The Maid’s Tale!

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She was not surprised to see him wearing only a towel, as she could already hear the shower running when he opened the door. What completely caught her off guard was that it was him. As his blue eyes caught hers she felt her heart jump in her chest. This was the third time in three weeks that she had felt her heart race at the sight of him. She quickly looked away from his gaze, hoping he wouldn’t notice her excitement, but as she glanced down she was now aware that she was looking at the towel and the bulge in the centre of it. “Oh my god,” she thought, “now he’ll think I’m looking at his cock.” Her eyes were still fixed on the bulge beneath the towel. “Well, actually I guess I am looking at his cock,” she thought, quickly averting her eyes and feeling her face heat with embarrassment.

“Room service,” she heard her own voice say again.

“I’m fine,” he said. “I was just about to have a shower; you can just clear up the breakfast dishes next to the bed.” Then he turned and walked toward the bathroom.

Maria found herself still looking at his sexy hard ass as he walked away. “Oh wow,” she thought, “I have never been this close to him and now he’ll be naked in the shower.” She had mad thoughts of following him to the shower, but quickly put them aside as she began to clear away the dishes from beside the bed.

It was him again. The first time had been in the lobby, before work so she wasn’t wearing her maid’s uniform. His eye caught hers, and he must have thought she was a guest because he flashed a big, beautiful smile and she couldn’t help smiling back. He was tall and muscular with dark hair flecked with grey. But it was his eyes that made her gasp, those brilliant blue eyes whose gaze runs through your body like electricity. When their eyes met she could feel it, the shocking intensity made her heart race and her nipples harden. And it had happened again just moments ago.

But who was he? “He knows I’m not a guest now,” Maria thought, “he’s seen the uniform.” But who is this sexy mystery man she had fantasized about in bed? And then, she noticed, next to the dishes was his wallet. “His name, it Adana Escort will have his name,” she thought. “I can find out his name. I am going to find out his name.” The answer to her mystery was right there.

She picked up the wallet. It was stuffed with $100 bills and there on his credit card it said Ed…

Then her world ended. Maria just died when she felt the hand on her shoulder. She collapsed inside. “Please God no, just let me die now. How could this happen, this is the worst disaster in the world. Please no.”

“I didn’t-” she started to say.

“This hotel doesn’t take kindly to employees who steal from the guests. They make sure that as well as not working here, you will not be working at any other hotels in this city either.”

“But I was-“

Ed interrupted, “Even if it was not your intention to steal money from my wallet, and I doubt it, going through the belongings of a hotel guest is outrageous.”

He looked at her, annoyed as she squirmed under his gaze. “I have a meeting this morning, and I just don’t have the time to deal with all this, as well as hotel security.”

His strong arms pushed Maria to her knees and the towel dropped away. “Today is your lucky day, you can apologize for trying to rob me by doing me a favor.”

Maria could not believe how fast her heart was beating. She was actually excited, from the worst moment of her life, she was being suddenly thrust into her sexual fantasy. As she curled her small hand around his cock, it suddenly sprang to life. It instantly became hard as steel, and she began to slide her hand all the way up and down the length of it, feeling the contours as her fingers ran over the bulging veins.

She looked up into his blue eyes and saw a look of absolute pleasure on his face, so she tentatively pressed the tip against her lips.

Ed moaned as Maria rubbed his cock against her lips and then her cheek. Maria was enjoying this; she finally had him. She could do whatever she liked with this big, hard cock, and he loved every second. Maria was drenched; she never knew sucking a cock could be so exciting. She Adana Escort Bayan began pulling down hard on his cock and pushed the tip into her mouth, her tongue dancing around the end and flicking against the very tip. A taste filled her mouth, a flavor like cum but not as strong, and slightly sweeter. “Oh God he tastes amazing!” Maria thought.

As she sucked Maria enjoyed the sense of power she had over him. Yes, he had forced her to suck him but now she was in control. His body shuddered but still she continued to slide his cock deep into her throat. “Oh my God you are amazing,” he said. “This is the best!”

Maria changed hands and with her right hand reached into the pocket of her maid’s uniform, pulling out her lipstick. She slowly and seductively applied it to her lips, then bent forward and kissed his cock. The red lip marks remained.

Ed gasped with pleasure as she looked into his eyes and kissed his cock again. Another red lip mark appeared next to the first. She kissed again and again, smiling to herself as Ed began groaning uncontrollably. Kiss after kiss, Maria covered Ed’s cock with red lipstick marks, until there was no space for another. “Now you have a loved cock,” Maria giggled.

“Oh my God…I never dreamed of anything as amazing as this, in the whole of my life,” he said. Ed lifted her to her feet, grabbed his wallet, then pulled out a bunch of hundred dollar bills and tucked them inside Maria’s bra. “You are amazing,” he said. “This is a gift! Take the money. You can go now, you owe me nothing your secret is safe, the money is yours. But if you want…” he said, his voice hopeful and almost pleading. “If you want, you can stay.”

“Why would I go?” said Maria. “I’m soaking wet and I’m living the fantasy of a lifetime!”

Ed picked her up and carried her to the end of the bed. “My name is Maria,” she said, “and you are Ed…You see, I really wasn’t stealing I just wanted to know your name.”

“I can feel that,” Ed said, “But when I saw you, that gorgeous woman from the lobby, dressed in the sexiest maid’s uniform and holding my wallet, it was as though Escort Adana my greatest fantasy was coming to life in front of my eyes. God, you are beautiful and so sexy in that uniform.” He placed her gently on the end of the bed and slipped her soaked panties down her legs.

Ed stood at the end of the bed and slowly began to glide his hard cock between Maria’s pussy lips, not penetrating but teasing her as his shaft slid up and down. The room filled with the smell of Maria’s juices, and she moaned blissfully as she felt the veins of his dick rubbing against her clit.

“Now Ed,” she pleaded, “I need you inside me.”

They both guided his cock into her wet pussy, filling her inch by inch. Maria groaned with pleasure as she felt his cock go deeper and deeper inside her, until it finally hit that special place. She gave an involuntary shudder as Ed began to thrust in and out, first slowly but steadily increasing in speed. As he fucked her faster and faster, Maria could feel herself getting close to cumming. “Damn that’s too fast,” she thought.

Ed suddenly stopped. It was as if he knew she was nearly over the edge. Ed held onto her hips with his strong arms and pulled her forward hard. He rocked his hips, grinding slowly into her. He was deeper inside than ever before and her clit was crushed against his pelvis. With his thumb he began circling her clit, gently but firmly kneading it… and then her fragile control was shattered and she was cumming. Her juices gushed as her climax overtook her, her hips bucking and shuddering with a life of their own. Maria was no longer in control, wave after wave of pleasure racing through her aching body.

Maria had no time to recover as Ed began again, fucking her more aggressively and with power. Maria knew she was lost to his lust and passion as he said, “Yes Maria, you are mine now. I am going to come inside you.” And together they exploded, waves of pleasure rippling through their entwined bodies. Gasping for air, hearts pounding in their exhausted and blissfully spent bodies, they lay there connected.

“I have to go,” Maria finally said. “My boss will know if I am away too long.”

“But you will come back?” Ed said, sounding almost desperate.

“Maybe,” said Maria, “if you ever stay here again.”

“But I always stay here,” he said.

“I know,” she said and flashed him the sexiest little wink as she left.

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