The Massage

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“Hey baby, I miss you…

“Hey, I was thinking about you last night…

“Something funny happened yesterday, and I wanted to tell you…

I scowled as I tried typing out a text, and then deleting it each time, trying to craft something that would get a response and wouldn’t get ignored.

“Dan, you’ll never guess what happened on the subway yesterd-

“Paige, what’s going on?” A voice snapped me out of my reverie, and I shoved the phone in my bag without finishing the text. I looked up and my friend Mal had taken the seat opposite to me in the lunch room.

“Nothing’s up.” I shrugged and took a bite of my salad.

“Please don’t tell me that you were texting Danny again.” Mal rolled her eyes. I shook my head. “Good, because he’s dating someone else. He’s over it. You need to get over it, too. I’m surprised that he hasn’t changed his number yet.”

“Ok, ok, I was writing him a text, but I didn’t send one. I’m not going to, I promise.”

“Good, because we’ve got something else to talk about. I was selected to go on that sales convention to Ottawa, and I was told that I can bring someone to help with the set up and tear down. Do you want to come with me?” Mal asked.

“I don’t know. I think that I’ve got plans.” I stabbed a cucumber with my fork.

“Fuck off. Our accommodations are at a spa. I only need you to help me set up Friday morning, and then tear down is Sunday after lunch. The rest of the time you’re free to do what you want, and you’ll get credits to use at the spa. You’ve been awfully uptight since you and Danny broke up. You need to relax.”

“Well, if you’re going to present it like that, then yes, I’d be delighted to go with you.” I said.

“Alright, I’ll pick you up at 7 Friday morning. I’ll call you Thursday night to go over the details.” Mal and I talked about a few more things, but she soon left me to head back to her floor.


“Thanks for your help this morning. We finished that sooner than I expected.” Mal said as we were grabbing some lunch.

“No problem. I think I’m going to have a nap this afternoon. What time do you need to go down to the conference centre?” I asked as I put some food on my tray.

“At 1. You didn’t want to check out the spa? Also, you should come to the mixer at 1. There’s bound to be some cute guys there.” Mal elbowed me in the ribs.

“I don’t know about that. I haven’t been with anyone since Danny left. I’ll probably make some bad decisions.” I sighed.

“That’s the point! That’s what a rebound is for. No wonder you’ve been so uptight lately. You’re probably horny. You and Danny split 4 months ago.” Mal rolled her eyes.

“Ok, I’ll think about it.” Mal left the dining area a few minutes before me, because she said that she had some things to finalize before going to the conference centre. When I returned to the room, she was still there putting her makeup on.

“Paige, I have some great news! I got you in for a complete relaxation massage at 1. Get down to the spa. I heard some of the other girls talking about how good Dante was. I was able to get you in because there was a cancellation.” Mal shoved me back toward the door so I wouldn’t be late.

I found my way down to the spa and announced myself to the receptionist sitting behind a large desk.

“Great. Adana Escort Paige, you are scheduled for a two-hour full body massage. Please take a seat, and Dante will be with you momentarily.” She gestured for me to sit in one of the comfy looking seats behind me. I flipped through two pages of a magazine when I heard someone beside me clear their throat.

“Are you Paige?” A rumbly voice asked. I looked up and there was a tree trunk of a man. He looked like the type of guy who spent way too much time at the gym and would have no problem bench pressing me.

The most that I could do was nod. He opened the door behind him, and gestured for me to go with him. He led me to a small room that was softly lit. The usual spa amenities could be found in the room.

“You are scheduled for a two-hour massage. It is up to you how much of your body you expose. If you want it touched, remove the clothing. Whatever you leave on, I will avoid.” Dante then left the room so I could undress. I decided to take everything off. I climbed up onto the massage table, which I soon found out was a heated table. The warmth and coziness of the table immediately made my muscles begin to relax.

When the door opened again a minute later, I felt like I was in a hazy dream-like state. Dante’s strong hands started rubbing the muscles of my shoulders and I sighed.

The massage continued like any other massage that I had. He worked my back and arms, and then moved the blanket to my upper body so he could massage my legs.

“Your hamstrings are very tight. I think that I will work on your sciatic to help with the tension.” Suddenly his hands were on my ass massaging the area from the top of my hamstrings to my lower back. I was suddenly very aware that I was naked, especially seeing as how his fingertips kept getting ever so closer to my pussy.

I felt my legs open slightly. Dante continued to work in the area, coming ever so close, but backing off just before he could reach my pussy. I could feel myself getting wet in anticipation.

“It’s time for you to roll over so I can work on your front.” Slightly disappointed, I rolled over and allowed Dante to readjust the blanket over my front.

He began by massaging the area by my collarbone. His hands moved down and massaged the top part of my breasts. Again, coming achingly close to the nipples, but backing off each time.

He then moved down to my legs again. He started by slowly massaging every single area of my feet. He hands worked their ways up my legs as before. I found my legs separating of their own accord. I ached to be touched.

“How’s the pressure?” He murmured as his strong hands worked on the upper part of my thighs.

“It feels wonderful.” I moaned.

“Do you want the full relaxation treatment?” He asked.

“I want whatever you’re offering.” He then moved the blanket up, completely exposing me from about the belly button down. There was no more coming close and then moving away. One hand went directly to my pussy. He wasted no time. His hands being slippery from the oil, slid over my clit and into my pussy with ease.

