The Lover Ch. 01

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As she was sitting in the cafe having her latte she watched him walk in. He was so great looking. She couldn’t believe that he looked this good at his age but she wasn’t shocked. By the way he walked, talked and looked around it was like he demanded attention and she in no means would give any less.

He started to walk by her table to join a friend that he had waved to when he walked in, but he stopped just before passing her. He then turned and looked at her with such lust in his eyes he made her blush like a school girl. She was not sure what had just happened but she was going to wait and see.

What seemed like forever to Eve was only twenty minutes before the man got up from his table and walked on by her again. He was leaving she thought, she had to do something, she had to find out somehow what that look really meant. She decided to follow him outside but when she got out the door he was gone. At least she thought he was gone, a limousine was parked at the curb and she noticed a hand coming out of the window wagging a finger for her to come to it.

She walked up to the window cautiously and realized it was the man she had seen in the cafe. He introduced himself as Stefan and asked her if she would like a ride to her destination. She told him her name was Eve and she would love a ride. He didn’t seem like the type to do anything to harm her. Besides she could run circles around him, after all she was much younger.

As they started out on Boldix Avenue Stefan asked Eve if she felt safe and she told him that she was fine, that he seemed to be a nice older man. He laughed at that and told her that would have been something his granddaughter would have said. This made Eve laugh also because she was so turned on by him that it was very hard to believe the age difference.

As their ride continued they realized that they had much more in common than one would have thought. Eve asked him if he would consider dinner that night and Stefan obliged. He told her that Adana Escort he would pick her up at her home around 6:00 and take her to a fancy restaurant called Lombardo’s. She had heard of this place and was thrilled to finally be able to try out their cuisine, so she gave him her address.

When they got to her stop, Eve leaned over and gave Stefan a gentle kiss on the cheek. He asked her what it was for and she told him that she wanted to thank him for the ride but wasn’t really sure how. He told her he knew of a way, licking his lips but didn’t really want to say, after all they had just met. He wanted to make sure that she was comfortable with him. Eve laughed at this and asked Stefan what he was thinking. He told her that they could have sex sort of, she could give him a blow job and he could eat her but he didn’t want to seem too fast for her, he wanted to take time.

It was then that Eve noticed that his pants had become very tight across the front and she thought what the hell I’ve always been the good girl. Eve looked around and noticed all of the windows were tinted so there was no one to watch. She asked Stefan if the driver could see or hear anything and Stefan said no the driver was there only to drive. He picked up the intercom looking at Eve nodding her head in approval and told the driver to drive and not disturb them. As they started down the road again Eve hurriedly called work and told them she couldn’t make it in today being sick and all.

Stefan asked Eve how she wanted to start when she was finished with her call and she answered him by undoing her blouse and bra so he could see her hard pink nipples. Then she moved on to helping him off with his jacket and shirt. By the time she was done removing his shirt she could see his hard erection and knew they were going to have some fun. She sat on his lap and rubbed her pussy over him until he was panting. She lay back on the large seat and let him view her wet pussy which by this time Adana Escort Bayan he was drooling over.

Stefan leaned down and started to lick her little hard clit when Eve moaned. She told him to finger her while he licked her. Stefan began to finger her pussy when she said “No my ass.” He had never done such a thing with anyone and asked her if it would hurt her. She told him no that she truly enjoyed it so he could go on.

Stefan once again leaned down and started to lick her pussy, he then inserted his middle finger into Eves ass and started to move it back and forth. She was moaning so loud now that Stefan asked her if she was okay and she laughed saying “Yes Hun I’m fine. You’re doing great.” He began to feel his cock harden like never before. It had been years since he had fucked anyone and knew if he didn’t hurry it along he would cum in his pants.

Stefan asked Eve if she was ready and she said “Yes I’m ready. I want it hard and fast.” She helped Stefan by pulling down his dress pants and boxers in one try. His cock was so hard it popped out and hit his chest with a thud. Laughing she took him into her hands and started to suck his rock hard cock. She loved giving head jobs, they were her favorite, the flavor, the texture, the smell. It was like showing how she really felt about the man.

Stefan watched her head go up and down again while playing with her hair. He couldn’t help but think that he loved the color of her hair, it was like honey and so soft like velvet. Once again his thoughts returned to his cock getting the best blow it ever had. He began to moan and twitch, she knew it was time.

As he started to cum she sucked even harder but he had different plans. He told her to get on her knees and put her elbows up on the seat so he could get behind her. She loved this idea so she did as she was told. He then inserted his huge cock with one hard thrust into her awaiting sloppy wet pussy. He couldn’t believe how tight she Escort Adana was, after all she talked like she had experience. As he began to pump faster and faster she could feel herself starting to cum.

Stefan grabbed her tits by the nipples and told her he was going to fuck her hard, she sobbed telling him thats what she wanted. She came like a river, she couldn’t believe the rush of being over the world and then slowly sinking back down to earth. It had been so long since she had cum that hard, she knew that somehow she had to make him hers. There was no one on this earth that had ever made her feel the things she felt for him since their first meeting.

As Stefan blew his load he pulled out and cum on her ass. Eve loved this part, she rubbed it over her ass so she could lick it off her now tasty fingers, all the while watching Stefan’s reaction. He watched her taste his cum and couldn’t believe that this was the one, he had looked for so long and had all but given up. As they finished the first fuck Eve turned around, rubbed Stefan’s cock and within minutes he was hard as a rock again. They both laughed about this as he told her that he hadn’t had a hard on in quite some time. Eve licked his balls while rubbing his cock and told him it had been quite awhile she herself had a “man” who made her wet just looking at him.

As Stefan began to cum again he turned her over and rammed his cock into her with no thought about pain. She kept sobbing through the ramming and finally could feel herself cumming. She told Stefan and he fucked her harder and harder as he finished cumming for the second time. Eve finished also and told Stefan that he was very good for his age. She was surprised he could get it on twice in a row like that. Stefan began to laugh thinking the same thing and told her how good she was, he hadn’t had sex like that ever before.

As they were getting dressed they decided to drop Eve off at her home so she could get ready for the evening ahead. Stefan intercomed the driver and told him Eves address. As Eve got out of the car she leaned in and gave Stefan a kiss on the cheek again, said thank you and walked away hurrying inside to get ready for 6:00. After all who knew what was really going to happen when they met again.

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