got out of Joe’s car and quickly ran over to hers. Joe followed in his car and soon they were naked in the hotel room.

They were sitting together on the bed. Ann was stroking Joe’s cock softly while Joe gently fingered her pussy.

“I thought you said we’d watch each other,” Ann laughed.

“We will, but it can’t hurt to do this as our foreplay,” Joe laughed back.

They continued to stroke and finger each other for several minutes.

“Your cock feels so good, so nice and hard,” Ann moaned. “I want it inside me.”

“You feel just as wet as I imagined,” Joe said before removing his fingers and licking them. “And you taste just as sweet.”

Joe stood up and moved off the bed to the sofa.

He sat down and started stroking himself.

“I’m imagining this inside you,” he groaned as he stroked slowly. Escort Adana “Your legs are on my shoulders and I’m slowly thrusting.”

“That feels so good,” she moaned back as she fingered her pussy with one hand and rubbed her breasts with the other. “I love how you feel, but I need it faster, harder.”

“Always happy to oblige,” Joe said as he started stroking himself harder and faster. “I’ve pushed your legs back and I’m really leaning into you thrusting hard and fast.”

“God I need a good fucking!” Ann shouted as she fingered herself harder and faster.

“I’m pulling out of you, roll over!” Joe shouted. “I need to fuck you from behind holding onto those beautiful hips and looking at that great backside.”

Ann rolled over onto all fours, looked over her shoulder and smiled.

“You better give it to me good and hard,” she said.

“I will,” Joe said as he started stroking his cock rapidly while watching Ann reach between her legs to finger herself.

“God your cock feels so good!” she said.

“I’m reaching around and grabbing those perfect tits,” Joe said as he continued to stroke himself.

“Sorry but I need to see you, look in your eyes,” Ann said as she rolled back over onto her back.

“You look so hot,” Joe said. “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love riding you.”

Ann just looked at Joe and moaned loudly.

“I’m cumming all over your cock baby, shoot for me,” she said as her body shook in orgasm.

“Almost there,” Joe said as he got up and ran over to her stroking rapidly.

“Yeah baby, let me see it, let me taste it,” she moaned.

“God yes!” Joe said as he came, aiming his cum to shoot all over Ann’s breasts and face. She opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and he aimed the last two shots into her mouth.

“This was wonderful,” Ann panted. “Even better than phone and online because I got to see and taste you cum.”

“It was great,” Joe said breathing hard. “You’re sexier naked than I imagined and I loved watching your orgasm.”

“Does this mean we can video Skype next time?” Ann asked with a gleam in her eye.

“Nope,” Joe said. “We’ll use this experience to feed our cyber and phone interactions. Remember, I’m all about the mind, the imagining, the fantasy. This just enhanced it for better images. If we Skype, we’re watching each other again, the imagination aspect I love so much is gone.”

“Okay,” Ann said dejected.

“We better get dressed,” Joe said. “You’ve got that business meeting in 20 minutes and I have an appointment to get to.”

They gave each other a hug and peck on the cheek in saying their good-byes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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