I moaned and moved my hips in time with his hand. Dante hooked his arms around my thighs and slid me down so my legs were hanging off the side of Adana Escort Bayan the table. He kept his arms wrapped around my legs as he buried his face into my pussy. His nose rubbed my clit as his tongue darted in and out and swirled around.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as my hands reached down to hold his head in tight to me. My hips bucked as my pussy rode his face.

He used two slippery fingers to slide in and out of my pussy and sucked on my clit with his mouth. My hands reached down and rubbed my nipples. I felt my back arch, and then as I orgasmed, my legs clamped around his head.

I lay on the massage table panting as Dante moved me back to the original position and covered me back with the blanket.

“Take your time getting up. You may be light headed.” His fingers trailed along my shoulder as he walked by and left the room.

It took me a few minutes to come down from that orgasm. I got dressed again, and then headed out to the reception area.

“Yes, Miss, Dante said that if you would like another session with him, he has the last hour of the day available at 8 o’clock. Would you like to book another massage?” The receptionist asked me.

“Yes, please!” I nearly jumped over the desk to give her a hug.

I left the spa and went back to the room, and promptly fell asleep.


I awoke just before supper with my heart racing and my breath coming in quick puffs. I had a dream that Dante and I were fucking on the beach. I shook my head. I couldn’t get my hopes up.

I did need to shower, though. I was covered in massage oil, and I was sure everyone could smell sex on me.

I couldn’t get Dante out of my head as I lathered myself up and cleaned the oil off. I noticed that the shower had a removable head. I turned the nozzle to the massage setting, and the water came out in a pulsing, forceful stream.

I removed it from the holder and first aimed it at my nipples. They hardened almost immediately.

“Mm, Dante,” I moaned. “Lick them, suck them.”

I moved the vibrating shower head down to my pussy and aimed the stream directly at my clit. I ground it in between my legs, and I came easily again.

It wasn’t as good as what I had earlier that day, but at least it would hold me off.


At supper that night, Mal talked about the different people she met at the convention, and that there was a guy from Philly that she was particularly hot for. I only half listened, and instead spent all of my time thinking about the big, muscled man that I had spent the afternoon with.

“Man, Paige, you’re awfully spacy today. What did you do all afternoon?” Mal asked as she finished off her glass of wine.

“I just really, really enjoyed my massage today. I think that I was quite tense before.” I sighed.

Mal rolled her eyes and ordered another round of drinks.


I was alone most of the day Saturday as well. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get Dante out of my head. Time crawled so slowly. It was like I was a little kid waiting for Christmas to come. After lunch, I ended up having a nap to kill time and to make sure that I was well-rested for the evening.

When I woke I took a long shower, making sure to shave and exfoliate every inch that I was expecting him to touch. I took Escort Adana my time applying moisturizer after the shower. I looked over at the clock. It was still only 4 o’clock. I groaned in frustration and fell back on the bed.


After almost 4 excruciating hours passed, I found myself in the lobby of the spa a few minutes early for my appointment. I nervously flipped through one of the magazines I found on the coffee table.

At exactly 8 o’clock, I heard that rumbly voice calling my name again “Paige?” I looked up, and Dante was waiting for me by the door. With his hand on my lower back he led me to his room again.

When he shut the door, I instinctively put my hands on his waist.

“Now, now, first massage. I need you to be fully relaxed. Please undress and wait for me under the blanket.” He dimmed the lights as he left me to shed my clothing.

The massage was almost identical to the one from the previous day. There was one noticeable exception. When he asked me to turn, he didn’t cover me back up with the blanket.

“Would you like the same treatment as yesterday, or would you like a more intimate experience?” He whispered into my ear as his strong hands moved down my chest.

“I want it all. I want you inside me. I need you to fuck me.” I sat up, and swung my legs so I was facing him.

“My pleasure.” He smiled. He unfasted his pants as I tried to lift his shirt over his head. He chuckled softly as he pulled it off in one swift motion. His chest was smooth and just begging for me to scratch my fingernails across it. As his pants dropped, I saw that he was incredibly long, thick, and hard.

The table was at the right height for me to wrap my legs around his waist and pull him in close to me. He began by kissing my neck and rubbing my pussy with one of his hands. He moved my arms so they were around his neck, and then told me to hold on.

With one hand around my waist, he lifted me off the table. He moved closer to the cabinet and quickly opened and closed a drawer. There was no mistaking the sound of a condom being unwrapped.

Without letting me slip an inch, he rolled the condom on. He then raised me up and lowered me onto his hard cock. He moved me up and down a few times before leaning me against the wall.

I still had my legs wrapped around his waist, and my arms around his neck. He was doing all the work, and it felt amazing. Each time he thrusted toward me, his pubic bone would hit my clit building me to an incredible climax. I moaned and pulled him in as tight as I could.

Sensing I was close, he leaned down and began to suck on a nipple.

“Oh yes!” I cried as I felt the orgasm ripple through my body. My pussy tightened around his cock and I felt him stiffen and thrust one last time.

“Mmm,” he sighed with pleasure as he lifted me one last time up and off his cock. He set me back down on the massage table and handed me the blanket.

He quickly dressed as I reveled in the post-climax glow.

“Thank you for the tip,” he smiled at me. “Take your time getting dressed, and enjoy the rest of your trip.” He winked at me and shut the door behind me.

As I got dressed, I heard my phone ding with a text message. I was sure it was Mal wondering where I was.

Message from: Danny

Hey, what are you up to tonight? 😡

I laughed out loud at the fact that he used a kissy-face emoji, and quickly typed back.

Just had the best sex ever!

I then deleted him from my contacts and went to find Mal at the bar. Things were looking up.

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